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Project Runway 9: “Finale – Part 1”

Oct 21, 2011
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This dress from Anya was the only look in her mini collection the judges appreciated, but they gave her a second chance anyway.

This week, Tim visited the remaining designers at home, and the judges chose who will be hitting the runway at Fashion Week.

While Kim pulled inspiration from her home in New York City, one of the more comical moments of the episode occurred when Tim visited Trinidad to check in with Anya. Tim traveled in a gray suit with the designer to see her island home. Anya’s inspiration were the colors of Tobago, but a palette was really the only thing she had to show Tim during his visit. His concern for Anya’s limited time was clear. 

Back in New York City, Tim was mostly impressed by Viktor’s “urban coast” collection, based on a trip to Mexico to commemorate the death of his brother. His only suggestion was to not over think. Tim had fewer positive things to say about Josh’s collection. He called one fabric the “homeliest textile” he had ever seen, and said that a dress made him want to weep. 

Each designer showed a mini collection of three garments to the judges. Heidi, Nina, and Michael had a lot of suggestions about styling, but overall they wanted to see what the final four can do on the runway. In a twist that will surprise no one at all, the judges allowed all four final designers to continue on to Fashion Week.

What did you think of these mini collections? Which designer do you think will shine in the finale?






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  1. User avater TJSEWS October 27th

    I predicted this outcome a long time ago based on how the judges bent the rules all along so that she could stay on the show. Unfortunately, I was right. :(

  2. TerryMcNulty October 27th

    For the second year in a row, dumbstruck at the outcome to Project Runway.

  3. User avater zaftig7 October 26th

    I agree - Viktor should win. His fabric was beautiful, his tailoring is always perfect and his designs are wonderful. He is organized and can run a design business. He should win.

    I liked a lot of Anya's designs but feel that she is not ready for the big time. I can't say that I've been impressed with Kim's designs although I really thought that she was a great person. Josh - I liked a few of his designs but he is a miserable person and I will be happy for the season to end so that I don't have to watch his drama anymore. I just want him GONE!

    Although I love the show and plan to buy the previous seasons I feel that Lifetime is turning this into a show about personalities (good and bad) instead of design. I may give it one more season but if continues in this vein I may be done.

  4. User avater Sturbridge October 26th

    After review of the PR page,I would have chosen Laura,Bert, and Victor. Last one standing is tough. I think Bert. His less results in wearable. I think he could use Anya help in fabric picks and she his knowledge.

  5. User avater silkmom October 25th

    I think Anya fell apart when she went home. Where was that incrediable color palat that she had? I liked Joshua's jacket until he paired it with those awful pink pants and that homely print. It totally lost it's flavor. I LOVED Victor's jacket and agreed with the judges that it needs to be the stand out piece. I liked some of Kimberly's designs, but yes, that skirt was awful. I am not sure why, but PR designers consistaly have a hard time gettinmg the hems straight. I a hem is supposed to be irregular, it should look intentional. I have loved Anya's designs all season, however, I think this one belongs to Victor. Joshua needs to go home and grow up. (Maybe work fast food for a year)

  6. Clothdog October 25th

    Cerdanya, the collections can be seen at

  7. iamnewsewer October 25th

    I agree also. I like Victor's work and I think he should be the winner this season. I was not impressed with Anya's designs on the last show. Some of Kim's work was ok and some of Josh's work was ok. However, I think Victor is the best of the four. I hope that he's the winner of the finale.

    I am also hoping next season we will see better designers.

  8. User avater Kukana October 25th

    Well, well, I can't say I was surprised by the decision to leave Anya in the competition - even tho she deserved to go home. I did like the batik dress, but let's be real, you can buy that in any boutique! That said, I think she has shown some great pieces. Her ability to think outside the box has been helpful - too bad she has no clue how to sew them up!

    I was disappointed that Kimberly put out that icky pink skirt, I have to wonder what she was thinking!!! She better lose it for the show.

    Viktor is the clear winner here. Josh drives me crazy and my boyfriend makes me mute the TV when he comes on! Glad this season is almost over. Looking forward to the Accessories show and the All Stars. Hopefully we will get to see some real design.

  9. Cerdanya October 25th

    So where are you able to see the actual collections for all the designers? I've obviously not done enough searching in the right places.........

  10. User avater iris68 October 25th

    Yes, Viktor should have the Victory! And I hope he will. He is talented and skillful.
    But LT wants to have a popularity. So, we have to watch many different people on the show.

  11. Clothdog October 25th

    P.S. I also think Laura Kathleen's collection is fantastic! Haven't pre-peeked at any of the others, but I did look at hers and it is quite astonishing. I'd wear any and all of it if I were less, er, lush-figured, and if I ever had anywhere to go that wasn't a horse barn. :-P

    Perhaps the judges should have taken some of their limited supply of love from the Anya category and given it to Laura, who has some genuine talent that they did not, apparently, appreciate and/or support.

  12. Clothdog October 25th

    I love Viktor's work. I hope he wins. The outfit he made in the "girlfriend" challenge (the one Josh won simply by toning himself down and making an LBD) was my favorite thing all season, and so perfect for his client.

    Viktor is not an over-the-top designer; instead of relying on gimmicks and flash, he has great taste, inventive yet solid ideas, and fabulous skills. Plus, he has never (to my memory) lost his personal dignity, which matters to me. Go Viktor!

  13. User avater mamarama October 25th

    I gave in and took a look at all the PR collections to show at Fashion Week and was woefully disappointed. Of all (both real and decoy) the ones I liked best and would have truly worn were Laura Kathleen's (really didn't like her work on the show so it was a surprise) and Bert's. His was glamorous, gorgeous, feminine and wearable.

    Olivier's looked like a really bad joke, Kimberly's was terribly disappointing, Joshua's looked like, well, I have no idea but it was bad, Viktor's was a bit anemic and Anya's was everything I expected. In others words, boring sleeveless resort wear.

    This has been the first season of PR where I've had to remind myself that it was on and not bothered to watch the show on DVR for days after it aired.

    Farewell PR.

  14. samsstuff October 25th

    My favorite here is Viktor. His designs seem the freshest & are also quite wearable. I don't really like any of the rest, many are unflattering & some are uninspired. I don't really like Anya's designs, but I don't think they are necessarily worse than Kimberly or Josh's designs. My least favorite here is Josh. It'll be interesting to see who wins, but I'm with most here & hope it's Viktor.

  15. User avater saifonanaya October 25th

    I love them all but this season 9 Anya is inspired me

  16. User avater saifonanaya October 25th

    I love them all but this season 9 Anya is inspired me

  17. imacook October 25th

    Let's hear it for Viktor. While his designs might not be as "out there" as others, I don't want to be "out there" to begin with. Josh has no appeal because of his outlandish work and behavior. Kim has possibilities, but the last show was not indicative of what she professes to offer. Anya--just send her home and let the islands support her efforts. Her designs may look new and interesting but they show such lack of finish that I know her renderings will require expert pattern makers and tailors to take her work to commercial availability.

  18. User avater Soli October 22nd

    Nina likes to throw the term "referential" around, but other than the stilt-walking challenge, I don't think I've heard it much this season. I seem to remember neoprene dresses in extremely slim silhouettes in the 90s - DKNY I think. Josh's dress was a rip-off of that trend. The half-dress, uh yeah, what was he thinking? And what is up with all the exposed zippers? It just looks cheap, not young. He toned down the ugly fabric with the mesh over it, but there's nothing really new there.

    Kimberly's collection - again - back to the future. I was wearing those cobalt and hot pink shades in the 80s. The skirt with the bubble-butt was awful, and then to pair it with a cutaway top that showed off the awful back? Maybe they really did intend to get rid of her, but between the two girls there were only two good ideas between them. I dunno about her. She's capable of doing some really great slacks and interesting tops with extra details, but it's like she's not quite got her ideas refined yet. Does the world really need a new take on sweat pants?

    Anya - well, as I suspected, the best she did was with Burt refining her ideas. She will need the help of patternmakers and seamstresses to maker her ideas work in the future. I get the feeling no matter what the outcome at NYFW, she's got a guaranteed future in her home country.

    I liked Viktor's work the best. If I were 25 years younger and 40 pounds lighter, I'd want all those outfits, sans the leather zipped over skirt. Love the prints; they'd be perfect resort wear here in California. The strapless mullet-dress (short in the front, long in the back) was darling! No, nothing new, nothing original, but everything's well made, refined, commercial, and I think a lot of women would want to wear his pieces.

    I think that casting for dramatic television, rather than for design/sewing ability has taken it's toll on the pool of designers. There are way too many people who might make interesting television, but they don't know what they're doing so the process of elimination doesn't leave many compelling contestants who actually have a future. A recent news story in Los Angeles noted that Mondo is now an intern for a custom milliner. WTH - I thought he should have ended up working for Betsy Johnson or Heatherette. They're really moving away from anyone who is remotely avant garde and going for the most commercial designer left standing. With that in mind, I think that Viktor is the only logical winner this season. I'm sorry they've lost their direction. Maybe Project Runway All-Stars will deliver more satisfaction in terms of creativity, construction knowledge and execution.

  19. sews4fun October 21st

    I honestly think they planned on sending Kimberly home this time but when Anya put out such garbage for the finale before the finale ( remember, they told Kim last week she wouldn't be competing,she could put out a collection, but she wouldn't be in the competition, this week, she was back in ) I think they knew there would be a firestorm from the public worse than Gretchen gate if Kimberly had been sent home and Anya got to stay, Anya should have been sent home, period.
    I wasn't crazy about Kimberlies stuff either, the loud colors and that skirt! It looked like it was made of cardboard when it walked down the runway, but still, it was better than Anya's stuff.
    Speaking of Anya, at least she did some damage control on the porn tape she made with her boyfriend and another beauty contestant in a threesome, what's the old saying? A moment of indescretion, a lifetime of regret? I think that helped but I am not impressed with her "collection" at all and I hope she doesn't win, she doesn't deserve to with that hot mess she put out there.
    As mean as Josh is, I did like his stuff, I'm glad he listened to Tim Gunn and toned it down a bit, he's way too "out there" with all those wild colors.
    I agree with Lauriepie about Viktor, I've seen his stuff before, I am not that blown away by it simply because it's been done already. I know he has his fans on this blog but he's an incredible tailor but I have seen nothing new from him.
    If I were a betting person, I would say it's not a long shot to see Viktor the winner, Josh second, Anya third and Kimberly out. However, if what Anya put out there last night is any indication of what is to come, they need to send her home BEFORE the taping of the final show.

  20. alaskapsych October 21st

    I'm hoping Victor walks away with the grand prize. He crafts clothing that is interesting without being weird and yet very wearable. I'm disappointed in Anya. She is disappointing. I don't believe her stories about not sewing (read bio), but I don't think she has strong skills. Josh's things are, in my mind, strange. Kimberly's are interesting, but I can't see her stuff on the Piperlime wall, but some of that is lack of experience, I think.

    I shall be interested in how it all plays.

    For my first season of PR, I'm closing with mixed emotions.

  21. User avater Lauriepie October 21st

    I agree with you. Victor was the most prepared, his clothing was beautifully sewn, and he was the only one who created his own original fabrics. The printed pants were fabulous. Loved the short dress (better w/o the zipped leather overskirt), and the pearl-beaded jacket. My consistent issue with him is that he doesn't create any NEW silhouettes, only new twists on classics.

    Anya's eye for prints and fresh silhouettes has keep her in the game longer than her competitors thought possible. However, if you check out her audience-voted popularity on the LP site, you'll understand why the producers want to keep her around. She and Anthony Ryan are VERY popular. If you caught the after-show, she confessed that there was a scandal involving a sex-tape - posted to the internet after she won Miss Trinidad. Oh, Brother! I'll bet she wishes now she'd spent that time in sewing class. Somehow, I'm sure she'll do very well after the show's over. There are tons of expert (Carnival) seamstresses in Trinidad who would be more than happy to sew her line.

    I thought Josh's and Kim's clothing (that crazy-looking pink skirt!!!) were gimmicky and unwearable. Maybe there's a market for their stuff. Just no one I know.

  22. Cherlyn October 21st

    I have to say that I agree, Viktor deserves to win. He is the most creative and I loved everythig in his collection when Tim visited him. He was ready and the most prepared.

    Anya's evening dress was nothing but a drapped piece of fabric and cut off at the hem! What was she thinking. I doubt her abilites to sew.

    I have to admit, I liked Josh's clothes. I liked some of Kimberly's. The only thing I didn't like about Kimberly's was that awful pink skirt! I thought the judges were too nice when it came to that skirt.

    I didn't think Anya deserved to go to fashion week. I don't think this is fair to the others.

  23. User avater canei October 21st

    I am hoping that Viktor takes it. I really like his designs!!!

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