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Project Runway: You Can Totally Wear That Again

Sep 03, 2010
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Michael C. surprises the other designers by winning immunity for next week.

This week on Project Runway, the designers are challenged to turn bridesmaid dresses into something you really can wear again. The models this week are the actual bridesmaids, who bring with them horrible gowns of various shapes and sizes. The designers were given $50 and a maximum of 2 yards of fabric for this challenge. This week, the designers face a designer showcase in front of the public, as well as, facing the judges on the runway. The public votes for their favorite by placing a button in a fishbowl next to the garment of their choice. After the showcase, the designers fix some problem areas, while they prep the models. Designer Cynthia Rowley, who just released a line of bridesmaids dresses, is the guest judge for this challenge. Many of the garments are cut very short, to varying degrees of success, because of the lack of fabric given to them.

Top 3: Mondo (favorite in the public showcase), Michael C., and Christopher

Bottom 3: Peach, Valerie, and Michael D.

Bottom Two: Peach (sent home) and Michael D. The judges thought both of their dresses looked better before the transformation.

Winner: Michael C. wins immunity for the next challenge. The other designers are shocked by this news after blaming him for his poor work last week. The judges wonder how Michael C. continues to win if he is as terrible as the other designers believe.

What do you think about our winner and loser this week? Are the judges right to praise Michael C. or do the other designers have it right?

Andy South


Gretchen Jones



Ivy Higa


Michael Costello


Christopher Collins


April Johnston




Michael Drummond

Mondo Guerra

Peach Carr


Valerie Mayen


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  1. Bother September 8th

    Mondo or Andy should have won. Michael C's dress looks downright messy by comparison with either one of them. This has to be one of those instances where the editors exerted heavy influence on the judges. Otherwise it makes no sense.

  2. annielise September 7th

    Are the judges underestimating their audience? How many people really want to sit through all this age 14 bitchiness?? No, that's not even right. I know 14 year olds who would put some of these people to shame. IMO for a great reality show with great judging see "So You Think You Can Dance". As for Project Runway, I agree with the many people who would like to see more about the design process and less about the poor behavior of the contestants.

  3. ballroom_sewer September 7th

    I agree with many of the comments on there is too much "drama" or reality TV being shown and very little design process which made the earlier shows far more interested in design. I do believe the quality of the designers and also the judges is significantly poorer than prior seasons - especially the Bravo years. Michael C. continuing to "win" with poorly constructed dresses (despite the judges' comments), tired design and tasteless lengths seems to be more that the judges want to show Team Luxe that they were wrong about him than giving a good quality dress such as Mondo's a win.

    Gretchen does need to show that she is not a one note designer and also pair her designs with something other than boots.

    I have stopped watching this on TV and now do it on-line so I can miss the drama and the commercials. It is a far more pleasant experience.

  4. User avater Kukana September 7th

    I want to know why sometimes "poor execution" counts and sometimes it doesn't.....anyone got any clues? I loved Mondo and Chris' dresses and clearly Mondo should have won this challenge. Michael C's dress was OK from the front, but if you turned it to the side & back it was puckered and pulled and uneven. And what the dickens was that thing he had the zipper stuck in? It was awful!

    Poor attitudes of the designers are getting old. Get over it already, if you don't like that someone who you think is less of a designer than you keeps winning, then get with the program and design something better. But please stop whining and blaming other's for your shortcomings.

    This was not my favorite challenge, seemed sort of lackluster. Seems like this season has been sort of blah. I really like Mondo's style and Andy has put out some great stuff. Casanova is hit or miss - mostly miss in my book. Valerie might be OK, but so far not my favorite. Michael D is on borrowed time. If Gretchen would just design and quit whining, I think she'd do better (I so wanted to like her, coz I am originally from Portland). It is just a different sort of group than we are use to, and I agree that the extra 1/2 hour would be better spent showing us more of the design process rather than the drama.

    Maybe next week will be better!!

  5. Skymom September 7th

    By the way, I believe Tim Gunn will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight (Tuesday). Two of my favorite guys! I'll be setting my DVR, in case I don't stay up late enough.

  6. MerrySunshine September 7th

    I will miss Peach because she was so helpful to the other designers and had a great attitude that was a joy to watch. I, too, am tired of the bitchiness and back-biting. I think I will begin tooning in just before the runway so I don't have to witness such bad behavior. I really want to see more of the designing process and since the show is NOT doing that, then I will just watch the runway and final decisions of the judges. Who needs one and a half hours of diva drama?

  7. Skymom September 7th

    Gretchen's model looks like she rode her bike to work on a wet and muddy day. Just saying.

    I'm not a huge fan of Michael C's dress--just too busy a style for my taste--but I can see that it was a lot of work and despite a few construction issues, came out pretty well. I'd have loved for Mondo to win with his cool, chic design. Valerie: take note. This is how color-blocking should work. I find Valerie great fun, but her design this week was not her best. Glad she slipped through.

    Michael D's dress was possibly heading in the right direction (though I preferred it minus the bolero, actually), just didn't quite make it there. I wish they didn't all carry on so much about the trauma of working with a full-figured model. This model was nicely proportioned and there was lots you could do for her. Plus, you can get away...maybe...with calling her "voluptuous," but never with "volumptuous"!

    It's sad to see Peach go, because she did seem to bring some sort of civility and balance to this crowd of kids. I wonder if her departure will spawn even worse behavior than we've seen so far. I loved that she always knew when she had gone astray design-wise, and I get the sense that she wasn't afraid to learn something about herself and her design process through being on the show. That's inspiring to see in someone of my own age group.

  8. User avater grnmabrn September 7th

    I really enjoy project Runway , but I think it's time for Gretchen to grow up . Her being jealous is so sad . I don't see Micheal C . putting her down with mean comments ..Shame on you Gretchen...

  9. User avater SewJoe September 7th

    I don't think Michael C. should have won. The dress was really nice and well designed, but black is too hard to see details on. Mondo's dress was a fresh new look with great angles and beautiful construction; he should have won.

    I do like Michael C. and can't seem to figure out why a few designers are so cruel. Gretchen: ("I was just trying to help") --I wanna smack her. And IVY: (I'm on PR, so my $%&# don't stink) Valerie is just hanging with this pompous designer crowd and April should get away from this infection while she still has a chance. They remind me of that gaggle of self-centered high school girl's 'clique' who thinks they're better than everyone else. You had it right 'sews4fun' they're butt whiskers.

    The drama is getting in the way of true design challenges. Last season was sooo much fun! Everyone really got into the design thing and did it very well. We liked them, and loved the bits of drama, but it was competitive drama not the BS we're getting now.

    I will miss Peach, she was a really cool and fun personality. Her designs weren't that great, but it would have been nice to keep her around a bit longer.

  10. User avater RevDi September 7th

    I think we all agree drama is a good portion of the show. I too am puzzled that with an extra half-hour we seem to see less of the creative process (and more of the drama) than we saw when the show was on Bravo. I could appreciate why the judges chose Michael C's dress, although I still think the proportions are way off (and it's way too short). And it was poor Peach's time to go (and she is my demographic, too) - that was one too many peplum, and avocado was a horrific choice. The entire dress was a disaster - sorry, Peach - but I think she knew it. I too adored Mondo's dress, perhaps because it reminded me of my youth in the '60s.
    I think Michael D got a raw deal because he got last choice, a large model with a dress with a dearth of workable fabric (especially when you discount the highly-constructed bodice), and only 2 yards of additional fabric he could buy. Why he chose to buy what he did, I don't know. The original fabric was lovely. The bolero helped somewhat, but he did make his model look even larger with the full empire skirt. I don't know what she had asked for, but that wasn't it. The remodeled bodice with sweetheart neckline was lovely, though.
    I am sick to death of Gretchen and Ivy and the bitchiness. Must we see so much of it, or is there really that much that they can't edit enough out to give us a show without it? I've been tempted to quit watching just because of them. I was so hoping they would let Gretchen go last week! Her design this week was incomprehensible. Was someone really hoping to look like a volleyball huntress?
    I normally admire Valerie's work, but what was she thinking this week? Too tight! And there are other colors besides red and black that go with white, Valerie! Expand your color palette. I can't believe that with all that marvelous silver pleating, all April could come up with was black. Again, expand your palette! I did like the dress, though. For once she got it right.

  11. User avater RamonaK September 7th

    Why can't we see more about the design process? Instead of the "reality - bitchiness of the group"? What about the draping processing - how the different designers approach their design process compared to their end result. Does no one support anyone? I have been very disappointed in the lack of information - I thought with the extra half hour we would get to see more of the process and the concept. Will I stop watching probably not. Its just sad.

  12. knittingirl September 7th

    I wasn't crazy about Michael C's dress, but I was less crazy about how the other designers trash talked Michael C, especially Gretchen and Ivy (again). They continue to hammer on his construction skills. I wish someone would remind them that it is a design contest, not a sewing contest. Tim?

  13. Flanerie September 6th

    Hands down, Mondo should have won. He took an ugly dress and totally transformed it into something chic and fresh - I loved it. The winner. . .ugh! so 80s and with the lace on top, not that far removed from a bridesmaid dress ! The only thing non-bridal about it was the short length. Many more of these odd wins and they've lost me. . .I watch to see what the designers do with the challenge, and to think what I'd do in their place, but even allowing for the short time frame, I'm not too thrilled with anything I've seen this season, and most of the winning designs. . .blah. I think the judges were overly influenced by Michael having been 'thrown under the bus' last week - overcompensating him by rewarding a really dated looking design.

  14. User avater dstme September 6th

    I agree with the judges that Michael C.'s was the winner due to the larger amount of work that he did but Mondo was very close behind him with creative color blocking.

    I thought that Peach should have stayed and that Michael D. was the one that should have left. Peach's would have been fine if she deleted the ruffle and her sewing skills are good. Michael really did make an ugly dress look worse and the girl looked fat because the design added pounds to her.

  15. threadjunkie September 6th

    I'll be honest. I have mostly stopped watching Runway because of the level of snarkiness and lack of professional ettiquete displayed by the designers on the show. It's very poor form and does not play well in the real world. I certianly wouldn't want to work with anyone who, at the first opportunity, throws a co-worker under the bus.

  16. Quasisewdoe September 6th

    I agree that Peach's dress was sad but hers was not the worst. The worst was the atrocity created by Michael Drummond! Not only did it look cheap but it made the owner look worse than the original!
    The loser, Peach lost not because of an unfortunate dress but because of her demographic (same as mine...). They prefer to keep UGLY, ill fitting and young. Real sewing skill is not required, quite obviously.
    I agree with everyone's comments about Gretchen, she is mean spirited, bossy and her only design skill is in sports wear.

  17. Maureen_M September 6th

    I really liked Michael C's dress. The construction skills and execution may not be perfect, but seeing as they only have "5 minutes" to make these garments, I think they do pretty well. The anti-Mike adversarial attitudes toward his designs is what keeps the drama going, as sewingmulkey said. But poor sportsmanship is annoying.

  18. CHL September 6th

    Like others I thought the color blocked dress was the most interesting twist on the original dress. In my judgement, the winner was a close second to that one. I thought Chris C.'s dress was much more interesting than his peers indicated and I applaud him for addressing Ivy's accusation in front of everyone. Showed real character.

    However, I didn't think the pink and black dress was as bad as they said-- I think they penalized him for the original dress and the size of his model (though I didn't think it should win either).

    I think Casanova's outfit was also interesting... and a much classier place than he could have gone (given his first couple of presentations). However he certainly requires a lot of energy.

    I'm hoping Gretchen DOESN'T make it to the top 3. I'm so sick of these reality shows rewarding bad behavior. She was a mean-spirited tyrant in the group challenge and she continues with her nasty critiques of her fellow designers. This bitchy 9th grade pettiness is old and gets in the way of the real star of the show: the miracles they perform in such a short timeframe. Personally, I'm enjoying the fact that they are beginning to show more of the fits and starts in the design process.

    I wish they'd nip the school room hostilities in the bud and I applaude Tim for calling Gretchen out about it. I long for the day that civility reigns again-- this is afterall for THEM a professional opportunity of a lifetime. Nothing she's put down the runway, IMHO trumps her negativity in the workroom.

  19. User avater Kate_W September 6th

    Mondo's remake was my hands down favorite, but I didn't mind Michael C.'s win. I thought it was interesting that the winner and the loser had so much detail in their dresses. Michael C. benefited from black, I think the green killed Peach. I wanted to see what Peach could do. I am in her demographic and I will miss her.

    Based on what Michael C. sends down the runway, he can't be as bad as everyone claims. Gretchen & co. aren't as good as they claim (reference Gretchen's fitting problem for the pre-show as pointed out by Michael C. no less). Anyway, PR is edited for drama, definitely not sewing. For a sewing resource, thank you Threads ...

  20. User avater River_Dawn September 4th

    My husband says he likes Michael C's, but I could see the upper yoking was whip-stitched poorly onto the lace. It was too funereal.

    MONDO is a genius!!! We all know how hard those corners were. Just because the model's hair wasn't right was no reason to lose!! Mondo is a quiet force to be reckoned with. From next week's preview, it looked like Mondo and Michael C will be paired up for something.

    On a former post about PR, someone said they thought Heidi makes the final decision. Is this true?

  21. Cherlyn September 3rd

    Let e start off by saying that my favorite was Mondo's dress! I loved that dress because it was interestsing and eyecathing. I understood why Chris C won, but I really thought Mondo should have won this one. Chris C's dress had an interesting design to it, but I didn't care for the backside. Valarie's dress looked too patchy and what is it with bows? I don't care for bows; they are too little "girlly."

    That was the ugliest dress that Peach ever produced! I do like her personality though. She was so nice to everyone and some of the designers should take some lessons from Peach. Mike D's dress looked okay to me, but it wasn't anything very interesting, just simple. Casanova just idn't know what to make so he made pants. He is living on a short string---he won't be in the top three. April didn't use much of her orginal gown that I could see. It appears that when in doubt what to do, make a black dress. I like Chris' dress and I'm not sure what was so wrong with it. Ivy and Andy;s were okay but not interesting. That ugly thing that Grtchen make looked like a Hot Topic purchase! She might not make the top three if she doesn't keep her mouth shut.

  22. sews4fun September 3rd

    Well, I can't say it was a surprise, oh wait, yes it was, this was the worst dress yet that peach has put out. She was living on borrowed time and I don't think many would disagree with me when I say her ousting was expected. Mondo should have won.....period. I think the judges are letting their hearts rule their heads when it comes to Michael C, not that his dress wasnt good because it was. It didn't touch Mondo's IMO. Maybe the judges already have Mondo chosen as one of the final three and want to let some of the other designers know what it feels like to win before they are canned. I am disgusted with the way the other jealous designers are treating Michael C, they are BUTT WHISKERS!! I think the whole story Ivy came up with about Michael C telling everyone not to vote for her came from......IVY! She saw that NO ONE liked her snoozing, losing, snoring, boring funerary attire all the while noting how everyone was filling Michael C's jars with buttons so she made up a lie. See, she can't admit she has NO talent and should never have been on the show in the first place as you can buy ANYTHING she "cough" DESIGNS at any mall in America. So she comes up with a handy little story about how Michael C is discrediting her. Which is rich since she said she didn't know if he was lazy or ignorant last week in front of the judges. I know if Gretchen ( who should be in the final three ) continues with her endless critique of Michael C, she will be going home the first time the judges can find ONE thing wrong with something she puts out there. So far, it looks to me like it will be Mondo, Gretchen ( if she can keep her opinions to herself for one minute ) and even though valerie put out that awful dress last night, I still see potential in her but Im not certain. So far, it looks like Mondo and Gretchen for sure in the final episode.

  23. Stitichy September 3rd

    I agree, Karen. Is there anywhere on the internet I can see these dresses before they were reconstructed?

  24. sewingkmulkey September 3rd

    I think we all know that PR is first and foremost a reality show and the producers will hipe up the drama as much as they can including influencing the judges. This all makes for good TV. Whether or not Michael C's dress was the best or Peach's was the worst, the selections are made for good drama! As a seasoned dressmaker I don't think many of the garments made on PR are well executed but I believe it is a design show. And, for the most part, the designs the contestants come up with are innovative and interesting especially considering the time allowed! I don't like the mean spirited actions of some of the designers this season but I keep watching :-) and if the drama keeps young people interested in sewing, I don't feel I should complain.


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