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Win a One-Year Threads Insider Membership!

May 12, 2013
Article Image

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended and the winners have been notified. Thank you for participating!

Threads Insider, our online membership, has just passed the one-year mark and we couldn’t be more thrilled. To kickoff our anniversary celebration, we’re giving away three (3) one-year Threads Insider online memberships! If you’re already an Insider, stay tuned as we’ve lined up some more great prizes and giveaways in the coming weeks.


Leave a comment detailing why you would like to become a Threads Insider and you may win a one-year membership! Entries must be made by 11:59 p.m. EDT on May 18, 2013. The three (3) winners will be randomly chosen, notified via e-mail, and announced the week of 5/19.

As a Threads Insider you will have exclusive unlimited access to:

  • 80+ online videos demonstrating new skills and techniques (Teach Yourself to Sew, Industry Insider Techniques, Couture Basics, & more)
  • The Threads Insider pattern database with over 100 patterns
  • Exclusive downloads of popular Threads articles
  • Digital access to our most recent issues of Threads online
  • Tablet editions of Threads (iPad and Windows with Andriod coming soon)
  • Our insider-only 360-degree garment viewer
  • Automatic entry into monthly giveaways
  • Other special member discounts and offers

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  1. User avater angelap May 28th

    I would love to win this for the insider tips & techniques! Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. User avater jamama May 27th

    Yes! I'm in!

  3. zoe1 May 24th

    My first issue of Threads is #28 and I have faithfully purchased every issue since. Your articles are a mainstay for my sewing. What better way to contiue with my renewal than winning a year's subscription.

  4. MomOnTheFly May 22nd

    I would love to get your magazine. I love the tips from your newsletters and it has given me inspiration to start sewing again after a six year hiatus.

  5. user-934542 May 21st

    Threads is my ultimate source for "how to" information. I am a novice seamstress but my enthusiasm is boundless. I have so many ideas but Threads is the only way I can envision the actual projects. Your print magazine is wonderful but your archives offer so much more. Thank you for the fabulous resource. You guys are awesome!


  6. rlt May 21st

    Threads magazine is the best sewing magazine in the world. I never want to be without it.

  7. jayned May 21st

    What a special treat it would be to have Threads arriving at my doorstep on a regular basis...just like opening a box of my favorite chocolates. It's speeding cover to cover with no stopping and then going back to relish each delicious bite. Will my wish come true?

  8. user-1109495 May 21st

    I would like a year's subscription to Threads because I have a broken foot and will be in a cast for 12 weeks. I have been sewing since I was a little girl and love Threads magazine.

  9. user-2394274 May 21st

    Love Threads would love to win Thanks

  10. LeandaM May 19th

    Oh how I would love to be an Insider. Hard to type with my fingers so firmly crossed. Seriously though, threads is just fantastic and I would love access to the resources you listed. Would be so excited.....

  11. user-2501108 May 18th

    I got the idea for making my own clothing because nothing off the rack fit me! But the notion of sewing, of being a seamstress in my own right was also a way for me to get close to my grandma...she's so important to me and I love having something to discuss with her. I always remember the things she made me growing up and last year she gave me a sewing machine. It brings me such joy to call her and talk about my current sewing project but I am certainly a novice! Finding Threads Magazine has helped me more than anything else! I can honestly say I don't think I would have made any successful garment without the great wealth of knowledge and insight I have found here. To win a one year membership would be so wonderful!!

  12. tzipi May 18th

    I wish I sewed as much as I read and learn about sewing. In will just add to my pleasure!!!

  13. Sewmeister May 18th

    Threads has been the only magazine that I look forward to seeing at the grocery store and buying. I have purchased every one for years and wish I had found the magazine earlier. I missed so many great articles that were published in the beginning of publication. To have an insider membership would be great.

  14. User avater Mimi_Oh May 18th

    I would love to receive a membership to Threads Insider to have access to all the couture sewing techniques that have been offered in the pages of Threads. I enjoy trying these techniques out as well as learning new ones. To have access to that data base would be wonderful. Good Luck to all...

  15. LAR9 May 18th

    I would love to be able to enjoy Threads on my newly acquired Kindle!

  16. Pat75 May 18th

    Insider is so much easier for me to read due to the lighted screen. I can enlarge the print where as with the magazine though I also take it, at this time it is not easily read. All this due to some eye surgery I have recently had. The Insider has so much to offer it is a shame every sewer doesn't respond to the web subscription. I would love to win the subscription.

  17. wolfkit May 18th

    Truthfully, this is the chance to peruse and use information that I can't afford to access at this time.

  18. magickarma May 17th

    I'd love to win a Threads Insider Membership and all the perks it entails :-) What fun!

  19. user-1127959 May 17th

    Win or not I will always be a threads magazine and insider subscriber for life. Love, Love, Love everything about Threads. Newly going back to sewing 1 year ago I don"t know how I would live without you.

  20. User avater Concordiabelle May 17th

    As a life-time subscriber of THREADS (I have every issue, plus the DVDs), and diehard fan, I spend a fair amount of time using skills I've learned from your experts. Now that I have more time to "play" with my sewing machine, I'm looking for new techniques and ideas to run with. THREADS online is my newest BFF, and I'm so excited!

  21. User avater daisydo May 17th

    Because Threads is the best, there is nothing as good as Threads I live in Holland and we don't have anything like Threads insider,so I hope I have a chance to win it
    Greetings Daisy

  22. emilynd06 May 17th

    I've really been looking to step up my sewing game with more professional techniques. A Threads Insider membership would be a great boost!

  23. brinbella May 17th

    I would like to graduate from making dog beds and dog truck covers made from dog food bags. I would also really like to make something I can wear more than once. Something I want to wear multiple times because it fits well and I love it, not once because I put the effort into making it. I would like to learn more about fittings and fabrics and techniques - something dog beds and truck covers do not need. I have put everything I have into our sled dog kennel for years (, and now I want to put some time and umpf into me!

  24. User avater agapantha May 17th

    Because like the ad says:

    As a Threads Insider you will have exclusive unlimited access to:
    •80+ online videos demonstrating new skills and techniques (Teach Yourself to Sew, Industry Insider Techniques, Couture Basics, & more)
    •The Threads Insider pattern database with over 100 patterns
    •Exclusive downloads of popular Threads articles
    •Digital access to our most recent issues of Threads online
    •Tablet editions of Threads (iPad and Windows with Andriod coming this summer)

    •Our insider-only 360-degree garment viewer
    •Automatic entry into monthly giveaways
    •Other special member discounts and offers

  25. I'm just now coming back into garment sewing after leaving a fulltime job for early retirement, haven't made much in the last ten years. I NEED a new wardrobe for my new lifestyle and can foresee how Threads Insider would help me to achieve my goal of a closetful of new clothes! Thank you for this opportunity.

  26. User avater Robyn_sews May 16th

    It would be really great to win this. I am sure there is so much information that I could use.

  27. user-943655 May 16th

    I get really excited just thinking about winning this. I suspect that once you have become an insider you would have to stay one as you would know what you were missing. Got my fingers crossed so hard....

  28. ustabahippie May 16th

    I'd love to win.

  29. User avater Mimsy1 May 16th

    Let's face it, 'Insiders' get the inside scoop on everything! Sewing trends, techniques and tutorials are just a click away. With 'Insiders', sewing skills and fashion savvy come together in patterned bliss. Who DOESN'T want to be an 'Insider'!

  30. User avater moviedoll May 16th

    I'd love to be an insider so i could get access to the tips and tricks offered.

  31. User avater barbara_hf May 16th

    When a friend gave me all her old Threads magazines I never dreamed it would be the boost I needed to kick my sewing skills up to a professional level. After I read them all, I started my subscription and bought the Archive so I could look things up quicker. Now, I'm a professional with a small but growing sewing business. Being a Threads Insider would give me the inside track to improving my skills even more. And since I've sunk a lot of my money into start-up costs, a free year would be fantastic!

  32. User avater shreya_l May 16th

    Would love to have the subscription. To learn and to improve my existing skill.

  33. Iliana May 16th

    I would love to be an insider. I have done very little sewing in the past year or so but now I am ready to get back into it. Having the resources like Threads Insider would be a great step into getting back into the "stitch" of things.
    Thanks and have a wonderful day.

  34. User avater lpeirce May 16th

    Every bit of information that is available from Threads is wonderful. I only wish I had more time to sew, than I could put all the material to use. Thank you for your excellent publications.

  35. User avater JudyHerink May 16th

    I am completely addicted to Threads magazine....each issue brings me something that I can use in my sewing life. Having a subscription to Insider excites me!!

  36. Deej007 May 16th

    I get so much help and so many ideas from Threads! What could be better than a free year?

  37. flairyfairy May 16th

    I really love to sew.I came across this site while searching for boning and ever since i've been hooked.It's really tops! very informitive!
    I would love to become an insider coz i guess it has many tips and tricks which would be very, awesomely helpful.
    Welldone to you'lls wonderful work

  38. fabricstitcher May 16th

    I sew love Threads - and being an insider is just icing on the cake!

  39. Susan545 May 16th

    I love Threads magazine. And love being an insider.

  40. joanneclp May 16th

    I started sewing from scratch three years ago - all thanks for advice and tips from Threads. The knowledge gained from reading the magazine helped me complete a couture evening gown for my five-year old daughter. I would love to improve my skills further with Insider!

  41. BevP May 16th

    I want to be one of the 'In' crowd.

  42. User avater mgraceh1 May 16th

    Would love to try Threads insider free for a year. Have been a subscriber of Threads for many, many years. Threads Insider would be fun to also have.

  43. user-879958 May 16th

    I have wanted to make beautiful modern garments all my life. I have many books detailing techniques, but non as useful to me as your Threads Magazine and Web Pages.
    I would love to become a Threads Insider Member to learn more.
    Many thanks for how you have already helped and inspired me.

  44. TwistedFabric May 16th


    I live in Germany and have subscribed to Threads because nothing comparable exists in German. I would love to become an Threads insider and gain even more access to professional sewing secrets made available to the home seamstress.

    I love that the information is online and readily available when I am ready to sew.

  45. User avater user-1116102 May 15th

    I have always wanted to be one of the in crowd.

  46. Tamra May 15th

    Threads has always been my favorite sewing magazine. I have been a subscriber since 1992. Becoming an Insider would be a great birthday present!

  47. User avater SansSouci572 May 15th

    I have been reading Threads for a couple decades, at least..when it also had knitting and such in it.
    I have never been an insider though!

  48. merilynne May 15th

    I just retired from 25 years of teaching college English (at age 75) and am now ready to spend more time with my first love--sewing!

  49. lag21479 May 15th

    I would love to have a subscription to Threads Insider! I can always use tips and ideas to improve my sewing skills.

  50. user-2032643 May 15th

    I want an Insider membership for my mother, who taught me to sew long ago, and is now retired and sewing like a maniac.

  51. User avater Karennn May 15th

    I am retired and have recently begun to sew once again....I am behind in the new techniques and need to brush up on old skills. Sewing has less calories than cooking so I have decided to sew again! Your insider sounds great!

  52. StitchinTam May 15th

    I love the extra photos that you post online, and the videos and downloadables. I do so much online these days, and I appreciate having so many great resources in one place! You always have something new for me to learn, and I love being able to reference your materials with my tablet set up NEXT TO my sewing machine. :-)

  53. BGeigle May 15th

    I have been buying the magazine for as long as I can remember. I love all the tips and ideas for things that give me a better idea of how to do something, as well as how to's that I had no idea how to do. I wish that more mens clothing ideas were featured, but I will take what I can get. A good tip/idea is a good tip/idea

  54. 4Tiger May 15th

    I have been a Threads magazine subscriber for year and really enjoy your magazine. I look forward to receiving each issue and always find something I need to know in each issue. I have been an insider subsciber for the past year and didn't realise the subscriptions were due again. I would love the chance to win a free subscription and keep in touch with the wonderful articles and demonstrations you have.

  55. jjsm00 May 15th

    I need all the help and inspiration I can get! Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. User avater NitaDee May 15th

    I have used Threads Magazine as a sewing resource for years. It is my go to reference for all sorts of techniques. Being an "Insider" seems to be a natural progression of things. Winning a free subscription will make it just that much more exciting. This sounds like so much fun! I can hardly wait for 5/19.... Good Luck all!!

  57. CAS48 May 15th

    I really want to learn to sew correctly and love what I've seen of Threads.

  58. User avater pelicanmom May 15th


  59. ivy_rose May 15th

    I am more of a visual learner, so it makes it easier to understand how something is created if I can literally see how it is being done in real time, not just by photos.

  60. Swedey May 15th

    My mom taught me to sew when I was 10 and that is when I made my first blouse. I have been sewing every since. I recently switched careers to button designer/maker and now I am able to sew my own clothes, adorned with my own buttons. The benefits of having a membership to THREADS INSIDER would be endless. Mostly it would increase my sewing knowledge and help to improve my technique.

  61. User avater DinaSews May 15th

    I have been reading Threads magazine for 20+ years (can that be right?!). It really sharpened my sewing skills in the day and continues to be my main source for sewing entertainment. Now that both of my kids will be in college, I'm starting to sew for myself again. I'd love to be a Threads Insider so I can access sewing information between magazines!

  62. januarypaula May 15th

    I just re-subscribed to the magazine and Insider, but it is a bit much to lay out at one time. Winning a year of Insider would really be nice because I really do enjoy all the wonderful sewing information that you share with your readers. (I really do wish it was shared for free, so those who can't afford to purchase the subscriptions, but are eager to learn the techniques, would be able to.)

  63. jrdesigns May 15th

    I know the value of being "in" and it's priceless! Inspiration,motivation and fabrication all rolled "IN"

  64. user-257574 May 15th

    I love Threads magazine. Becoming an Insider would help me improve my sewing skills with easy access to all the how-to articles I need. It would help me get re-acquainted with sewing for myself.

  65. PatHersl May 15th

    Threads is so absolutely gorgeous besides informative. Who wouldn't want anything to come off those presses? It's where I go for my education these days.

  66. Threads magazine rocks! Would love to add Insider to my sewing resources. Lots and lots of fabric and need inspiration to get me moving.

  67. user-1060778 May 15th

    I love Threads magazine, but couldn't afford to subscribe to Insider too. Recently laid off and have the time to sew and having Insider would be a huge plus for me.

  68. vabney May 15th

    It would be great to have another resource at my fingertips! Would love to try it out.

  69. User avater She_She May 15th

    I would love to win a threads insider so I can bring my sewing to a new level. Life has changed for me and I will be needing a new wardrobe, so, will be sewing more than ever.

  70. kaychan May 15th

    Already a member, and plan to stay that way. :)

  71. User avater Jeanne_B1 May 15th

    I have learned a lot from the weekly Threads newsletter, and I enjoy the magazine at the library. I would love to be an Insider for more online learning.

  72. garnet128 May 15th

    I would love to win a one year Threads Insider sub so that I may continue to enjoy the wealth of knowledge that it brings to me. I already subscribe and think it is truly the best info ever. Winning a years worth would just be the icing on the cake.

  73. User avater TiffanyVictoria May 15th

    I would love to become an insider! I love to try new techniques and am always looking for shortcuts!


  74. User avater ZiggyDiane May 15th

    I've sewn since I was in my teens, and now that I am retired & gave the time I look forward to reading the Threads magazine @ the library each month. With mobility issues, having access to online: past issues & articles, the pattern database and videos would be great. Threads provides me with inspiration and incredibly understandable "know-how". Thanks from a grateful reader.

  75. LivingLRG May 15th

    I have loved being a Threads Insider Member - I have promoted this website to all my sewing friends and they've joined too!!! I feel I deserve a free membership for next year. I love this site!!!

  76. User avater ncquilter May 15th

    Love, love Threads magazine, I am either sewing or thinking about sewing every day. It's a way of life!

  77. ambrerose May 15th

    My mother used to have thread magazines all over the house when I was growing up and I liked looking at the pictures. Now that I am older and can sew, I would love to be able to read the articles too. So much useful information to help me become a great sewer like my mom.

  78. colleency May 15th

    I would like to be a Threads insider, because I get inspiration from Threads magazine, and I would love to get inspiration online, too!

  79. sew55 May 15th

    I would love to win and become a Threads Insider. I absolutely love the magazine and all of the great ideas.

  80. user-1127959 May 15th

    I absolutely love this site and use it very frequently. unfortunately I ive on a limited income and just renewed my magazine subscription (which I can't live without) and cant afford to renew til next month. I would be so excited to win this so I could continue using this fabulous educational site. I have already learned so much invaluble info already and would love to continue this rocess.

  81. gailwatts May 15th

    I by chance came chance came across a collection of "Threads" magazines at a thrift store and bought the entre collection which was about 20 magazines. I have enjoyed them. No matte how old an edition there is always advice that that can be used. Not to mention the vintage ideas are great to incorporate into my current sewing projects. I would enjoy being able to see so current issues. I have been unemployed for 2 years now and have resorted to sewing my own business clothing for job interviews I was lucky to inherit from 2 mothers a huge assortment of yardage. I window shop to get ideas and try to alter patterns accordingly. Would love current advice to keep in style during this trying time.

  82. DueWest May 15th

    Threads Insider would be a nice addition to my sewing.

  83. User avater DebyAnn May 15th

    Why not? It looks like it would be interesting. And, with the magazine becoming available for Android this summer, it would be well worth it to be an "Insider".

  84. MagaliLT May 15th

    I would love to win the subscription, since losing my job, I've downsize on some things and I sew from my stash. Winning the subscription would give me the chance to continue learning new tricks and give me ideas at no cost.

  85. I9 May 15th

    I make most my dresses and my kids too. I really enjoy it. I learn a lot from the online tutorials and the threads magazine I purchase from Joanns. Winning a one year subscription would be great as I would be able to learn more new things.

  86. user-2155947 May 15th

    Would LOVE to see what I'm missing out on!

  87. SWoerner May 15th

    I just recently gave in and subscribed to Threads magazine after over a year of receiving emails, and buying them at the store. I sincerely want to get back into sewing after a long break and thanks to your site, I have learned new techniques that used to take me forever to do, also the reason for buying the magazine. To be able to join the insider would be a terrific asset to helping me to keep learning and even possibly attempting something I never would have in the past. Sewing has always been a hobby of mine and I have the time now to do what I always wanted to do.

  88. User avater gypsysue May 15th

    Wow. To have access to Threads' incredible library at my fingertip would be invaluable. I love your magazine and have been a subscriber for several years and have learned so much. Sue in Minnesota

  89. GardenFirst May 15th

    I would love to be able to access the videos! I am a Threads reader, but the videos provide an added learning tool. Thanks for making sewing so fun.

  90. User avater 416 May 15th

    It would be a joyful occasion for me to have Threads Insider in my home to watch at my convenience and learn how to make new things professionally. I do have many copies of the printed editions and I am a current subscriber but at my age seeing is better than reading. Thanks for offering this gift to all of us.

  91. Count me inM

  92. DancingNeedle May 15th

    I love reading every issue of Threads from cover to cover. I love the projects, however, I wish I knew where to buy the fabulous fabric used in these projects. I am reluctant to purchase fabric over the internet as I can not feel the fabric in advance. Hopefully, Threads Insider will provide these details.

  93. User avater sewold May 15th

    I have been sewing for over 60 years and still need to learn! Several times I have looked at hints on the website and thought it might be good to be and "insider". This would be a great way to test the waters. I'm sure I would benefit from the information.

  94. ReddG May 15th

    I check out the insider each and everyday. I have watched all the videos and learned so much. I also read new articles every day.
    Thank you so much for the great information.

  95. User avater jamaco May 15th

    Insider offers so many benefits!

  96. grisel May 15th

    I am fairly new to this I would say about a year. I love love love these emails that I receive from Threads. Very informative.....I have learned so much...........It is an expensive magazine but well worth it. I would love to WIN a year's subscription to Threads Insider Magazine especially in times like now.

  97. abhigeet May 15th

    It is everything a professional sewer needs. I am a budding fashion designer and have never seen any magazine so informative. I would just love to be an insider :)

  98. ridgetop01 May 15th

    "Threads" is simply the best sewing magazine out there today, in terms of techniques and useful information. Of course I want to be an "Insider"!!

  99. user-941801 May 15th

    What else is need to say? You enumerated it all; it is great to have such companion tool...I am pretty sure that Threads Insider will be one of my best friends in my sawing adventure.

  100. CynthiaT59 May 15th

    Now that I am an "Empty Nester"- i have more time to sew. threads has a way of teaching techniques to help me take my sewing skills to the next level.

  101. facsteacher2001 May 15th

    I have been a Threads Magazine subscriber for years. The insider is such a great complement to the magazine. I learn so much from the articles, tips, and videos provided by both. I would love to win a year's subscription to the Insider.

  102. user-2334979 May 15th

    This would be so helpful to me - I have been "stuck" at the intermediate level for YEARS now. I think this might be the tool I need to get me to the next level.


  103. user-1109481 May 15th

    I joined last year and enjoyed it so much. I really learnt a lot. Then life interupted and I couldn't sign up this year. It would be a nice Birthday present for me. Love Threads Magazine and all of the on line info.

  104. GTully May 15th

    This would so help me with all my sewing problems/questions! I keep saving lots of the emails from threads to go back to review techniques and ideas. What a wonderful contest! Thanks!

  105. upnseams2u May 15th

    well b/c I can see that being and inside is a win win situation. I like being n the loop and not out. You get access to exclusives and that's always a bonus. Thnx for the chance to win.

  106. boydsews May 15th

    I have been helping a friend create a dress for her daughter's wedding. She had a picture but no pattern so we were working through how to construct the garment. At one point she said, I probably thought it was silly of her to be trying to include so many fussy details. I said I thought that if we were going to sew, especially silk, the fun was making it a special as we could, including couture details such as hand picked zippers. After that she told me the project became more fun. When I sew, I am not trying to duplicate ready made, I am trying to create something beautiful. That is why I read Threads. And that is why a free subscription to the Insider, would be valued by me.

  107. teakdvd May 15th

    I love to win, been a Threads subscriber for many years till recently but continue purchasing them at our local newsagent.
    Having a insight to all that Threads Insider offers would be a dream. I would be the envy to all my friend sewers over this side of the world.

  108. Petit_P May 15th

    Just getting back into sewing. Would love to have the resources that Threads Insider provides.

  109. user-877020 May 15th

    I would love a Threads insider subscription, we have just got an ipad and it would be great to be able to download the articles and videos as well as the most recent magazines! I had to temporarily cancel my print subscription due to lack of funds when I had a baby, so this would be fantastic!

  110. user-1090247 May 15th

    Threads magazine has given me heaps of information and I am certain Threads insider would provide me with more informative sources and techniques...

  111. User avater Chefti May 15th

    I am in the UK and it can be hard to find resources to help with my dressmaking. I find Threads Insider invaluable because it gives me the access to the sort of help I need, so a free subscription would be wonderful for me.

  112. User avater SewSam May 15th

    Sewing is my passion. I'd love to have access to and be able to read all the information that is available on the Threads Insider.

  113. user-2129126 May 15th

    I am learning to sew and I love it. It would be nice to win the memmbership to have acces to all those great lessons and wonderful pattern to study on. Even if I don't win, thank you for all the great work.

  114. DLore May 15th

    I am just starting to sew again, after a 25 year hiatus, and would LOVE a free membership to Threads Insider! I am so excited to see all the wonderful sewing resources available online now-a-days - things sure have changed since I last sewed! I would absolutely love to explore all of the wonderful resources available as a Threads Insider - how inspiring!

  115. dollsntpartys May 15th

    It would be a fabulous Birthday present to ME! I love the magazine and refer to it all the time.

  116. Jezziez May 15th

    I love sewing cloaths for my kids and now started sewing for me. Because this is a totally different approach on sewing, I would love to be an insider with all the wonderful tipps on how to do it right.

  117. user-1111469 May 15th

    Having "Threads" at my finger tips is like having my Mum right beside me and asking "how do you?" My Mum was a wealth of information and "sew" is "Threads"
    ...and now I am an "Insider" and life just gets better and better!

  118. User avater turkishsheila May 15th

    I would love to win a membership, as I live in Turkey and am starved of English written magazines. I still need instructions and motivation, which I only get when I go home.
    Thanks. Sheila

  119. User avater turkishsheila May 15th

    I would love to win a membership, as I live in Turkey and am starved of English written magazines. I still need instructions and motivation, which I only get when I go home.
    Thanks. Sheila

  120. User avater aimler May 15th

    Becoming a Threads Insider would be great. Keeping up on the latest always helps even experienced sewers. It gives us new ideas and creative shortcuts. Winning would be wonderful.

  121. grami May 15th

    Having enjoyed sewing for over fifty years, sometimes out of necessity, and without taking any really formal classes, it would be wonderful to have Insider Threads to refer to for all the new techniques. I know I would learn a great deal from it, and now I have so much more time to invest in this hobby and learn some of the secrets of the industry to enhance my sewing. It sure would be nice to win this subscription. Thanks for the opportunity.

  122. LindaG7 May 15th

    I'd love to be a Threads "Insider" and have access to all the extra features.
    The patterns, videos, and discounts are the best features for me. They would be a great supplement to the magazine that I've read since its early days in the 80s! Such a great resource for learning and refining my skills.

  123. lorrainem May 14th

    I know I could appreciate at least 79 of the 80+ online videos demonstrating new skills and techniques (Teach Yourself to Sew, Industry Insider Techniques, Couture Basics, & more)

    I know I would use at least 99 of The Threads Insider pattern database with over 100 patterns

    I know I would not ignore the Exclusive downloads of popular Threads articles

    All of my 10 digits would be typing away to get the Digital access to the most recent issues of Threads online

    Are you convinced!

    •Our insider-only 360-degree garment viewer
    •Automatic entry into monthly giveaways
    •Other special member discounts and offers

  124. User avater sharjor May 14th

    I would like so much like to have the membership to Threads insider. As it is I already check your website and use many if the good ideas and lessons.

  125. User avater Mommacubby May 14th

    I am inspired by your magazine, but having access to so much knowledge would take my inspiration and imagination beyond the limits.

  126. tkdla May 14th

    This would be great!

  127. Muppet May 14th

    I have always loved to sew and love learning as much as I can. To become a Threads insider would be a terrific learning tool. Whoever wins will be so fortunate!

  128. User avater aindava May 14th

    I'd love to win to gain access to the videos -- I'm a visual learner and I've found learn-by-watching is my best bet!

  129. User avater Miira May 14th

    I too love the tutorials. I don't have as much time as I would like to sew. But when I do sew, I like to make something special. It gives me pleasure when the inside is as beautiful as the outside, and the fit is immaculate.

  130. hilobelle May 14th

    I enjoy the how-to videos on the Threads website, but I'd love to be a Threads Insider so I can learn even more and improve my garment-making skills. I've been a pretty good quilter for many years, although I've always felt a bit intimidated when it comes to garment construction. I never seem to get the fit quite right. In recent years I've been working with foster children and many of the teen girls (and boys!) are interested in sewing. I'd like to set up an after-school sewing club for the kids. As an Insider I'd have access to Threads patterns, articles, and videos to improve my skills enough so I can help the kids to get as much enjoyment from sewing as I do.

  131. user-2363703 May 14th

    I love Threads Insider. I joined a couple of months ago, and will always make sure my membership is up to date. I also receive the Threads Magazine and wait anxiously for the next one to come out. Keep up the good work.

  132. kd_K May 14th

    Threads Insider is a wonderful resource. Would love to have access to more Threads information. Thank you for the chance.

  133. WeeScotLass May 14th

    Ideas, methods, helpful instructions, professional consultants, just to name a few Your online magazine is the best one offering all these things, and the one I depend on to get me through the scrapes I seem to get into. I have learned many new ways of doings things that have helped me simplify and improve my craft.
    I look forward to every new issue.
    Keep them coming.....
    Thank you sincerely.

  134. doreenlinehan May 14th

    I would love to become a Threads Insider to help me figure out how to sew better. I'd really like to develop better skill and techniques. My level is pretty basic right now.

  135. User avater angelap May 14th

    I would love to win this for all of the perks of membership, but the one I'd go to first is the insider's techniques.

  136. Sewcreate May 14th

    Since becoming a widow, my focus on sewing has dramatically shifted; therefore, I desire to bring 'life' back into my life again. What this means to me is to create, shape, learn, etc. about fashion, fabrics, and the fine art of sewing; thus, the Threads insider would enable me to do all! It would bring pure enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction into my life as someone would be wearing what I made!

  137. DesignsbyNeedles May 14th

    I started sewing in junior high, made my prom dress, maternity clothes, and now sew doll clothes for grandchildren and blankets for project Linus. And... I still sew for myself! I love Threads and it inspires me to try so much more. To be a Thread's insider would be the ultimate.

  138. smonakey May 14th

    I'm a huge Threads fan & am always wowed by the info in the magazine & on the site. I'm already an insider, but I'd love a free renewal.

  139. User avater sandipratt May 14th

    Hi !
    I really need to be an insider. It has so much stuff I need to learn and use, I would be forever grateful....Sandi P

  140. User avater flowerlady1311 May 14th

    would be a great way for me to learn more about sewing

  141. User avater user-1113622 May 14th

    I have been sewing since I was 13 years old, I will be 59 in May. Receiving a year free subscription from Threads Insider would be my perfect Birthday gift. They are so many articles to learn from,my sewing have become more professional and unique by reading and watching the videos of the different creative techniques. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  142. user-2426022 May 14th

    The magazine TREADS give so much information I can only imagine that the INSIDER will have so much more valuable articles and tutorials for me as a sewer that always want to know more to get what I make look professional. That is the reason I would like to become a INSIDER member.

  143. Weena May 14th

    I love Threads magazine, and I would love to win a membership to Threads Insider to help me increase my knowledge. Access to videos would be a great help to me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  144. amhourihan May 14th

    I would love to win the Insider membership to Threads to help sharpen my sewing and quilting skills. It's such fun!

  145. User avater BarbaraKathleen May 14th

    How I would love to win the Insider membership. I've been buying the magazine for years on the newsstand, as I can't afford the six-issue subscription. I've learned so much from the magazine and love the detailed photographs. I learned to sew in junior high school and have been sewing ever since. I am now 61 and love all kinds of sewing, especially quilting. Thank you for this opportunity!

  146. User avater BarbaraKathleen May 14th

    How I would love to win the Insider membership. I've been buying the magazine for years on the newsstand, as I can't afford the six-issue subscription. I've learned so much from the magazine and love the detailed photographs. I learned to sew in junior high school and have been sewing ever since. I am now 61 and love all kinds of sewing, especially quilting.

  147. rhugs May 14th

    Just love the magazine. Read it from cover to cover. Daughter & grankids grab it too when visiting. I have learned so much (and purchased so many of the advertised "aids" to sewing). Keep 'em coming please!!!
    Rosemary - Morayfield, Queensland, Australia

  148. mclcat May 14th

    I love all the inspiration and information I find in Threads. It would be great to have access to all the videos as I learn best by watching someone demonstrate what I am trying to learn.

  149. KharminJ May 14th

    I devour every issue of Threads the instant it comes in the house! Having *more* information and how-tos (and even more important: the WHY-tos) available, over and over, would be amazing.

  150. User avater Emilly54 May 14th

    I would be thrilled to be a Threads Insider. I want to teach my Granddaughters to sew, and there is so much more that I could

  151. rubabhthreads May 14th

    Threads insider tips, techniques greatly help me to successfully complete my projects at fashion school. Love it!!

  152. craftretiree May 14th

    Eventhough I learned to sew in grade school, I really didn't sew until these last few years since I retired. But I am a 'timid' sewer. I have been learning new techniques from you from your emails. It would be wonderful to win Threads insider 'sew' I could learn 'sew' much more!

  153. User avater JBeanne May 14th

    Threads Magazine is such an inspiration to me! I'm a 4-H leader of a sewing and modeling focused club and many demonstrations have come from articles on techniques to embellish, manipulate, and improve on regular sewing. Every time the next magazine comes in the mail I feel like it is Christmas or my birthday, I'm so excited! In all your "randomness" I hope you pick me to be a Threads Insider!

  154. sewandgolf May 14th

    I am always looking for additional/new sewing information/how-tos. I have been sewing for many years and it is part of my "therapy". A happy sewer/embroiderer is a happy wife.

  155. User avater Breezy35 May 14th

    My reasons for wanting this is that I have learned so much already from the magazines that I bought I want to learn everything that I can about garments fabric threads other seamstress and enthusiast that have the same desires to sew everything that I wear and know that the fit is right the fabrics jive the threads don't pop while moving and knowing that there is not an exact duplicate and I made it myself

  156. User avater user-2471903 May 14th

    I live in Brazil, and It's difficult and expensive for me to buy the magazine. The Insider is really perfect for me, I can see everything I need online!

  157. EmSewCrazy May 14th

    I'd love to become a Threads insider so I could watch the technic videos. I picked up several great tips during my trial period and would love to have the chance to learn more.

  158. user-577824 May 14th

    I really would enjoy and benafit from being able to get all the latest

    news and also the tried and true sewing facts and notions.

    The videos also are so helpful.

  159. kea May 14th

    I would love to win would be great to learn more and improve my sewing skills

  160. MsWhimsey May 14th

    I have had years when I was bold and sewed just about anything. For the last ten years, I have been away from sewing, so winning a year's subscription to Threads Insider would be a way to catch up on fabrics, sewing machines, techniques, and just the comraderie of fellow sewists. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I am one of the lucky winners to have this fabulous sewing resource at hand. :)

  161. User avater BlueMoon60 May 14th

    I learned to sew as a child from my Mom, since she made most of my clothes when I was growing up in the 60's. I tease her by saying "I think I spent half my childhood standing on the antique oak farm table, while you pinned the hems of the dresses I wore!" I can remember being so proud of my first complete "ensemble", a 3 piece polyester "Leisure Suit" for one of my older brothers. This Christmas, I gave my 10 year old daughter her first sewing machine. A subscription to Threads Insider would be a great teaching tool for us to share, and she would be inspired by all of the great features available online. Kids these days seem to prefer "online" anything, to the old school methods of my past!

  162. Miquilter May 14th

    The subscription to Threads Insider would be great! I have sewn for many years - my own clothes, clothes for my children ( including dance dresses and equestrian outfits) , and more recently quilts and quilted jackets. Despite these years of sewing, I want to refine and improve my technique. Threads Insider would be a great assistance to realizing this goal.

  163. Cherlyn May 14th

    Threads has become one of my favorite sources for learning new techniques. I have been sewing since I was 12 years old, back in the day when your mother taught you to sew; so when I was in home ec class, I discovered I knew more than most of the first time sewers in the class! I have become less fearful of re-designing a bought pattern so that I can create my own look. I enjoy the magazine very much and look forward to every issue!

  164. user-2308777 May 14th

    I've always wanted to learn how to sew but was discouraged by my parents, and after graduating from a degree in economics and years of working in a bank, I felt like something was missing. I remembered my original passion for sewing and started to work on it... Getting back to my dream has renewed my spirit! And Threads magazine is the perfect companion for getting to those little details I am not sure how to tackle on my own.

  165. prpr May 14th

    As a long-time but average sewer who wants to improve, I know that Threads Insider would really give me many resources to learn more professional techniques.

  166. User avater jroach May 14th

    It would be a blessing to me if I could win Threads insider.

  167. Gytha May 14th

    Since I've decided to start sewing again, I find that Threads magazine is a great learning tool. Becoming an Insider member would allow me to take my beginning sewing skills to a new level. Thanks!

  168. user-1109509 May 14th

    I love being able to view Louise Cuttings sessions over & over again till I understand or know exactly what to do...she gives great...awesome ... instructions...thanks sew much!

  169. User avater HeavenlyPrincess May 14th

    I'd love to become an insider! As an aspiring designer, Threads has taught me so much. I know I'd learn even more as an insider.

  170. Dmt6orr May 14th

    I've been waiting for someone to ask for ideas for a gift I would love and finally had the chance to request a subscription to Threads. Imagine my delight when I received a THREE-YEAR subscription for Mother's Day!!! I was twice as delighted to discover that I could also access the magazine on my iPad! Now all I could hope for is a membership as a Threads insider. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win a years membership!

  171. Shirley57 May 14th

    I have just retired and finally have time to sew again. I would love to be a Threads Insider, so I can update my knowledge on latest products and techniques. I have just purchased a new sewing machine, after 35 years with my old one and am very excited about trying new stitches and projects with it.
    I have lots of plans to sew clothes for my granddaughter, daughter, house and doll clothes.

  172. howsew May 14th

    I have been a Threads subscriber since the first magazine issue, and I cannot imagine my sewing life without it. The Insider is a wonderful adjunct to it. I'm a Threads veteran, and would love to be a winner in the drawing.

  173. SJSinKY May 14th

    I would love to be able to receive Insider as an adjunct to my Threads subscription. The online accessibility to more articles and techniques to improve my sewing skills would be another great addition to my continued, life-long passion for all things sewing.

    Thank you for the offer and I hope I can be one of the lucky three!

  174. Debrasherman May 14th

    I've been a professional seamstress and costume designer for over 40 years.
    I still continue to grow as a seamstress and artist thanks to the insiration a get from THREADS!
    From period dress to sewing techniques to learning about the new products that are available, I am just amazed!
    Keep on stitching :)

  175. user-2452674 May 14th

    I would like and love to sew,because your magazine is complete so to participate in Threads insider seems me a way to know much more and it will be a form for interest my daughters to sew better and better, thanks a lot.

  176. SafetyGirl May 14th

    I've been sewing since I was a little girl. As an almost perfectionist, the Threads newsletters have improved my sewing skills and giving me new ideas on how to better improve my skills. I would love to receive the opportunity to further advance my skills.

  177. User avater toni56 May 14th

    I only dream of becoming a Threads Insider as I am always looking to take my sewing to the next level. Garment sewing is my passion and whenver I get a chance I sit and sew, when I can't I read up on how I can take my garments up a notch or two.

  178. Catlover1 May 14th

    Although I subscribe to Threads magazine, to win a subscription to Insider would be brilliant. I have always loved sewing and enjoy learning new techniques. Access ton Inside would provide enhanced learning via videos etc - like having an on line friend to assist you. There's no better way to understanding than by watching a technique being carried out.

  179. bobbie12345 May 14th

    I have had a long time subscription to Threads. I've been collecting them since the 13th issue. Also love ThreadsOnline. So many hints & tips to give this woman more up-to-date information in sewing. It's my passion but don't tell my dh. tee hee No, really, he knows that already.
    Would love a free subscription to learn more tips to help me in my love of sewing.
    Thank you for a year-long happiness reading online.
    Barbara G. in N.E. Ga.

  180. User avater Carol0516 May 14th

    I would love to win a subsciption to Threads Insider. I just subscribed to the magazine, but that's all I can do for now. Having access to all of the features of the Insider would be heaven. I have so many questions about sewing for myself. Access to techniques and patterns and videos would be wonderful.

  181. AnneLamb May 14th

    I love threads magazine, but also spend lots of time online and learn better watching videos and seeing lots of pictures when trying new skills and working on projects.

    Anne Lamb

  182. user-766440 May 14th

    At first, I didn't think I needed access to Insider. Then I tried out the free session. Now, I don't know how I can be without Judith, Louise, Kenneth, et al and their descriptive video tutorials.

  183. LS333 May 14th

    Oh, random picker, pull my wish to have access to Insider videos galore! My beginning sewing skills chafe at being excluded from some of the content I click to!

  184. btailoring May 14th

    Winning a subscription to Thread's Insider would be my dream present! I love to sew and love Thread's magazine but since my husband and I are both retired and on a pretty tight budget it is out of my range. Thanks so much for all the informative topics you cover in the magazine and online!!

  185. User avater darnellvan May 14th

    i am in my late 60s, i have tryed to sew and have made some things. i do get threads on the news stand, i love theards i have leared a lot by reading it. i do hope to win.

  186. Askesian May 14th

    I thought I knew as much as I needed to know BUT I find Threads gives me great hints most every time I read it. Thank you.

  187. December27 May 14th

    I would love to win a membership and be inspired.

  188. User avater JBNelson2011 May 14th

    As I am practiclly house-bound because of health problems, Threads Insider is my link to sewing instructions to help me perfect my sewing. Judie

  189. Terrienew May 14th

    Being a Threads Insider gives me access to more information than I realized when I subscribed last year. I would love to get a free year! Access to the video library is an amazing benefit.

  190. User avater user-2440927 May 14th

    I love being a Threads insider. I love the videos that put techniques and know-how right at my finger-tips. Threads has been a wonderful support for all my sewing. I refer to it again and again. The articles have inspired me to try new things. This was the best gift I could have given myself!

  191. Barbara611 May 14th

    This is one of the ways I stay up to date as I live in a rural area with limited access to the style and ideas I like.

  192. User avater SewinginSC May 14th

    Being a Threads Insider is great! It has taught me new skills and helped reinforce the techniques that I learned so long ago. It makes me think about planning each garment using new (and not so new) techniques in ways that I might not have thought of before. Keep those wonderful articles coming.

  193. User avater tzivia May 14th

    Shortly after birth, I picked up a needle and started sewing. My mother approved my doll wardrobes, but warned me off using the big White Rotary machine. I chafed. One day when it was only me and the White Rotary at home, I snatched a pattern and made what no beginner should: a pair of plaid corduroy pants with darts, zipper, pockets, and waistband. My mother was obliged to recognize my apparent inborn skill, and in the intervening 56 years, I've never stopped imagining and making 3-dimensional objects from textiles. My trial-and-error education has been thorough. I even teach others. But I see that there are new materials and new equipment in the sewing world that I should learn about for the benefit of myself and my students. A modern medium like Threads Insider sounds like a good way to get my post-post-post graduate education.

  194. user-2354813 May 14th

    I love being an Insider! I had knee surgery requiring rehab that included 40 mins on a exerbike every day. I could not have done it without Insider, all those videos and articles kept me entertained as I pedaled away, and my knee is almost healed. Thanks Insider Gang!

  195. sewloz May 14th

    Threads gives me so much inspiration, it would be great to have access to more knowledge to increase the projects that I can do.

  196. diane5338 May 14th

    Both Threads magazine and Threads Insider have enriched my sewing experiences. It amazes me that so much valuable information is available both in the magazine and on the computer!

  197. BeckyMc May 14th

    I want to be a Threads Insider to help me take my skills from intermediate to expert.

  198. User avater samsamiam May 14th

    It is nice to read other comments and ideas from Insider

  199. Our financial circumstances are changing again with my not being able to work,and my husband being forced to retire from his PT job because of his injured back ( on his previous FT job). I have enjoyed much of what Insider has opened the door to me and have learned much more. I can actually bump up myself on the confidence scale due to the skills affirmed and most of all gained and even especially the new techniques I've learned.
    Begging to be chosen, Thank You.

  200. Laurie_Brown May 14th

    I would love to win this. I get both inspiration and technical know how from the magazine, and as I (not so slowly) become unable to do what I've been doing for a living, I've been turning to sewing to make money. Thank you!

  201. picknstitch May 14th

    Becoming a Threads Insider would give me access to the advice I need to up my sewing skills. I love the in depth advice that Threads provides.

  202. Moonbeams May 14th

    I would love to be a Threads insider to increase my sewing skills. There are so many little things I cannot do and know this opportunity to win this membership. I appreciate the opportunity.


  203. User avater eatsallinsects May 14th

    I am SO glad it is going to be a random drawing as I am not very good with words but would really like to win an additional year!

  204. stsimon May 14th

    It would be great to have the iPad edition of Threads so it could be available right next to my sewing machine!

  205. User avater Sewingsince9 May 14th

    It would be lovely to receive! Thanks.

  206. illinisanders May 14th

    Always have a fight with my machine - would be good to have classes so I can sew more productivily.

  207. cathy99999 May 14th

    When I was in high school I made all my own clothes. I haven't sewn in nearly 30 years and have forgotten soooo many things. I would love to have a subscription to the Threads Insider to rekindle what skills I had.

  208. timpson77 May 14th

    Although I've been sewing for 54+ years and consider myself a professional in sewing and quilting, I still look forward to learning new techniques and often visit your site. I love the tips and techniques featured and can't seem to get enough. Keep up the great work! and please consider me in your process of picking three new subscribers! I look forward to many more insights! Thanks! and God Bless!

  209. User avater user-1112581 May 14th

    Already have one and its great!

  210. kaduka May 14th

    I am at the beginner's level of sewing with some experience. The reason why I would like to have a subscription to Threads is for the awesome content that they have in the magazines. There are so many ideas that they put out and tips on how to sew. The Magazines is very informative and encouraging. They make sewing clothing or some craft attainable. The ideas are very simple and down to earth.

  211. User avater BarbaraTW May 14th

    I would love to have a subscription to Threads insider. I have seen glimpses of what is available there and I know having access would make me a better sewist.

  212. User avater 2tango May 14th

    I just love all things Threads so winning a year of Threads Insider would be a thrill.

  213. sewersdw May 14th

    To be able to access all of the information available, especially the teaching videos, at anytime is such a benefit to me. I'm in the 14 day free trial now. Winning would be such a treat!

  214. Green4Life May 14th

    I am learning how to sew, and really can not get to classes, as I have little ones, and other time commitments. The Insider would be fantastic.

  215. User avater rdejam May 14th

    I would really love to win a membership to Threads Insider. I lost my job a long time ago and have become very dependent on my stash of patterns and fabric as well as free online help and information. I read Threads at my library but it would be fantastic to have those tips and inspiration at home on my computer. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  216. Polka_Dot May 14th

    I would love to win the subscription if the Threads Insider. My passion for vintage clothing from the 20-40s is all about fine materials and technique, something that I am sure I will be able to perfect and find inspiration for with this wonderful source of information that only Threads can provide. Good luck to all and I hope I will be one of the lucky 3. Cheers.

  217. jennieMB May 14th

    I would love to see the free patterns, browse the latest issues, and be entered into contests like this.

  218. PinkFrog May 14th

    I'm just beginning to sew, and would love to have such a resource at my fingertips!

  219. User avater Nitewindz May 14th

    I've been sewing for decades but I only recently discovered Threads Magazine. I loved the first issue so much that I subscribed immediately and bought a collection of back issues on ROM! I'd love to experience Threads Insider

  220. hazelspi May 14th

    I would like to keep receiving the insider info, I have enjoyed these past few months and would like to continue. I am also a subscriber to Threads magazine. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  221. mile57acr May 14th

    I enjoy reading Threads and would love to have more detailed articles and advice to help my projects appear more professional! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  222. User avater awami May 14th

    Because I would like to access all the posts I could access in the past that are now for insider only. I even complained about it a few months ago:

  223. renatap May 13th

    I really love learning and refining my skills! Thread's articles are full of interesting tips and really helpful techniques.

  224. jsinger May 13th

    There are so many reasons for wanting Insider access. I love the videos and would prefer to access them at any time rather than storing a disk (they get lost in the piles of fabric!). I have just about every issue of Threads from the first one to the present. They provide an incredible amount of information and the idea that there is even more available--through Insider--is just awesome.

  225. margiwarg May 13th

    Threads is a great sewing resource, I'd love to be an insider to be able to access even more helpful info!

  226. Carly_Sue May 13th

    I just renewed my Insider subscription. I felt as though I got my money's worth last year and don't want to miss out on future issues. I have been reading Threads for years and find it to be the finest magazine for sewing knowledge. Even if you aren't one of the three lucky ones who win, you should consider subscribing. You will love being an Insider.
    It sounds like I am working for Threads..o/... nope, just want to tell others about them.

  227. user-2003399 May 13th

    when sewing if i have a problem I just go to the Insider.

  228. User avater littlewolf May 13th

    It would be wonderful to have a free Threads insider subscription because then I could have access to the articles and tutorials. As a beginning-intermediate seamstress with limited funds, it would be a great help to my sewing development.

  229. user-990456 May 13th

    It has been awhile since I have sewn garments. Art quilting is what I've been doing for about ten years. Of course, I will continue to make art quilts, but I have decided that I am going to make my own garments from now on. I came to this decision for several reasons: I have a difficult time finding clothes that REALLY fit well. I always have to make some kind of alteration for a good fit and I would rather make the garment from the beginning than to continue to alter everything; I know with studying information here and with taking workshops when I can that I can make clothes that look better than those available at the major stores, and I can extend my creativity into garment and accessory design and construction. I will need to re-learn pattern drafting, fitting and the best sewing methods, but this will be a challenge I will embrace. I'm excited!

  230. Doesn't my screen name say it all????

  231. marymary May 13th

    I would love to win a membership to Thread's Insider just to see if it is worth the price.

  232. grnmtgirl May 13th

    I've been a subscriber for years and would love to win a year of threads insider membership! thanks so much

  233. kayjoy May 13th

    I'd like to win so I can take my sewing to the next level with all of your helpful information.

  234. User avater elizabeth001 May 13th

    To increase my knowledge and techniques.

  235. olgainro May 13th

    It would be great to have the oportunity to access all the sewing resources available on this site!

  236. User avater kaitui_kiwi May 12th

    I would love to be a Treads Insider, so much extra knowledge to gain! :)

  237. User avater ShiningStar May 12th

    This would finally encourage me to learn to sew.

  238. hermweasley May 12th

    I would love to be a Threads Insider! I have learned so much about expanding my sewing repertoire from Threads magazine, and I would love to learn even more from Threads Insider access.

  239. rosannec May 12th

    I would love to be a Threads Insider! I'm already a subscriber to the print edition and would love to have Insider access, too! Thanks for hosting the give away

  240. User avater LadyRay May 12th

    I absolutely love to sew, and I've been a Threads fan "forever." I would sew like to have the resources that a Threads Insider membership would provide to help me become an even better sewer and to keep up with all the news.

  241. roohiq May 12th

    I would love to become a Threads insider to help me to get motivated to start sewing again. I really value the detailed technical advice that I find in Threads.

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