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Book Giveaway: Bags in Bloom

Aug 03, 2010
Article Image

Turn any handbag into a work of art with the designs in Susan Cariello’s Bags in Bloom. Step-by-step instructions for these of beautiful floral motifs will let you jazz up any purse design. Bags in Bloom is cleverly organized by season. Coordinate each eye-catching design bag to your wardrobe and the weather.

The projects contain only twelve different stitching techniques, all explained in the book for embroidery beginners. The first section of the book gives an in-depth guide to the techniques and materials used throughout the book to create the twenty gorgeous projects featured.

The possibilities don’t end with the twenty featured projects. Bags in Bloom features six purse designs and dozens of motifs allowing for endless combinations. Create your own beautiful floral design!

We’re giving away TWO copies of Susan’s terrific book, Bags in Bloom!

Leave a comment on this post before the deadline—11:59 pm, August 10th—and you could be one of the TWO lucky winners who will be chosen at random and announced on August 11th.


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  1. User avater Darkducobu December 30th

    Reading the number of comments, I note that I'm not the only one to love flowers

  2. camomille January 5th

    this book look like wonderfull !!!

  3. VitalityForLife August 11th

    Who wouldn't want this book? The cover
    itself is so inspiring! Would love
    to win it!

  4. dpete August 10th

    I would love to have this book! Handbags are such a guilty pleasure!

  5. User avater fibermom August 10th

    I just started teaching some young ladies to embroider! How timely to find such an inspiring book full of beautiful and practical ideas!

  6. jmccambridge August 10th

    This books looks really fun! I love making bags and i think it would make an excellent addition to my collection of sewing books.

  7. lmvsews August 10th

    This is just the inpration that I need to get back to some creative sewing. It would be a blessing to win this book.

  8. create2 August 10th

    never made a bag. need a good solid book for instructions. also i will be able to be more creative with decorating it. cathy

  9. caylalily August 9th

    I have recently started to make purses/bags as well as purchased an embroidery machine. I would love to win the book, and one day I'll be where I can use that book in my current learning curve.


  10. User avater jamama August 9th

    I have been searching high and low for a pretty purse that is made out of lightweight fabric that is easy to tote and will not create a back-ache for me to no avail! This article is inspiring me to make one for myself and to be creative and embellish it! Hope I win the book!! :))

  11. larkspurlane August 9th

    Please enter me into the Bags in Bloom giveaway. I love bags, sewing, flowers and hand embroidery and this seems like the perfect book.

  12. larkspurlane August 9th

    Please enter me for the Bags in Bloom Giveaway. I love bags, flowers and hand embroidery and this book seems like such a keeper.

  13. albasew August 9th

    Bloomin' great projects for me to try this winter! Great and colourful ideas to brighten outfits.

  14. suzannity August 9th

    I have made two bags with increasing challenge and various technique. Right now, I'm working on a bag with the hibiscus motif from Kenneth D. King's Designer Bead Embroidery. I'm a beginning embroiderer and love the look on garments and home dec projects. Bags in Bloom would be a wonderful resource and inspiration.

  15. ajohn075 August 8th

    Wow...what a gorgeous bag! I love creating accessories like bags, hats, etc. and would love to add this book to my "library" of sewing and craft books and publications.

  16. UmeNoHana August 8th

    What a truly unique and beautiful accessory. Would love to have this book. I have sewn for years but embroidery is a new art for me. Thank you for highlighting new and interesting techniques.

  17. User avater StitchesByJeni August 8th

    What a cute bag. I would love to learn how to make that. I hope I win.

  18. User avater SuzOH August 8th

    I would love to win :-) I love bags, and I always want one more, I want to make my own and have them be unique, not what 3 dozen other people bought at the mall.

  19. aussielady August 8th

    I sew all kinds of bags. I would love to have this book to learn from. It is great the Threads magazines puts so much info in their magazines for us to learn from and to enjoy.

  20. myfirstbambina August 8th

    What a lovely giveaway ! Hand embroidery is back for sure !
    Hope to get my hand in this book :-) !

  21. Ga0724 August 8th

    I have really had fun using embroidery to embellish and here it is on another fav project, totes! Love the posies and great colors!

  22. kgr August 8th

    Threads is stil the best sewing mag around. Book looks great

  23. lovebug58 August 8th

    Threads magazine rocks! I have read every issue that I own cover to cover over and over again. I love the designs featured on the cover of this book. I WANT THIS BOOK!

  24. lovebug58 August 8th

    I love the two purses pictured from the book. I could really do so many things with the information I've seen so far. I WANT THIS BOOK!

  25. knittinglibrarian August 8th

    I am the original bag lady!
    Bags for books, books and books.
    I make bags for my kindergartens
    traveling library. A take home
    reading programme! Love to use
    some inspiration from Bags in Bloom!

  26. User avater missb_2000_2001 August 8th

    My grandmother would love the cover bag. I'm working to get my sewing skills good enough to make her a bag and hat that nice.

  27. seamsewsimple August 7th

    this would be a nice addition to my sewing library

  28. kskomer August 7th

    I would love to win the book. Took a class with a friend and we each made a bag. Now we are hooked and want to try lots more. Great gifts!!

  29. tahong August 7th

    the cover looks so inviting! good luck to you all!


  30. luvscrappin10 August 6th

    I would enjoy learning about this book,I just recently have learned about Threads, great stuff.

  31. gweneth August 6th

    I would love to have tis book. I hope she suggests sources for handles and hardware. I have had little luck in my searches.

  32. gweneth August 6th

    I would love to have tis book. I hope she suggests sources for handles and hardware. I have had little luck in my searches.

  33. User avater quiltnut851 August 6th

    Looks like a great bood and would love to own it.

  34. Chanelsuit August 6th

    This book reminds me of my embroidery days a la Erica Wilson. It sounds like a great project book, especially the ideas for different seasons. Wouldn't we all want a bag for each season? Thanks for the inspiration!

  35. pmkurth August 6th

    Looks like a fabulous book, I would love to add it to my library!

  36. User avater spookymuffin August 6th

    This looks like an amazing book, I would love to add it to my collection!!

  37. Robinbird August 6th

    I would love to win this book to have more ideas.

  38. User avater Luxiraj August 6th

    Count me in! I ventured back to sewing (after gap of 5-6 years) by sewing a simple bag. Now having switched loyalties back to dresses N more dresses. Guess its time to switch to making some awesome bags....

  39. User avater eeamende August 6th

    Wow! This looks totally awesome! I've been trying to get more into embellishments to add more interest to my designs

  40. User avater cindy_sews August 5th

    I love any book about embellishing. I would love to have this book!

  41. thaslam August 5th

    A wonderful accompaniment to any sewing library!

  42. User avater lovetoxstitch August 5th

    Sounds like a great reference and design book.

  43. User avater lovetoxstitch August 5th

    Sounds like a great reference and design book!

  44. CupcakeCatie August 5th

    the book sounds like its amazing! and would be great in my crafty library!

  45. ladylala August 5th

    I love all kinds of purse, would like to entry to win the making of purse.

  46. User avater 1SavingGrace August 5th

    I would absolutely adore adding this book to my collection. I have several books with vintage techniques for ribbon embroidery and would love to combine the vintage and contemporary together to make a "vin-temporary" bag! Please enter me to win! Thank you.

  47. NezsThisNThat August 5th

    I am in the middle of teaching a serwing class for young girls and this would be a great project that they can do as an advance article. I love purses and this book would really encourge me to make another one.

  48. User avater Katiat325 August 5th

    I'm in. I've been wanting to make a nice handbag for a while.

  49. sewinbiker August 5th

    Does it help to comment every two minutes to win? Hope not. Love this book, purses, and I bet I can use it to girlyfy my biker gear.

  50. User avater CarolynJH August 5th

    This book looks like a "must have". I love purses!

  51. jesselcr August 4th

    I'm in.

  52. Zenmama August 4th

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I have been wantin' to do embroidery!!!

  53. KUH August 4th

    There is nothing better than having a one-of-a-kind creation!

  54. User avater Craftingmad August 4th

    Now I have projects for the fall, can't wait to get started.

  55. User avater CovingtonClass August 4th

    Love the book and want to make lots of bags for Christmas this year.

  56. User avater zengeek August 4th

    My two favorite things, purses, flowers and a book. Ok, three favorite things. This book sounds great, I would love to win one.

  57. PiePie August 4th

    handbags and flowers...what could be better?

  58. sewuk August 4th

    Oh WOW! Owning a book like this means I could satisfy my need for more and more handbags, without upsetting him indoors!! I already have several bags hidden so that he can't moan about the money being spent!!
    BEAUTIFUL book - I hope it's available in the UK

  59. User avater SansSouci572 August 4th

    Oh! I just got a Miracle Stitcher off Etsy! The bag on that cover would be a perfect project to try it out!

  60. pcurr August 4th

    I love the bags, they would make great christmas gifts for anyone, including men, just embroidery some type of sports and they would be good to go. GO GO BAGS

  61. orangetul August 4th

    I'm an amateur in sewing. Looking around for such magazines giveway to give bag sewing a try. Hope I'm lucky enough!!

  62. j_Ann August 4th

    The bag completes the outfit. I Love the magazine and read them over and over.They are always an inspiration.

  63. User avater nonnina August 4th

    would love to win this combo, a great book and a great bag!!!,,, since I'm on a fixed income some shopping has to be placed on a back burner or just not buy some favorite items. Love the mag.

  64. User avater darlen0383 August 4th

    bet the book is great for any sewing enthusiast

  65. User avater darlen0383 August 4th

    bet the book is great for any sewing enthusiast

  66. User avater darlen0383 August 4th

    bet the book is great for any sewing enthusiast

  67. User avater LebecEgirl August 4th

    Truly enjoy making handbags...hope I win so I can continue on!

  68. User avater PatsyS August 4th

    This adds a new dimension to my purse fettish! Rather than using a print as the embellishment, this will spark my creativity to add my own embroidery designs to create a one-of-a-kind creation by me! Love it!! Can't wait to let the creative juices begin flowing!

  69. User avater smyoker August 4th

    the book looks great! a good addition to my library !!!

  70. LoracC August 4th

    I love, love, love books. Especially books on purses. Always on the look out for new ideas with purses. Would love to have this one.

  71. silkroseclare August 4th

    What a wonderful looking book !!

    I am doing a workshop on this Saturday to encourage Mothers and Daughters to learn sew together....and the workshop is " Make A Summer Bag "

    How I wish I had this book to use at it....

    Is it available in the UK?

    Thank you


  72. User avater awami August 4th

    I'd love to get one of these, it looks perfect for this stitching beginner!

  73. MPurnell August 4th

    The bags featured on the cover of this book are gorgeous! I would get so much joy out of creating them...would love to win this book. Thank you for the opportunity!

  74. dessie10 August 3rd

    Looks like a great book, always looking for new ideas.

  75. InTheBag August 3rd

    My business partner and friend is getting married next year. What a spectacular gift an embroidered bag would make!

  76. User avater jebeitz August 3rd

    I love making purses because I can have pockets and dividers in places tha make my purse "just right".

  77. User avater Joantheflorist August 3rd

    How wonderful! Finally finding the time to sew lots this summer, and bags have been my mainstay...but I'm getting bored with my old stand-bys. This book would renew my creativity!

  78. Catlynn August 3rd

    Just in time for holiday gifts! How perfect!

  79. User avater Shelleydar August 3rd

    Please enter my name also.

  80. User avater Bobbie3 August 3rd

    Please enter me to win the book. I have been a subscriber to Threads for quite a few years. I have recently gotten my very first steel sewing machine cleaned and have started to teach my 10 year old granddaughter how to sew. The past issues of Threads have been very helpful to not only show her how, but as a reference later when she gets stuck.

    Thanks alot for sharing all that you do.
    Barb Merrill

  81. SewinLoveinMI August 3rd

    These bags look beautiful and fun to make. I love hand work. Please enter me to win this great prize.

  82. User avater emmyjay August 3rd

    I spent all last weekend reorganizing my workroom and found a treasure trove of canvas and embroidery yarn -- winning this book would be serendipity, don't you think?

  83. User avater sewinheaven August 3rd

    Nice idea for Christmas gifts! Please enter me. Thanks.

  84. User avater etchedinthread August 3rd

    Love bags and love embellishments, what a great combo in a book!

  85. stitchwidth August 3rd

    I would love to own this book. Bags and flowers, 2 of my favourite things.

  86. sewingmonk August 3rd

    Hats and handbags are my favourite accessory projects, so please do enter me to win a copy of this new book in the giveaway.
    The hat in my avatar is from a pattern in Threads #56.

  87. vabney August 3rd

    Would love to have it!

  88. purik August 3rd

    It´s a beautiful book, and I´d love to have it, please enter me.

  89. gmhsews August 3rd

    This book looks fabulous! Would love to see the beautiful bags inside of it.

  90. sewdemon August 3rd

    Please enter me to win this gorgeous book! I have a new bridal accessories business and this will be a great addition to my sewing library. I love Threads and have a folder for all the newsletters that are sent to me. Thank You! Lamar Yvette Designs

  91. creativejen3 August 3rd

    This bag looks gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!

  92. User avater sewinheaven August 3rd

    Nice idea for Christmas gifts! Please enter me. Thanks.

  93. User avater sewinheaven August 3rd

    Nice Christmas gifts! Please enter me. Thanks.

  94. User avater sewinheaven August 3rd

    I am always looking for gift ideas. Would very much like to make these bags for Christmas gifts. Please enter me to win. Thanks

  95. User avater sewinheaven August 3rd

    I'm always looking for different ways to create beautiful homemade gifts. I would like nothing more than to win this book to make georgoeous bags for Christmas gifts. Please enter me. Thanks.

  96. User avater Stitchinfits August 3rd

    Threads is my favorite sewing magazine, so any book promoted by them looks very appealing to begin with... the cover of this book would look appealing to me even without Thread's endorsement, because that bag look gorgeous! I've never made bags before, but this looks like a book that would inspire me to start!

  97. User avater Balazs August 3rd

    I am obsessed with bags and purses! I would love to win this book :)

  98. User avater WillaMcNeill August 3rd

    Please include. Love making bags.

  99. thimbleina August 3rd

    Ooh! a book...full of bags! Doesn't get much better than that!! :0)

  100. User avater Zippylady August 3rd

    Looks like a beautiful book. It would be a nice addition to my library.

  101. User avater LadyRay August 3rd

    Looks like a wonderful book! Thank you for the opportunity to win. :-)

  102. Westcoastrose August 3rd

    The book sounds great - I have lots of boring bags in the closet and I love flowers. Please enter my name to win a copy. :-)

  103. User avater ShariK August 3rd

    ooooh!! I just love bags. Looks like some cool techniques

  104. User avater Mary_Moon2010 August 3rd

    Please enter me to win!

  105. SewJudie August 3rd

    Please enter me to win!
    No books
    no handbags
    I could really use this!

  106. amp06 August 3rd

    I would love to win this book. It looks like a lot of fun!

  107. cheriev August 3rd

    What a beautiful book, I'd love to be entered in the giveaway.

  108. halifaxfaye August 3rd

    I would love nothing better than to win this book as I have only recently started making purses. The cover and attached details are inspiring and make me want to become more proficient.

  109. TnSewingNewbie August 3rd

    i would love to win this book, I love making handbags. This book looks like it would open up an entire new world of ideas to me! I love to embellish, never thought of doing it on handbags :)

    thank you for offering this giveaway.


  110. User avater vwren99 August 3rd

    I would love to win this book. I have just started delving into the challenges of bag design, and these look like such fun inspiration!

  111. Adianan August 3rd

    Please enter me to win the book

  112. jacesgrammie August 3rd

    Working on a felted bag that will need some flowers, this would provide great ideas.

  113. marymary August 3rd

    I love making handbags, especially when I get compliments from strangers. I am always looking for new ideas to expand my bag wardrobe. I make unconventional knitting bags as well. These are the bags I want to make but don't have the courage to carry as a handbag because they may be a little outrageous. As long as I call it a knitting bag, I am not self-concious. I embellish bags with bits and pieces of things I collect.

  114. kwtxn August 3rd

    Please enter me to win the book. I have a few books on bag/purse makeing and am always inspired by new ideas.
    I love Threads, and save all the newsletters. Keep up the very good work.

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