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Book Giveaway: Summer Mystery Reading for the Sewing Enthusiast

Aug 07, 2012
Article Image

A Fitting End by Melissa Bourbon

I love to read mysteries, and I also love to sew. What better combination than to read a mystery about people who are involved in sewing? Sitting at the beach or even on our deck with a good book on a beautiful, warm, and sunny day is the epitome of relaxation for me. If that resonates with you, you’ll want to read these three mysteries. Each includes an important character who also loves to sew!

A FITTING END” by Melissa Bourbon (a signed copy)
Former Manhattan fashion designer Harlow Jane Cassidy has a gift for creating beautiful dresses. But when Harlow becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation, she needs more than her sewing skills to unravel the mystery. (Obsidian Mystery, 2012)

PLEATING FOR MERCY” by Melissa Bourbon (a signed copy)
All the Cassidy women possess special gifts. Harlow Jane Cassidy’s is creating beautiful dresses. But she’s about to discover secrets in her own family and another gift–one that reaches beyond the grave. (Obsidian Mystery, 2011)

THE PACKAGE” by Sharon Dunn
Annie Dawson is a member of the Hook and Needle Club in Stony Point, Maine. Items unearthed in the attic of her ancestral home, Grey Gables, lead to danger, adventure and heartwarming discoveries about her own family as well as the townspeople of this charming seacoast town in Central Maine. (Annie’s Attic Mysteries, 2010)

Just leave a comment to be eligible to win these three mysteries. A winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, August 22, at midnight. The winner will be announced during the week of August 27 and notified via email.

Good luck!

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  1. Lady_D May 25th

    These look like a fun read...

  2. Jane9999 September 11th

    This seems a good prize to take away on holiday.

  3. sewsanista August 22nd

    This book seems like a fun read. Even if I don't win, I will have to look for it.

  4. millieanne August 22nd

    Reading, Sewing, Quilting .. recently retired from working in our Library. I would love to win these books. Thanks for the chance.

  5. at_clearing August 21st

    Cleverness is always delightful! I love it when sewing expresses this quality, and would adore finding the same quality in a deft mystery story concerning sewing. Would that I was that good! So I read -- and am delighted!

  6. User avater njean August 21st

    I am a mystery fan-- it is a mystery to me how the author of these books will incorporate sewing, but I'd like to find out!

  7. user-1094885 August 21st

    It would be great to win. I like mysteries and have not read one with sewing in it. I've never won anything online.

  8. User avater StitchingARNP August 21st

    WOW! .. What to do fIrst? ...Read or stitch? How about reading about stitching! Can't wait to win!!

  9. cblsews August 21st

    I would love to win one of these books. I never seem to win anything and this would be the perfect win, a mystery book about sewing. Thanks for giving us the chance to win.

  10. Daylily1940 August 20th

    What could be better? Reading, sewing all in one!

  11. User avater turkishsheila August 20th

    Great to get the letters with new ideas and to see all the different books about

  12. Gebhardt53 August 19th

    Mysteries about sewing, sounds fun.

  13. User avater Dabo August 19th

    Two favorite things -- sewing and reading mysteries. How great to be able to read sewing mysteries. When I take a break from sewing and sit down to read, a sewing mystery would make my like all sewn up!!

  14. Sewbuddie August 19th

    I would love to win these mystery books, especially since they are about sewing !

  15. ktjewels August 19th

    I love to read novels with my hobbies as a theme. It would be awesome to win these books!

  16. Tsetsgee August 19th

    Wow great giveaway:) I love it please me, please me:)

  17. gwenwells August 19th

    Very excited about the book, I love mysteries and this is the first one I have come across involving sewing- should be interesting.

  18. sewing_frenzy August 18th

    I absolutely love to read and being a teacher, I devour books during my summer vacation. I have only a few days before school begins again but I can make time to read these fabulous sounding books even after!

  19. User avater holycowllin August 18th

    I wish I had these books right now to read while we are on our boat- I miss my sewing at home- can't think of a better thing to do than - READ about it!!
    Thanks Threads - Another adventure!

  20. Natsews August 18th

    Great bedtime reading

  21. ShuChick August 17th

    I have been reading "food" mysteries, but I think I will have to start reading "sewing" mysteries now.

  22. User avater Robyn_sews August 17th

    I have read some other needlework mysteries and it is exciting to hear about ones that are sewing related since that is my favorite of the needle arts.

  23. ozparker August 17th

    Wow! The best way yet to combine my two most favorite pasttimes.

  24. NanaLu August 17th

    I read almost nothing but mysteries. While I've read quilting mysteries and knitting mysteries I had not come across sewing mysteries. I'd love to read them.

  25. sewseitz August 17th

    I will check our library to see if they have. They look great. I listen to books all the time. Great while sewing. 'Read' a lot of books this way.

  26. mammy August 17th

    Being a retired sleuth I should win! Love a good mystery and a good sewing project.

  27. ustabahippie August 16th

    Looks like fun reading.

  28. smmcquilt August 16th

    I love mysteries too. Thanks for the opportunity to discover a new writer! Anything fibre-related gets my vote... Cheers, from Toronto, Canada

  29. jkroman August 16th

    Sounds like fun!

  30. pdlb1956 August 16th

    If I don't win these I hope I can find them at our local library. I love these type of mysteries!

  31. User avater elysbeths August 16th

    I loved "Pleating for Mercy" and am looking forward to the next book - thank you!

  32. user-1115536 August 16th

    What fun! We've had cooking amateur sleuths, and quilters, and cat lovers, vintners, and bookshop owners. I'm glad to finally learn of sewing mysteries.
    You SEW girl!

  33. BeckyPiette August 16th

    I would like to read these books.

  34. chilisand August 16th

    I have read several mysteries with quilting themes, it would be very interesting to read these. Sort of a "cross pollenation"

  35. sewbuddy August 16th

    I love reading books with a sewing theme. Thay way, I don't feel guilty taking time away from my sewing!!

  36. Concordiabelle August 16th

    Next to fabric stores, bookstores are the easiest places for me to spend time AND money! Books with a story about sewing sound like a new addiction-waiting-to-happen!

  37. SusannahRodana August 16th

    This is the first time I have seen sewing related novels, WOW, can't wait to read them!

  38. Maritza August 16th

    Perfect combo! Sewing and reading :o)

  39. kellybird1954 August 16th

    Love to sew and love to read mysteries!

  40. fingersflying August 16th

    I have lots of sewing mysteries in my UFO pile!!!

  41. User avater Sweetjessy August 16th

    Sewing? Mysteries? Wow! Add some chocolate and it's my version of Heaven! I'd love to win.

  42. sarred August 16th

    This looks like a prize I'd like to win : D

  43. User avater MissPat August 16th

    I just finished four straight weeks of no-days-off costuming a show. It would be lovely to sit back and read with no pressure.

  44. KaSchu August 16th

    When I'm not reading, I'm sewing or reading about sewing. It would be great to win the books.

  45. wanda5359 August 16th

    When i learned to sew i was probably around the age of fourteen my mother had one of the old pedal type singer machines and she was a seamstress she made her own patterns the machine was passed down to her from her mother she would make all my clothes when i was younger, and use my clothes to make patterns or hold newspaper up to me to make a pattern. this is something i will always remember and i have tried to pass it down to my girls. I love my mom with all my heart in memory of her 09/29/1918-09/11/1985

  46. user-318323 August 16th

    Mystery and sewing .... the mysteries of sewing....?
    I love to read and sew - so I do hope I win! :-)

  47. Karrie_S August 16th

    Ooh! These look really good ;)

  48. BarbaraHewitt August 15th

    Wow--the books sound like it would be fun relaxing reading.

  49. Hamilton24 August 15th

    What a top idea to combine my two most favourite things to do - to sew and to read!! There's nothing better than to cozy down in a comfy chair with a cuppa and a good mystery and then, after such inspiration (of the sewing and not the nefarious deeds variety) put in a few good hours with fabric, pattern and machine!! Can't get better than that!

  50. snowm August 15th

    I'm always looking for a good read. What a great way to combine two of my favorite things!!

  51. User avater MaryJanuary August 15th

    Books and sewing? Two of my favorite things! These sound like fun books- I would enjoy reading them and then passing them along to my book & sewing enthusiast friends! Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. User avater Yumjo August 15th

    Can't live without reading or sewing. Hope I win.

  53. User avater smfsprout August 15th

    Reading and sewing. Two of my favorite things so I would love to win. Thanks.

  54. hazelspi August 15th

    Love to sew and love to read, especially mysteries...thanks for the chance at winning.

  55. ksommo August 15th

    One of my fave things to read these days is the new genre of sewing & knitting books. It's lovely to read about women like me!

  56. Jpacific August 15th

    These books would be a welcome addition to my summer reading.

  57. phoebe1beloved August 15th

    Finally, a mystery book including sewing. I have been waiting for this.

  58. Lolabug August 15th

    The only thing better than a book about sewing is an audiobook about sewing. You can enjoy a good story while still working on your projects!

  59. xlvx August 15th

    what's better than a sewing mystery after sewing-can't wait

  60. DaisySews August 15th

    Love sewing mysteries.

  61. B_Step August 15th

  62. Lynda_Pomeroy August 15th

    What a great idea! Please pick me!!

  63. sshew52 August 15th

    I love mysteries. And Sewing too.

    I am excited about finding new books.

  64. GrandmaWalter August 15th

    Sounds like the perfect read to me!

  65. carojo August 15th

    Two of the very BEST things to do.

  66. carojo August 15th

    Two of the very BEST things to do.

  67. JeannieOllieGee August 15th

    Sounds like an intriguing idea for a set of books.

  68. idosew August 15th

    looks like a good read

  69. arledesign August 15th

    These books look awesome! I'd luv to win a copy!

  70. User avater MessyVirgo August 15th

    O-o-o-h! A mystery story, and sewing: my favorite pastimes. Reading a mystery WITH sewing: Awesome!

  71. dolinbliss August 15th

    Sewing and a mystery... What is not to love? I would love to read these.

  72. sweetserenity August 15th

    being an avid sewer and a lover of the mystery novel, this would be my perfect summer treat.

  73. kdmb August 15th

    Pleating for Mercy was an easy, enticing read - just right for relaxing. It was nice to see the art of sewing so craftily woven into the storyline. Look forward to reading the others listed.

  74. KHD August 15th

    Wow! I love mysteries and sewing so it would be a real treat to win these books.

  75. user-911134 August 15th

    I love to read, I have read quilting and kniting related mysteries, would love to win these sewing mystery books!

  76. user-1126774 August 15th

    I'd love to read these. My fashion students and I are always joking about how all our sharp and dangerous tools could end up in a mystery story.

  77. Artsy_sewer August 15th

    Wonderful idea to combine two favorite pasttimes - mysteries and sewing.

  78. llbbeck August 15th

    They all look fun to read, I hope I win!

  79. user-1133969 August 15th

    I just love mystery books so it matches perfectly my love of learning to sew.

  80. Nyliramirez August 15th

    I love reading books that involve sewing or quilting! Hope I win!

  81. brsnyder117 August 15th

    I have read sample chapters of these on my Kindle and love them!

  82. mgottawa98 August 15th

    I would love to read any one of these mysteries. Thank You!

  83. User avater sewold August 15th

    Terrific! Two of my favorite pastimes in one! A book and sewing together. Pick me!

  84. user-1114374 August 15th

    THis would be so fun, and my daughters would love to share!

  85. User avater mimi310 August 15th

    Love to read, especially about my craft.

  86. User avater Isabelsdaughter August 15th

    I love the idea of combining sewing and mystery. These books sound like great fun and I think I would truly enjoy them.

  87. user-986954 August 15th

    These look great, I will have to buy one (or all 3) if I dont win! Fall is my reading time, once the garden is done, sewing and reading are my two best excuses not to do housework, LOL

  88. Ellen J August 15th

    I am excited to see 3 new sewing novels. Thanks for all the great info in your newsletters!

  89. theladythatsews August 15th

    I like nothing better than sewing and reading murder/mystery books, "sew" would love the book.

  90. Neosha August 15th

    Just saw a post about a book club. I will recommend to my niece who belongs to a book club and she has begun sewing! Sewing and reading have made us more like friends as we have both gotten older.

  91. Neosha August 15th

    An easy way for us all to read them is to go to our public library and see if they have them. If not, then request that they purchase or request on interlibrary loan. We get the books, the authors make sales, and I might win a signed copy!

    Neosha, a now retired (for 15 days) librarian!

  92. myosa_47 August 15th

    These book look awesome. I would love to win them.

  93. MamaChamp August 15th

    I love to read, especially mysteries, and when a book also incorporates my personal interests, even better!

  94. Ruggmaker August 15th

    I just had spinal cord surgery, and could use some fun reading while I anxiously await getting back to sewing!!

  95. DDSS2000 August 15th

    Sometimes, after a day of sewing, it's refreshing to sit back and read. It allows my mind to drift into another world. Plus, books are great while waiting at MD appointments. :-)

  96. User avater kmichellel August 15th

    These books look awesome. I am always looking for a good read to take with me for the moments when I have to sit and wait for whatever reason (such as the car rider line at my kids school) These would be perfect for such occasions. They have everything I need to get involved into the story; sewing, dressmaking, and mystery. I can't wait to start the first one.

  97. User avater mpgizmo2 August 15th

    Reading is only second to sewing . Would love to have these books.

  98. cjlaes August 15th

    Sewing ladies as detectives - can't get much better than that

  99. User avater delbelcoure August 15th

    These books look lovely. Please enter me in the contest.

  100. maube August 15th

    These look like great books! I love mysteries and usually listen to books on tape while I work. Recently found some books with a scrapbooking theme that i have enjoyed.

  101. user-1109779 August 15th

    Would love to win these!! Going for vacation soon and would relish these to read on my trip.

  102. bobbikg August 15th

    All three books got good reviews and combine two of my favorite things-reading and sewing. I would love to read them!

  103. user-1126728 August 15th

    What would we do without Threads? I think from reading posts, it is safe to say, those who sew also love to read. I not only collect fabric, but collect books and would love to have these to add to my collection. Sewing and reading are definitely my stress relievers. These are new authors to me and it would be a great adventure to collect some new authors...Thank you for such a wonderful offer. I am on "pins and needles" awaiting your call to tell me I am the lucky winner!!!!

  104. Taenocat August 15th

    Oooh, what a fun idea! Two great loves in one... I'd love to read these!!

  105. User avater esiuolm August 15th

    Yes, absolutely - definitely worth a read before the summer is over. Combine sewing and mystery....I hear my name!!!

  106. User avater lynnevv August 15th

    I love this idea-can't have too much sewing!

  107. User avater monkemama August 15th

    I love mysteries. What a novel idea to write one about sewing!

  108. User avater user-1124224 August 15th

    Sewing and reading, my two favourite hobbies, they take me away from life's daily routine. Didn't know of these books but now I do.

  109. User avater Lucysweetlips August 15th

    I'm a bookaholic, knitter, and love to sew. I never know when I get up in the morning what endeavor I'll tackle, but I know it'll be interesting. So, to win mystery books, right up my alley!

  110. michele7 August 15th

    I'm new to sewing and I love to read. These two make a great combination!

  111. user-1142651 August 15th

    I am learning to sew things and any help is much appreciated

  112. user-896350 August 15th

    These books sound interesting to read!

  113. User avater LadyRay August 15th

    What a great opportunity!! I love to read!!!

  114. RoniBarr August 15th

    OOh... These books sound like so much fun! :) I would love to win a copy of 'em.

  115. simiquilt August 15th

    Another new 'cozy mystery' author. What fun. hope I win. If not, I will be looking at the library for these.

  116. moushka August 15th

    What a great idea for a contest prize! I'm an avid reader of mysteries and love to sew, too. In fact, sewing and reading are my two favourite pastimes and I'd hate to give up either one. Thanks for a great contest idea.

  117. User avater sewdolly August 14th

    I'm a Huge mystery fan (and a huge sewing fan, too--have been sewing for over 55 years!), and would really enjoy having these books. I have read one of Sharon Dunn's books in the recent past, and it was a terrific story!

  118. User avater sewdolly August 14th

    I'm a Huge mystery fan (and a huge sewing fan, too--have been sewing for over 55 years!), and would really enjoy having these books. I have read one of Sharon Dunn's books in the recent past, and it was a terrific story!

  119. suzannity August 14th

    A great escape! Especially if one is ill and doesn't have the energy to sew. They all sound like fun reading.

  120. User avater LinLohLan August 14th

    I'm more a non-fiction & memoir fan with the exception of needlework, art, & craft mysteries. I'm looking forward to reading all of these!

    --- Linda in Iowa

  121. soexperimental August 14th

    What an absolute delight.. Mystery stories about my favourite reading topic. How to combine two great pleasures! Threads you do look after us.M

  122. bananaanna August 14th

    Seeing as I can never get enough of pins and needles... I'd love to win these books. They sound awesome!

  123. snifferdogdolan August 14th

    I love mysteries and love anything sewing related, combine the two and PERFECTION!


  124. momofcami August 14th

    I love a good book. Listening while sewing sounds like an interesting activity!

  125. User avater sewcrazynancy August 14th

    Love a good mystery, especially a tale "woven" around sewing activities!

  126. msfroggy August 14th

    I listen to books while stitching all the time, and most of them are mysteries! Sometimes I have to sit and read one because it sounds too good to pass up when the audio version is not available. I'd love to have the opportunity to read these and get to know the works of two more authors. Thanks for the chance!

  127. User avater pinkturtle August 14th

    There has been times that I can not do what I enjoy most, but having a good book to read, especially one about something I enjoy is so special.When you eat alone there is nothing like a good book for company.

  128. Lady_D August 14th

    I'd love to win these, as mysteries are one of my favorite genres and to have that, combined with a sewing theme would be great.

  129. user-1150141 August 14th

    I've been laughing so much i got a stitch..if there is one thing that sewing is to many - its a mystery - why does this side of the seam shrink and just how do you get a zip into a curved seam..or why did that dagnabbit seam go curvy in the first place..oooooohhh sometimes I just want to 'murder' the sewing machine, pattern and fabric..and wouldn't I just love to know all those old 'family secrets' that grandma took to the grave with her, because as a youngster, I was into 'labels' and not "gasp! choke! die a million deaths rather than wear" home made!

  130. fergus4 August 14th

    I csn't imagine being without my sewing and my books. I am reading a quilting mystery now and would dearly love to get my eyes on these books. Thanks for the opportunity!

  131. MPurnell August 14th

    These books sound awesome. I would love to win, to read mystery books about my favorite thing to do. Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. sewing81 August 14th

    I love sewing and I love mysteries, I can't think of better way to spend a sunny afternoon the reading a themed mysteries (apart from reading Threads Magazine. Hoping to win!

  133. User avater withagee August 14th

    How wonderful to get the names of 2 authors that I haven't heard of before - i know i'll enjoy these books whether I win them or buy them!

  134. MCN August 14th

    These sound fun! My favorite mystery writer is currently Margaret Fraser, whose historical fiction seems beautifully researched. It would be great to switch to more contemporary settings and an interest/skill I share with a main character: sewing!

  135. user-1138664 August 14th

    I love to read but even more than that I love to sew. I sewed for all my children (8) and now I am sewing for my grandchildren. I love that they love what I sew for them.
    I would really like the chance to relax with three great books.

  136. user-1114236 August 14th

    Wonderful. Books-I love them and even better when they are related to what I love. Retiring and will have time to read

  137. User avater Horsefeathers418 August 14th

    I have actually read a teaser of "Pleating for Mercy" just because I thought the combination of mystery and sewing was right up my alley... because I love to read and sew ... and sometimes, depending on what I am working on, sewing IS a mystery for me!
    Would enjoy reading all three.

  138. cristis August 14th

    My mother always says, "If you can read, you can sew". This probably isn't what she had in mind, but don't these books sound fab?

  139. WeeScotLass August 14th

    What a wonderful idea. I am teaching my 6 year old grand daughter to sew, and she is very excited and determined. We could read these books together, as we do with books she brings on her sleep over nights. It is no longer Gramma reading to Emily, it is a shared process with her learning how to recognise the big words from my mystery books. The library is where she asks to go, and I happily comply.
    Keeping the interest of a young child is a challenge, as they want instant results and get frustrated easily. Stopping for a while and reading a book calms the excited youngster, and helps them regain thier focus.
    Thanks for what you have done for all the young and not so young enthusiasts.
    Good luch ALL

  140. SharonBall August 14th

    I love to read books that have a sewing theme woven throughout. I'm also glad to find authors that I haven't yet read after. Thanks for the opportunity.

  141. User avater arefaces August 14th

    To read or not to read is the question. For I see three books which will assist me and teach me and help continue learning how to sew. I am new, and teaching myself.... For these books are a sure win for me.

  142. user-261410 August 14th

    Love this idea, and would love receiving the three books! Thank you!

  143. marijim August 14th

    I've been sewing for about 70 years, maybe 75, and I also love to read. Threads has been my magazine since it first was issued. I've purchased many books and DVDs from the website. Started my granddaughter with a new sewing machine for college graduation and "Teach Yourself to Sew" since she lives in Wyoming temporarily (until she finishes her Masters Degree). Please put my name in your drawing and my fingers will be crossed until the drawing on August 22nd! Marianne Swanson

  144. saschapup August 14th

    These books sound great! Combing two of my favorite things--sewing and reading. Love it!

  145. acertrifolium August 14th

    WHAT!!! I would love to read these books!! Love mysteries and love sewing!!

  146. bettyv August 14th

    I love to read and I love to sew. What a great combination.

  147. LoracC August 14th

    I love to read and what could be better than combining my love of sewing and a good mystery. Please count me in!

  148. Tosca2 August 14th

    The dilemma will be sewing and reading simutaneously ! Even if I don't grab the prize I am delighted with the reading list.

  149. User avater Loey August 14th

    On days when I just haven't got the energy to sew due to advanced rheumatoid arthritis, I'd like nothing better than to immerse myself in a good mystery around my passion for sewing. I'd love to win these books!

  150. DesignsByDenise August 14th

    What fun! Sounds like the perfect light reading choice for a crisp, fall day. Give me a cup of hot cider and a cuddly blanket - I'm up for the challenge!

  151. user-981779 August 14th

    I would love to win these books. In all my years of sewing
    I have yet to read a sewing mystery. My two favorite things to do. But lastly, I'm at the age in my life that I think I've earned the right to say "I want to win"! PS. I'm 76 yrs old and still sewing strong. ssl

  152. mensew2 August 14th

    I am a mystery enthusiast, and love sewing. I would love to win the books listed in this contest. The books sound like they marry both activities perfectly!

  153. lcdrbetty August 14th

    Sewing mysteries...intriguing! Sign me up!

  154. luvstosew August 14th

    What could be better than a good mystery surrounded by sewing? Sounds perfect to me! :)

  155. Martita August 14th

    Since reading and sewing are two of my favorite things, I would really love to win these books! Thanks for the opportunity!

  156. Romy August 14th

    I love reading and I have a sewing shop so reading a novel that include adventure and sewing will be very interesting for me. I can't wait to read it! :D

  157. user-1124095 August 14th

    Sewing and reading mysteries, two of my favorite things!

  158. ruth5147 August 14th

    Absolutely my two favorite things! Sewing and reading! I can't believe I haven't heard or this author before. Please, please, I want to win. Ruth Swanson

  159. NJV57 August 14th

    I love to sew & I love to read. & I love to combine them.

  160. queenjean August 14th

    Love to to read! Great books always welcome!

  161. MollyApple August 14th

    Brilliant combination! My sewing pal and I not only swap tips and patterns but also mystery novels, these would be perfect for us to share!

  162. DLGiles August 14th

    Oh, my! I'm already speculating how sewing-related metaphors could be incorporated into these books. I'd love to get my own copies!

  163. User avater Nightwing August 14th

    Sewing is, in itself, a mystery to those who are not "in the know". I find myself intrigued by the idea of a mystery around that mystery.

  164. hpsauce August 14th

    I'm not sure which I love more, reading or sewing. How great to be able to combine the two!!

  165. User avater dragonswhiskers August 14th

    I would love these books. I just finished reading "PLEATING FOR MERCY"( I'd love an autographed copy) and can't wait to read the others. What is better than combining my favorite things, reading and sewing!

  166. user-345962 August 14th

    I love mysteries--I would love to read these books. EVen if I don't win, I'll buy them.

  167. User avater sharjor August 14th

    Reading is a favorite pastime. Would love to win these books.

  168. upnseams August 14th

    OMG this would be an awesome read. I sure hope I win. Thanks for the chance to win Threads. I appreciate it.

  169. KayV August 14th

    Love mysteries, can't think of a better idea than a sewing mystery. Thanks for this info.

  170. User avater sewprettylulu August 14th

    Omg omg omg .. I love reading , and I love seeing till death perfect books for me !!

  171. user-1121304 August 14th

    Thanks for the great giveaway,

  172. User avater Ailsas August 14th

    If I win which do I have to give up to find time - reading or sewing?

  173. thesewbox August 14th

    Reading AND sewing! Agree with others - the best combination.

  174. user-356615 August 14th

    I love mysteries! And I love sewing! Choose me!!!

  175. Gaeta August 14th

    Thanks for doing the book giveaway. I hope I win - none of these are at my library.

  176. tvoss123 August 14th

    OMG!!! What a wonderful combination, sewing and reading. I love both, especially themed mysteries.
    Pick me, pick me!!!

  177. JeanLD August 14th

    oooo great giveaway count me in

  178. bernie4me August 14th

    OMG!! How cool! I love food mysteries (2nd favorite hobby), especially chocolate ones. How great to have 1st favorite hobby books! Why haven't they been written before???? Oh, yeah, reading (1st &1/2 favorite hobby) these would be the ultimate.

  179. Paceda August 14th

    Reading and sewing! What could be better?

  180. Arlene_Anne August 14th

    Well, I'm intrigued. I love the puns. Please pick me.

  181. mmeryhew August 14th

    I love to read and sew... that's great!

  182. Sergersage August 14th

    This is great. Combines my two favorite things, reading and sewing.

  183. Elizam August 14th

    I am not familiar with this series. Looks like it would be a great read. Would love to have a copy!

  184. SewKnitStash August 14th

    Thanks for mentioning these books and for the chance to win them! Sounds like fun!

  185. Mizmash August 14th

    Hi, What a treat! I have found knitting and scrapbooking mysteries at our local library but haven't yet laid my hands on sewing + mystery. Can't wait!

  186. nani August 14th

    I am happy you informed us of the chance to win these mystery books, because even if I am not chosen, at least I know the books even exist! What a great combination of my two favorite hobbies, sewing and reading mysteries!
    Than you!

  187. mrnptn August 14th

    Sewing and mysteries. What could be better?

  188. deborahjodine August 14th

    I have read some of Annie's Attic mysteries and loved them! These look like they'd be winderful reads!

  189. mombee August 14th

    Looks like a good read.

  190. user-2057310 August 14th

    I'm a beginner sewer so any help I can get is greatly appreciated.

  191. kris70 August 14th

    I love mysteries, especially those with needlework themes. I've read quilting, knitting and needlework mysteries and now ones about a fashion designer. These sound great!

  192. user-1109481 August 14th

    It would be neat to win the books because I recently started reading mysteries that are related to sewing and other crafts. I have enjoyed them very much so I keep looking for more.

  193. MitzisMom August 14th

    These books sound right up my alley! Mystery and sewing, what an unlikely combination, but intriguing. I can always be found with a mystery book in one hand and a sewing machine in the other. Good luck everyone!

  194. User avater Daryl_Lancaster August 14th

    Sewing mysteries... What could be better than sewing?

  195. les18 August 14th

    What a great combination sewing and mystery novels.

  196. Kyrielle August 14th

    This combines two of my favorite things to do!

  197. User avater carolscloset August 14th

    Oh! What fun!

  198. User avater jroach August 14th

    I can't wait to read one of these.

  199. quiltingsenior August 14th

    What could be better than sewing and reading mysteries? I'm always ready for a new mystery!

  200. 2nantc August 14th

    My mom and I have read a knitting themed fiction series, and I have previously indulged in a needlework mystery series. These sound fascinating, and I would enjoy winning and continue my love of reading mingled with my sewing interest!

  201. User avater jwondel August 14th

    Sounds like a fun series!!

  202. User avater jwondel August 14th

    Sounds like a fun series!!

  203. robinpn August 14th

    Would love to add these titles to my school sewing library, and share with my students!

  204. designsbyjanetp August 14th

    These books really sound interesting. Love sewing and mysteries.

  205. zsazsa13 August 14th

    What a wonderful idea. A Mystery in a sewing book.

  206. User avater SewSam August 14th

    Wow! Fiction with a sewing theme. Love it!

  207. perendales August 14th

    I love to read mysteries with themes such as knitting, cooking, and sewing. This group of books looks like it will fit the bill.

  208. User avater sharielaine August 14th

    Sewing AND mysteries? Two of my favorite things.

  209. user-1110078 August 14th

    Sounds like a great combination of books to go with all the sewing. Thanks for the contest.

  210. jansews39 August 14th

    Have read mysteries all my life including knitting, quilting and plain old mysteries and would love to read about sewing since its another thing I've done all my life. Since I'm now in my 7th decade that's a lot of books!

  211. mastoll August 14th

    Oh, how fabulous, mystery novels involving sewing!

  212. DLouie August 14th

    I'm a total fan of the "cozy" style of mystery. And being about sewing just makes it that much better!

  213. User avater CostumeDeeva August 14th

    Sounds delightful - any one of these would be a wonderful read!

  214. User avater sewhappybjm August 14th

    Reading about sewing! What a great combination. I would love to have these. I may look for them in my bookstore.

  215. AlterJBD August 14th

    Punny titles! Unrepentant fabricholics! Murder (possibly by needle)! What more could a person ask for?

  216. LrnSew August 14th

    I've read knitting, baking, cooking, spinning, needlework, and quilting mysteries. It's nice to know that there is finally something for those of us who sew clothing and more.

  217. user-803717 August 14th

    Sewing and sleuthing; the best of two worlds. I would love to win these books but if I don't I am going to buy them. So happy to know of this genre. By the way, I am I couldn't get my address to to appear on my comment post.. . Don't know what I did wrong. Want you to know who I am for sure in case I am the fortunate recipient of these great titles. I am grateful for the chance to enter the contest. Viva Threads!

  218. bE_LUCy August 14th

    Now these I would love to read!

  219. user-1132458 August 14th

    I love mysteries almost as much as I love to sew. These books sound wonderful! I hope I win them...

  220. User avater Paula_Klaassen August 14th

    Cool giveaway -- hope I'm lucky this time!

  221. User avater KarenGass August 14th

    A friend recommended these books - I'd love to read them!! Thank you for offering them!

  222. User avater SharonPicone August 14th

    A helpful set of books for sewers who want to hone their craft even more.

  223. mams43 August 14th

    Only thing better than sewing and reading is reading ABOUT sewing. These sound great!

  224. suecindy August 14th

    the books sound intriguing -subjects not dealt with often.

  225. tomshiro August 14th

    I'm a big mystery fan. I didn't know there were sewing mysteries. I'll definitely be looking them up.

  226. monarchlover August 14th

    Love to knit; love to sew. I have been reading knitting themed mysteries, and quilting themed as well and love them. I would enjoy meeting new authors that use sewing in their books.

  227. User avater debrajwebb August 14th

    I would love to read these mysteries!

  228. quiltermachine August 14th

    As a former librarian who loves to sew, I would absolutely love to read these!

  229. BeBe53 August 14th

    What a wonderful combination - sewing & solving! These books sound great and I would love to win!

  230. bgcg August 14th

    I would love to win. Bring on the reading. I love Threads!!!!

  231. Peagreen255 August 14th

    Who could resist the combination of mystery fiction and sewing (i.e., mystery fact)?

  232. Mudfact August 14th

    OMG What a great combination for a book! A great mystery and sewing too. I am putting on my list to get! Thanks for telling us about it.

  233. atomicmama August 14th

    As a not so expert seamtress, I would love to relax with a good mystery book about sewing instead of attempting to work out the mysteries of a good fitting garment. Give me a break, please.

  234. user-988077 August 14th

    I have read 2/3 of those books (from the library) and would love to own them!

  235. CAS48 August 14th

    I just learned of this genre and started reading a sewing mystery last night. I would love to add these books to my collection.

  236. jUUdith August 14th

    These books sound great. Send 'em on over.

  237. Lynne_Hopkins_MN August 14th

    I'm new to this website. I am amazed, dazed and thread happy!

  238. user-1084521 August 14th

    What a cleaver idea for a mystery book!!! My two favorite things, mystery books and sewing. Can't get much better!!!

  239. LeeWells August 14th

    Those books sound like a lot of fun to read. If I win the books I plan to share the books with my daughters; I sew more than they do, but it is hard to guess who likes mystery books better. Lee

  240. beshy August 14th

    Reading these cozies would be a wonderful way to start the soon-to-be fall season!

  241. mrs_peel August 14th

    I've not heard of these books before - what a treat! Would love a taste ;-)

  242. deegee688 August 14th

    After both reading and sewing since childhood, wouldn't it be nice to receive these books covering both subjects and from the best sewing magazine available?

    Not only would I enjoy winning but I could also pass the books on to my mystery reading sewing friends in my sewing club.

  243. rijacks63 August 14th

    What better combination than a good read about sewing! I can't wait to get started.

  244. lainiekazan August 14th

    This is wonderful -- I didn't know there were any sewing-based mysteries out there, and I'm a mystery buff. Thanks so much!

  245. Alpaca August 14th

    I love it when a good mystery is all neatly stitched up!

  246. User avater Missahope August 14th

    Reading and sewing...two of my favorite things!

  247. trudiram August 14th

    I've never read a sewing mystery and would love to start now!

  248. user-766440 August 14th

    What a perfect way to enjoy the last days of summer. Reading a mystery involving sewing. These are two of my favourite ways to spend time.

  249. User avater Tiernay August 14th

    I need to win - this is killing me!!!

  250. User avater pamstitches August 14th

    Ooooo...some good end of summer reads!

  251. goodsew August 14th

    My favorite things - sewing & reading mysteries! I actually read one of her books & love it! I'd love to have all of them!

  252. Connied August 14th

    I love sewing and mysteries, I think I would enjoy reading these novels!

  253. Rainbowheart August 14th

    These books sound like a great combination to have some mystery while also possibly learning about the design and creation of the dresses and where the character in the book gets her inspiration.

  254. brendacass August 14th

    love to read, love to sew, 2 of my favorite things. Would love to win the books.

  255. ChrissieF August 14th

    What could be a better combination, sewing and mystery reading!

  256. pjonesr August 14th

    Wonderful win-win contest. I love to read mysteries and I love to sew.

  257. User avater sandipratt August 14th

    I wonder whats the story with the goat on the covers of two

    books. Very Interesting.

  258. WoodGecko August 14th

    I love to read, and sew, and read about sewing!

  259. User avater sandipratt August 14th

    I love a good mystery, and sewing !!

  260. shaydaisy August 14th

    What could be better than novels about sewing and mysteries to boot?!?! Love to have these books!

  261. User avater PoldaPop August 14th

    I love to read but I've been in a bit of a reading slump this summer. Maybe some page-turning mysteries that involve my (other) favorite activity would get me back on track. Thank you for offering these books!

  262. User avater GypsyThread August 14th

    They sound like such fun books to read. I think I'll have to put them on my to-purchase list even if I don't win. Thanks!

  263. memphismilliner August 14th

    Have learned so much from your posts. Would love to learn even more with these books!

  264. User avater Genie48 August 14th

    This is great, my two favorite pastimes.

  265. cynsew August 14th

    Oh I am sew excited!! I had no idea there were novel mysteries about sewing!! I eat, sleep and dream about sewing. Please enter me to win. Thank You!! Cindy

  266. sewboy August 14th

    I love a good mystery.
    And one with a sewing connection should be lots of fun.

  267. MeredithP August 14th

    Sounds like fun! Reading and Sewing!

  268. user-2049011 August 14th

    This is like a dream come true. I love to read. I love to sew. I collect signed books. This is just perfect for me!g

  269. CrystalPgh August 14th

    I love sewing and I love reading a great mystery. I've read a couple knitting mysteries and several baking/cooking mysteries.

  270. User avater WillaMcNeill August 14th

    Cannot remember when I did not love sewing and did not love mysteries. Sounds like fun combo for sure!

  271. User avater matrice43 August 13th

    two of my favorite things sewing and mystery books

  272. Ladybugger1065 August 13th

    I am an avid reader that is how I taught myself everything I know about sewing,quilting ect. Especially thru the Threads magazines and the Insider web site!!!!!!! I have read 3 books so far this summer! I would Love to win this contest!!! Thank You for the opportunity! Sincerely Cheryl Henderson :)

  273. Ladybugger1065 August 13th

    I am an avid reader that is how I taught myself everything I know about sewing,quilting ect. Especially thru the Threads magazines and the Insider web site!!!!!!! I have read 3 books so far this summer! I would Love to win this contest!!! Thank You for the opportunity! Sincerely Cheryl Henderson :)

  274. User avater TaraSews August 12th

    I am game for this and need a new book to read. Thanks!

  275. bajjmayer August 11th

    These sound very interesting...I love the idea of combining a hobby I love and a good read!

  276. schrodanger August 11th

    Count me in!

  277. Carly_Sue August 10th

    How fun...mystery books based on the art of sewing. I would love to read those.

  278. sewalotgranny16 August 10th

    I am sew glad someone is writing books with a sewing theme, I've already read all the knitting, crocheting and crafting books.

  279. AuntCoCo August 10th

    Wow! Finally fictional books for sewers! Yea!!!

  280. cecine August 10th

    I'd love to see and read those books. Thanks

  281. moviedoll August 10th

    I have a wall full of books in my sewing room. I'd LOVE to win and read these.

  282. User avater Terianz August 10th

    I enjoy sewing and reading, and would be thrilled to win these books!

  283. abqdancer August 9th

    I want to win!!!

  284. sewgramms August 9th

    It's too hot to sew, so a mystery so a mystery about it would be great.

  285. Valerie1 August 9th

    I Love sewing mysteries. Sound very like a good read.

  286. User avater Harikleia August 9th

    I've never heard or read mysteries with a sewing background. I'd love to read these books. Thanks

  287. sunnyday54 August 8th

    I would love to win these books.

  288. luvtodesign August 8th

    Well, this is different. I love to sew and relax but to read a mystery about sewing would definitely be different for my relaxation. I would love it.

  289. Sanntech9 August 8th

    I am an eclectic reading but I must admit I have never read a mystery about people who also sew, and probably would not have been interested if I had not started sewing. These books should make some interested reading

  290. sewingheaven888 August 8th

    o wow..interesting books :O) where on earth has my scissors gone :O(

  291. User avater PinkRoses14 August 8th

    Aside from sewing, reading mysteries is my next favorite way to relax. :)

  292. user-1128556 August 8th

    Mysteries are my favorite type of reading and to have it involve sewing, who could ask for more.

  293. User avater JanieeDee August 8th

    Off on my holidays soon so no sewing. This would certainly help keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay.

  294. User avater SassyT August 8th

    I love a good mystery. "The Case of The Missing Needle" hehe.

  295. User avater irenenene August 8th

    oh, wow I do enjoy a good mystery and combined with sewing??? it blows the mind :)

  296. Brabant August 8th

    After Annie's Attic quilting books it had to come.....and thank goodness it did. Hope the random selection falls on me, otherwise I guess it's over to Amazon!

  297. User avater CarrGrand August 8th

    Awesome opportunity to combine two things I am passionate about - reading good books and sewing! These books would make great reads for my book club!

  298. User avater LinLohLan August 8th

    Oooo a new (to me) needle arts mystery series! Looking forward to reading these... would love to win them. Good inspiration.

  299. LauraSews August 8th

    Another new series for me to start reading!

  300. CarolSewsAZ August 7th

    These are my favorite things to do in the summer, reading and sewing. WOW, it would be great to win these books!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  301. suzieinohio August 7th

    These sound sew fun!

  302. pt6256 August 7th

    Mysteries with sewing in the plot?...perfect for summer!

  303. susan718 August 7th

    I love mysteries. What a great giveaway. thank you!

  304. 510pm August 7th

    I am a great mystery fan and would love to win these

  305. mosew August 7th

    Whhhaaattt? How did I not know about these? How exciting!

  306. Pearlprincess182 August 7th

    I never knew these existed! I'm excited to check them out :)

  307. misssarcastica August 7th

    I love sewing and I love mysteries! These look good!

  308. Katie August 7th

    These books sounds like a relaxing way to end my summer as I head into another great year of high school teaching!

  309. PatHersl August 7th

    Would love to read these! Great game.

  310. lynaeve August 7th

    thank you for the chance!

  311. User avater Out_West August 7th

    I love to read and I love to sew! Perfect combination!

  312. LauriR August 7th

    I love mysteries! And to combine them with sewing and design - just divine! If I don't win, I'll have to break down and buy them.

  313. User avater JaneinCT August 7th

    I did not know about these books. Would love to win them! Thanks

  314. bj1400 August 7th

    I would love to win these!

  315. rosie1925 August 7th

    I have had Pleating for Mercy on my list for months. Dear husband keeps ignoring it.

  316. User avater Abathie August 7th

    I would love to own one of these books to read it on the beach :)))

  317. CarolynRuth August 7th

    Some good reading! Much better than TV.

  318. momadd August 7th

    I love to read a good mystery, all the better if I can relate to the characters.

  319. Zippylady August 7th

    Oh Fabulous! These would be a great way to take a time out from my hectic schedule and just enjoy a few moments for myself.

  320. User avater YasminS August 7th

    How delightful! Beautiful covers too. I love mysteries, and I'd love to read ones with a sewing bent.

  321. howsew August 7th

    What fun! Reading and sewing are my favorite forms of therapy. Don't know a better way to spend my time!

  322. nursie76 August 7th

    What a way to kick back and relax, read, and solve a sewing mystery!

  323. LinVegas August 7th

    My favorite way to relax!

  324. User avater tmsiiop August 7th

    Love reading all kinds of mysteries!

  325. User avater user-1077921 August 7th

    I love sewing and reading - now, how to do them at the same time!

  326. Dignsew August 7th

    I would love to win these books. Love to sew, and love to read.

  327. User avater KarenLea August 7th

    I've read cooking mysteries but never sewing. I'm intrigued and these would be a great start.

  328. User avater pelicanmom August 7th


  329. mrnglry August 7th

    Would love to win this! Thanks!

  330. sewcool August 7th

    I would love to have these books, if I'm not sewing I am reading.

  331. Joen_Green August 7th

    These books sound great! nice to cozy up and read this fall and winter.

  332. vharden August 7th

    I read mysteries to help me relax and go to sleep. I sew to relax and have an "active meditation." These books will combine both enjoyable activities.

  333. User avater lmichelle August 7th

    Sewing and reading, how riveting! One can get lost in snipets and threads - in both books and sewing projects. I'd love to do either one.

  334. kathy222 August 7th

    Wonderful way to end the summer break.

  335. kathy222 August 7th

    What a wonderful way tO en

  336. Ms_C August 7th

    I would love to read about sewing. Count me in.

  337. Shesews518 August 7th

    These sound great!

  338. user-1151927 August 7th

    Two of my favorite things to do! Sewing and reading!!

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