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Book Giveaway: Successful Serging

Feb 01, 2010
Article Image

Successful Serging by Beth Baumgartel is a great book for anyone with a serger.

Sergers are a wonderful tool that can give your sewing projects a professional edge. Successful Serging by Beth Baumgartel from Creative Publishing international is a great reference for everything related to these complex machines. 

Successful Serging explains exactly how a serger works, its capabilities, and helpful troubleshooting tips. 150 color illustrations and photos explain techniques from basic edge-stitches, to cover stitch, to beading and couching. 

Baumgartel’s book also provides easy-to-follow guides to choosing thread, adjusting tension for different types of fabric, serging on specialty fabric and creating beautiful decorative edges on a serger. Though the book is written so beginners can learn the basics, Baumgartel includes tips and techniques for sergers at all levels. 

One of my favorite sections of Successful Serging is the extensive guide to troubleshooting your serger. I’m relatively new to serging, and I’m not always comfortable playing with the tension or adjusting the blades, especially if I’m not sure if it will fix the problem. The charts in Successful Serging are a great way to completely breaking my serger beyond recognition.

If you’re an experienced serger or just starting out, or even if you haven’t started yet, Successful Serging is a great tool. 

To enter, FIRST CHANGE YOUR AVATAR associated with your Threads ID from one of our stock images to one of your own. It can be a picture of you, something you made, or even an illustration. If you already have an avatar with an original image, you can enter the drawing now by simply leaving a comment.

To change your avatar, click on “My Threads” above. Next, click on “Edit My Settings” in the upper right corner of the window. Then, click “Change Your Profile Image” and upload the image of your choice from your computer. The image can be up to 4 MB or 1,200 pixels.

To enter the drawing, leave a comment displaying your new avatar.

Leave a comment on this post before the deadline—11:59 pm, on Friday, February 5th, 2010—and you could be one of the TWO lucky winners who will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, February 8th, 2010.

Good luck!


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  2. User avater psilverman February 7th

    It took me two years to figure out how to correctly thread my serger, but only for a three thread overlock. I would like to learn how to more fully utilize the capabilities of this machine, including how to do a rolled hem, when a two thread stitch is preferred over the three thread, and how to use the serger for embellishments. I would love to win this book!

  3. DFoss March 6th

    I am new to serging but love the way I can now sew with knits. Hope that whoever won the book enjoys it!

  4. User avater azbarbara February 9th

    I'm on my fourth serger and love them for sewing knits, loungewear and for finishing edges and seams. I'm now thinking about doing some more decorative things with it and the book looks like it would be very helpful!

  5. MeriMiss February 9th

    Have serger, know only that they are great in the hands of those who know how to use them (which I don't). The book would be my introduction to serging. Cheers.

  6. User avater aqn February 8th

    Winning this book could be the straw that breaks my "not getting a serger" camel's back...

  7. User avater Miira February 7th

    I'm embarrassed to say I've owned a serger for 8 years, and I don't know how to do anything with it other than serge seams. It would be nice to know how to make better use of it.

  8. User avater auschick February 7th

    I'd like to buy a serger soon - this would be really helpful in getting started!

  9. User avater SewingDreams February 7th

    I would make lots of use of this book. I've got a serger & I do use it but I know there's lots more I could be doing with it. Thank you for the give away. I hope I win.

  10. etsews February 6th

    Would love to have this book as I'm still new to sergers. I just got one about 4 months ago and still have not figured it out. I have tried sewing with it but so far all I'm able to conguer is finishing edges. I couldn't get the picture I wanted to load to save as a new avatar, but I hope that you would still accept my appeal for this book. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

  11. etsews February 6th

    Would love to have this book as I'm still new to sergers. I just got one about 4 months ago and still have not figured it out. I have tried sewing with it but so far all I'm able to conguer is finishing edges. I couldn't get the picture I wanted to load to save as a new avatar, but I hope that you would still accept my appeal for this book. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

  12. User avater shema1999 February 6th

    My limited experience with Serging was so much fun and I would love to do it again!

  13. User avater sewaugust February 6th

    My husband introduced me to my Singer serger in 1991. I have
    upgraded since then, and now I would not be without one.

  14. User avater RenMichelle February 5th

    I love my serger but would love to have a book to help me create all sorts of wonderful clothes!

  15. FunnyFiona February 5th

    Hi! The serger is a great step in the right direction!

  16. Mudlark February 5th

    Sergers - or overlockers as we call them here in Aus are mysterious and wonderful beasts and I would love to have such a book to unlock (pardon the pun!) its mysteries.

  17. Mudlark February 5th

    Sergers - or overlockers as we call them here in Aus are mysterious beasts and any help I can get from such a lovely book would be great!

  18. User avater showmequilter February 5th

    I would like to use my serger more. I need a book that will lead me to making those stitches that really stand out.

  19. User avater CoraSews February 5th

    First of all, I love the cover picture of Successful Serging, it will look so pretty on my shelves. That said, this year I'm looking forward to enhancing my serging skills.

  20. User avater rv_annie February 5th

    I love to read your magazine and your Web site. I always wanted to learn how to serge. I usually research any new techniques before I go and buy a new sewing tool, so this book would get me started on learning how to serge. Thanks for having this site and continue to enrich us with all things sewing.

  21. User avater Tizzanne February 5th

    My new kitten decided she loved my hair. I was trying to do some embroidery at the time of this snap but had to give it up as a bad joke because my dear little kitten was giving me such a great head massage I could not concentrate on my work.

  22. TexasBelle February 5th

    This looks like a great tool to help improve my serging techniques before investing in a high-end model serger.

  23. User avater idontwantascreen February 5th

    I love my serger, but I don't use it often enough

  24. User avater bethsewbusy February 5th

    I have enjoyed using my serger over the last 9 years. It makes garment construction fast and very professional. There are a few things I haven't been able to do and would like a step by step instruction guide to help me out.

  25. User avater quiltteacher February 5th

    So excited about your give away! I teach the Serger Mastery classes at the LQS, this book would help me answer those questions I do not know!
    Also a great book to recommend students.

  26. User avater jhmarco February 5th

    I haven't used my serger in years, and I have forgotten how to thread and adjust it! This book might be just what I need to love it again. . .

  27. User avater GramaJudy February 5th

    I have been getting "Threads" News Letter for some time now but never "joined"Tonight I joined.I want to enter the contest to recieve the book on serging. I have a serger but use it very seldom. I'm unsure of myself as to what it can do and how I can use it to my best advantage------To enter it says to change my avatar.There were no instruction on getting an avatar,so I hope you will concider this an interance into the contest. Thank you, GramaJudy

  28. User avater amanda777 February 4th

    this small quilt is my post ike quilt...I returned to galveston to find most of my walls and ceilings gone: it was lying on my bed with quite a lot of mildew...I was able to remove the mildew.Now,it has character and a reminder that we can move on despite disaster...I would love the new serging book...

  29. User avater ruffled February 4th

    Oh!!! Oh!!!! Oh!!!!!

    I just bought my first serger and have no idea what I'm doing or where to start.

    I'm also a new Threads member!

    Good Luck everybody

  30. SandyJo February 4th

    I was given my first serger for my 50th birthday. It has helped me to make many garments in a hurry by stitching the seams and overcasting them at the same time. Some of the first garments I made were 2 night shirts and robes for my son's trouseau. His bride had a truseau and so must her husband. I also made her a smocked nightgown with her new initials on it. The side seams of her gown were searged as well as their matching shorts and other honeymoon clothes for the beach. I am 73 now and still searging away.

  31. User avater eljay1250 February 4th

    I love to sew and have continued finishing the old way. I have a little serger, but I do not know how to use it, so it's just sitting there. I would love to have a chance to win the book! This book would be great. Not only how to use the machine but how to enhance and make the best of serging and the sewing project.
    Thank you for the chance to enter this contest for this book!

  32. User avater Norberella February 3rd

    For years, I thought that I would like to own a serger. Last year, I bought a Babylock Imagine. I did not realize that I NEEDED a serger. Now, I don't know how I ever lived without one. Use it everyday! So much versatility - so much to learn. So much fun! Serging is such happiness!

  33. nistawoman February 3rd

    i have had a serger now for years and i only finish seams with it- maybe it's time i used the machine to its full potential.

  34. User avater bubbecraft February 3rd

    I started with a basic serger from Brother and had nothing but problems with it. A few years ago, I bought a BabyLock imagine and it works great. But I've never been able to master any of the specialty feet or stitches. Any help would be most appreciated.

  35. User avater ChildfreeTrophyWife February 3rd

    I've always wanted a serger but have been too scared to buy one because they look and seem so complicated and difficult to use. I've seen so many wonderful and surprising things you can do with a serger that I never thought possible that has made me almost buy one many times. If I won this book I would immediately go out and purchase a good serger without fear and without hesitation. Crossing my fingers for luck.

  36. texasmoonbeam February 3rd

    As a designer and seamstress, I have experimented with unique serger techniques and would really enjoy having this new book on SERGING TECHNIQUES!

  37. User avater lldramrpd February 3rd

    Now if I could just get the book to thread my loopers for me...........

  38. User avater FabricDragon February 3rd

    i am about to buy my first serger. I have been researching which brands offer the best value to features for me, so this book would be fantastic!

  39. User avater rustysrags February 3rd

    Would love to have the book - like everyone else I don't use my serger to full advantage.

  40. User avater SewingGG February 3rd

    I've not sewn for a few years due to work - well, actually overwork! I recently retired and am looking at my many fabric stashes with an eye to making some new, casual clothing to travel in. I'll be putting my serger to good use as soon as I reacquaint myself with it. I primarily used it before just to finish seams, but plan to look closely at some of the more decorative things I can now take time to do with it. I'd love to have this book to help me get there.

  41. User avater TracyF February 3rd

    I am on my second serger, but haven't used it very much. This book looks like it would be a great way to get serging again!

  42. User avater ross8 February 3rd

    Would love to have this book to learn to use my new to me serger. It is a great machine and a time saver, just need to learn how to use all it's features! Thanks!

  43. 2sewNMe February 3rd

    I own two sergers and they always intimidate me. I only use them for the basic things like hemming and seams. I would love to be more creative. Count me in on the contest!

  44. User avater swansprite February 3rd

    I have never used a serger, probably because I didn’t have one of my own. I have never bought one simply because I don’t really know the scope of what they can do and so reading this book may well be what inspires me to learn a to use a new tool for creating both fiber arts and clothing. It would be a delight I will hope to win. Lori

  45. Lovenetta February 3rd

    This would be a perfect wedding gift.....I just bought a serger and it looked difficult and mechanical. When I first open the box said to myself what in the world I got myself into. That serger sat on my desk for atleast two weeks because I was literally scare of this machine. So I attempt to thread it and after three packs of needles because I paid alot of money for this machine and I know it would give me a more professional look and I was determine to not let this machine beat me. I finally learned the basic stitch of this serger. I would love to break more needles to learn other tricks that serger can give. So this book would be perfect thank you for giving everyone this opportunity to win.

  46. User avater hemphill3 February 3rd

    I'd love to have this book! Please enter me!

  47. User avater SusieSerger February 3rd

    Sergers are cool!!! I love my serger, but would love to learn more.

  48. User avater gardengallivant February 3rd

    Yow,overlockers sew pretty darn fast don't they?
    I never thought a sewing machine intimidating until I met my serger. I could make up horror stories about flashing needles and cutting blades beneath towering spools of threads. However despite threading intricacies the machine is great for finished seems despite looking like a transformer wannabe. Sergers are not just deviant sewing machines!

  49. User avater bunnyflower February 3rd

    I'd love to learn to use my serger for more than one basic thing.... :)

  50. User avater awami February 3rd

    Oh I'd love to win this! Count me in please!

  51. User avater Audrym February 3rd

    I have a serger but not exactly sure what more it can do. I know it has 'its potentials', but i need to guide it. This book will really help me. Good luck to me!

  52. User avater pooh932000 February 3rd

    My husband bought me a serger for Christmas and this would be a great book to get to know how to use it. I have used one before but I don't know how to make the different stitches. I only know how to use it with the blades!

  53. shirleyirene February 3rd

    I have used a serger for years in standard garment construction, but would love to learn to use it more creatively.

  54. User avater foxynana60 February 3rd

    I love using my serger for the simple things like sewing around the edges of a towel when it starts fraying or for sewing seams. The only book I have came with the serger and there are things that I don't understand. I know there's so much more that I can learn if I had a good instructional book. I think your book would be a great help to me and open up a new world in serging for me.

  55. User avater jilldeville February 2nd

    I love my serger. I've had it for years, but some of the adjustments have always baffled me. I look forward to reading this book and gathering more insight into how to use this tool better and better!

  56. User avater gax000 February 2nd

    I'd love to learn how to serge more than straight lines with my new serger :)

  57. User avater dnjmama February 2nd

    Learning to adjust a serger is challanging, but it is worth it!

  58. User avater dnjmama February 2nd

    Sergers add options to your finishing and sewing, but oh my, learning to adjust them!! However, it is worth it.

  59. User avater lillywat February 2nd

    I just purchased my serger and had my first class last night. Learned how to thread it. Sure hope I get more instruction in the next class. It's a whole month away. I really need to win this book.

  60. User avater THEEDA February 2nd


  61. User avater SusieSerger February 2nd

    Yea for a book on serging!!!! Sergers are cool!

  62. User avater ASewingSister February 2nd

    I just got my first serger! It came pre-threaded so I just needed to attach the spools and pull the threads through, but one of the looper threads broke, so I ended up threading manually anyway! Actually, it didn't take much time. One of my friends gave me good advice; watch the video first, which proved to be great advice!

  63. BlueRoses February 2nd

    I've had my serger for several years & have used it alot, I've been sewing for over 30 years & a good serger is inportant . The more you can learn about sewing the better off you are. I would be very happy to have this book.
    I love to sew & I enjoy creating garments & quilting.

  64. kundert February 2nd

    I've put my serger through its paces, and used all the standard stitches, but now it's time to get creative! It's a Husquvarna Viking 5-thread serger with coverstitch capability. However, when something goes wrong, it's not easy to figure out what it the problem is. Thread tight? Needles tight? Looped correctly? Right thread? Etc.

  65. 123sewing February 2nd

    Have a new serger and so far have only made simple things like baby blankets. This book looks like a great resource to begin using the many functions of the serger to construct clothing and other projects I would like to start but have been unsure of the techniques.

  66. User avater Enjaku February 2nd

    I love my serger, but I know I have barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. This book would be a great asset.

  67. Cinsred5 February 2nd

    I want to be more creative with my serger. I only use it for seam finishing, but I know they can do a lot more.

  68. User avater Erikamr February 2nd

    How do you use a serger? My teacher, who was also my grandmother died before she could teach me.

  69. User avater mommer February 2nd

    I too have had a serger for several years, but only use it to sew and finish seams. I would love to learn how to use my serger to its fullest potential, even if it is only a four thread version.

  70. User avater Cheriezel February 2nd

    I would love this book as I keep misplacing my serger manuel and I know I can do cool stuff with my serger!

  71. User avater cprice01 February 2nd

    I am new to serging, but I love it. I sure could use this book.

  72. angelwingz February 2nd

    This sounds like a Fabulous new book. I would love to own it. I use my serger for utilitarian work and would love to learn a lot more about it. Thanks for a great magazine too !!!

  73. User avater kylarichdale February 2nd

    I would love to win this book! I'm new to using a serger and can use all the help I can find...

  74. User avater tbug February 2nd

    I would love to have a book on serging! I got mine over the summer and it kinda scares me :)

  75. T_L_M February 2nd

    I got my first (and only) serger many years ago when a friend brought her new "gadget" and left for me to try. It only took one day and I was convinced I had to have one. Used it constantly for more than twenty years.

  76. User avater 10isdzinr February 2nd

    I love my serger almost as much as my sewing machine. I have had the serger about 2 yrs. and consider it the work horse of my sewing room. Would love to win the book!

  77. User avater angelaurie February 2nd

    I have had a serger for years, and now have Viking 936 - 5 thread model. I need to learn more about it - not only for ME, but for training the teachers in my district. We have purchased sergers for the high schools, and are getting them in the Jr.Highs - and the teachers are TERRIFIED!! I know what a wonderful and useful tool sergers are, and having books to show them will make it more useful and fun, so they can encourage another generation to love to sew and serge.

  78. User avater skinny February 2nd

    Now I've changed my avatar, I hope. Would love to win the serger book and try some new projects.

  79. User avater skinny February 2nd

    I've had a serger for several years. At first I made some special projects using the serger, but recently I have mainly used it to finish seam allowances. Would love to win this book. I have no idea how to change the "avatar".

  80. User avater molliefran February 2nd

    Thank you for so many good ideas! I love my serger. I did not know that I needed one until last summer at a sewing retreat for kids' clothes. Ruffles! Ruffles! Ruffles! And in a hurry.

  81. User avater MorningRose February 2nd

    I have been using my serger for quite a while, but still get stuck at troubleshooting tensions. I'd like to do more creative serging,and eventually would like a coverlock, but need to learn more about the machine first.

  82. User avater crg February 2nd

    I have a serger, but no idea how to use it to it's greatest potential. This books would be most helpful to me.

  83. February 2nd

    I recently purchased a 2nd hand serger & am looking forward to learning how to use it. I have been using a borrowed serger & find it a really valuable tool to have.

  84. Happy_Camper February 2nd

    I would love to learn some new serger techniques and get more creative ideas.

  85. Happy_Camper February 2nd

    I have two earlier books about sergers, but I am always learning something new about creative ways to use a serger. I would love to win a new book as a prize.

  86. DaisyM February 2nd

    Looks like great book. I'm just learning how to serge

  87. Horse4Hmom February 2nd

    I would love a book like this. My serger is nearly 30 years old--need a new one desperately. The key to using them is never unthread--just tie you new color on and run it thru until you reach the needles. Then thread them thru. Makes it tons easier!!

  88. Ludvik February 2nd

    Have had a serger for a few years now but it doesn't get used enough. Any book with information to how to use a serger better would be worth having.

  89. tmd0418 February 2nd

    Like a lot of people ( Avitars) in these blogs I'm pretty much self taught. My serger is of the self threading variety which makes the experience so much easier. I don't use my serger to it's full advantage and I'm hoping this book will help me expand my knowedge and creativity.

  90. CinderellaLollipop February 2nd

    I got my serger a few years ago and loved using it. Threading it was AWFUL, however. And when my 3 year old granddaughter un-threaded it one day, I just put it in the corner of my sewing room and forgot about it. I really should get it out and practice using it again!

    Oh, and thank you for forcing me to put my own avatar up! I don't like pictures of myself, but I have to admit they're better than using those stock pictures!!

  91. User avater MsCandyBags February 2nd

    I got my serger 3 years ago with all the attachements and high hopes of using it to improve the quality of my bags, but alais like many other I see here, lack of experience has caused me to be somewhat "afraid" of this marvelous machine and it many applications. This book sounds just like the ticket to get motivated to make this little wonder work for me. Just think of what our four-Mothers would say if they knew we had this kind of advancement in sewing and we did't us it! Maybe we need a serger chat group so we could give each other support.

  92. User avater Karenintw February 2nd

    I want to get a serger and want a good book to guide me with its many uses.

  93. livestosew February 2nd

    Would like to win this useful book.

  94. CeciliaLSG February 2nd

    I'd love to add an up-to-date serger book to my collection.

  95. User avater krawz February 2nd

    I would love a serger book!

  96. dlhorn February 2nd

    I am excited to see something that can help me learn to use my Pfaff serger. I have had ming for years and still not able to thread it. I have been showen how where I bought it but they go so fast I have not been able to get it work for me. The book is not helpful eather. I move out of state and the Pfaff dealer here doesn't want to help.

  97. User avater MessyVirgo February 2nd

    I've had a serger for a year and a half and the only successful project I've started is a cover for my standing mixer. I know I can do much more. This book seems like it could get me jump-started on a new project.

  98. User avater sewsavvy February 2nd

    i realized after owning my serger for quite some time that it has intimidated be for too long! I will learn to use this serger before Fall. I have learned how to thread it so far. Unfortunately I have to plug it into a transformer but that is alright :-) I could really use this book!

  99. ustabahippie February 2nd

    RubyInGA, once you've tried a serger to finish seams, you'll never be happy until you own one! Cuts your seam finishing time in half, at least. Try them out and get the best one you can afford!

  100. ustabahippie February 2nd

    Now that I've read a few comments, I realize lots of other sewists are in the same boat I am with their sergers!
    (I also realize why we call ourselves sewists rather that sewers! ugh!)

  101. User avater RubyInGa February 2nd

    I am a long-time sewer but have been afraid to take the leap into serging, since I know nothing about it. Do I invest in a serger and take the plunge or not? All suggestions welcome!

  102. ustabahippie February 2nd

    I've had a serger since 1989 at least! I have only used it for finishing seams (SO thankfully!) and for rolled hems. I teach sewing to beginners and try to introduce them to seam finishes on the serger as well as the "old fashioned" seam finishing methods. I would LOVE to know how to use my serger for some fun options. Hope I WIN!

  103. madglyn February 2nd

    I have had my serger for years and would love to learn to use it right. I know it has so much potential but I need help finding it all. I would love to add this book to my growing collection of sewing books, and free would really help the collection grow along with my talent when the machine and I get to know each other a lot better!

  104. sewcool February 2nd

    I use my serger all the time but I really need to learn to use it to its fullest. I know it will do lots of creative stitches and coverstitch, but I have never really gotten past the basics.

  105. User avater Kway February 2nd

    Yep, threading is tuff.

  106. User avater Kway February 2nd

    This would be so exciting. I need to learn EVERYTHING abou Serging!

  107. User avater Siggie February 2nd

    I have had sergers for 25 years or so, and I really purchased one just to finish off my seams!! I am pretty much self taught with regards to the type of things I sew, so I have never taken even one class on sergering (and I have 3 sergers). Over the years I have seen some really beautiful things that are being done with sergers and I am in a stage in my life where I can now take the time to read about new and different ways to use my sergers. This book would be so helpful to me because I like to learn on my own and experiment with different things (from different fabrics and their thicknesses to shapes and designs that I know a serger can make. This book would definately be a great tool for me!! More and better ideas are always needed, and because the possibilies are endless, so go for it sewers and always be creative!!!!

  108. User avater NovaScotiaNancy February 2nd

    The more one can learn about a serger the better. I have a new one which does everything but like anything else if you do not use it all the time you forget. And suggestions for the use of serging to save time or provide a durable or decorative finish are welcome.

  109. User avater CarolfromJnO February 2nd

    to serge or not to serge THAT is the question!!

  110. User avater grammymurry February 2nd

    I have just returned to sewiang after a 20+ year hiatus - wow have things changed. My sewing instructor refers to Threads a lot, so I decided to check it out - glad I did. The new serging book looks great - can always use more information!

  111. User avater grammymurry February 2nd

    My sewing instructor refers to your magazine all the time - glad I checked it out. The new serger book looks great - hope I win!

  112. User avater jeaniebob February 2nd

    Would love to add this book to my sewing library.

  113. Sewcreate February 2nd

    I have utilized my serger for many years but with only the basics; therefore, I would love to know how to use a serger to enhance what I wear and make for others.

  114. User avater Katmbl February 2nd

    Ohhh I really want a serger..this would be a great begining book for me to learn all about it. :)

  115. User avater mhdehaven February 2nd

    I recently got a Babylock 8-thread and this book looks like just what the doctor ordered. It is on my list of must haves.

  116. User avater ramunit February 2nd

    I just got a new serger and would love to learn more about serging.

  117. suemari February 2nd

    This looks like an excellent book. I know I do not use my serger to its potential.

  118. truebuddy February 2nd

    I had my serger for a few years before I had the courage to try to learn how to use. Believe me, I learned how to thread it now and I was able to sew 10 handkerchiefs for my husband. I'd love to learn how to sew t-shirts with a serger and much more. I hope to win this great book!

  119. User avater wenoel February 2nd

    I'm planning on replacing my very old serger and I'd love some new ideas and tips. This book sounds like a good start.

  120. Cshively February 2nd

    I got my first serger for Christmas and this book would speed up my learning. Thanks!

  121. User avater TXPAT February 2nd

    I have used a basic serger just for finishing seams. I recently purchased a new serger that does many more things.
    Just a little scared of it right now. If I knew more about it it wouldn't intimidate me so.

  122. simplypat February 2nd

    I've been serging for 25 years and just recently updated to the state of the art serger. I love it but know there is always more to learn. This book sounds great!

  123. User avater reighley February 2nd

    I'd love to upgrade my serging skills.

  124. User avater Taichinut February 2nd

    My serger is an indispensable part of my sewing. Would love
    to learn more about options.

  125. Runa February 2nd

    I've had a serger for years, but the only thing I've really done with it is to use it to finish the edges on fabric. I need to learn about the other more decorative uses of the machine since it's clearly underutilized these days.

  126. User avater sewold February 2nd

    Just had my serger serviced for $99! Wish I had some simple directions on maintaining it myself. However the timing was off so that's probably not part of simple maintenance. But any book that expands the use of the serger would be good. I really use it quite a bit.

  127. marybethb February 2nd

    I just got my serger and it baffles me! Boy, do I need this book!

  128. User avater mirela February 2nd

    I have a wonderful serger, and know I'm not using it to its full potential..this book would be great!

  129. User avater Spiritpeh February 2nd

    I'm starting a Junoirs group for our local American Sewing Guild Chapter to give younger people (6 through 22) more sewing knowledge and experience. Since this isn't taught in many schools anymore.

    This way, they can learn with their peers, and maybe some moms can get back into sewing, too.

  130. User avater rlbates February 2nd

    Would love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity

  131. User avater grnthumb30 February 2nd

    I have a wonderful 5 thread serger that I'm still trying to master! Any pointers and ideas to help me facilitate my serger more would be great. I recently made my 2 year daughter a new shirt out of cotton pique and used the serger. It went together nicely, but I would love to learn some of the decorative techniques.

  132. User avater DossmerGal February 2nd

    What a great idea! I'm enjoying reading the comments. And I know we are all smarter for it, even those of us who don't win the book. Serging (even after 15 years or so of doing it) still seems almost miraculous to me.

  133. User avater cmp February 2nd

    I just received a serger at Xmas. I've never used one before which makes me like a pre-schooler almost scrared to touch it. This book would be a blessing in diquise.

  134. User avater trixolry February 2nd

    My serger scares me. I know it doesn't mean to, but I'm chicken. I've used it a few times, and am determined to make it my BFF. DEEEEEEEEP breath.

  135. User avater karianw February 2nd

    i didnt know what to do with my serger until my daughter started ballet. instead of buying expensive practice tutus ($20 each) i buy a yard of chiffon for $8 and let my serge do the rest. it rolls the edges and makes working with flimsy fabric a breeze. My daughter looks great and no one knows the tutus are "homemade".

  136. mompilot February 2nd

    Just got mine out again after a few years - what a great tool and time-saver!

    This book looks like a great tool as well - always fun to be the best-dressed at a fraction of the cost!

  137. User avater obrode February 2nd

    I am also new to serging but loving every new discovery !

  138. User avater SansSouci572 February 2nd

    I would like to learn how to use the machine's other features, instead of just doing 4 thread "default"!

  139. Filippa February 2nd

    I use Bernina 8oo DL and would love to learn more techniques

  140. User avater omnicrafter February 2nd

    I would love to learn to use my overlocker more creatively - I use it mostly for finishing seams, and I am sure there is so much more one can do!

  141. BirdieSays February 2nd

    Wow, I so need that book! My serger manual got lost in our last move and I've been 'winging it' ever since. Would love to have more knowledge!

  142. User avater beautifulname February 2nd

    Seems great book. I would love to win it!

  143. Sewshable1 February 2nd

    I would love to win this book for my daughter who is just beginning to serge-having gotten a serger for her birthday (from me!!)

  144. User avater Bellbird February 2nd

    I use my Janome overlocker (serger) as a workhorse for finishing seams but I know I could set it up much better and be more creative with it. I did make a blouse entirely with it once and although I was happy with the result, haven't done anything so radical with my machine since.

  145. Jenerator February 2nd

    I recently upgraded my overlocker (aka serger) to one that does coverstitch too - a Janome 1200D. I tend not to rethread unless I really have to, but I do like using it!

  146. User avater norahes February 2nd

    I got my serger just before Christmas and after a lot of trial and error and a lot of cursing can now do all the basics. But I would love to learn to do some thing more fancy especially making my own trims

  147. User avater cangmom February 2nd

    I almost exclusively use my serger and would love to learn more techniques.

  148. User avater animemi52 February 2nd

    Enjoyed everyone's updated avatars. A bunch of talented people out there!

  149. User avater celticangel February 2nd

    I am just about to buy a serger with so this book would be really helpful. I have heard that you can do so much with a serger plus it makes your sewing look more professional. I watch Sewing with Nancy and America Sewing and they both use the serger along with their sewing machines.

  150. Snickers8 February 2nd

    I've had a little experience using a serger and recently have been considering purchasing one. This book seems like it would be a great tool to have on hand for new users and a great reference for experienced users too. I would love to have this book to enhance my sewing library.

  151. User avater froglegs1 February 2nd

    Hi, I've been sewing and serging for many years. One thing I can say for sure is there is always more to learn. I would love a book that can teach me new ways to use my serger and add a new twist on the ones I already know.

  152. User avater mom4girls February 2nd

    I really need to learn how to use my 2 serger machines. I inherited one from my Husbands Grandma and one from my Mom. I would love to learn more so I can pass the knowledge down to my 4 girls. This looks like a nice book!!

  153. User avater psilverman February 2nd

    I bought an old Bernina serger six months ago; it took me a month to learn how to thread it. I can do a three thread overlock, sometimes I can get the flatlock to work, but would like to know why a two thread stitch is sometimes better than a four thread stitch, and how to use the serger for decorative stitching. The book would really be a big help.

  154. User avater SusieSerger February 2nd

    Sergers are cool!! I love my serger. Can't wait to learn new tips and techniques.

  155. Vegakitty February 2nd

    I just got myself a serger as an after-Christmas present. I've made a few totes and some fabric shopping bags, but nothing major so far, and this book would help me.

  156. Shadegardener February 2nd

    I've never used a serger (yet) and plan to buy one. It would certainly be a big help to have this book.

  157. User avater kkegeland February 1st

    Poor college student in need of all of the sewing resources she can get!

  158. User avater Ilene60 February 1st

    I first began exploring uses for the serger when hired to design and construct costumes for a theater department at a private high school. I knew about sergers, but didn't own one. It has been an irreplaceable tool for constructing strong and lasting underlined garments that can be altered easily. My students really love it once their fear of speed is diminished.

  159. User avater mo11yb1ue February 1st

    I would really love to win this book. I'd like to be better equipped to serge.

  160. MargaretS February 1st

    Love my serger, but would like to know about and how the flat locking technique works to make a blanket. This book looks like it would be very helpful in sharpening up my serger skills.

  161. User avater Jeannieb February 1st

    I have been sewing over xx+ years. I have only used my serger
    once 18 yrs ago to make curtains. I made 5 full sets with ballon valances. I don't even remember what I used it to do
    So I am newbie to serging. would love to learn to use one.
    and unlease my serging possiblities. would love to be picked
    the winner for the book.

  162. User avater mynewleaf February 1st

    Researching sergers now...prior to buying. I could use all the info I can get!

  163. User avater sewinginthemtns February 1st

    I am relatively new to the serger world. I bought a Viking and love it but would love to become more proficient with it. I took one class a couple of years ago and realize that I have a long way to go. I tried to upload/download/whatever you call it one of pictures, but it never took so I used one of your avatars instead. What is an avatar?

    Good luck to everyone!

  164. Kyrielle February 1st

    This looks like a great book to have.

  165. SUZZII February 1st

    I am technologically challenged and cannot even add a picture to my avatar. I have a serger and have used it a couple of times to cut and bind a couple of items, but do not know what else it is capable of. A book on serging would be a great asset.

  166. User avater Ziggybug February 1st

    I am in the process of designing my "new" sewing room. Kids are grown up and I've scored a bedroom for my sewing room. In it I plan to include a new sewing machine and serger. While I am experienced in the sewing category, I have never used a serger. I would prefer to be able to use for more than sewing hems which I understand it does very well. But there has got to be more to it than that.

  167. User avater eviej February 1st

    I haven't added a Serger to my collection yet, but it's definitely on my Christmas list this year! But if I win this book, I might move it up to my birthday wish list -- that's in June! Good luck with the contest, everyone! It's great to be a part of this blog! Peace and blessings, Eviej

  168. User avater dkphillips February 1st

    i have a serger, i just don't know what to do with it. this book would be the tool i need to create fine art by sewing.

  169. User avater cdchandler February 1st

    Any book that will make me more proficient on my serger is tops with me. Theres sew much more I need to learn. Beyond just a 3 thread or 4 thread seam. Hope I win.

  170. LaDebby February 1st

    My Mom loves to serge- so sounds like a nice gift for her.

  171. 1Islander February 1st

    I have just started sewing with my serger and it is a bit overwhelming. After looking at the table of contents and index pages "Successful Serging" appears to be the directions I need to keep me from wasting a lot of material, time and patience. (For startere I tried sewing inset pockets in a skirt -- NOT A JOB FOR A NOVICE!!)

  172. OrahLee February 1st

    What a great sounding book! Does it come with a dust-cloth to get my new-unused machine going again???? I want to make friends with that machine, so here I come!

  173. quiltergirl53 February 1st

    Just bought my serger a few months ago and I'm a beginner. Would love to win the book for a resource.

  174. simiquilt February 1st

    I can always use more information on using a serger. Even though I have had a serger since 1989, I never seem to get beyond the basics - serging edges, napkins, serging fabric before I prewash it.

  175. earlineb February 1st

    I love my serger and want a newer one for my other house. I too would like some advice prior to deciding on which machine to purchase. Nice magazine :)

  176. 1Islander February 1st

    I have just started sewing with my serger and really do need help. Looking at the table of contents and index this book appears to be just what I need. I would feel very fortunate indeed to be a winner.

  177. kathleenellen February 1st

    Sergers are wonderful tools! I got my first one almost 22 years ago and still love them as much as I did then. And serger books always teach me something new.

  178. User avater ciabia February 1st

    I'm in the market for a serger, and this book would be great. Any suggestions on what machine to buy???

  179. User avater fiona9 February 1st

    i would LOVE to learn to use my serger properly, i been sewing for 12 years, and still have troubles adjusting tension =( good luck everyone!!

  180. User avater Lizziern February 1st

    I LOVE my serger! I've taken a few classes but have to say it stays under it's dustcover at home. I've been looking for a book to help me unwrap and discover what more I can do with it. If I don't win this, I'll add this to my wish list on

    Sue Hauseman and I are pictured here at a Stony Brook Sewing Event. Not only is she an inspiration for sewers, he is a wonderful person.

  181. jemima1 February 1st

    I would love have a serger. I just started looking for a new sewing machine for my daughter and myself to start sewing again. I would like to get a machine that also can do embroidery but there are so many to pick from at local shops. It would be nice to learn together how to make a professional finished product and I think the book would help explain important features to both of us!

  182. User avater RSAdams February 1st

    Sounds like a wonderful book! I'd love to win it. After sewing for 20+ years I am abou tto get my very first serger!

  183. GoSewGirl February 1st

    I love my serger, and I use it a lot. But I'm always looking for new ways to use it, as I know there is more it can do!

  184. User avater bakereliz February 1st

    I have a serger, but don't really know what to do with it other than just sewing seams, and even then I'm not sure which stitch to use!

  185. User avater thecraftqueen February 1st

    I love my serger! My husband bought one for my birthday last summer, what a guy! I am still learning the details, and I know I am not using it to its fullest potential. This book would be just the thing I need. Proud to say that I can finally thread the thing!!

  186. hedylyn February 1st

    I am looking to purchase my 1st serger...this book would be great!

  187. Bettyboopfan February 1st

    I am always telling people I don't know what i ever did without my serger. I could learn how to find more uses for my serger. Unfortuntunely it need to go to the repair shop and I don't want to let go.

  188. nancye February 1st

    I have a serger, but I use it only for serging garment pieces before sewing. I would like to know how else I can use it.

  189. User avater cherie0615 February 1st

    I have wanted a serger for ages, but haven't had the money to expand my quilting, embroidery, and standard machines to include a serger. This book would be great for showing me the basics and enlarging my knowledge of sewing to include a more professional finish with serging.

  190. MariC February 1st

    The book looks wonderful. I do a lot of serging and am always ready to improve my skills....this looks to be a good way.

  191. User avater gshillitani February 1st

    I have 2 sergers, one plain, one fancy, and not much idea how to use them unless I consult the owners manuals! I'd love this book!

  192. acertrifolium February 1st

    I'd love to learn about serging. Don't have a serger but would consider getting one if I won the book!!

  193. annmoskal February 1st

    I love my serger as I make a lot of my tennis and golf outfits on it. But, I can always learn new methods and as a ritired college teacher the old saying that you can teach a dog new tricks certainly applies.

  194. User avater BunnyHand February 1st

    Looks like the instructions are clear!

  195. annakaye February 1st

    Its fun to do those little projects that are so unexpected from a serger not just the basic serger stuff!

  196. judystolz February 1st

    A serger is a great machine -- now to learn how to use it as much as possible.

  197. User avater simplicityJewelry February 1st

    I'm new to the serger, can't wait to get started.

  198. User avater Shoshonna February 1st

    I would love to win this book. My mom got a serger right before she died, and never got a chance to use it. She gave it to me, and I have no idea how to use it. I would love to make sure her gift does not go to waste.

  199. User avater sews24seven February 1st

    WOW! This book sounds great! I have lots of books on free motion embroidery but I have "brain freeze" when it comes to using my serger....yes, even here in Yuma, AZ you can get brain freeze! lol It's my New Year's Resolution to LEARN this serger...thank you for the chance to win it! Keeping my fingers crossed....

  200. MHMB February 1st

    This book sounds great! I'd love it in my collection as I'm always looking for new ways to use my serger.

  201. sewkrys February 1st

    Ever since I finally got a serger I seem to find more uses for it. This book looks like it could take me to a whole 'nother level. My fingers are crossed.

  202. abit2011 February 1st

    I'm always looking for tips on different stitches and how to serge corners and points! I'm in!

  203. User avater michelemurphy February 1st

    I've been sewing for 35 years and I still learn something new with every project. I've had my serger for 19 years and have utilized it for only the most basic sewing tasks in costume design and construction. I think it time to learn a new skill and put it to creative use!

  204. pkgczarina February 1st

    I could definitely do with this book---I ams till trying to unleash the power of my serger

  205. marmp February 1st

    Having a serger has opened up a whole new world of sewing for me, but I know I could be doing so much more with it.

  206. User avater Goodknitgracie February 1st

    I would really love to win this book.

  207. User avater MyLittleMorsel February 1st

    There's always something to learn when it comes to serging!

  208. User avater Joan0408 February 1st

    I wish I knew all the things my serger could do...this would be great to have.

  209. User avater rosemaryschild February 1st

    I just got a new serger - this would be great!

  210. User avater janpeterson February 1st

    I love my Serger. I would love to know how to make my Serger do the most it can.

  211. fabricstitcher February 1st

    I really like my serger - but I've really never explored its potential - I would love to have a book that helps me explore what it really is capable of doing.

  212. fabricstitcher February 1st

    I really like my serger - but I've really never explored its potential - I would love to have a book that helps me explore what it really is capable of doing.

  213. User avater Charliejo February 1st

    I use my serger the most to make costumes for a young people's summer theater and this book would really help me learn how to do other things besides serge seams! I use the serger to show women who don't sew that, YES!!, they can sew! Will share the book with all the sewers at theater.

  214. User avater countessa February 1st

    I love using a serger. I have special feet for my serger, but have never had the time or instructions on how to use them. This book would be wonderful for fantastic new ideas. My daughter would also love to try the ideas. :-)

  215. vintagecouture February 1st

    I would love to win this book. I have been working to expand my serging skills on various projects. I love Threads Magazine.

  216. pattyv February 1st

    i would love to read up on the latest serging techniques. i feel as though i don't really use my serger to it's fullest potential.

  217. User avater sewthernbelle February 1st

    I would love this book! I need every bit of help with a serger that I can get.

  218. User avater jokittens February 1st

    I could use some serger help. Mine had to go to the serger doctor this week. I sure miss her!

  219. User avater SewEnthusiastic February 1st

    Having sewn most of my life, I still felt like I needed some professional instruction to make those "creations" even better. The classes that I have recently taken in Little Rock, Arkansas have been wonderful. Besides the ever so important "fitting the garments" and the right way to construct, serging is stressed as so important. Learning to sew the right way has made a huge difference in the outcome of a project. I hope I am the lucky winner of the Baumgartel book!

  220. User avater ktkatherine February 1st

    Would absolutely love to win and learn more about serging!

  221. User avater Muffinski February 1st

    I'm always hungry to learn more & more - expand my horizons. I find it so much fun to try new things. I know that I do not use my serger to its fullest potential. At times, I think that it is probably a wee bit lonely.

  222. CustomChic February 1st

    Just to make you all feel better, I purchased my first Serger four years ago. It took me nearly a year before I began to really use it. Looking back, I don't know how I ever lived without it. No more zigzagging for me. The secret to the threading is a long-nosed pair of tweezers and persistence when threading the lower lopper. Good Luck to all!!

  223. User avater Seamwrite February 1st

    Have had my Babylock for more than 10 years, and would love to use it for more! I KNOW it does more than what I use it for.

  224. User avater 1ladysdreamsewer February 1st

    I would ABSOLUTELY love to have this book on Sucessful SERGERNIG , It would be GREAT ASSET as a GUIDE/LEARNING TOOL to becoming more advance in my sewing tecchingies, As I have been SEWING ever since my grandmother taught me HOW !!! Plus I am a soon to be a graduate from PENN FOSTER CAREER INSITITUE ,that has just recieved her FINAL PROJECT GRADE which was a 92 !!!! IN MY DRESSMAKING AND DESIGN COURSE Found that out as of this morning !!! On (fEB 1,2010).
    Also seeing that I am a DRESSMAKER/SEAMSTRESS THAT WOULD LOVE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SERGING HEMS , ESPECIALLY ON SPECIAL OCCASION FABRICS AND THREADS , USED TO DESIGN HEMS ON BALLGOWNS , LATIN DANCE CUSTOMES and DRESSES. PLUS, I would love to know how to do the hems by sergering with different types of threads such as MED to Heavey weighted Invisible Threads , such as something similar to using fishing line THREADS in order to make a WAVY OR CURLY HEM !!!!

  225. User avater Peglites February 1st

    I love to sew, and have owned a serger for about 3 years, I taught serging for about 1 year on a part time basis, I love to use it to finish my seams. It has a special place in my sewing room. Always in the market for new ways to use it.

  226. User avater MG12345 February 1st

    I've been wanting a serger for years, but haven't been able to afford one so far. Winning a book would help me prepare for if/when I take the plunge, and might even speed up the process.

    Keep up the good work!

  227. User avater AncientWire February 1st

    I have had a serger for years. It would be wonderful to learn how to use it more effectively.

  228. koolaid_mom February 1st

    I have been looking for ways to better use my serger. What things I have learned are amazing. Can't wait to see what else I can do with it.

  229. User avater AHH February 1st

    Just got a serger.

  230. User avater tfw February 1st

    I have had a serger for several years and love the ease with which it finishes edges but I know it is underutilized. A new book would help to get the machine up to its full potential.

  231. User avater wilmakuehl February 1st

    I have a serger, but it sits on a chest out of the way. I don't think I use it more than once a year, if that. I hate messing with threading it, and having to read the instructions whenever I want to do something with it.

  232. User avater gumbiecat February 1st

    Seeing the above book is an incentive for me to use my serger more effectively and creatively. To use the book as a guide would be a delight!!

  233. User avater rorihomme February 1st

    I'm very new to sewing and could use all the help I can get. I just purchased a Babylock Imagine and need some creative advice!

  234. User avater tusche February 1st

    I use printmaking, embroidery, sewing machines and a serger to create digital multiples at Solo Impression. Creatively the serger has possibilities that artists can explore. I would love a copy of Successful Serging for the artists to enjoy and be inspired by. I don't believe that possibilities are endless but making art is editing from the possibilities to summarize succinct ideas during one's limited time. Perhaps this book will review the options so choices are clearer.

  235. User avater Lexica February 1st

    I'm an utter novice when it comes to serging - a book like this would be a wonderful tool.

  236. User avater scarletsky February 1st

    I have a Bernette for Bernina serger. not too confident serging, but would benefit from having Successful Serging by someone who knows what they are really doing. Enjoy having this site to go to. I have lots of old Vogue Pattern Magazines which I always go to get ideas.

  237. User avater cowetamom February 1st

    I need major help with mine!! I can't even figure out how to get it threaded. :(( Going to look at library for a book.

  238. User avater mjfiorini February 1st

    i love my serger, it's by far the best sewing purchase i ever made.

  239. User avater Skyblue712 February 1st

    I've been considering buying a serger for a quite a while but have been intimidated by them. I'm hoping this book will give me enough information to feel confident about spending the money on a machine I suspect would be a wonderful addition to my sewing room.

  240. User avater hillhaven February 1st

    I was given a serger - I would love to actually learn to use it, and start doing all the finishing work that seems so impossible with my wonderful sewing machine. This is a neat idea - hello everyone. I think this is my first official "comment" type thing aside from Facebook. Blessings to all.

  241. User avater sewlozza February 1st

    Doing a rolled hem with my serger is just the easiest way ever to do hems! I love it. I try it on almost everything, even when I shouldn't! It's just so much easier than doing a normal hem.

  242. User avater mlssfshn February 1st

    Surgers are nothing to be afraid of, I guess this is just in my blood and I can't fathom being afraid of a machine. I would love to see what this book has and how it can expound on my creativity with my surger.

  243. User avater islandcrazycat February 1st

    Thank you for providing those of us who are not
    as computer savvy with the selection of avatars
    to use. Additionally, although I've neglected
    my serger, I am excited that THREADS has also
    offered an opportunity to win another creative
    book to expand all of our creative horizons.
    Mahalo from Hawaii, and good luck everyone :)

  244. User avater sewhorsey February 1st

    I have a new serger, but have yet to use it. I have been shopping for a book to asssist with use, but have yet to find one for my needs. I've used the sergers at my local quilt store for classes, so I shouldn't be so intimidated, but I do want to find a good book to help.

  245. User avater naomiandtom February 1st

    I love my serger, have had it for years. It's a White 535. But I've never mastered anything on it but straight overlocking. This book could help me break out into new realms of overlocking joy!

  246. Suzanneflies February 1st

    I have an older serger - a bear to thread, but I have found it pretty useful for fleece jackets. I'd love to explore sewing regular garments with it, but haven't been brave enough yet.

  247. User avater cathyfromyokohoma February 1st

    love th email news letter & have found a lot of great things to try

  248. DHebert9 February 1st

    I've just started using my serger! I have to admit it really scared me at first and sat on a sewing desk in my sewing area for a long time. Successful Serging by Beth Baumgartel would be a wonderful way for me to improve my beginning skills!

  249. User avater Maria_L February 1st

    I love my serger! I am always looking to find more ways to use it.

  250. Readbks February 1st

    I am new to serging, but would love to learn more!

  251. atomicmama February 1st

    oops, forgot to update avatar! still love serging

  252. User avater Maria_L February 1st

    I love my serger! I have a Baby Lock Evolve and I keep learning something new every time I use it. I love having books for references.

  253. User avater amq5588 February 1st

    Sewing has made me bloom from an awkward teenager (about 45 years ago) to a confidant adult. I found my passion in sewing and watching pieces coming together to form a garment. Bach when,...serging was not available to the average seamstress but now it is a staple in my sewing room. Though having used a serger to enhance my sewing, I also realize I do not use it to the full potential. Ever wanting to learn and to grow, this book seems like a wonderful new tool for me to use and to share. I would be THRILLED to win this new book!!

  254. User avater eclark2 February 1st

    I've used my serger for edging fleece blankets and reinforcing seams on pajama pants and bath robes, but I'd like to learn more creative uses. I love my Babylock Imagine and its easy threading. I need project ideas and ways to use its potential. This book looks like the perfect answer.

  255. User avater casachavez February 1st

    I just love my serger (Babylock Imagine) and coverlock machine (Janome CP1000). I think these are the most underrated machines for sewists. I love that this book will help us utilize these wonderful machines even more.

  256. User avater SweeTee February 1st

    I have owned a serger for the better part of 5 years and has only used it when I went to a chain fabric store for lessons. Since they have not offered that lesson again (they did not have insructions for my 5 spool anyway) I have not touched it since. I'm looking for the help I need to use this great machine!

  257. User avater marysecretary February 1st

    I love my serger, have always thought it was under utilized, this book would def be a great addition to my studio, Hope I can get a chance at it. I love Threads magazine, and have saved many back issues, and they have a place of prominence in my studio. Thanks

  258. MerryGoose February 1st

    I love my serger & would not think of sewing w/o it...

  259. grammakathy154 February 1st

    I have had two sergers prior to purchasing the Baby Lock Evolution. I never knew what a serger could do before and am just getting into it. I do take classes at my local sewing store but would love to have a reference book at home as well. The picture attached is of my first serger project. I turned out really well and makes me want to learn more.

  260. atomicmama February 1st

    I have owned my serger for twenty years and although i do use it to finish seams and love the way that looks, I would really like to be able to do more with the serger. I admit the serger scares me a bit and I haven't mastered the rolled edge yet, but I am opem to a new challenge.

  261. bridgegal February 1st

    I own a Baby Lock. I would love the book, I need to know more aboit how to serge

  262. User avater YarnJourney February 1st

    I would love to win this book! I love my serger, but would like to know about using it for more than finishing seams.

  263. TMoncelle February 1st

    Just the photo of the book jacket gives me some ideas of some vibrant applications. I'd love to have any idea of how to use the serger I inherited!

  264. jbryant984 February 1st

    I purchased a serger last year and would love to have a book that would help me with all my sewing/serger projects. I love the serger and I'm sure if I had more knowledge it would be much more benefical.

  265. User avater bertschn February 1st

    I am teaching my granddaughter to sew and this book would be
    a great to have in our possession.

    I really enjoy Thread Magazine and look forward to it every
    month, and is the only one that I subscribe to any more.

  266. ladygadava February 1st

    I love my serger, and would really enjoy learning more ways to use it. This book looks wonderful, I would love to have it. D

  267. User avater jojo1971 February 1st

    I have a Babylock serger and I love it. I use it for construction of stretchy garments and to overcast and clip seams on items made from woven fabrics. I have attachments for doing other things but I'm not really sure how to use them.

  268. parla4565 February 1st

    i am on my 4th serger! they get better and better.......but i still don't know how to do everything sergers offer.......the book would be awesome!

  269. User avater Eudaimonia February 1st

    This book looks like a wonderful addition to any serger.

  270. User avater crashnquilt February 1st

    I have been sewing for 40+ years. I bought my FIRST serger, Husq. 936, just 2 years ago. Every day I use it I learn something new to do. Now, I have a NEED to learn more uses for my machine. I love garment embellishments and know there are so many things that can be done with the serger. The information in this book would be such a value to me to learn the techniques I lack.

  271. User avater sewinggal1 February 1st

    I love my old serger, but would like to learn more about the new machines with coverstitch and other capabilities. I'm hoping to someday invest in a new machine.

    A good serger book is absolutely essential to learning to use your machine.

  272. brownbob February 1st

    I bought a serger a couple of years ago thinking that it would be a snap to learn how to use it. I've only tried it out--still haven't actually serged anything in final form. This looks like a great resource for someone like me who needs some help!

  273. nancy2pa February 1st

    Always looking for new ways to use my serger , would love a chance to receive this book and look forward to the many things I would learn in this book. Happy sewing to all.

  274. EileenM1 February 1st

    I have two sergers -- one I use for rolled hems and the other mainly for finishing seams. I could use some help to expand my horizons and think Successful Serging will do it.

  275. Sew4Drama February 1st

    Love my serger, don't know what I'd do without it! It's always great to find resources for this mysterious machine; I always love tips and insight into learning how to get the stitch correct for the type of fabric, etc. Using various threads and being able to create trims with the serger has been inspirational, but there's always something new to learn! My serger is an older one so it's not always easy to thread, so my own tip is when I HAVE to rethread it (instead of tying on the new thread and pulling it through), pour a glass of wine, play some soothing music and pray!

  276. User avater linda3353 February 1st

    I have a serger that I haven't even used. I have had it for two years. I would love to receive this book and start serging something for my first grandaughter Makenna.

  277. User avater lpenninger February 1st

    I would love to receive this book. I've always wanted a serger, and am the type of person who likes to know all about a thing before I buy it.

  278. User avater lthrower February 1st

    I have had a serger since the late 1990's, but have not really had a good book to guide me through everything you can do with it. I just do basic edging, but nothing fancy. I know there is so much more I could do. I probably would also invest in one that is much more modern than the one I have. It is a Bernina and has provided me with wonderful service. I guess I am looking to see if I need to move to the next level ! Hoping the book will help me make that decision.

  279. DLGiles February 1st

    I bought my serger about 25 years ago and used it a lot. For various reasons I pretty much quit sewing at least 15 years ago, and now I'm beginning to pick it up again, wich great joy. Unfortunately I've forgotten a lot about the serger, so this book would be a great re-education!

    I love Threads and the various email posts and information. Keep it coming!

  280. User avater noursev February 1st

    I have always found the serger a mysterious machine. Perhaps reading this book would make the notion of using a serger more comfortable. Thanks for the opportunity.

  281. karaw February 1st

    I love to use my serger!!! Please enter me in the giveaway!!!

  282. User avater SallyLovesToSew February 1st

    I LOVE my serger. Don't know how I lived without it. Opened up a whole new world of sewing and fabric opportunities. I'd love to win this book. Thanks!

  283. august1983 February 1st

    Would love to win this book. It would help me brush up on my serger skills that "seams" to be rusty.

  284. User avater skywater February 1st

    While not new to the serger, I do tend to use it most often for seam finishing and this book would be a great encouragement to expand my knowledge.

  285. sewseitz February 1st

    Wow this was hard to find--leaving a comment. I added a picture with an old quilt made by a friend of my MIL and it was made in 1923. It is really nice.
    I love to serge but don't much except seams or rolled edge. Need to learn more. I have a Viking 910. I wouldn't want to do without my serger and a book giving me more ideas would be great.

  286. User avater suesewing February 1st

    When it comes to serging, I am a novice. I used to finish by seams by either using french seams or cover my seams with seam binding. Now newly owning a serger, I can finish my seams by sergering. I would greatly love to learn more how to probably use a serger.

  287. User avater bubblebear February 1st

    Never had a serger.........can't miss what I don't have.

  288. User avater bubblebear February 1st

    Never had a serger........I guess can't miss what I don't have.

  289. User avater mamma February 1st

    Would LOVE to win this book. With the help of this book I just might be able to use my wonderful Bernina 1300D serger that has only been tickled by the electricity on two occasions.

  290. User avater sarahannseitz February 1st

    Cool! I'd love to win this book, seems like it has a ton of useful information!

  291. User avater emmyjay February 1st

    A good guide to Troubleshooting Your Serger would be very useful -- I love using my serger; hate when it doesn't work right and I can't figure out why/

  292. bekabug8 February 1st

    This would be a great resource to have!

  293. User avater CarolynJH February 1st

    This looks like the perfect gift for my DIL who is looking to buy her first serger.

  294. User avater NHale February 1st

    I've only had my serger a few months, so I'm definitely still learning its ways. And I've had a few frustrating days trying to figure out what really needed to be adjusted--it would be great to have a resource to demystify troubleshooting.

  295. User avater ExclusiveHerb February 1st

    I am a novice person with the serging machine. The winning book would be a great help to me. I was happy to see the extensive collection at Tauton Press, Inc., when I became a member of Threads. I am considering a couple of machine purchases, but I would like some advice prior to deciding on what machine to purchase. I want to win the contest by changing my avatar, and receive the book, Successful Serging by Beth Baumgartel as a prize. Good luck to me.

  296. User avater SharonTN February 1st

    I just got started on my serger, but wow, what a machine. First, I had to stare it down, because it was pretty scary looking. But after threading it a few times, and accepting its speed as a virtue (rather than thinking runaway train), the possibilities now seem infinite.

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