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Teach Yourself to Sew

MAGAZINE AND DVD GIVEAWAY: “Teach Yourself to Sew”

Nov 02, 2010
Article Image

Learn basic sewing techniques used by every garment sewer in our Teach Yourself to Sew magazine and DVD series. Enter below for your chance to win a set of Teach Yourself to Sew prizes.

Teach Yourself to Sew—the magazine

Threads has just published two must-have products for anyone who either loves to sew or wants to learn to sew. Even those who have been sewing most of their lives find new nuggets of sewing information in the magazine Teach Yourself to Sew (available at; $6.99). It’s a fabulous refresher for those who already know the basics, but it’s a sewing bible for anyone who’s just beginning.

Teach Yourself to Sew—the DVD

The Teach Yourself to Sew DVD (available at; $24.99) is also filled with terrific sewing information, but it’s presented in video format. Our Technical Editor, Judith Neukam, demonstrates the essential techniques used in the garment-sewing process. The 2-1/2 hour DVD features 30 separate step-by-step video lessons. In no time you’ll be sewing like a pro after watching the demonstrations.

You could win a combination set!

The magazine/DVD combined set is also available ($28.75) including both the Teach Yourself to Sew magazine and the Teach Yourself to Sew DVD. Two lucky winners will receive this fabulous set.

Simply leave a comment on this post before the deadline—11:59 pm, Sunday, November 7—and you could be one of the TWO randonly-selected winners. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 9.

Good luck!

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  1. Diane_Cook February 10th

    I have been reading Threads for many years. It is always nice to pick up an older issue and read it again. I always find something new and refresh on something (almost) older. What a treat!

  2. grammies5 December 18th

    I have a daughter who was not interested in sewing or crafts while she was at home. Now that she has two little ones of her own (and a small budget), she is willing to learn. This would make a great gift for her!

  3. fymichaud November 29th

    I am definitely new to sewing in the sense that I never had anybody to teach me and had to learn from scratch. I sure could use these fine educational materials!


  4. User avater martyupnorth November 8th

    As a subscribing to Threads, I realize the material is too advance for my ability; however, I always renew my subscription to obtain new ideas for, "one day." With the gift of "Teach Yourself to Sew" maybe "one day" will arrive sooner! Good Luck everyone!!

  5. sewgramms November 7th

    I'm teaching my 8 year old grandaughter to sew and she's a whiz but it is harder than I thought. After years of doing things my own way, it would be better if it was the right way.

  6. blondy12 November 7th

    I am getting back into sewing now that I have Granddaughters and I have forgotten so such And these would sure help get me back into the grove.

  7. nanarita November 7th

    while surfing the net looking for possible magazines that I might be interested in, I happened onto your site. Loved your magazine. I would surely love to receive it.

  8. KirstenKS November 7th

    I would love to not have to rely on my mom with basic things such as hems or repairs! I have a sewing machine and would be already to go!

  9. toxictriolet November 7th

    This series has been awesome and such a godsend in those moments when you need a quick refresher or an easier way to implement a technique. The "Darts" lesson saved me more than once!

  10. User avater ponybalony November 7th

    Oh please pick me! I don't know one single person who sews, and this prize would be such good company for me. Pretty please?

  11. StitchingSiren November 7th

    This would be a huge help to a beginner like myself!

  12. hopevictoria November 7th

    What a great giveaway!! I would love to win that...

  13. Lizziebeth November 7th

    I have been sewing since I was 7, I taught my daughter to sew, and now look forward to teaching my 9year old grand-daughter to sew. Sewing is a wonderful skill and stays with you all your life. I have been making lovely clothes all my life including a beautiful double breasted, full length midnight blue coat, which I wore at my second wedding seven years ago.

  14. marval November 7th

    I have been sewing for more years than I care to count. But having this DVD and book would extend my ability to teach the now and the new. Equipment and materials have changed so much, that is it not easy to keep up! I teach sewing with my local Cooperative Extension Service office and try to pass along this skill. I see a fantastic revival of sewing, "Look, I made it myself" emerging along with the items having a very current fashion look that is so opposite much of the old "homemade" connotation that was prevalent 60 years ago.

    We are into the 21st century AND PROUD OF IT.

  15. TerryMcNulty November 7th

    I love sewing! I have been reading this magazine for 20 years. It is the best.

  16. caskul November 7th

    I can always use some extra help. My mom used to be my go-to sewing source but she passed away this year.

  17. KnitWhit November 6th

    Love to sew and my Mom lives too far away for the crisis "how-do-I-fix/do-this??" calls. Thank goodness for Threads!

  18. FabFix27 November 6th

    I'M ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH SEWING !!! even before I started to learn how. I thought I was alone until I found this site. Now I don't feel so crazy when I buy fabric like its food.

  19. CanuckyLady November 6th

    I don't know how to sew but really want to learn! I see all these wonderful fabrics in the local fabric shop's eye candy:) Hope I'm the winner! The magazine and Dvd sound like wonderful learning resources.

  20. florecita01 November 6th

    I m just learning how to sew i love threads mag! hope i win. this would be lots of help. thanks

  21. 2sonuamom November 6th

    I have particularly enjoyed the articles on embellishments. Issues dealing with fitting have been very useful.

    I would like to suggest an article on changing neckline design. I see so many ready-to-wear garments with the asymmetic vee, yet I cannot find a pattern with this neckline design. I am looking to do this for an evening gown.

  22. sewincindy November 6th

    I was fortunate to have a mother who sewed. It was allowed to make doll clothes at an early age. When I was in middle school, a wonderful home economics teacher took me farther along in my sewing knowledge than I could have ever gone on my own at that time. She allowed me to continue to experiment while giving a few helpful hints. Since that time, I have continued to grow with great help and inspiration from Threads magazine! Now it is time to give back, and my son's girlfriend asked me to help her learn to sew. We made a duct tape dress form for her and used PVC pipe and wood to make a stand for it. She is so excited about the chance to design her own look! Thank you Threads!!

  23. EnjoyThreads November 6th

    As a piano performer, it is very important for me to dress appropriately on the stage; however, all read-made dresses I purchase from department stores must be altered before they fit me well enough for my stage presence.

    "Threads Magazine" has given me many excellent ideas, as well as excellent styles, tips, and most importantly, the education on how to implement the alteration processes.

    I was quite proud on several occasions when my friends and even members of the audience after my concerts complemented my dresses, and requested where I got the ideas from. I was happy to share with them knowledge of your fantastic magazine.

    I might also add that your advertisers' products are very helpful to me since for lack of time I purchase most of my sewing supplies from them via the internet.

  24. Alberta_Farm_Girl November 6th

    I love Threads!! I started sewing as a young girl, first making doll and Barbie clothes then 4-H sewing projects. As a young mother, I sewed clothes for my daughters (and their dolls). Now, after a 25-year hiatus, I plan to start sewing for me. I just made the dress form from your "Teach Yourself to Sew" Fall 2010 issue and it works wonderfully. Also, there are so many tips and tricks I'm learning from the magazine (I can hardly wait to use the shim idea for jumping bumps ... after all these years of hemming jeans - what a great idea!). Please put my name into the draw for the DVD. I want to learn more and would love to win it!

  25. ubermomski November 6th

    I, too, love this magazine. Read it cover to cover. Last night I helped a friend who bought her first sewing machine. It was great to see the enthusiam of her whole family trying out the stitches. Her husband was enthrawled with how a stitch was made. So I lent him the most recent issue of Threads with the article on just that subject!

  26. homemakerme November 6th

    I'm attempting to teach my two teenage daughters basic homemaking skills. It would be my dream to take it a little further and that would learn to sew together. We recently stopped in Barnes and Nobles to just look around and I found your magazine. I was a bit skeptical that it would be basic and that I would be able to understand it. As I flipped through the pages I began to feel confident as the magazine so well explains the instructions and the pictures and examples are just wonderful. I fell in love with it and think we just might have a chance at learning. It would be a great Christmas gift for the girls too!

  27. chalicegirl November 6th

    I LOVE this mag and the learn to Sew videos. I hadn't sewn much in 25 years and recently graduated college with a teaching degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. Now- I have to TEACH sewing! While my skills are coming back, the magazine and videos have helped me be a better teacher- especially to 8th graders-and hopefully inspiring one of the fashioners of the future!

    Thanks Threads!

  28. sew31 November 6th

    I love Threads!!! Best sewing magazine today! I have sewn for 60+ years and still learning. I work with 4-H children and use many of the tips teaching them to sew!

  29. cloudyhn November 6th

    I had obssessed fashion and sewing long long time ago but never attended to any sewing class. I self-taught myself to sew and design what I loved. Wish me luck for this CD cause I love it. I 've never missed any Teach yourself to sew article on Threads. Thanks!!!

  30. Rosies_stuffnsew November 6th

    I have always loved Threads. It is the only sewing magazine I now buy. It puts the local offerings to shame. It has articles for the sewer of every skill level. I especially love the pattern review section. It helps me decide to see what the trends are for the next season. Even though the season may be 6 months ahead!

  31. WAK November 5th

    I have always loved this magazine. I have subscribed to several but this is the only one I have ever continued. I have every single edition from the very beginning. I received the subscription as a gift and have renewed it ever since. Best magazine ever. Wendy

  32. jayne64 November 5th

    I love Threads magazine! I would love a chance to win Teach Yourself to Sew! I am just getting started and would love more tips and techniques!

  33. Quiltgypsy November 5th

    I bought the magazine and can't wait to add the DVD to my library. I'm teaching my 8 and 12 year old grandaughters to sew this year. The information is so clear that it can be adapted for emerging sewers even at those early ages. (I'm still holding out hope for my 43 year old daughter.) They would make great stocking stuffers for any sewer, experienced or not. We;re never too old to learn.

  34. User avater JaneinCT November 5th

    This looks like a perfect Christmas present for my daughter, who is 20 and is beginning to sew. My nieces are out of state and would also benefit from some sewing instruction. This is an exceptional gift for so many who are interested in sewing and fashion. Even experienced sewers know that there is always more to learn!

  35. MJ75 November 5th

    I love THREADS magazine... So many good tips, and "sew" inspiring, too!! I've just started teaching my daughter to sew as well, and would love some help from this new magazine/video! =)

  36. User avater BarbaraTW November 5th

    I teach beginning sewing to college aged people. I have learned things from your magazines to pass along to my students. I really like Sew Stylish for the younger people in my class. I will be recommending Teach Yourself to Sew to this class.

  37. User avater charbroiled November 5th

    So many projects, so little time!
    As I browsed through all these comments today I must say I am very encouraged by the number of NEW sewers who responded. I gave up dressmaking for quilting as a hobby about 15 years ago and have now come back to it. I enjoy ANY sewing project and think it is wonderful that a new generation is showing such interest in what some people consider an "old fashioned" activity. Of course, wonderful magazines like Threads do much to support this movement! Keep up the good work!

  38. maggiekintex November 5th

    Still sewing after many years and still learning. Very proud of my daughter who is basically teaching herself by sewing - and doing a wonderful job. Love to share information and techniques with her, she has such a wonderful imagination and eye.

  39. MammaBear02 November 5th

    I took a class in middle school and fell in love with sewing. I've never had the right tools. Threads has the experience to give me the right tools.

  40. JMichael57 November 5th

    Hi, I have never sewn but am inspired to try. I am a 53 year old, male construction Co. owner. I have the "do it yourself" personality type. I believe this would be just the type of introduction I'm looking for. If it works for me, it would work for anyone!

  41. Lauraleeva November 5th

    I would love to win this set! I think it would be great to use with my students!

  42. Barbyj November 5th

    I would love to win this "beginner's set". I am just about to buy my very own first sewing machine and right now I have many of my "Threads" issues scattered around impatiently in search of inspiration, tips advice...Am rereading the issue on the 31 sewing machines and how to choose one...Have easy vintage patterns for dresses waiting and just can't wait! Thanks anyway for your great work! Barbara

  43. starree November 5th

    I've been reading and referring to Threads for many, many years! Thank you for such a helpful publication.

  44. User avater heather371 November 5th

    This would mean so much to me to win this. I am a self taught sewer still in the beginning stages. Only been sewing a year. I learn by your blog and by other wonderful pages on the internet and books.

    Being a disabled housewife sewing is great therapy for me. I love being able to make simiple things and give them as gifts to someone for holidays or just because.

    Happy Sewing

  45. SewTellMe November 5th

    As my kids would say, Pick me! Pick me! Love Threads...

  46. B2FL8D November 5th

    This would be a great tool. Not only to teach myself but hopefully my kids too! Threads is definitely on my Santa list this year!

  47. DebbieNick November 5th

    I am learning to sew and love learn more...

  48. llcj65 November 5th

    This sounds like the perfect combination for ALL my girls. Three of them are seasoned seamstresses but one is new and needs confidence. I think she might be getting a Threads subscription for Christmas this year.

  49. DoubleH November 5th

    I'd love to have the DVD set. Having a "moving" visual of what and how to do something as opposed to looking at a picture, would be great!

  50. User avater suesewing November 5th

    this prize would be great to help to teach my daughter to sew. I don't always have the patience I need.

  51. MariaKie November 5th

    Have been sewing all my life, and recently made it a business with alterations and outfits from scratch. Love the Threads magazine.

  52. User avater suesewing November 5th

    Love to sew, would also love to pass this skill on to my daughter. I just lack at times the patience. This prize would be a great help in teaching her to sew.

  53. lmbarber November 5th

    It has been almost 2 years since I took sewing lessions and sewed on a machine. This would help me to brush up on my skills and begin sewing again.

  54. User avater ynotpray November 5th

    I really would love to win this DVD! I have had a sewing machine since I was like 12, but I have just started sewing years later! Mom mom has sewn all her life, and I can get tips from her, but with a DVD I could watch and learn on my own busy schedule! I am slowly learning, but this would help so much! I just may have to ask Santa for this if I don't win! LOL

  55. sewingnovice November 5th

    I would so love to have this - I have been given a sewing machine but have no idea what to do with it! I really want to be able to sew and to teach my daughters to sew! This would be a fantastic start I think!

  56. krisla November 5th

    I want to sew like my mom did! Well, close to it anyway because I think hers was perfect.

  57. Bobbie3 November 5th

    My sister taught me to sew when I was 12. I am tall and at the time being tall meant wearing pants that were too short! Now I am teaching my 10 year old granddaughter to sew. Albeit, store bought pants fit her long legs but her imagination is creative. We use fabrics and pieces of two or three patterns to make a new outfit!

  58. User avater blondie2sew November 5th

    How cool is that....What a blessing it would be to win this...I teach young lives how to sew and this would be fantastic within my library.....Here's to hoping!

  59. poeticbeauty7 November 5th

    I really enjoyed the Teach Yourself How to Sew Magazine- it will be an important resource for years to come!

  60. User avater DKCB November 5th

    I have been sewing for over forty-five years, but I'll never stop learning!

  61. love2sew4grandkids November 5th

    I would love to win. this book has amazing tips as does your magazine. and I can always use refreshers on sewing. thank you. good luck to everyone!!!!

  62. pcurr November 5th

    I would love to win these items. I love all the tips you have posted, especially how to install a zipper in pants, use that all the time now. Since it helped me on installing zippers, I can't imagine all the techniques it will teach me how to do.

  63. dpete November 5th

    I would just love to have these! My skills are ok but definitely could be improved. I absolutely love Threads! Best sewing information available!

  64. TerraW November 5th

    I have been sewing since I was very small with my grandmother. Within the past few years, I have become a pretty serious costumer, and have found that I don't have all the knowledge necessary. I have also started upcycling clothing, and I love filling my time this way.

  65. User avater mamamaria November 5th

    I really want this set to give as a gift to my 24-y/o niece who knows nothing about sewing. Although she was born into a family seamstresses, her mother (my sister) passed when she was only 3-y/o, at that time her father took her away from our side of the family. Now that we're reunited, I'ld like her to learn to sew. I would teach her myself, but she lives too far of a distance. I only ask for this gift for her because I trust Threads to teach her the correct methods of sewing. Also, Thank-You for a wonderful and fulfilling past 25 years!

  66. Arvillacm November 4th

    I've been sewing for a few years, but found the magazine to be absolutely delightful. I'll be teaching an introductory sewing class starting next year in the charter school where I teach science. I've had a sewing club there for two years with the goal of teaching the kids how to make a few things of their own, as well as developing basic skills for service projects. I'm sure the DVD would be very helpful in my class and I look forward to using the site now in and the future. I'd welcome any ideas in how to set up my new class as I really want the kids to be excited about learning and to feel accomplished with their new skills.

  67. User avater AuntieQuiltie November 4th

    I recently found a great bundle of letters my baby sister wrote to our cousin in the late 60s to mid 70s. Lots of discussions about clothes we were all making - including a wedding dress and bridesmaids outfits my sister made for her teenage friend (followed soon by baby clothes!!). We would 'whip up'an outfit at the drop of a hat, on any excuse. We lived on a property 70 miles from town, and shopping trips were few and far between but the cupboard was full of material, and we drafted our own patterns (unbelievable - we started when we were about 10!). And all on a Singer treadle machine (still got it - the repairman said it had been 'sewn to death' and irrepairable. How good is that!
    I got out of the habit of sewing clothes for me when my 4 boys were younger but am now back into it. And furthermore I am teaching my 4 sons (and two stepsons) and the women in their lives to sew. It is great fun but sad that they don't have the grounding we had. This prize would be a wonderful inspiration and help for me getting the next generation hooked!
    Thank you for Threads - been drooling over it since 1986 really and finding it such an inspiration. The inside finishes on my garments look as good as the outside now thanks to you!

  68. LornaM November 4th

    I am self-taught, almost entirely from books and, of course, Threads magazine but seeing a technique on DVD can often be a revelation.

  69. MariaM November 4th

    I already have the magazine, and love it!!! Would love to have the DVD as well. I've been sewing for many years now, but thre is always something to learn. I've had many AHA moments reading the wonderful magazine of Teach Yourself to Sew :) Thank you Threads!

  70. User avater thomy November 4th

    Sure could use this giveaway to improve my skills and maybe learn something new! Good luck everyone. :)

  71. PiePie November 4th

    Threads is such a great resource for sewers of all abilities. Thank you!

  72. User avater mrsfamous November 4th

    I can always use help in the sewing department. I have taught myself the rudimentary basics, but I know there are better ways to do some things.

  73. readytorun November 4th

    the tip that I read in Threads magazine, to use a hammer to level out bulky irregular seams, was worth the price of the subscription

  74. ecoleman November 4th

    What a great idea. This is helpful, even if you already sew!

  75. User avater SewLucky09 November 4th

    I'm new to sewing and would love to get this. I've bought the latest Threads mag and love it.

  76. coochmom November 4th

    I love to sew and could use a good refresher on the basics. Love the idea of this pair!

  77. User avater Scheri November 4th

    This is exactly what I need. Recently started sewing classes and teacher suggested we register on website and pick up monthly copies of Threads & Sew Stylish. I love the magazines and have just subscribed.

    As a matter of fact I just contacted family members to see if they had old issues "jackpot" I have an Aunt who was a collector from 1985-2003.

    Thank you so much for having a great website.

  78. crafting_in_my_cave November 3rd

    I'm starting a sewing business. This DVD set would be terrific for me to develop lessons.

  79. CherieNightOwl November 3rd

    Is this issue available for sale in bookstores? I must find a copy!

  80. User avater rosemaryschild November 3rd

    I have just started sewing again after many years & this package is a great start! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! Susan

  81. User avater cathycreations November 3rd

    Wow! This prize pack would help me not only fine-tune my skills but help me teach my 7 y/o grandaughter skills with the solid foundation I wish I had.

    Nov 9th is my 52nd birthday...What a great gift.

    Thanks for the opportunity to join this drawing.

  82. jasmine99 November 3rd

    I am 42 years old and I just started learning to sew. I am making a quilt for my son out of his old t-shirts and am having so much fun with it! Good instructions would be a great help to me in the coming months when I move on to garments. Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. pmkurth November 3rd

    Even after sewing for many years, I still learn new techniques all the time- especially from THREADS. I would love to have the set to use!

  84. User avater Seemane November 3rd

    That's a great prize. I'm a novice and if I'm not one of the lucky winners, then I'll have to add this to my wishlist when friends & family ask me what I want for Christmas this year :)

  85. User avater bbieri November 3rd

    I glanced at the magazine and was really impressed with the information that was included. Threads is my all time favorite magazine.

  86. meemaw247 November 3rd

    The only sewing instructions I had was in Junior High School and it was sorely lacking. One semester. So I taught myself to sew and made my girls' wardrobes when they were little.Threads Magazine has been a plethoria of information for me. I was fortunate to attend a Linda Lee workshop this year and learned so much more than I ever knew! To have the opportunity to win a "library" of information is an answer to a prayer. Thank you for that opportunity. I love this magazine and plan to continue to subscribe for many years to come.

  87. Nopalzu November 3rd

    Threads made me believe that sewing was easy. I've learned so much from your articles and tutorials. Keep on the good work!

  88. User avater chartley November 3rd

    What a great giveaway! My beloved aunt taught me how to sew at age 9, but I had to put my sewing on hold while pursuing my education and career. Now that I have more time, I'd like to pick up sewing again. This dvd and magazine set would help me refresh my sewing skills and teach me new ones as well!

  89. User avater racu November 3rd

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!!

  90. cecine November 3rd

    What a wonderful idea that free series for someone who wants to learn how to sew and can'not afford sewing course like myself. Thanks all of you who produce that series. I'm looking for each post to improve my sewing. Thanks and long life to Threads magazine.

  91. pegger1 November 3rd

    My mom taught me to sew when I was 8 yrs. old and I sewed and sewed until I was pregnant with my son. Now that he's in college, for the last year I've been trying to get the technique's of sewing back! I've made some great progress but only with little projects. This book sounds like exactly what I would need to fulfill the dreams of my favorite hobby! Thank you Threads for such a great giveaway for all of us here on Threads : )

  92. pjmckee November 3rd

    Just starting to sew again after many years. I'm learning alot from Threads. Just the info I need to learn the techniques to make my garments look professional. Thanks!

  93. BonnieSpins November 3rd

    I'm getting ready to retire and am planning to have a lot more time to brush up on and improve my sewing skills.

  94. AnnCP November 3rd

    Would love to get this to use in helping my daughters learn some valuable skills.

  95. Aguja_Bruja November 3rd

    I just love this website. I've told all my sewing friends about the great posts. I can't view the videos on my mediocre satellite connection but I still learn so much from this site and Threads magazine articles.

  96. Aguja_Bruja November 3rd

    I just love this website. I've told all my sewing friends about the great posts. I can't view the videos on my mediocre satellite connection but I still learn so much from this site and Threads magazine articles.

  97. Aguja_Bruja November 3rd

    I just love this website. I've told all my sewing friends about the great posts. I can't view the videos on my mediocre satellite connection but I still learn so much from this site and Threads magazine articles.

  98. mrsjbarber November 3rd

    I am new to sewing and embroidery...I have learned alot form your site....I love my new found craft.......and I would love tohave your dvd and magazine......: )

  99. DomesticScientist November 3rd

    I'm in the middle of teaching myself to sew and the magazine and video might help me conquor my (small) fears.

  100. Jangzer1 November 3rd

    Hi, thankyou for Threads magazine! :)
    I make all my own clothes,and for my best friend occasionally too, and I couldnt do it without you-Threads magazine. I want to KEEP learning, so I would love to have this magazine and dvd set.Good luck to everyone, but good luck to me too :)

  101. User avater smyoker November 3rd

    trying to polish my sewing skills,,,so this would be a GREAT addition to my sewing library.

  102. User avater awami November 3rd

    Count me in, cout me in!

  103. User avater ShiningStar November 2nd

    I really want to learn to sew. This would help me greatly.

  104. User avater PeanutBudder November 2nd

    I love Threads magazine and I am completely addicted to sewing. I'm self-taught and learn something new every day! This DVD set is a must have.. for me!
    Thanks Threads!!! You Rock :)

  105. denald November 2nd

    Thanks for a great magazine and wonderful resources. I love Threads and sewing!

  106. User avater njpickell November 2nd

    What an amazing draw!! I would love to polish up my sewing skills. There are always new techniques to learn!! I love sewing!!

  107. User avater Kate_W November 2nd

    I've been sewing for ~37 years. I thought I knew the difference between ironing and pressing. Not until I watched the Threads video did I realize I needed a ham for pressing, so I bought one. Maybe I've been stitching, not sewing.

  108. User avater KarenJ November 2nd

    I already bought the magazine for my daughter. I'd love to be able to give her the DVD as well.

  109. User avater elizabeth001au November 2nd

    Id love to be included in this draw. It would help me and my daughters to learn more skills.

  110. squilter November 2nd

    I'd like to encourage my daughter to brush up her sewing techniques and my daughter-in-law to learn to sew. Only my son still remembers how to sew, fifteen years after doing it with me! I'm a charter Threads subscriber.

  111. mambakitty November 2nd

    You've got information that is not available anywhere else. I love Threads.

  112. User avater Out_West November 2nd

    The DVD and magazine would be perfect for my 4-H club!

  113. User avater WillaMcNeill November 2nd

    Have sewn since I was a kid--long time ago. Not as much now to my distress. Wish I had had Threads when I was really doing lots of sewing. That magazine really opened up the possibilities to me.

  114. jmspencer November 2nd

    What a great tool! I would love to look at this, as I am a DIY type of gal and I've been sewing for almost 20 years. I could use some new tips and tricks!

  115. User avater Anitalou November 2nd

    I learned to sew when I was 16. As a senior now, I have not updated my sewing skills in all those years. I do still sew a lot. I could definitely use a brush up on my skills & winning the prize will definitely do that for me.

  116. Fredwb November 2nd

    I am a 51 year old guy (until the 7th)that started sewing about 4 months ago. I really could use the DVD and Magazine, and it would be really cool to get it on my birthday 11/07/1959

    P.S. Sewing is one of the coolest thingsI have done and I am so glad I didn't worry about being teased and started sewing!

  117. User avater avgirl80 November 2nd

    What a great giveaway, I would love to improve on my sewing skills!! :)

  118. User avater mwaldrop November 2nd

    I recently taught my 16 year old granddaughter how to use a sewing machine and serger. Up till now she has done lots of crocheting, but no sewing. I got her "hooked" on sewing when she needed to make a lining for a dress which she crocheted for her Jr Prom last spring. She just completed sewing and wearing her Home Coming dress. It has a lining, and a metallic fabric overlay. She did a great job first time out. Her 17th birthday is coming up December 2. The "Teach Yourself" to Sew video would be a great gift for her. So much to learn yet, to get the best results. I watched all of the preview segments and think this would be a very helpful video to have.

  119. karajl November 2nd

    I'm about to graduate from the UofA with a degree in Apparel Studies and would love to improve my sewing skills! Can't wait to work in the industry :)

  120. LCCreations November 2nd

    I have a great stash of Threads there are a few holes but they go back to the very first issues I love the magazines there is always at least one on the couch I love the feel of paper much like fabric..but..My grand daughter is taking an intrest we just compleated her first dress she is new generation they like video so this looks like it could feed the creativity she has and help develop good skills. Thank you for years of fun

  121. lindseykron November 2nd

    I would love to learn the PROPER way to sew!

  122. User avater BrendaRuby November 2nd

    I would love to make something other than an oven mitt that actually fits.

  123. TnSewingNewbie November 2nd

    Oh this is a great giveaway! I was so happy to see the videos on this site but now you offer the magazine! I am super happy someone came up with idea. There are alot of us newbies trying to figure it all out at once and this magazine will be a BIG help!

    thanks for offering this.


  124. deblyn79 November 2nd

    I love to sew and create items for other people. I would love to win this combo to be able to improve my skills. I am subscribing to this magazine thru my niece's school(wonderful fundraising item). I am excited about receiving this magazine.

  125. ljowen123 November 2nd

    I am learning to sew at the youngish age of 37 - would love to have this!

  126. granpple November 2nd

    My skills could definitely use some improving!

  127. User avater Balazs November 2nd

    Hey, my birthday is on the 9th so this would be a great gift to myself if I won! Thanks Threads!

  128. User avater zeshuregi November 2nd

    waoo..i will love to have my Threads it...i wish it comes very soon in my hands..aahaaaa

  129. User avater GinnyLynn November 2nd

    Threads magazine, Threads online, and the Threads DVD of all issues are my top go-to resources. I would love to add these to that list. Thanks for the opportunity :-)

  130. User avater SewEnthusiastic November 2nd

    Learning to sew on your own is quite challenging! What better way than to have a company like Threads publish up-to-date information and instruction for a novice like me????? I look forward to each and every publication.....keep them coming!

  131. Robinbird November 2nd

    I love to sew!!!!! I also love Threads magazine!!

  132. JessyJean November 2nd

    I love sewing!!

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