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Win a BERNINA Swag Bag!

Aug 15, 2012
Article Image

Win a BERNINA bag filled with all sorts of fun BERNINA Swag.

UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Congratulations to Smith4620 and User-2067325 on their win! Each winner will receive BERNINA Swag Bags worth over $50! Thank you all for entering!


This week, we’re giving away not one, but two BERNINA Swag Bags worth over $50! Each awesome BERNINA gift bag includes a canvas tote, ceramic and stainless steel travel mug, laptop case, tumbler cup, and flash drive for quick access to your sewing tools. All practical, but fun!

Just leave a comment letting us know why you’d love to have this prize and you could win one of the two swag bags. Enter to win before August 29, 2012, 11:59 pm EST to be eligible. The winner will be announced during the week of September 3 and notified via email.

Good luck!

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  1. piggy54 September 2nd

    I feel that anything that says or shows the Bernina name I would love to own. I am the proud ownwer of 5 Bernina machines and I love every stitch they sew cause There is nothing like a BERNINA. I would love to win the swag bag so I can carry my pride with me all the time, and threads always fuels my head with great ideas!!

  2. whiskerchase August 29th

    I would love to win. Such fun, thanks!

  3. llay August 25th

    I desperately NEED it! Well, at least I want it in the worst possible way! Imagine showing off some serious Bernina Pride and being oh so organized at the same time. :) Pick me! Pick me! :)

  4. JeanneCJ August 23rd

    I've been a Bernina lover since my first one--the first 730! Now I'm blessed to have an 830 which I'm still learning to use and enjoying every moment. A Bernina Swag Bag would be the perfect accompaniment for class!

  5. veikcaj August 22nd

    I love my Bernina sewing machine! If I had a bag that said Bernina, everyone else would soon know how much I love my Bernina!

  6. Rosebud_52 August 22nd

    A super Swell Swag Bag, just stuffed with sewing sweets! Perfect accessory to take along with my 440QE to my 1st week long class in December. Pick me, please!

  7. User avater Neener020 August 21st

    I would put the Bernina Swag Bag to good use if I win. It would be great to carry all my stuff in when I travel.

  8. SuzyQCanuck August 21st

    I just need it!

  9. TxMouse August 21st

    I made the switch to Bernina 2 years ago, and I am sold--on the quality, the design, all the information available, and all the cool things I can do.

  10. Rosebud_52 August 21st

    Oh Sweet Swag bag - stuffed with supreme sewing surprises - ship it soon to me! My 5 year old 440QE and her current collection of good things Bernina would enjoy the company! A handy Swag Bag would make traveling to my first week long class in December even more memorable.

  11. User avater resolution August 21st

    A Bernina Swag Bag would be just the thing to keep supplies together for a class.

  12. DebPoe August 21st

    I LOVE BERNINA!! I have 3 Bernina sewing machines, 1 Serger and numerous feet not to mention Embroidery Software & Cutwork Software plus tool. I can't imagine life without my Berninas and I can always make room for more! This bag would be wonderful to go to my Club meetings with or even to work, so that everyone knows that I'm a Bernina Fan!

  13. culinarygoddess August 21st

    Love my much to learn about it, so little time :)

  14. MizzDizzi August 20th

    I would probably need 2 Bernina Swag Bags - One to carry my sewing project to sewing classes and another for my chocolate (I think my chocolate would just fit). Sewing on my Bernina and eating chocolate, eating chocolate and sewing on my Bernina. Pure bliss!

  15. JaneInKC August 20th

    I love everything Bernina! Would really enjoy having a Bernina swag bag.

  16. connieteasley August 20th

    I just got my Bernina and can't wait to learn all of its tricks. Have wanted one forever!

  17. connieteasley August 20th

    I just got my Bernina and can't wait to learn all of it's tricks. Have wanted one forever!

  18. connieteasley August 20th

    I just got my Bernina and can't wait to learn all of its tricks. Have wanted one forever!

  19. VanessaIN August 20th

    Lovely bag! Great for carrying projects to sewing group.

  20. User avater Grannie45 August 20th

    Oooh lala, a Bernina Bag I can proudly carry to tell everyone how much I enjoy my Bernina Machines. I have 2 and expecting to receive my third,the 380, as soon as the Back Order is filled.
    I have the 1230 which has been a true work horse, since the 1980's. I bought the 830 a few years ago because of the multitude of possibilities it opened for me. I love it. Now as I await the arrival of the 380, I am excited to have a machine I can take on my travels that is light and still quite capable of supporting my sewing and quilting passion. The 830 has been the machine that gave me new life. In retirement,I discovered an intense need to learn new skills and develop my creative talents. As a result I have met a whole new circle of friends and sewing enthusiasts who share my passion for Bernina and expressing our creativity through quilting and sewing. The years ahead now seem to gleam with the anticipation of much more fun and excitment. Come on Bernina the world awaits!

  21. User avater JTB_Fabric_Arts August 20th

    I would love to display my love of my Berninas (185 & 440 QE) by carrying that wonderful bag.

  22. sewgramms August 20th

    I have an old Bernina, but it is still humming along. Would love a bag

  23. hdmoosie August 20th

    I have the new Bernina 830E and the Bernina 830 Record. I have taken 3 friends to my dealers when they told me they wanted to buy a new machine, and asked what should they get. I told them if they wanted the best machine they needed a Bernina, and should try out several to see which is for them. Getting the bag would be great as I am making a block of the month with one of my friends that bought a 440E from my dealer. I will be going to her home some of the time and carrying my supplies in the swag bag would be great. I always have a hot or cold drink along, it would be cool to have it in a Bernina mug. I have been a Bernina owner for many many years. Even my serger is a Bernette. Thanks for having the contest!

  24. got2bekidding August 20th

    Ever since I bought my Bernina 580, I have become such a Bernina fan and a lover of sewing! I would love to win the Bernina bag with the goodies because I love everything Bernina! My favorite sewing ruler is pretty red and it says Bernina in white letters on it. My sewing store gave them out for their "Customoer Appreciation" Sale. I have bought several feet and other accesories for my Bernina sewing machine.

  25. Donna1215 August 20th

    I just bought my first Bernina last year, the 580! I love it and would love to have this Bernina bag of goodies to go with it! Thanks a bunch!

  26. mariska August 20th

    I am a mom of three boys and live in Keremeos BC (Canada). Sewing is my greatest way of relaxing. With all the positive comments I hear and read about Bernina I would love to own one some day(saving money for it with 3 kids is pretty tough!). Winning this prize will give me something of Bernina to start with and this way I can advertise in Canada!
    Plus this way I have something to carry my laptop and Threads magazines with me.

  27. mariska August 20th

    I am a mom of three boys and live in Keremeos BC (Canada). Sewing is my greatest way of relaxing. With all the positive comments I hear and read about Bernina I would love to own one some day(saving money for it with 3 kids is pretty tough!). Winning this prize will give me something of Bernina to start with and this way I can advertise in Canada!
    Plus this way I have something to carry my laptop and Threads magazines with me.

  28. annwiseman August 20th

    I love my Bernina! It's an old 1006 that's limping a bit but still sews the most beautiful straight line through anything! It's always a pleasure to sit down and sew with my Beloved Bernina (as I call it). I have two other brands of machines but my Bernina is my favorite. I would love to win a Bernina Swag Bag and be able to advertise my love for Bernina even more. : )

  29. qltnsew August 20th

    I would love to have a Bernina Swag Bag to celebrate being a fan for over 30 years. I own 3 machines. The first one, an 801 Sport is still working just as well as it did the first time I turned it on. I love my Berninas!

  30. sewisew August 20th

    I am a Bernina lover...I have 2. I never have had a Bernina bag so this would be the icing on the cake. I will carry it proudly. Thanks for picking me!!

  31. LindaLw August 20th

    We have a small group of quilters that make quilts for the local NICU's. The Bernina Seag Bag would be perfect to help transport all the necessities when we meet-n-quilt.

  32. momthepunster August 20th

    It's the perfect bag to carry everything to class and/or my latest project!

  33. Liberty1889 August 20th

    Just the thing to go with my Bernina machine and accessories!

  34. Sewfoolish August 20th

    I love my new Bernina! The swag bag would be perfect for carrying my sewing supplies to my Bernina mastery class. The ladies would be so jealous!

  35. diannaft August 19th

    I love my Bernina sewing machine. It has given me many years of reliable service. The Bernina Swag Bag would be great for carrying and organizing my manuals and other sewing machine essentials. I have recommended Bernina for nearly 30 years and carrying a Bernina Swag Bag would be another way to advertize for Bernina.

  36. Sjwhee August 19th

    I love my Bernina sewing machines. Just need a swag bag to go with it now.

  37. gjeneve August 19th

    I love my Bernina and anything that reminds me of it is great. Threads is also a wonderful magazine.

  38. gaddlyn August 19th

    I have been sewing on a Bernina for 20 years and this summer, I gifted one of my old Berninas to my 16 and 18 year old daughters and taught them to sew. We had a ball making pajamas and tote bags and pillow cases. It would be so fun to win the bag for my girls so they could start their own sewing kits with some of the best!

  39. user-2005439 August 19th

    I would love to win this Bernina Swag bag. Love my Bernina, so having a bag showing off my best brand would be great! Not to mention the goodies inside!! :)

  40. User avater rdejam August 19th

    I travel by train between my home, my mother, and my older daughter to help out. This bag and all the fabulous goodies would make it so much easier for me to tote my projects around. Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Sewcrazy1520 August 19th

    I've been a Bernina Brat since the early eighties. They are simply THE BEST!!! I have a 1090, 1230, 200e, 830e, and, oh yes, the OLDER 830 plus 3 Bernina sergers. I gave my 180e to my daughter-in-law. She now has an new 830!! Best part is my son is still speaking to me! ;-)

  42. User avater JBeanne August 19th

    Oh, WOW!! This is the bag for me! After sewing on a Bernina for over 30 years (and collecting many too- 930, six 180's, 185, sergers:203,3-234's, 335, 2000, and 1300) I'm more than convinced that Bernina are the BEST!! Please pick me!

  43. User avater decorchick August 19th

    Ohhhh, this bag is just perfect. The t-shirt that I bought at Bernina University in Chicago over 20 years ago is looking a bit worn. This will update my stylin' look. The goodies are just up my ally too. I will alert the mail carrier that it is on the way...please choose me!~

  44. terryc August 19th

    I would love to win this for sooo many reasons, for myself because it's so cool or for my daughters (3 of them) how are finally appreciating the ability to sew and are become very creative and so thinking outside the box.

  45. izzyB79 August 19th

    I would love this bag because I LOVE to craft just about anything I can and this will give me more opportunities to do so and just about anyone can use a bag. Plus this bag would be great for toting projects around while one the go. :)

  46. cclark2 August 19th

    I could always use a bag full of goodies. Hope I win!

  47. User avater 304050 August 19th

    The Bernina logo always reminds me to get back to my current project or dream about my next project. I would Love Love Love the swag items around me as constant inspiration to get back to Bernina sewing!

  48. Katie August 19th

    Lovely bag; looks just the right size to take projects to Sewing Club!

  49. ajc54 August 19th

    I would love to win this, a tote bag is always helpful.

  50. CeciliaY August 19th

    I have two Berninas now and I love them. I would like to win this bag so I can show my loyalty to Bernina as well as to open the way to tell others how great Bernina is. Thanks for the chance towin.

  51. LizA55 August 19th

    I'd love walking through an airport on my way to Bernina Sit and Sew with my new Swag Bag. I'll be the envy of all who see it.

  52. mombo1961 August 19th

    My bernina and I are just soooo happy!! I'm sure this bag would enjoy the company.

  53. sep13 August 19th

    i'd love this bag. can use all the help i can get to carry all my instruction manuals and tools.

  54. Wilmarose August 19th

    Bernina is my best friend! I visit her every day, sometimes several times a day. She is always reliable and trustworthy.
    She hums as she works, which makes me happy. I could never get along without my Bernina.

  55. patspatch August 19th

    Love to sew at my Bernina on my Bernina chair. Life is good!

  56. JeanSh August 19th

    Love! Love! Love! Bernina. I have two machines and can't imagine not having them. I love to share my love of the machines with everyone. It would become my ready bag for my weekly sewing get together.

  57. Seamstress4theBand August 19th

    The Bernina Swag Bag would be great to advertise how much I love my Bernina sewing machines. It also looks to be the right size to carry all of my latest fabric finds.

  58. Sewingnancy331 August 19th

    Would love to have this for classes, just got a Bernina 550QE and I love the BSR

  59. User avater leequilt August 19th

    luv my bernina. just finished up a wallhanging for my sisterinlaw. frogs in a lily pond for her new kindergarden. lovely panel,

  60. Nemaras August 19th

    I love Bernina!!! And I love threads mag!!!!!

  61. Sherman305 August 19th

    I would love to have this tote bag so I can carry all my stuff to retreat.

  62. Krftygma August 19th

    I would love to have this bag and contents for all of their many uses, and because I love my BERNINA!

  63. quiltnana50 August 19th

    The Bernina bags are always great for taking to classes and sewing expos. I'm purchased a Bernina for the first time and I am in love with it!!!

  64. Beths0802 August 19th

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my recently purchased Bernina 550QE and would LOVE a Bernina bag to go with it!!!!!

  65. User avater AriesKnitWit August 19th

    I would love to win this bag. It would make a perfect project bag!

  66. janegirl3 August 19th

    Oh wow! This bag would be SO helpful to carry all my gadgets and notions when I take my Bernina 830LE to classes. I love Bernina... and red... and canvas bags... and Bernina swag!

  67. BarbaraWoo August 19th

    I would love to win this Bernina Bag. I would carry it with pride. Great for taking my sewing projects with me.

  68. palmermom August 19th

    I have a fundraiser coming up and this would make a great door prize for all of my crafty friends. Fighting Prostate Cancer.

  69. User avater sofieann August 19th

    I would love to win this bag!! (it is my birthday :) ) Because I travel 90+ miles to my Bernina dealer for classes, serivce and fun, it would be great to have this bag to tote the necessities in! Thanks for the chance for one.

  70. Barb1133 August 19th

    It's perfect to carry all my Bernina accessories!

  71. Kristielyn August 19th

    I would love the Bernina swag bag- I'm loving my 440 and this prize would help me tell the world.

  72. czwomack August 19th

    I'm a longtime Bernina fan. I have a very old Bernina 830, which has been my tool of choice since the 1970s, I also collect L.L. Bean bags, but I don't have one as handsome as yours!

  73. User avater KidsSewingTeacher August 19th

    I teach monthly classes at my local Bernina store, this tote and its contents would be great to take along projects and supplies for the kids!

  74. mamazurk August 19th

    The drawing is so close to my birthday and it would be great to have a fun bag to take crafts with me when I'm on the go and to advertise the Bernina trademark. Also would be great to take to the fabric store.

  75. sjune August 19th

    Great A tote designated for my sewing projects! Thanks.

  76. honeygram August 19th

    I recently bought a Bernina 530 and I'm lovin' it. I would be very proud to carry a Swag Bag with sewing supplies to class. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  77. WilliP August 19th

    I'd enjoy winning this bag to have somewhere to keep my new Bernina manuals and workbooks while I am becoming familiar with my Bernina 1300 mdc serger and my Bernina 380. I also need a place to keep my boxes of feet. Not to mention the issues of Threads magazine that I have been saving all these years with specific techniques and projects I am interested in trying to perfect.

  78. User avater CarrGrand August 19th

    I would love to have this bag! It would be great to carry my supplies to sewing and embroidery classes.

  79. user-630452 August 19th

    I have 2 Bernina Machines that get used daily, and a Bernina serger. This bag would make an awesome addition to pack projects for my classes that I attend at our local Bernina dealer/quilt shop. Love my Bernina.

  80. Rosalynd August 19th

    I would be thrilled to have one of the Bernina totes! I love Threads magazine and I simply adore my Bernina 830 LE.
    Threads magazine + Bernina = sewing Heaven!

  81. Liz92B August 19th

    this bag would be great for toting all my supplies to classes at the LQS!! pleeeeeze pick me!

  82. Llynda August 19th

    I am so into anything Bernina. I would love, love, to have that bag for classes!

  83. hoodwink August 19th

    i would love to have this bag. I am always looking for a nice looking bag to carry supplies in. Thanks!

  84. janiejanjan7 August 19th

    I would love to have one of these bags, I never have anything to carry my hand work in, I am always looking for a plastic bag leftover from groceries. Yes I can sew but, who has time???? thanks

  85. judieblue August 19th

    Oh how'd I'd love to add this bag and all the goodies to my Bernina collection! Thanks for the opportunity.

  86. Kuppy August 19th

    A Bernina swag bag would be perfect for prepping/packing for classes!

  87. nursie76 August 19th

    OH my! Would so love to have the awesome bag and all the goodies! I would use every single one of them...AND can show off that I am a Bernina girl through and through!

  88. mkfurber August 19th

    This would be the perfect thing to accompany my new Bernina 830. I'd be very happy to win it.

  89. TerriRsews August 19th

    I'm still stitching on my Mom's Bernina 1031 and 830 models. Almost daily I'll use my Bernina 1200DA Serger...they are all work horses! Bernina is the best! I love this bag--I'd throw my crochet in it and head out to Crochet Club!

  90. alicefoxhein August 19th

    If I won this wonderful Bernina bag, I would not only carry it to school where I work full-time but also to the fabric store where I help sell another brand of sewing machine!!! Bernina is the best!

  91. Sewistdeb August 19th

    I would proudly carry the bag and what was it in as well the swag. I love my Bernina's and I would be pleased to show it off.

  92. Sonoma33 August 19th

    I would love to have Bernina SWAG to show off my love of all things Bernina!

  93. User avater auschick August 19th

    This would give me another great reason to brag about my Bernina!

  94. jwaters August 19th

    My sister (who introduced me to quilting) is a major Bernina fan, especially the embroidery feature. I would love to give this wonderful gift to her if I am a winner. Thx.

  95. tabetz August 19th

    I have been a very happy Bernina owner for over 40 years. I still have my first Bernina 180. I also have an Artista 190, and a bernette 25. I also have a Bernina serger. I LOVE Bernina, so I would love to have the Bernina Swag Bag to take projects to class.

  96. User avater Smith4620 August 19th

    I could definitely use this bag to carry all my projects to retreats. I am the proud owner of five Berninas. I love them all.

  97. pinkribbongrandma August 19th

    The bag will go to good use with all sewing supplies and accessories and won't be hard to find.

  98. mamaneedsmortime2sew August 19th

    This bag would be great for storing my sewing projects. The flash drive would be perfect for storing my ideas. Would love to be considered for this great giveaway!

  99. sewquiltcrazy August 19th

    I'm always needing a great bag to carry to class. I love it!

  100. User avater Nittleworks August 19th

    A bag that great should go everywhere with you. Thanks for the chance!

  101. DebbieGB August 19th

    Would LOVE to win this swag!!

  102. User avater Michelesews August 19th

    I would use this bag to organize my current project, so that I could take it with me. As a very satisfied Bernina owner for 25 years, I'd love to have a Bernina bag and accessories!

  103. textilewizard August 19th

    I really need this Bernina Swag Bag - then I could show off to all my less fortunate friends that I really do have a Bernina - plus I could pretend that I have a laptop until someone actually buys me one. The Flashdrive could carry all my sewing notes, plus an accounts sheet showing me how much I need to save to buy my own laptop. Ho hum.

  104. DebbieGB August 19th

    I love my two Berninas - my old faithful 1130 and my newer 730. They both sew like a dream. Would love to win this swag!!!

  105. MargaretCook August 19th

    I would love the Bernina Swag Bag to take to classes. It would go perfect with my new 830 sewing machine.

  106. nsews August 19th

    I have sewn for over twenty years on different brands of machines....earlier this spring I bought my first Bernina, an Aurora 450 and fell head over heels in love with it. I cannot believe it took me so long to discover how truly wonderful it is sewing on a Bernina. I am crazy nuts in love with my machine, so much so that I am in the process of buying a 635 to compliment my 450. I would LOVE to have the Bernina bag filled with goodies because it would take my passion for Bernina right "over the top" with excitement! the flash drive would come in handy with my new 635!

  107. Toodle August 19th

    I LOVE my Bernina and would not trade it for anythig. I would love to win the Bernina Swag Bag. It would go perfectly for the classes that I take.

  108. User avater lacemakermj August 19th

    I love my Bernina machines, both at home and at work! I would like to win the swag bag to show off my pride in using such amazing machines!!

  109. nanaedye August 19th

    What a neat way to advertise our Berninas! And so handy. I love my machine.

  110. User avater JanelleR August 19th

    The Bernina bag has all the goodies required for "ME" time....and I LOVE "ME" time!

  111. User avater ambr59 August 19th

    For My birthday my sweet husband gave me a New Bernina sewing
    machine and now I am in love with both; my husband and my sewing machine. I spend more time with My Bernina! It like
    having an affair. The bag and goodies would be a way to flaunt my fun!! EVERYONE Should have a Bernina!!!1

  112. Archae August 19th

    I had to buy my own sewing machine because my wife didn't like me to use hers. I love my Bernina 440QE. The swag bag would be very useful, and I'm man enough to carry it. I love quilting and I also love woodworking. Together those interests allow me to be creative all year long.

  113. Agencyquilter August 19th

    What a great tote for fabric!!!

  114. lsmcd August 19th

    Love my Bernina, Love Threads, Love tote bags! The Swag Bag would be my next love.

  115. user-510333 August 19th

    I'm new to Bernina sewing and I am having blast! I like the webinars and have learned a lot more about what my sewing machine can do from the projects on the web site. I would love to win the bag and goodies to ramp up my sewing exploration. It is so much fun with every new thing discovered.

  116. sew231 August 19th

    I would like to win the Bernina Swag Bag full of goodies. The flashdrive would be a great thing to have to save all of my Embroidery designs I do. Then I could save all of my designs to the flashdrive and have a back-up just in case my computer decides not to work. The laptop case would also come in handy to carry my laptop in. The bag would also be a great addition to my things to help me keep organized better and spend more time creating with my Bernina.

  117. karnold August 19th

    I love love Berninia. Having the Bernina bag would JUST be great!

  118. DebraSG August 19th

    I would LOVE this swag bag!!! It would be perfect for sharing my love for Bernina and sewing/embroidery. I can see me using this every time I attended an event (sewing weekend coming up soon) and advertising Bernina. Would be an excellent conversation starter. Not to mention that I just think it is AWESOME!

  119. Greytnewwoman August 19th

    Bernina is the best machine. Love my berninas.

  120. Appleanne August 19th

    What a great gift. I am crossing my fingers. Love my Bernina, would love the bag. anne szabo

  121. User avater mewrabbitgirl August 19th

    I could really use this!

  122. User avater ElaineLitton August 19th

    I would love to have that bag. It would complete me.

  123. tooold August 19th

    I have 4 Berninas and love them all. What better way to let my friends know about my Bernina passion.

  124. Flomd August 19th

    I would love the tote bag since I go to several meetings each week and I am always carrying papers, laptop, e-reader and a cell phone. This would be perfect for organizing and carrying one or all of the items mentioned. Bernina products have a reputation for being well built and durable. My mother used one and it got heavy use and no problems.

  125. KayCee353 August 19th

    I would love to win a swag bag. My Bernina does sterling service for me... alterations for friends, family and paying customers, machine embroidery on all manner of items and I have just started investigating quilting. I am an active member of our local ladies' group and enter as many of the competitions as I can as I am always willing to experimetn and extend my knowledge and skills in just about ANY craft.

  126. gloryrags August 19th

    I would so love to have a BERNINA bag. I have long wanted to share BERNINA with the rest of my world. What better way. It would be my carry all for everything.

  127. Sadie8831 August 19th

    My Bernina is my best friend!

  128. Mkimbrel August 19th

    Love my bernina, and would love to win this bag!

  129. ReidP August 19th

    Ok, so I have multiple projects going at once . . . not alone there. This bag would help to organize my many 'in progress' projects and do it with style!

  130. bldutch August 19th

    I once had a Bernina 910...loved it...and my husband is a trained Bernina repairman...I am blessed to have a repairman for my 6 sewing machines

  131. Gwyn5 August 19th

    I love everything Bernina, and would use this bag for classes, traveling, even heading off to work!

  132. sandrasc August 19th

    love any and all Bernina products. First bought Bernina back in 1984 and been loving Bernina ever since. Would love to win Bernina Swag Bag.

  133. Blessosu August 19th

    I love my Bernina 180 -- Maybe someday I will upgrade! The BSR is super! This bag looks like a great gift!

  134. User avater midward5160 August 19th

    I have a Bernina sewing machine and a Bernina serger and I absolutely love them both, this swag bag would be the best way for me to let other people know how amazing Bernina is, I would use it everyday.

  135. AlisonRob August 19th

    I would make everyone jealous carrying this to class!!! So cool

  136. Gwyn5 August 19th

    I love everything Bernina!

  137. freebyrd181 August 19th

    New to this site...I love to sew and would really love to win the Bernina Tote...I could use it for my crocheting and quilting projects to go .. I do not own a Bernina but have seen demonstrations and would love to be able to afford one.

  138. User avater mokupunigal August 19th

    Still saving up for a Bernina - This would be a great start!

  139. whirley August 19th

    Today is my Birthday would love to win the Berina travel bay

  140. quiltingb56 August 19th

    This would be the perfect bag to take with me on my quilting cruise!

  141. LilRedHouse August 19th

    I collect Berninas, love them all.

  142. Sewballet August 19th

    because who dosen't want a Bernina swag bag. the flash drive and travel cup would be well used if i win!

  143. Justplainjane August 19th

    What a great way to show the world that I'm a big fan of Bernina. The first thing I'd do is fill it with projects to do while I'm at my boys' practices.

  144. user-911134 August 19th

    I would LOVE the Bernina Swag Bag, I just purshased my second Bernina to take to retreats, workshops, and my mini group where we work on projests for our quilt Guild's philanthropic programs.What fun it would me to have a Bernina bag to take with that new machine!

  145. susi August 19th

    Would love to win the swag bag!

  146. 510pm August 19th

    This bag would match my embroidery unit bag perfectly. I really need this.

  147. wrkgmom August 19th

    This is a great looking tote for using for sewing classes, sewing meetings and such

  148. Sberendsen August 19th

    I am a long time Bernina lover. I have owned five bernina machines and have a bernina calculator, stapler and would love to own more Bernina lover swag. I love your Threads Magazine also, keep up the great work.

  149. linnaj August 19th

    Would be the perfect tote to use for my software and embroidery classes. Hope I win!

  150. User avater RkayD August 19th

    I LOVE my Bernina and I'm not afraid to show it!

  151. CDL1222 August 19th

    Ah - I would use it as a book bag, the sewing librarian that I am!

  152. LindaSewsSome August 19th

    I love my Bernina!

  153. Patcollie August 19th

    NothIng sews like a Bernina!

  154. ArlenC August 19th

    I'd like to win this because contains items that I don't presently have. It would be a neat way to carry my things.

  155. desiree620 August 19th

    This would be such a great bag for carrying my quilting back and forth to the quilt shop! We are a non-profit quilt shop, run solely on donations, that makes and donates quilts to cancer patients and wounded military through Soldiers' Angels.

  156. user-908425 August 19th

    I have two Berninas-Love them both. I missed the chance to tour the factory when in Switzerland some years ago, so this would be the next best thing. I would carry these items with pride!

  157. foohoo August 19th

    This bag would be great for away from home sewing projects!!

  158. basketchick August 19th

    What a great bag and a fun way to tote all the things that I need.

  159. basketchick August 19th

    I would love to have a Swag Bag - what a fun way to tote everything!

  160. gram22015 August 19th

    Would love to have this bag to carry all my sewing tools when I do mending at a retirement home or when we mend for the homeless.

  161. Paceda August 19th

    This would be so awesome!

  162. mgrant7209 August 19th

    I'd love to use it to take hand work to my job; to show off that my favorite pastime is sewing-as if they don't already know it!

  163. User avater grandgaby August 19th

    It's my birthday this week, the bag would make a nice birthday present! I have had a Bernina for 41 years, my first one was the Bernina Junior and I bought it in Germany, my mother used to sell Bernina back in 1953 and her machine still works. Happy sewing everyone :)

  164. User avater stitchin_vixen August 19th

    pick me! pick me!

  165. Sylbia August 19th

    I would love the Bernina Bag to take with one of my 3 Berninas to the local Bernina store for class.

  166. jfbraverman August 19th

    I love my Bernina Machines!

  167. brendres August 19th

    Love my Bernina. best machine I ever owned!

  168. tmlester August 19th

    Thanks for offering this Swag Bag. I'd love to be able to keep ongoing projects and tools all in one place.

  169. paweis August 19th

    I'd love to have the bag to take along when I'm shopping. I am looking for a Bernina sewing machine and am so excited about trying them. I want one with the BSR.

  170. NancyLemonde August 19th

    I just purchased my first Bernina...I am hooked! I would love a Bernina bag to complete my purchase.

  171. user-2067325 August 19th

    Love my Bernina!

  172. User avater annenet August 19th

    I would love that bag! It would be great when I take stuff to class or go to our lake house!

  173. User avater quietlife August 19th

    This would be the perfect addition to my new 830 set up!
    Thanks in advance for picking me! :)

  174. relew August 19th

    I got my first Bernina, an Artista 730, 3 years ago. I absoluteley adore this machine. I now teach for my local Bernina dealer. I receive so much joy seeing my students react over what wonderful things this machine can do. Best money I ever spent!

  175. lindab7411 August 19th

    Tote bags are my passion....I'm sure that I need just one more (and the treats inside are an added bonus)!!

  176. eyesew August 19th

    Ideal gift package, I would use all the items all the time. Great advertising for a wonderful product. Love my Bernina.

  177. DolphinArtist67 August 19th

    I MUST have this Swag Bag so the my husband knows EXACTLY which brand of serger to buy to replace the one that was left in the barn and rusted over. Yes, he was the one to leave it in the barn.

  178. Barbara6 August 19th

    I love my Bernina! I'd love a bag to match!

  179. mommagamber August 19th

    LOVE my Bernina and would love to have this tote!!

  180. Quiltwerme August 19th

    I can't imagine NOT wanting to win such a neat prize!!! Thanks for even offering it! I LOVE my two Bernina first was a hand-me-down and my Aurora 440QE is a delight to use. Can I wave my hand and say "Pick me! Pick Me!"?

  181. Deb4330 August 19th

    I LOVE my Bernina and have been a faithful follower of Berninas since the 1990s. I would love to have the Swag Bag and its contents. I would put them to good use at my next quilt retreat!

  182. Robin58 August 19th

    Thank you for the chance to win this swell bag!

  183. Bordergirlsmom August 19th

    Whoo hoo looks like a great bag, good luck to everyone entered!

  184. kg55 August 19th

    I love Bernina machines, I have had 3 over the years. Would love to have the Bernina Swag Bag to carry to work every day.

  185. meyeresp August 19th

    I would love to win one of the bags... that way when I teach at the quilt store people can make fun of me even more for being the "Bernina nut"!

  186. alisoncat August 19th

    I love my Berninas and I'd love to show that off with all this great gear!

  187. User avater GypsyThread August 19th

    Practical AND fun? Who wouldn't want to win that combo? I'd love to tell people who asked, "I got this bag directly from Bernina."

  188. tonis August 19th

    I'd love it--it would even match my Bernina sewing machine.

  189. ELK5 August 19th

    Would love this Bernina bag.........would go very well with my Bernina 830 projects.

  190. PatHersl August 19th

    This would be wonderful--not just for me but I'm thinking as a guild treat for someone!

  191. DeirdreNF August 18th

    Looks very fun - I could spread the Bernina word even further!

  192. User avater SandyChavez August 18th

    What a cute bag. Right now, I still carry around the tote bag I made during my first year of marriage back in 1974. Perhaps I could give old faithful a break -- :-) Love love love my Bernina Artista 730.

  193. CapitolChick August 17th

    Given my obsession with sewing, I'd get a lot of use of the Bernina Swag Bag. But let's face it -- it would also make me the coolest sewer on my block.

  194. tshipe August 16th

    I inherited my first bee Ina from my mom... She used to sew my clothes when I was growing up.... My wedding dress was even sewn on a bernina.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  195. User avater AFLETCHER August 16th

    I would LOVE to have the Bernina Swag Bag! Not only is it fun to win something (i never have but somehow i know it'd be fun lol) but to win something cool from Bernina would be an extremely awesome event!! And believe me.... my life needs some awesomeness right now! Just had surgery and i need something fun to play with! xoxo

  196. Sherri2sew August 16th

    I am a big Bernina fan, with a Bernina 1230 and a Bernina serger. Someday, I'll get one of the more recent models, but never am I letting go of my 1230! With the Swag bag, I'll flaunt my Bernina love wherever I use the mug, cup, tote, or flash drive!!!

  197. Pearlprincess182 August 16th

    I would love to win this bag!!!!

  198. User avater elizabeth001au August 16th

    Im in need of another bag to cary my sewing bits and pieces to fashion school. The stainless steel mug would help me though the day with a caffine fix!

  199. User avater kaitui_kiwi August 15th

    I'd love to win a swag bag, I am a newly converted Bernina fan after buying my 1150MDA overlocker, now I am secretly planning my next sewing machine purchase on the Bernina site ;) Shh! Don't tell my hubby, haha!

  200. costaff1 August 15th

    What a pretty tote! I could use one like that to carry my sewing to my sewing guild meeting and back. :)

  201. User avater Out_West August 15th

    I would love to have a Bernina Swag Bag. I am such a fan of Bernina! I have 2 Berninas: my first in 1982, my second in 1999. And I bought a used Bernina for my daughter, a 1992 model. And I would happily tote the bag around and advertise for Bernina!

  202. susan718 August 15th

    i would love to win this bag! maybe someday I will even have a bernina machine.

  203. User avater WillaMcNeill August 15th

    Looks like a fun prize. If I leave home, I generally have a need for all the goodies on your list. I frequently drag the Bernina, the laptop, the iPad, the cell phone and a great big thirst!

  204. sgkaiser August 15th

    I would love to have a Bernina Swag Bag. I would have it ready to go and take it to every sewing class.

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