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Super Sewing Giveaway!

Dec 03, 2013
Article Image

Sew Me! Sewing Basics by Choly Knight (Design Originals, 2013).

Included in this giveaway are three awesome books geared toward beginning sewers, but experienced sewers will love them as well!

The first book in our giveaway is Sew Me! Sewing Basics: Simple Techniques and Projects for First-Time Sewers by Choly Knight (Design Originals, 2013). Discover a new hobby with this beginner’s sewing book! Inside are friendly and easy-to-follow instructions so you can sew like a pro. Starting with how to pick out your first sewing machine to cutting patterns, to installing zippers, this book will answer every question you have about sewing!

Next is another book from Choly Knight called Sew Me! Sewing Home Décor: Easy-to-Make Curtains, Pillows, Organizers, and Other Accessories (Design Originals, 2013). After you learn everything you need to know about sewing basics from Choly’s first book, this book will provide even more fun projects. You can beautify your home by making storage boxes, coasters, quilts, pillows and more. With these simple yet detailed instructions, you’ll have a beautiful home in no time!

And lastly we have Stitched Blooms: 300 Floral, Leaf & Border Motifs to Embroider by Carina Envoldsen-Harris (Lark, 2013). This book includes dozens of patterns, ideas, and motifs such as the spectacular spectacle case, a kit and kaboodle sewing kit, an embroidered star shirt, pj pocket pillow, and more! It also includes a CD with 20 more patterns for double the fun!

Just tell us about the first item you ever sewed, or, if you’ve never sewn before, tell us what you would like to sew? Leave a comment below, and you’ll be eligible to win this fabulous giveaway! The deadline for you comments is at midnight on Tuesday, December 17, 2013, and the winner will be chosen the week of December 23. Good luck!

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  1. User avater seanbell3 October 30th

    Brilliant Work.. well done

  2. User avater Ariaryle June 3rd

    This is basic swing technique

  3. User avater Robzikshi May 22nd

    This is supernice

  4. User avater Bhppy February 10th

    First thing I made was an apron in HS Home Economics Class.

  5. User avater Bhppy February 10th

    First thing I made was an apron in HS Home Economics Class.

  6. User avater Sydju November 4th

    My first project was a green and white, flowered, shift dress that I chose to make for my 9th grade Home Economics sewing project. It turned out really nice, for a first time sewer, and I have been hooked ever since. I thank Mrs. Ragin for helping me learn to love sewing. it has really paid off over the years.

    I remember Mrs. Ragin telling us, "if you find yourself slapping two or more pieces of cloth together to get this over with and get on to the next phase of this class, don't bother looking at buying a sewing machine, because you will probably never sew again after this class. However, for those of you who find yourselves looking closely as the seams, and/or taking out seams and redoing them, you can probably put a sewing machine on lay-a-way".

    To this day, I find myself interested in anything to do with sewing. These books would be a wonderful addition to my small sewing library. And, I am about to start a sewing class with my Granddaughter.

  7. HMOE February 28th

    After the fringed placemat required by 4-H (stay stitching around a rectangle) my REAL first project with seams was a Laundry Bag that hung on a hanger...for 4-H Home Furnishing Project. It was made out of a dark blue cotton with simple white flowers. It won a blue ribbon at the County Fair!

  8. tjsews2 January 30th

    I was 8 and made a pillow case out of the ugliest fabric my mom had in her stash. I tried to embroider on it to make it pretty. It was still ugly, but I kept it and used it for dirty laundry in college.

  9. User avater peace4q1 January 1st

    Like many sewists, I started out as a young girl with my mother supplementing the teaching from my 4-H group. The first item I made was a pincushion followed by an apron and then the remainder of projects from my 4-H Machine Magic booklet. That booklet is still with me to this day and has survived many moves in and around the U.S.

    Should we be 'sewists' instead of 'sewers'? I say this because when I look down on the sidewalk I see 'sewer'...just a thought.

  10. bluemoonalone December 27th

    I started out as a young girl sewing clothes for my dolls..taught by my mother..I have not sewn for too many years now and want to get back to sewing again..I would love to win these books to help me!

  11. User avater littleloula December 17th

    my first sewing project is cover of water gallon dispenser. its really stunning with canvas polka fabric and finished with lace in the bottom and my cross stitch project "Garden Girl " in front of it...wish i put some pic so u can see it too.

  12. User avater Sindhoo December 17th

    My first sewing project was a hand sewn draw string skirt when I was about 10 years old. My mom (she doesn't know to stitch) guided us (myself and my elder sister) to make a simple skirt made of a rectangular piece of fabric folded and hand sewn. Wow! It was an amazing experience! Probably this task arouse a desire to become a fashion designer and I am now :)

    The first machine sewn garment I stitched was a salwar-kameez done by tracing a ready-made garment, when I was 16 year old.

  13. User avater Zavron December 12th

    Well, let's see here... I've never sewn anything before in my life (at least with a sewing machine). I have made one or two plushies here and there but it was nothing special. I recently got a sewing machine for 20 dollars at a yard sale and It's been sitting there as I finish up my fall classes. Now that I'm free on vacation, I really want to get a hobby (as video games were the median in-between school work and life) and start learning something that can create as well as entertain myself.

    I want to learn how to sew, I want to learn how to make cute gifts for my friends and family, I just want to learn how to create something from my own imagination with something that I can be proud of. I like to embroider and sew but I started off sewing by hand since my family could never afford a real machine. Even then I couldn't afford books or classes and I had to learn whatever I could from online or through my own experiments. If I could learn how to master the sewing machine (as well as the art of fabric) to make plushes and other fun crafts (maybe even clothing if I enjoy it) then maybe I could turn it into a profession. I think that, deep down, I really want to learn how to sew and make a career out of it, even if everyone says otherwise. I'd rather learn how to create then learn to follow orders. People might think it's strange for a guy to be sewing but i'm not fazed by it, if anything, I love looking at stuffed animals, crafts, and other items trying to figure out how it's made to re-create it at home.

    And even then, creating something (whether it's for myself, or a friend, or a customer), the moment someone receives a gift and has that moment of pure happiness... it really makes me happy that I could do something for them that would make them that happy about it. To bring a smile on peoples faces because of my abilities, that's what I truly want to do and sewing just may be the way to it. I've honestly never felt this way with another hobby or craft before as sewing is something that is useful and fun. And learning how to take that first step is usually the hardest one, so hopefully these books will help me in that first step as I begin my new adventure as I make my way into the world.

    P.S. Sorry about the long post, I just, had to say what I had to say about the matter.

  14. User avater mgrough December 9th

    Thank you for this offer.
    Well, this takes me back a few years, I have to think back to my first memory and it must have been good as it is my "going away" wedding dress. I must have learned on my Mom's treadle machine, then advanced to something more modern.
    This offer excites me as my daughter is taking up sewing and I know these winnings will be a great asset to pass along with tips and ideas along with helping me learn new tips again.
    Thank you.

  15. Vi_Callas December 6th

    Oh, the first item I've ever sewn was a black pencil skirt, featuring waistband, two side slits, etc... I'm sure I would have never succeeded if it weren't for my mother's help as it turned out not only wearable but really pretty!

  16. User avater Marty_Marie December 5th

    I sewed the easiest thing i could think of, an infinity scarf and it helped me get used to having something in the sewing machine.

  17. User avater TMac7373 December 4th

    I recently sewed a button. I'm 40, single and work in an oil refinery. Since I quit smoking 2 years ago, my waist size has increased, and I kept popping the button on my uniform pants. I would tag it for the uniform company to repair, but they kept doing a poor job. So I brought a pair of pants home, did a little internet sleuthing and sewed my own button. I was both thrilled at my accomplishment and excited to go through all my closets searching out long forgotten pants and shorts that were simply missing buttons. For my Christmas polyanna with my sisters i only asked for an extra large (size 12) thimble and a couple cool patches to fix up some favorite jeans I can no longer wear due to decency issues. I've also been eyeing up my light blocking curtains that don't really block much light, and I'm thinking i could probably tackle that project if I had a machine. Acutally, everywhere I look, I'm seeing projects I can try out. Seat covers for the Jeep can't be that hard, right? First, though, is a sewing class to get down the basics.

  18. sewtrudydarling December 3rd

    My first project was a hand stitched tube dress for barbie made out of scraps from my mothers jeans that she was hemming. Then in junior high I sewed a a line skirt in turquoise blue. Just plain ugly but I wore it just the same. I love sewing, I get a sense of accomplishment when I'm done. Mostly I sew pants for my son who are still little enough to ask for more.

  19. imnstitches December 3rd

    My very first sewing attempt was in elementary school. I had a little kiddy sewing machine and I made the most primitive looking clothes for my dollbaby. I love them.

  20. virb December 3rd

    I made a knit tee at school, which I thought was so ugly I was going to throw it out, but Mum claimed it, and she still wears it!

  21. soldierangeldeb December 3rd

    I was in high school. I was a junior and in the choir. We had to have costumes for a recital that year. It was two days before dress rehearsal and my costume was not made yet. My parents worked and I remember I actually ditched my morning classes to make the top on my grandmothers old sewing machine. Since then I have been hooked and sew a couple of times a week for the veterans, using garage sale fabric to make wheelchair totes and cath bag covers. I would love to win a book to make something more personal.

  22. User avater ShiningStar December 3rd

    I would like to sew a skirt with embellishments on it.

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