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Two-book Giveaway

Jan 20, 2015
Article Image

The Fashion Swatch Book by Marnie Fogg (Thames & Hudson, 2014)

The Perfect Sewer’s Book Giveaway
Are you running out of ideas for projects? Do you want to learn more about fabric? If so, then this is the giveaway for you. The winner will receive Cloth by Cassandra Ellis (Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2014) and The Fashion Swatch Book by Marnie Fogg (Thames & Hudson, 2014). These books focus on natural fibers and beautifully designed fabric of all kinds. 

Cloth by Cassandra Ellis
Cloth provides readers with a comprehesive guide to natural fabrics including cotton, wool, silk, hide, and linen. Cassandra shares historical and production information about each fabric and gives detailed instructions to make garments, home décor, and other designs. She provides patterns to make each item. From curtains to chair covers, Cassandra offers projects that are varied and sure to be of interest.

The Fashion Swatch Book by Marnie Fogg
Throughout this appropriately titled book, you will find hundreds of four-color images of gorgeous fabrics created by the world’s great fabric designers. It encompasses classic and contempory fabrics and weaves them throughout the book effortlessly. If you want to discover new ideas for your sewing projects, consider making The Fashion Swatch Book your go-to resource. It is arranged alphabetically by textile designer. The final section shares step-by-step photographs of the working techniques behind modern and classic fabric manufacturing.

Comment to win
For a chance to own these books, simply tell us what is your fabric to sew and why. Leave your comment below before the deadline at 11:59 p.m. EST Friday, January 30.  The winner will be randomly selected, contacted via email, and announced during the week of February 2.

Good luck.

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  1. Rodovoill March 29th

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  2. purango January 30th

    My wife likes cotton because it is so versatile.

  3. user-4265879 January 29th

    I love to se with 100% cotton in African inspired prints. My favorites are the "java" types made by dutch companies. My garments end up striking and original, no matter how simple the pattern I am sewing.

  4. goblinmischief January 29th

    i'm sortof still a beginner at this sewing and designing my own things but it has become a hobby and dream of mine of mine i won't be giving up on or stopping in my lifetime...i've only just begun and made a couple pieces of clothes and then a lot of other random things like purses, blankets, coasters, pillows, etc. as for the names of fabrics i'm still learning, or rather don't really know them yet but want to learn the differences and names and all. i guess i would say i've sewn with cotton, lace and nylon so far, those are some i know for sure i've used. sorry i know i was supposed to only say one, but as to the "why" part of the question i guess i would just have to answer with this: i'm still a beginner and no expert. i have a lot of learning and more practice to do with different fabrics i've bought and been given (loads from my grandmother not labeled lol) so i can't really answer the why part yet. i don't have enough experience to answer that yet but dream and hope i will someday soon have all the books, education and materials i need to sew and design, and beautifully bring to life, the creations i have imagined and will continue to imagine in my mind.

  5. user-4435632 January 28th

    I am happy sewing with natural fibers because of the ease of sewing them and the feel when wearing them.

  6. virb January 28th

    I love sewing with stripes! - that's for basic items - you have a line to follow for straight stitching! :)

  7. jazzyma January 28th

    I love a challenge so I like all fabrics. I would enjoy learning more about all fabrics.

  8. AlterJBD January 27th

    I love cotton or cotton/linen chambray for casual garments. It takes detail well and becomes more interesting as it ages.

  9. User avater lizac55 January 26th

    I'm a natural-fibre kind of gal, so that is my primary medium when it comes to sewing. I love working with wool because it is so forgiving. Silk is also a favourite of mine because, no matter the project, it always manages to say, "Look at me."

  10. rodrigues January 25th

    I like almost anything with a little lycra. Cotton blouses have that little give which makes them more comfortable. Knits with lycra have good recovery. To pen a phrase "everything's better with lycra!"

  11. Lofna January 25th

    There are so many fabrics I love to sew with, it's hard to pick one. Right now I am sewing bamboo rayon jersey and adore its soft texture and flattering drape. It dyes beautifully, too.

  12. User avater Lauriepie January 25th

    My Fav is wool crepe! Love the way it drapes, and the nubbly-matte hand looks spectacular against glossy top stitching, or pic-stitched edges. I always keep yardage of it around to pair with other fashion fabrics. Alone, it works equally well for tops, jackets, pants and dresses.

  13. kessaquilter January 24th

    I always seem to have great results with Ramon's, but also like working with mid weight wools.

  14. SewMyDreams January 24th

    Cotton is my favorite is very versatile, comfortable and easy to sew not to mention it is a natural fiber that has been around for ever...blends well and has many uses.

  15. User avater sewcrazynancy January 24th

    My favorite fabric right now is Kona cotton. I use it for embroidering small antique designs called Rework and making children's quits. Kona is perfect for sashing quilts and as binding, it is strong and densely woven and comes in a gazillion colors! My quilting favorite!

  16. purplelime January 24th

    I love sewing with cotton as it is so versatile.

  17. user-2214956 January 24th

    I like sewing knit fabrics because it is easy to sew and so comfortable to wear.
    It is always a pleasure to wear the tunics and leggins I made...

    A. Lebeau

  18. User avater Countessa January 23rd

    I like to sew with denim; you can create great seam-lines and top-stitching. The books sound wonderful!

  19. User avater Lainysews January 23rd

    I love natural fibers. My favorite fabric is a Swiss Batiste with the nickname "Fairy Fabric" because it is so sheer and fine, with a wonderful luster.

  20. User avater pbeesley January 23rd

    Knit and cotton batiste or nelona.

  21. DianeQue January 23rd

    I like to work with cottons and wools the most because they are so easy to handle. My goal is to work with other fabrics that are no so cooperative and more intimidating just because I like the look and feel of them.

  22. rainbow32433 January 23rd

    my favorite fabric to sew is Rayon Challis. It drapes well and i have made many summer skirts and dresses with this fabric.

  23. User avater Jolianne January 23rd

    I really like linen. I have bought beautiful one at Merchant and Mills in UK, last october and I am presently sewing a dress for my mother in law.

  24. LindamMMMM January 22nd

    Oh I love sewing books and those would be an appreciated addition to my library!

  25. Carly_Sue January 22nd

    I have sewn all kinds of different fabrics over the years including those for clothing and home furnishings. Right now, knits are my favorites since I am working on my own wardrobe.

  26. dressed2atee January 22nd

    I love to sew and would love to win a book, thanks

  27. NGuy January 22nd

    I love to sew fleece, wool for crafts, and decorator fabric for unexpected things like skirts and aprons

  28. Smudgygirl January 22nd

    I love to use wool. Any weight - its superb. Wonderful to construct any type of garment either tailored or not. Wool crepe drapes wonderfully. The garments are then a delight to wear. I love to make up the gorgeous hand woven fabrics my two colleges make - they use fine merino and silk. Devine.

  29. User avater auschick January 22nd

    I have lots of favorites. Japanese wovens are beautiful to sew with, but I do enjoy cotton knits for their stability when sewing and practicality when wearing.

  30. user-2444539 January 22nd

    My favorite fabric to sew is fleece because it is so forgiving. It hides all my mistakes.

  31. cjayne January 22nd

    I like sewing on Most all fabrics, with the exception of a slippery fabrics.

  32. user-3552896 January 22nd

    WOOL! Fine or chunky. You can do ANYTHING with it. It takes dyes well and it is very easily manipulated ...and forgiving. I love it.

  33. user-4336175 January 22nd

    I am new to sewing and i think the thing that is most fascinating about it is all the different textures and colors available with fabric! I love the never-ending possibilites and combinations

  34. Shangam January 22nd

    These sound like good books to learn more about fabric. I always seem to use the same type. Maybe learning about other types of fabric I can try new things.

  35. Ursi January 22nd

    I like to work with all types of fabric, those with drape and those with warmth depending upon the season for fashion sewing. However most of my stash consists of cotton blends. I tend to choose fabric by design rather than content because that's what I look at first. I also like to purchase fabrics, let them stay awhile in my stash before I finally decide upon a workable project for them.

  36. user-3667363 January 22nd

    I love to sew silk. It is my favorite natural fiber and wonderful to wear.

  37. scrubble4 January 22nd

    Two of my favorite fabrics to wear are silk crepe de chine and 4 ply silk. I love the drape, the soft glow and the clarity of color in both of them. My other favorite fabric to wear is rayon knit. Again it is the drape that woos me. So those are favorite fabrics to sew in as well. I am very busy and must choose my sewing projects carefully. Therefore, they are always something I anticipate wearing the whole time I am sewing. I still have challenges sewing with knits however, I find rayon knit more forgiving.

  38. scottie1608 January 22nd

    I love to sew with silk. It has so many variations from sheers to suiting weights and always looks great when sewn with respect for silk's unique characteristics.

  39. User avater KathyinAZ January 21st

    35mm film!! I just made a cocktail dress out of 35mm film for a fundraising event. Carefully sculpted bustier top, streamer skirt with film curl flounce, and a cummerbund waistband with a huge film bow on the back. Rave reviews!

  40. User avater BonniePT January 21st

    It is rewarding to be with so many fabric lovers. I love the structure you can create with wool paired with the softness and drape of silk. Silk is still a challenge to work with but so rewarding when I am finished. Lately knits have begun to be fun for me

  41. User avater rdejam January 21st

    I recently learned to sew with knits so right now, that's my favorite fabric to work with. I love the stretch and how it hides so many of my flaws (both on my body and sewing oops).

  42. seemless January 21st

    Plain old cotton for me. Solids, prints, shirts, pants. Yes, I'm boring.

  43. User avater sewinggal1 January 21st

    I like working with natural fibers, especially rayon and rayon blends. There are a variety of fabrics from woven to knit, and textures from smooth to soft, to crisp and crinkled. Rayon is cooler in summer than cotton, and can be very comfortable to wear, so its one of my favourites.

  44. Oceanpeg January 21st

    All according to what I am making...I mostly sew with cotton and cotton blends. Experiment with others on occasion. The two books sound interesting. Would love to add them to my crafting collection of books.

  45. sewindj January 21st

    I love to sew with silk D. I like the way it catches the light and shines.

  46. ClayStef January 21st

    I love to sew with linen. Crisp finish, takes the iron well, and so comfortable to wear.

  47. User avater sewingyard January 21st

    I love to sew with polar fleece and any other soft fabric. I enjoy the way any type of embellishment can hide in the denseness of the pile and surprise you when you really look at the end product. The finished garment always is a winner.

  48. sewandsocreations January 21st

    I would love to have a new book. I will feature it on my blog if I win:

  49. sewinggeek January 21st

    Tried to edit my original reply, but couldn't. My favorite is cotton in its many permutations - lawn, twill, interlock, jersey. Very versatile for my lifestyle. I can't wear wool, and don't want to wear poly. I would love to use silk, but am usually to cheap to buy silk.

  50. sewinggeek January 21st

    Those books look awesome. It would be fantastic to have them.

  51. Sparker680 January 21st

    I love working with knits, they are easy to sew and so fast! But I'm looking forward to sewing with silk, yikes! Slippery woven fabrics scare me a little bit.

  52. user-372980 January 21st

    I have been sewing granddaughter outfits using medium knits. Fleece is another fabric used for grandchildren. Making quilts for everyone means I have used a lot of quilting cotton. Throw in velvet, shirting, satins, and brocades. Every project and it's associated fabric is a new challenge...the way it should be.

  53. msfroggy January 21st

    Over time my favorite fabric to sew has proven to be cotton for it's versatility in weights, prints, and comfort when wearing.

  54. RushW January 21st

    I prefer cotton and wool - I love the texture and feel.

  55. user-738498 January 21st

    I must sew with natural fiber fabrics! That was until I started sewing theater costumes for middle school-now I use what ever will give me the look I want-garbage bags, mesh for wreaths, name it I have used (or tried) it! LOL

  56. emerentiana January 21st

    I love to work with denim, including pieces from old jeans.

  57. msbeal January 21st

    I love wool jersey. It is very versatile and handles beautifully. What's not to love about working with good wool?!

  58. msewwhat January 21st

    My favorite fabric to sew is rayon. The feel is like suede yet so easy to sew and manipulate and doesn't slip and slide. It can be washed and dried in the machine so it is easy to care for. It wears like a dream because of its softness next to the skin. It has a beautiful drape that skims the body and makes it look fabulous and flowing. If you haven't tried it yet I encourage you to do so.

  59. Hayes311 January 21st

    My favorite fabric right now are the faux furs. They make absolutely the best winter infinity scarves! So pretty and warm. I made several for Christmas presents, and everyone loved them.

    It was a little messy in the beginning dealing with the cutting, but after a while, you begin to master it.

    If you haven't tried them before, do so now!

  60. tuckersmeout January 21st

    Sometimes, especially when I look at my stash, I think I really prefer to pick and own textiles rather than to make them into something. I love to explore fabric stores and touch the fabrics, imagining what could be done. And I haunt thrift shops for interesting fabrics and trims to use on other projects (or to just to slaver over.

  61. user-3524815 January 21st

    My fabric to sew might be the simplest and cheapest around, muslin. Im asian and i live in the tropics. I dont think theres any other natural fabric as breathtakingly beautiful and down to earth as a muslin. Its easy to work with, dyes beautifully, easy to embellish and is just never out of fashion. You can make a formal wear out of it or the most casual shirt. It goes well with other fabrics and looks great on any skin color and nationality. Im just in love with it. Simply put, its the best.

  62. user-3522483 January 21st

    I love working with jersey knits. They feel so cozy when you wear them.

  63. Ellenee3 January 21st

    I love sewing with wool. It can be tailored with great results and with a good press it is very forgiving. I can enjoy garments I make and advance my skills at the same time. Wool is wonderful.

  64. Jmccombs January 21st

    100% Cotton. Love the feel and the look of the quilt after its first washing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. macpat January 21st

    I sew mostly (yes bare with me) double polyester - YUK
    kids dance costumes....But I LOVE sewing flashy, blingy, unusual materials - velvets, sequins, silks - the flashier the better!

  66. user-2846580 January 21st

    Linen, by far, is gorgeous to sew. I love its crispness, its drape and how well the naturals take to dying.

  67. lexi4fun30 January 21st

    The most amazing fabric choice for me would be french terry/fleece!!! The feel of that fabric is so comforting and easy to work with.....possibilities are endless when it comes to creating special designs for some favorite people!!!

  68. user-4294058 January 21st

    My favourite fabric is the one that makes me catch my breath when I first see it. It's the one that I buy and then rush home with to search through my sewing patterns to find the perfect pattern that shows off the beauty of the fabric. The one that makes my fingers itch to cut out, to sew and to wear.

  69. user-1116275 January 21st

    I love to sew with silk. It's so varied, from the softest china silk for an elegant blouse to a robust Doupioni. It really switches on your mojo when you are at the designing table.

  70. Lucy_Pointycat January 21st

    It's got to be sateen stretch cotton for me - feels amazing going through the machine and is so forgiving when fitting!

  71. DaisyW January 21st

    Love to sew with linen - so stylish and so cool to wear in the summer - in both senses of the word. Next project is some natural linen wide leg trousers. Haven't made trousers since I was 15 so this will be a challenge.

  72. user-537631 January 21st

    I love sewing wool fabrics.

  73. user-4285035 January 21st

    I love to sew with all different types of material! I love the variations of techniques that must be utilized and different hardware that must be used for a particular material!! It makes it fun and exciting that I must keep all of these things in mind, just to work with a certain material or you will have an epic fail on your hands!!!

  74. user-3303384 January 21st

    Linen! I love the feel and the smell of it and its easy handle. And what's not to like about a huge field of beautiful flax flowers? I make most of my summer clothes from it, in different weights.

  75. user-2941858 January 21st

    I love the way cotton presses and feels, and you usually know where you are with in. This is being drawn on my birthday- would be a lovely present!

  76. User avater agapantha January 21st

    I love to sew rayon challis- love the way it drapes and feels against my skin.

  77. User avater LusciousLouie January 21st

    Liberty Tana Lawn COTTON is the best because as you sew you can feel the luxury and lightness. The bonus is that you get to admire it while you sew.

  78. bekabug8 January 21st

    I like sewing cotton flannels. I love how the stitches sink into the fabric.

  79. User avater gypsysue January 21st

    I love to sew silk as its my favorite fabric to wear!

  80. webolton January 20th

    It would have to be a toss up between wool and cotton. Love anything to do with textiles.

  81. Mutti January 20th

    I love to sew crepe back satin the best. It has just enough body but is is elegant, besides that, you can use either side to be the right side.

  82. MsWhimsey January 20th

    My favorite fabric is men's cotton shirting. It sews well and it irons up beautifully. I love to make shirts!

  83. sewjazzy January 20th

    Boiled wool is the best, followed by silk. Natural fibers and only cotton or silk thread for me.

  84. User avater isoqlts January 20th

    I would have to select wool. I love the way it molds and shapes and the many varied weights. I love making a beautiful coat!!

  85. user-4251665 January 20th

    My favorite is probably cotton because that's what I sew with most often, but I love all fabrics for one reason or another. I spend most days sewing with cotton for my business but I reserve Saturdays to sew for myself, and it all depends on what creative venture I decide to take!

  86. Pattij1013 January 20th

    I enjoy working with all types of natural fibers. I would like to have these books to help me keep up to date with fabric trends.

  87. User avater Carol0516 January 20th

    I'm starting to work with knits, but there are so many fabrics that I'm always hearing about on the sewing blogs and I just don't understand what they are and how to use them. These books would be so helpful.

  88. SandrainSaintJohn January 20th

    I love to work with silk-any weight. I suppose The wondereful sheen, colours and textures seduce me. Love,love,love them. Natural fibers of any kind come a close second.

  89. User avater SewingSadie January 20th

    I have been working to perfect my French seams; I made an Infinity Scarf from a lovely multi-colored striped silk chiffon and gave it as a Christmas gift. Also, made a shift with a yard of a purple, white and taupe floral silk chiffon, and for a finishing touch, added a length of double-tiered ivory lace around the neck. I'm getting pretty good with those French seams!!!

  90. User avater Debi6453 January 20th

    I love sewing with wool, but I usually sew with cottons. Garments, quilts, and home dec- finding the perfect fabric for each project is very exciting!

  91. 3feathers January 20th

    Linen is my favorite fiber to sew on. I love the way it is so easy to seam and manipulate. It's so organic!

  92. user-3062183 January 20th

    Sometimes I would appreciate finding out how to use a fabric for a specific purpose without a lot of trial and error by having helpful hints. I enjoy learning to use fabrics for things that might not be the norm. Everyone needs a spark of excitement learning new things about fabrics.

  93. jfs55trs January 20th

    I use mostly cotton fabrics or a cotton blend.

  94. user-1128150 January 20th

    There isn't a fabric that I can't find something to do with it! but I especially like soft smooth fabric such as cotton knits, silk, especially raw silk, and chiffon but honestly I LOVE ALL FABRIC because I just love to sew!!!(Will purchase both books if I don't win!! They sound wonderful !)

  95. sunnyb64 January 20th

    Right now, jersey is my thing. I like how easy knits are to wear in my mostly casual lifestyle, but at the moment, I'm also pregnant and it's the easiest thing to actually fit!

  96. user-4312447 January 20th

    Bengaline is my fabric of choice, especially when making a garment that makes me feel like royalty. It's weight and drape make manipulation of the fabric respond in structured, classic forms.

  97. DbyDesign January 20th

    My favorite fabrics to work are natural fabrics like cotton mostly because I prefer the look and feel of these fabrics.

  98. saratogasewing January 20th

    Wool fabric always inspires me - I especially like to sew coats in tweed. But I also like raw silk and knits of any natural fabric. These books would be of great help as I embark on a challenge of completing 50 projects this year.

  99. Momtofive January 20th

    I love to sew with has always been one of my go to fabrics because I love the drape and the feel of wearing it. I also enjoy sewing for my grand babies with top quality cuddly!

  100. Liljan January 20th

    I am really excited about mixing fabrics. Wovens offer all kinds of possibilities. Also exploring knits with silks.

  101. Lori2035 January 20th

    I enjoy working with cotton, it comes in so may colours and designs and textures.

  102. User avater thatsmyreen January 20th

    I've always preferred any fabric made of natural fibers, especially linen and wool. Love the smell of damp wool under the steam iron lol! Lately my favorite fabric to work with is knit- it's so easy to sew up something pretty and flattering on my serger.

  103. user-4162109 January 20th

    I mostly sew with cottons.... But I enjoy sewing almost any fabric. I have collected fabrics of all kinds for quilting, home projects, and clothing. They are all great!

  104. DrivesSewMachBest January 20th

    American Cotton...I cannot wait until the company can expand to designs - beyond solid colors!

  105. user-766506 January 20th

    I love tol sew with wool. I especially like to sew with light weight wool. It always sews up beautifully and looks very professional.

  106. User avater KHillDesigns January 20th

    I have long considered myself a fabricholic! My favorite fabric is some
    beautiful royal blue floral silk that I purchased in the fabric district in Paris. It has a matching sheer floral fabric that is exquisite. I have yet to sew with it but this may be the year...

  107. buttonlush January 20th

    I love all natural fibers, but my favorite is wool. So malleable and cooperative and the variety is endless.

  108. Jean13flowers January 20th

    My favorite fabric is cotton. I live in LA area and it gets hot. Cotton is a cool fabric, has many prints (which is my favorite type). I use quilting fabric for clothes because it is 100% cotton, thicker, holds up well and is easy to work with. Cotton protects my skin from the sun and absorbs sweat well. The fabric becomes cooling. Sometimes if I'm too hot, I'll pour water on my shirt. A worn out shirt can be worn at home for cleaning and thrown away (with no regrets). Also can have new clothes more often because cotton wears out sooner than polyester.

  109. User avater Andysmom January 20th

    These books sound wonderful. I just know there will be something in both of them that will get my creativity sparked and going. Spring is coming and trying something new and different is just what I need

  110. User avater SEGnesa January 20th

    I like faux fur because it has been so surprisingly easy to sew. I am also in love with raw silk.

  111. User avater SewinginSC January 20th

    I work mostly with natural fibers because they are easy to work with and wonderful to wear. I'm always up for the challenge of any piece of quality fabric regardless of the content.

  112. Reseta January 20th

    My favorite material is Moleskin. It is a good travel fabric - it doesn't wrinkle or stretch out of shape and it is able to be worn year round! It is also easy to sew. What more could one want?

  113. gem43 January 20th

    I love sewing with cottons, especially when sewing quilts.

  114. LadyL5068 January 20th

    I love to sew with soft cottons and rayons. I used to sew most of my clothes and loved anything that felt like it was massaging my shoulders and back. I intend to start sewing again once are move is over.

  115. LeeStock January 20th

    My favorite fabric is wool. It's warm (I live in Michigan), it's easy to care for, it lasts forever, and it's very easy to sew. I've made various pieces of clothing over the years. If they were classics, they're still wearable. I love to work with plaids and have made several jackets with princess seaming that still look good. I'd love to have these 2 books. I'd like to expand my repertoire to silk, etc.

  116. Lady_D January 20th

    I'm not certain I have a favorite fabric to work with. I just love making things.

  117. Stitchinrhyme January 20th

    I love vintage and wool fabrics. Love the texture and feel.

  118. LindaKaren January 20th

    Cotton - thin and easy to work with.

  119. Nano8 January 20th

    I love most fabrics, but cotton is possibly my favorite to sew.

  120. karynfell January 20th

    What a great resource. Would love to win

  121. mary919 January 20th

    I love the texture of natural fiber fabrics. Although I've never worked with it, my favorite fabric is silk taffeta. I love its crisp feel and beautiful drape.

  122. Sadaajit January 20th

    Right now I'm in love with the very soft rayon/lycra knits. No matter what I make, even if it is very high fashion, I feel like I'm wearing my jammies.

  123. user-3301500 January 20th

    We lived on the prairies with no phone, mom didn't drive, nearest neighbor was 1.5 miles away,and mom had to come up with new things to keep me busy.

    Dance lessons in the living room with mom started at about 4,knitting started shortly after, followed by crocheting, and then finally hand sewing & machine use by 5.

    By 7, dad said "just buy her her own machine" because he was tired of listening to us haggle over mom's.

    49 years later, I think I've worked with pretty well every type of fabric that's out there, and I love them all for various reasons.

    I've had many different hobbies and interests over the years, but fabric is still my favorite medium because it's applications are endless! I love every aspect of sewing, and always will.

    I would adore adding these two books to my library. There is always something new to discover in the world of textiles! Even after 49 years!!

  124. Vikichek January 20th

    What I love to sew? I love to sew shirts for myself--they fit perfectly, unlike what I can buy ready-made. And what fabric do I like to use? Give me a cotton-poly blend. 50-50 is just about perfect, but I'll take 60-40, and I'll use 35-65 if I can't get anything else. I know that shirt purists prefer all cotton, and pima at that. Pima feels wonderful, but I don't have time to do quite so much ironing as it requires. The blends often need only a touch-up, and sometimes not even that. My gripe? They're hard to find!

  125. lindacarlson January 20th

    Wool! I don't do much with it, but it's my all-time favorite woven fabric, especially in a coating weight. I only knit baby sweaters, but almost all are in wool. What could be warmer on a damp and chilly Seattle day?

  126. mohrorless January 20th

    I like any fabric that I can craft with. I have a stash and am always using it for something other than intended usage. Be it for in the house to out in the barn. I have made things from prom dresses, quilts, mosaic quilts, to blankets for horses. I just like to think of new things that the fabric can be used for. I do a lot of embroidery for pleasure and custom orders. Have been sewing for 40+ years and enjoy every minute. Type of fabric is no excuse to not use it for things. If it can be done, I will try it.

    Just do it.

  127. thefreedmans January 20th

    I sew mostly quilting cotton, as I primarily make quilts or projects that use quilting cotton. I love what is known as 'quilt shop quality' cotton, and not the thin, loosely woven cottons found mostly in big box stores--there is a visible difference, as well as a tactile one. I have been asked to mend a friend's silk camisole and it will be the first time I will work with silk fabric--I am a bit intimidated, but plan on practicing on some silk neckties before I tackle the camisole.

  128. plattgirl January 20th

    iI love to sew with linen..It just wants to behave and does whatever I want it to do when sewing it into some fabulous garment!

  129. SewKnitPatty January 20th

    I love to sew with knits for their versatility and comfort. I prefer cotton blends but I also like some of the newer man made fibers.

  130. User avater dosGatosCreations January 20th

    I love all natural fibers, especially linen. It is easy to sew, has a wonderful hand & works with many different types of styles from unstructured to tailored.

  131. jillatc2 January 20th

    Natural fibers - wool; silk; pure, long-staple cotton; linen - all provide welcome challenges in sewing garments. I am drawn most frequently to wools in all weights and finishes. They breathe, feel good and are easy to handle.

  132. midoi January 20th

    I love quality cottons for quilting and crafting. But my favorite is decoratiing fabrics for window treatments, pillows, bedding, bags, etc.

  133. User avater sewthernbelle January 20th

    I love a jersey knit. It's this comfortable chameleon that's easy to sew, easy to wear and if sewn properly, can be as elegant as it can be casual.

  134. User avater tgwgws January 20th

    I love to sew knits and anything else that doesn't need to be dry cleaned or ironed. I'm retired and love the simple life.

  135. AliceEliza January 20th

    I like to sew knits. They are comfortable and easy to sew with a serger. I use my regular machine with a twin needle for hemming.

  136. user-4092474 January 20th

    I love to go into a fabric store and just admire and touch all of the beautiful materials. It's like an imagination fairyland where so many things become possible! I wish that I knew more about the vast variety of fabrics so that I could feel more confident in my purchases.

  137. User avater betsysmom January 20th

    I love the feel of the new rayon batiks. The drape is fabulous.

  138. user-3901670 January 20th

    Absolutely love 4 ply silk, tricky sewing but feels divine! Also love the drape of rayon.

  139. lovetosewsorselo January 20th

    When quilting I love the hand of fine cottons but I also have a stash of Silk Essence in all colors for my clothes. Since I do not stand or walk I adapt patterns and this lovely fabric satisfies all my needs for ease of dressing with fashion above all.

  140. conwins711 January 20th

    I love cotton canvas as I don't have to use interfacing.

  141. jgflo January 20th

    I love them all and walking into a fabric shop or shopping on line is like walking into a candy store! So many wonderful choices how can you make a decision? Just keep sewing them all!

  142. Frances_NZ January 20th

    I like sewing with most fabrics but my favourite is Liberty cottons.

  143. Loriwilson January 20th

    I am still fairly new to the wonderful world of sewing so I have not worked with many differnt fabrics. High-end cotton feels good between my fingers though!!

  144. User avater Flutter53 January 20th

    I enjoy working with fleece. There are so many wonderful possibilities with fleece - blankets, stuffed animals, jackets, hats, gloves. etc. The imagination can run wild!

  145. gattini January 20th

    I am a fabric snob. I fall in love with fabric. Eventually, the fabric "tells" me what it wants to be and the magic begins. I particularly like to work with wool. But I am quite comfortable with linen and silk as well. My goal this spring is to learn to work with jersey!

  146. User avater pjwhite530 January 20th

    I am drawn to tailoring and love silk suiting fabrics.

  147. user-2033275 January 20th

    I just love, love, love, all, wool, cotton, microfibers... they're all wonderful. I work with them all every single day and can't get enough of them.

  148. idosew January 20th

    would be a great book to own

  149. user-4377674 January 20th

    One of my favorite things to sew is costumes, and for costumes, I love felt. For clothing, I love knits. Wovens and me just don't seem to get along .

  150. dglarson January 20th

    I am a beginner to sewing. I am also a chef and want to sew some aprons and as I gain skill, eventually a chef's uniform.

    I prefer cotton, but possibly a cotton-linen blend or a cotton-polyester blend.

  151. User avater jroach January 20th

    I really need this book.There is so much I have forgotten about fabrics in my 45 years off and on of sewing.

  152. User avater Passante January 20th

    I love almost all fabrics, but my favorites to work with are cotton, silk, and wool -- though anything I make from wool has to be well lined if I am to wear it!

  153. user-376130 January 20th

    I love to sew with silk. I live in a warm climate and silk keeps me cool! I also like the fact that it keeps me warm and dry in cold climates since I like to ski! It is very versatile and comes in many weights, colors and prints.

  154. rhoni478 January 20th

    I love to sew with silk. It takes me away to exotic places when I touch it. At times I can't speak when I touch it.

  155. LCJsew January 20th

    Wool is my favorite, but it is hard think of a fabric that I do not love.

  156. User avater user-908302 January 20th

    I like working with quilting fabric. Making sewing bags and other things.

  157. User avater dsantil71 January 20th

    I would love to have both of them!!

  158. Carmela January 20th

    I love to sew with wool. It is so easy to work with. I made my first wool garment at age 13 for a junior make it with wool contest and took my first tailoring class at 14. My home ec teachers wern't too thrilled when I brought in a plaid wool for a jump suit. Boy were they surprised when I matched the plaid perfectly even down the zipper.

  159. user-4323407 January 20th

    I love to sew with hemp, organic cotton, silk, wool, and linen. I like the information they hold and the 'feel' of the wildness in them.

  160. trudiram January 20th

    I love silk and linen. They are luxurious and feel so good to work on.

  161. JingleBelle January 20th

    I love wool - so easy to work with.

  162. Connied January 20th

    I like working with wool. It is easy to sew and lends itself to structured and deconstructed clothing. It is not as particular as silk or linen.

  163. User avater WillaMcNeill January 20th

    I am happy sewing any natural fiber. Love the hand, the ease and all.

  164. User avater WillaMcNeill January 20th

    I am happy sewing any natural fiber. Love the hand, the ease and all.

  165. erica_ January 20th

    I love to sew with cotton voiles, for the lightweight luxurious feel.

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