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Book Giveaway: “Sew Red”

Nov 13, 2013
Article Image

Sew Red: Sewing & Quilting for Women's Heart Health by Laura Zander (Sixth&SpringBooks, 2013).

Sew Red: Sewing & Quilting for Women’s Heart Health (Sixth&SpringsBooks, 2013) by Laura Zander is not only full of fun patterns to sew, but it’s also an appeal to women to take charge of their heart health and prevent heart disease, the number one killer of women in the United States. Included with the patterns are stories of personal experiences involving heart health from the well-known designers who have contributed their patterns to create the book, including: Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Linda Lee, Nancy Zieman, and many more.

There are over 20 different patterns each from a different author/designer. Also included are tips, resources, and recipies to keep your heart healthy!

What do you do–or what do you plan to do–to keep your heart healthy? Leave a comment, and you will be eligable to win! The deadline for your comments is November 27, 11:59 p.m. EST, and the winner will be choosen the week of the December 2. Good luck and stay healthy!

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  1. JustinValk January 5th

    Hey there

    I was smoking cigarettes since I was thirteen yrs old.

    I started using electric cigarettes since Sept of 2011.

    I have not smoked standard tobacco since then.

    The effect is dramatic to my health.

    The harmful outcome of cigarettes have been reduced and I feel good.

    Now i encourage everyone to use those to enhance their health.

    I foresee reading through and talking to this group


  2. User avater Debi6453 November 24th

    We have been watching fats and processed sugars and controlling portion sizes. A little exercise each day really helps in so many ways!

  3. User avater user-1127959 November 19th

    Having been a cardiac nurse for many years and giving much advice on this very subject I am now retired and better be practicing what I have always preached.

  4. User avater sewme_ph November 18th

    Healthy food, less fat and salt, exercise playing with my 5 year old and carrying baby, good rest.

  5. pyns November 17th

    Salmon once a week, Thank God I am healthy and can walk a little farther away from the stores when I park

  6. User avater bzsewing November 16th

    Both my mom and grandmother died of heart failure. I eat fresh, and organic foods, keep my weight down, stay active, and find something to laugh about daily. Sewing and art is also very important activity, as it keeps stress low. I also enjoy teaching others the gift of sewing. How can you have a bad day doing something that brings smiles to those that receive a custom-made gift made with thoughtfulness, and love.

  7. user-372980 November 15th

    I exercise regularly, eat healthy, and keep up with family and friends. When my mother had circulatory problems for the last 15 years of her life, I knew I had better stay on top of it. She died 12 years ago.

  8. LeeWells November 15th

    When I graduated from high school I weighed 100 pounds (I'm petite). Now, 50 years later, I weigh 93, which is a bit more than optimum. The best place we lived, in terms of exercise being part of every day life, was in New Jersey: the schools, library, and much shopping was within walking distance or a short bike ride. Now we live in a rural area so I can hike all over the yard although I cannot ride my bike on the local roads (too much gravel, no shoulder). As long as I remember not to snack, except for fruits, I can avoid weight gain. Keeping active is necessary: we are farming now and hay baling requires endurance!

  9. jennieMB November 15th

    I try to exercise when I'm watching tv.

  10. User avater LeandaM November 15th

    I now walk for an hour each afternoon with my husband (who is a type 1 diabetic). Not only is it heart healthy but it really helps us to unwind and connect in a lovely way. Exercise like this is a reward, not a chore.

  11. User avater jamaco November 15th

    eat right, exercise, laugh a lot. I don't do well on the first two, but I certainly laugh a LOT!

  12. User avater cindyreams November 15th

    I ride my bicycle almost every day, at least 30 mins but I strive for 60 minutes. I watch my diet and try to each heart healthy foods.

  13. MsHem November 15th

    Eating healthy, or at least trying to, Running, walking, and taking time for fun and friends. Health isn't just physical. It's also psychological.

  14. User avater BeverlyT November 15th

    Exercise and eat healthy low & moderate GI foods and healthy fats and of course protein. Take GOOD supplements. Mary Martin said "I want to die young but at an old age". I heard her say that probably 35 years ago and have adopted that as my plan of living. So far so good!

  15. User avater Sindhoo November 15th

    I am a vegan. I do yoga, dhyana and mudras to keep me healthy mentally and physically. I eat junk foods very rarely and I drink lots of water and fruits regularly. Moreover, I engage myself in my sewing, crocheting, sketching and photography hobbies that make me happy always.

  16. Carly_Sue November 15th

    My husband and I have completely changed our food intake due to my high cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. We have been eating Vegetarian on our way to Vegan. It is so important to do this for our heart health as well as our overall health. We exercise every day..mainly walking at the mall or at our local hospital sponsored rehab center, using their equipment with our "Silver Sneakers" membership. Remember, it is really true that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT! If you don't eat it, it can't stick or clog your arteries. We have lost 10 lbs. each and neither of us have ever been over weight more than a few lbs. What a difference just that much loss has made in our lives. If you think it isn't worth the effort, you are wrong. Go for it! Oh and yes, I would love to win this book. Red is my favorite color and making things is my hobby.

  17. cynsew November 15th

    My husband and I are trying to take better care of our health. We have started to bike ride together and we are really enjoying that. We try to watch what we are eating with lots of vegetables and fruit.

  18. User avater user-1139316 November 15th

    I quit smoking after having a heart attack several years ago, but I have gained weight and developed diabetes. So I have joined a gym and started a regular fitness and nutrition program.

  19. ambrerose November 15th

    I love to run and used to run all the time. I think it's about time I got back into running again and have fun with it.

  20. User avater AraPeet November 14th

    De-stressing is a big part of my life. Anxiety and anger issues have cropped up in my extended family. Holding in all those feelings causes so much damage. My husband and I work to stay as stress free as we can (with two kids and bills).

  21. pt6256 November 14th

    I walk...almost every day, eat very little red meat,.

  22. User avater momster399 November 14th

    I walk, walk, walk. And eat lots of fruit and veggies. Kind of new behavior there but enjoying it.

  23. User avater jsews November 14th

    I have joined a new gym as I wasnt' seeing results from my old one. I have also changed my eating plan to be more "clean" eating and less processed foods. Love this book!

  24. User avater user-1077921 November 14th

    I started going to yoga classes just over a year ago - I can't believe how much younger I feel! At 77 , that's important.

  25. Joen_Green November 14th

    I try to eat healthy avoiding processed foods. I do yoga and walk regularly. I would love to get a bike in the spring to start including bike riding in my exercise program. I do have heart disease is my family so I get a yearly physical to monitor my health, so far so good!

  26. User avater lynnpaul November 14th

    Real food is first, and reducing the foods that I react to! Feeling better all the time!!

  27. User avater auschick November 14th

    I chase my toddler around *all day* LOL!

  28. User avater smerkette November 14th

    Plan to start working out more. And continue to lose weight.

  29. User avater DebyAnn November 14th

    Chronic pain has kept me from doing as much exercise as I know I should do, but I am starting a program of low impact exercise, and have purchased an elliptical/bike machine that I use nearly daily, for at least a few minutes. Diet changes are the big thing at our house right now, especially since my husband just had heart stents put in last month!

  30. pmkurth November 14th

    My family has a history of heart disease. We are all aware- and have regular checkups, watch our diet and cholestrol numbers, and exercise regularly!

  31. PatHersl November 14th

    I walk, indoors or out, 3 miles mostly. Wish I could say more, but the old heart is doing fine!

  32. User avater vwren99 November 14th

    I am trying to develop the habit if walking at least a little bit extra every day.

  33. justmanette November 14th

    I'm a runner so I'm going to train for next year's half marathon!

  34. User avater Carol0516 November 14th

    Quit smoking. Eat healthier

  35. sewgramms November 14th

    I walk my dog twice a day and garden, lots of gardening.

  36. User avater idosew November 14th

    Work out, eat organic which a grow myself, have a very happy life, and I married well. If I feel stress I go to my sewing room, turn on an old 30s black and white movie, cut and sew to my heart's content. I have finished many projects in just this way. My heart is happy and healthy.

  37. User avater user-3008058 November 14th

    Losing weight and being proactive with my health. Heart disease runs in the family so I have been going to a cardiologist to assess my risks..

  38. User avater Marty_Marie November 14th

    I am eating healthier and quit smoking a couple year ago

  39. User avater ShiningStar November 14th

    I'm working out and eating better.

  40. User avater sewinggeek November 13th

    I need to start eating better and exercise. Sew more to keep stress down, also. I am much happier when I sew and it helps reduce stress.

  41. User avater Kukana November 13th

    Most of my adult life I have exercised 5-6 times a week until recently - I have a pinched nerve and bursitis in my hip. Ouch! I have been swimming, which isn't my favorite, but it does help, and we ride bikes a few times a week, so I'm still getting my heart rate up. The most important thing to remember is to stay active, the heart is a muscle and needs exercise to stay fit.

  42. User avater redjul31 November 13th

    I try to eat healthy - lots of chicken and fish. I don't completely cut off sweets - after all nothing like curling up with the new issue of Threads and a chocolate brownie. But I try to maintain moderation. I have decided to go back to jogging. I used to go a lot, but we moved to Texas and the overwhelming heat really takes it's toll. Unfortunately, my waistline needs to get out there and run so that's what I've just started doing again.

  43. Vi_Callas November 13th

    I've been always concerned about my heart's health as heart problems run in my family. I exercise regularly, try to eat healthy, do not eat red meat, limit alcohol, etc... I also go for yearly checkups - if there'll be something wrong with my heart I'd like to hear that as soon as possible!
    The thing that I really need to improve - quit smoking. I'm not a heavy smoker but these occasional cigarettes are still doing their harm...

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