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Giveaway: Threads Insider Membership

Mar 20, 2012
Article Image

Become a Threads Insider today!

Our new Threads Insider online membership offers even more of the great sewing content you love. 

As a Threads Insider you will have exclusive unlimited access to our new features. Including:

  • Our growing video library (Teach Yourself to SewIndustry Insider TechniquesCouture Basics, and more)
  • The Threads pattern database
  • A collection of our all-time favorite Threads articles
  • Digital access to our most recent issues of Threads (on the iPad for the first time, too!)
  • Automatic entry into monthly giveaways
  • Other special insider-only discounts and offers
The cost to become a Threads Insider is only $32.95 per year. Print subscribers of Threads magazine pay just $12.95. 
We are giving one lucky sewer a free one-year membership to become a Threads Insider. Simply comment on this post telling us what Insider benefits you would like us to include in the future.
One commenter will be chosen at random on Friday, March 23, at 12:00pm EST to win.

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  1. User avater momrom December 8th

    I have Threads Magazine Archive 1985-2009. How do I get just the archive for 2010-2015?

  2. DrivesSewMachBest March 28th

    Finally getting a chance to really get a look. I'm impressed. Would I like to be the winner? You Bet!

  3. anneelizabeth March 26th

    Fitting tips, and fabric recommendations

  4. User avater smfsprout March 26th

    I love getting insider tips to make my projects seem more professionally finished. I consider myself to be more of an intermediate sewist, but really like the tips and tricks for those of us without a serger and using the basic sewing machine.

  5. dpettersen March 25th

    This has been fun already. I've watched a few videos and have several more I'll be checking out. I'm glad this site is available!

  6. User avater WillaMcNeill March 24th

    I would be for your broadening the iPad access. That is what I am most often on these days. I love seeing how things should be done and finding ways to apply high end techniques to simple projects


  7. dpaulkhayes March 23rd

    I'm looking for tips and tricks! I love working in my sewing room and finding better ways of doing the things that I love to do!

  8. User avater sunrainor March 23rd

    Wow - great chance! I have long wanted to get a Threads subscription and the insider deal sounds great too! just what would be needed to get me back on the sewing wagon - I need that inspiration and guidance :-)

  9. kathy_nek March 23rd

    Here is what I would love to see on Threads Insider: Many of my friends have turned to quilting because they love to sew,but do not knw what to make for themselves anymore. We need help on what works for different body types. If you could create articles on the types of clothing that enhance our current shapes, that might draw many of us back to garment sewing.

  10. User avater Terianz March 22nd

    I would like very much to win the Insider subscription, so that I could read Threads online anytime. It would also be great to be able to watch Threads videos from any location. Hope I'm the lucky winner!

  11. pmkurth March 22nd

    As much as I sew, there are techniques that I don't use often. Threads video tutorials are fabulous! I would like to see a section on the insider where I can organize content- like a pin board.

  12. wisconsinsewist March 22nd

    My sewing room is bulging with paper in the form of books and pages torn from magazines, magazines themselves, patterns, etc. How great would it be to be able to pare down the paper and have more room to actually work!!

  13. User avater rakijaa March 22nd

    I'm probably the only one in the bunch that isn't happy about this format change. There is a wealth of information on the internet (for free) these days on how to do couture techniques, images of vintage and couture garments inside and out, etc. As much as I love Threads magazine, I do not want to have to pay to subscribe to this new format. I already own a library full of sewing books-both vintage and up-to-the moment. I liked this forum for the community sharing-the projects and articles are more geared towards advanced sewers than other forums out there. But, this "Insider" tact feels unfriendly in concept to me. Just my two cents worth, and I am not posting here because I want in on the drawing for the membership.

  14. dem402001 March 22nd

    I would love to be able to access the magazine on my Kindle. I also would love some free pattern giveaways.

  15. anniebananie March 22nd

    I'm happy you have an iPad app for the Threads magazine, but don't forget us Android types! (I own a Kindle Fire.) I'm a visual learner so I truly appreciate having access to videos that "remind" me how to do something I haven't done in a while and those that illustrate techniques I've yet to try.

  16. User avater Sharondipity2 March 22nd

    I love the new Threads Insider! I already upgraded my membership, and cannot wait to start sharing it with my sewing students.

  17. Taenocat March 22nd

    I would desperately love to be able to download digital issues of the magazine. Living in Australia, the subscription+shipping is prohibitively expensive. That and I really don't have room for any more stuff on my shelves!!

  18. Susan545 March 22nd

    I've been waiting so long for a digital version of Threads. Am I the only one having trouble viewing it on an iPad? Love the site and would love to win! You can only get better...keep it up!

  19. User avater lynnevv March 22nd

    Fantastic giveaway! The more online resources for sewing,the better!

  20. CarolannB March 22nd

    I should love to know what the best features are for the varying figure types please.

  21. User avater Alyssia March 21st

    Threads Insider is a heaven for any sewers. Further, international sewers who are unable to purchase the Threads magazine or unable to subscribe to the Threads magazine due to unreliable delivery service in their country can equally enjoy the awesome benefits of Threads Insider.

    While Threads Insider is perfect in my opinion, perhaps you could have a section whereby the sewers can post their works done with the latest techniques and/or tips from the top sewing experts of Threads Insider. It will be a great inspiration to the other sewers and encourage more interaction between the Threads Insider and the sewers and between the sewers.

    And yes, I would love to have the free one-year membership to Threads Insider!

  22. Kyrielle March 21st

    I'd love to see the occasional free pattern download accompanied by videos detailing techniques and tips for using this pattern.

  23. kudsew March 21st

    I am curious about the "insider" does this mean all the past Threads & articles are accessible through this additional membership? That could impact the DVD sales of past issues. I like the concept of going paperless & having access at all times electronically to Threads.

    As well a "pin board" or comment section would be nice addition to the insider. IE: I just finished a garment & I could post picture with details of how it was changed & what pattern was used at start as inspiration.

  24. jsinger March 21st

    I have every issue of Threads--from #1 to the present and just purchased the archive DVD (downsizing). I love the idea of being able to access all those wonderful videos whenever I want or need to.

  25. User avater SewReel March 21st

    I would simply relish one year of free access as a Threads Insider. I already love the website and comment sections, but would love to see a real "community" to visit with other sewers. Maybe even find a fellow sewing buddy in my area. But when you want to post a question or need a suggestion, that would be where one could go and others could help and respond. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  26. ClareeW March 21st

    I am so excited about being able to read Threads online. I can access so many wonderful articles and advice.

    Brilliant concept - let me get started.

  27. lmndesigns March 21st

    I would like to download books to my Kindle.

  28. EmSewCrazy March 21st

    It would be great to see the videos and have access to the back issues online!

  29. User avater PABarnes March 21st

    I would like you to showcase the tips and techniques from your readers. I love your magazines and that section is always beneficial. I also like the different tools you highlight to make our sewing lives easier.

  30. SewLady1102 March 21st

    I just subscribed to Threads Insider last night. All I can say is WOW! The free download of Fabric Savvy by Sandra Betzina is worth the price of the subscription alone. Needless to say I spent many hours exploring the site and watching videos!! Today I'm back at the site exploring again. If you love to sew, you need this! Kudos to Threads for making all this information available at such a reasonable price. I've subscribed to the print version of Threads of and on since the beginning and now have the digital Threads Archive as well. How nice to have it on my laptop when I'm needing instant information. Threads magazine, you rock!

  31. BridgetMaeve March 21st

    I would like to see more about sewing for today's children. Styles have changed so much since I sewed for my daughter.

    Good Luck in your new venture!

  32. User avater mishapley March 21st

    I'd like to see more step-by-step videos of ready-to-wear (those welt pants pockets from the Loft a couple years ago were very cool) and advanced techniques.

  33. User avater moviedoll March 21st

    I'd love to see videos about tailoring clothes for a better fit :)

  34. User avater wild_wimin_SEW March 21st

    what could be better than access to Threads online?? No CDs, no digging through my mountains of past issues... but what I would love to see is short video tours of fiber-artists studios and interviews with peaks into their favorite discoveries or techniques. THAT would be a treat!

  35. TalyQu March 21st

    I always come to threads first when I need to read up on a certain technique. I'd love to see more videos that show sewing techniques, even more complicated ones and of course lots and lots of articles/videos on fitting. I find that the hardest part of sewing for me and my girls who do not fit a size. Since I live in a country that does not have all the new gadgets and products available, I am interested in timeless techniques and wisdom, which can help me sewing even with just the basic tools. Thank you.

  36. User avater msewwhat March 21st

    I am very excited about the prospect of having so much information available as an "insider" on the Threads website. I would definitely make use of all these avenues to learn the best and newest short cuts and sewing tips and tricks.

    However, what I think would put it over the edge would be access to the books offered on your site. I would like to be able to look through, maybe the first 10 pages of the book to determine if it will fit my needs. I would probably buy more books if I could browse through them first.

    Thank you, Threads

  37. User avater Violet_from_Miami March 21st

    Classic sewing shows, like Sew Much More and Martha's Sewing Room, are unavailable to many of us. If you could somehow add some shows, that would make this site the absolute best! It's already pretty darn good. But I'd love to be able to see some of these shows on line. Thanks so much for asking.

  38. MommaSew March 21st

    Threads Insider looks fabulous! My troubles are usually in drafting (or fixing) patterns for correct fit; I would love to see videos that go beyond the basics in areas that are so variable. I seem to not "fit" the standard alterations.

  39. lvstosew March 21st

    Threads is a awesome magazine to own I enjoy reading it cover to cover, however being a visual learner seeing videos on yore web site covering a ray of topics would be great I would like to see a video about altering a commercial pattern,how to identify different types of fabric and being able to go on line to see these videos would make my sewing experince more enjoyable.

  40. lvstosew March 21st

    Threads is a awesome magazine to own I enjoy reading it cover to cover, however being a visual learner seeing videos on yore web site covering a ray of topics would be great I would like to see a video about altering a commercial pattern,how to identify different types of fabric and being able to go on line to see these videos would make my sewing experince more enjoyable.

  41. rebpalma March 21st

    I would be wonderful to win this subscription! I'm an advanced beginner and I still have to learn so much. Thank you, Threads!

  42. User avater elizabeth001au March 21st

    Fitting/ pattern alteration videos are always helpful. Seeing it done on a video helps and makes me feel more confident.
    Also how to alter basic blocks to make variations.
    Id love to win a years subscription to this valuable learning tool.

  43. denise March 21st

    Many people live in isolation, weather it be geography, or a life style through all sorts of circumstances the internet opens up so many opportu ities, thank you for steppi g in to the new world of internet commication now via video. I would not have missed this forthe world, being 60+
    Thank you threads please dont ever stop the magazine though please

  44. user-1023732 March 21st

    I love threads, and being a UK subscriber I find it really exciting to be able to access issues earlier than I can usually.
    Insider is a fabulous addition to your standard membership!

  45. KathfromOz March 21st

    Would you please consider the occasional downloadable pattern for an adult type of doll. A simplified pattern of one you are showcasing at that time. Perhaps this pattern could even be free!

  46. User avater ShiningStar March 21st

    Any tips ides to help people to have the confidence to move up to the next level in sewing.

  47. riversilt March 20th

    I love this magazine and now it is even better!

  48. SoCalCynthia March 20th

    I would love to see an index of all Threads articles. I have issues going back several years, and would like to find the article that I remember without going through all the paper mags. I'm definitely thinking of making jeans, and I remember an article on this very subject with a full figured model. I need to find that article!

  49. User avater clamend March 20th

    I would be so excited to win an insider subscription. The tips and magazine are first rate. I feel that I would get the best information available!

  50. SewCarol March 20th

    Threads is my favorite website, where I've learned so many new ways to improve my sewing. Having access to the "Insider" would e a dream!

  51. SewCarol March 20th

    Threads is my favorite website, where I've learned so many new ways to improve my sewing. Having access to the "Insider" would e a dream!

  52. BarbaraG97 March 20th

    Oh my - so much to enjoy! I'd use it all - the archives are full of wonderful lessons and inspiration!

  53. User avater Stitcher75 March 20th

    I'd like to win a year of access. I don't know if I'd be able to see enough in 2 weeks to decide especially since I've already spent my annual subscription allowance on pattern review.

  54. User avater Stitcher75 March 20th

    I'd like to win a year of access. I don't know if I'd be able to see enough in 2 weeks to decide especially since I've already spent my annual subscription allowance on pattern review.

  55. User avater pssews March 20th

    I would love to see articles on how to fit and enhance the appearance of that collection of resort T-shirts I have accumulated on my RV travels. At the time it seemed like such a good idea to remember my travels! I know that there are some books already published, but they do not cater to the more "mature figure"! I really hope to win the years Insider's subscription to help me refiine my sewing skills.

  56. laurie3948 March 20th

    Oh please sewing gods, let me win. Please. I would like to see a library database for those of us with a ton of sewing books, and sewing magazines, besides Threads. The Threads insider could also become competition to Sewing Pattern Review, which doesn't update their website, and there are some really annoying glitches with their programming that they don't seem able to fix. I know a lot of users of that site that are less than happy with it and would love an alternative.

  57. NellyKelly March 20th

    It would be so exciting to have access to all the Threads Insider features! I'm approaching a birthday with a zero in it, which has me evaluating what I love, how I want to spend my time, and what is important to me. One answer to all those things is creating... I'd relish the opportunity to expand my skills with some Threads guidance. I'm not sure what more I'd want you to include in the future; it already sounds pretty special!

  58. user-1111757 March 20th

    I am anxious to use the variety of things you offer on this website! Your digital archives, web tutorials and references will be such a great help to me as I continue to work on my
    skills in fitting and skilled sewing.

  59. User avater Unicorn2162 March 20th

    Your videos and the pattern database are definitely items I would love to use. Digital access to the magazine would eliminate my having to store print copies and save resources at your end. I already subscribe to other magazines digitially and I have your digital archives, which have been great for quick reference and inspiration, without all the paper. I now have the time to really study and improve my sewing, and your magazine has been both useful and inspiring.


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