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Book Giveaway: “Suede to Rest”

Jan 26, 2015
Article Image

Diane Vallere's Suede to Rest

Dianne Vallere is the daughter of a seamstress and a scientist. From a young age, she loved fashion and had a curiosity for mysteries. After twenty years of working as a buyer in the fashion industry, Diane now devotes her time solely to her writing. Her novel Suede to Rest (Penguin Random House, 2014) is the first book in her new Material Witness series.


Threads: What inspired you to write Suede to Rest, part of your new Material Witness series?
Diane Vallere: On my commute home from work, I passed an old fabric store called House of a Thousand Fabrics. I could tell from the font style on the building’s front that it had been around for awhile, though it was no longer in business when I first discovered it. I wondered what it would be like to be inside a fabric store that had been closed for awhile, and from there I developed a character who would inherit a fabric store that had been closed for a decade. That character turned out to be Polyester Monroe, who inherits Land of a Thousand Fabrics in Suede to Rest.

TH: What caused you to make the switch from full-time fashion industry buyer to full-time author?
DV: I held a few different retail positions after my job as a full-time buyer, and that entire experience definitely influences the books I write. While juggling both writing and a full time job, it became clear that my passion was writing, so I took a leap of faith into full-time writing.

TH: Where did you get the idea to mix fashion with a mystery novel plot? Why a mystery and not a different genre?
DV: I grew up reading mysteries: Trixie Belden, Connie Blair, and Nancy Drew, and always thought I’d love to write a mystery series (but I had no ideas). Later, when I discovered a whole subgenre of grown-up amateur sleuths, everything clicked. My first book (a different series) features a former fashion buyer-turned amateur sleuth (Designer Dirty Laundry).

TH: What first got you interested in fashion?
DV: As long as I can remember, I liked clothes. I wanted to be a fashion designer. After I graduated from college (with a Fine Arts degree), I needed a job to tackle my student loans and found myself at the mall. What started as a sales job at Macy’s, eventually turned into a buying career for Neiman Marcus.

TH: How many books are you planning in the Material Witness series?
DV: There will be at least three books in the Material Witness series. Crushed Velvet, book 2, comes out in August 2015.

TH: Are you planning another series after this one?
DV: I have a new series debuting in December 2015. The first book is still untitled, but it is the Costume Shop Mystery series. Interesting note: for years, the only sewing I did was for Halloween costumes!

FIVE lucky winners will receive Diane Vallere’s Suede to Rest, the first in her brand-new series. The story follows a young woman in her twenties named Polyester Monroe. Poly has just inherited her murdered aunt and uncle’s textile shop called Land of a Thousand Fabrics. After refusing to sell to a local land developer, she recieves numerous death threats. Poly does not let this scare her off: if anything it motivates her to study her family’s past to discover potential reasons for the threats. She becomes determined to find answers to numerous questions and explanations for several peculiar events.

This is an ideal book for a lazy, cold winter’s day. Five copies of Suede to Rest are up for grabs. All you have to do is leave a comment below. Tell us when you most enjoy reading books for pleasure, and you will instantly be entered to win. Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST, February 6. The winners will be randomly chosen, notified via email, and announced soon thereafter. Good luck!

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  1. BoWrinkleFluff February 5th

    My favorite time to read is on the weekend in the morning on the patio with my cup of tea and my 2 dogs at my feet. No work, a beautiful morning and my husband at home makes for a perfect setting to absorb myself in the daily newspapers or a good book.

  2. User avater Countessa February 5th

    I love to read in bed in the morning with my hot cup of lemon tea. And if I am getting frustrated on a sewing project, I'll stop for the day, and read a book instead. !!!

  3. phoebe1beloved February 4th

    I enjoy reading theme mysteries, especially in something near and dear to my heart. I love to shop for fabric and imagine what I will make from it. The House of a Thousand Fabrics sounds like it might have been my kind of place.

  4. Terezia February 3rd

    I like to read when I finished a project or a work what I had to do before a certain time. It makes me feel good to be over certain tasks or work so I can read without thinking of the work I just finished.

  5. Quiltgran February 1st

    I love to read before bed, especially books about my favorite hobbies quilting, knitting, and sewing.

  6. ConnieLMR February 1st

    My favorite part about a new book is leaving my drudge of a life and stepping into a new world where I can not only get the thrill of the story but I can widen my field of knowledge of things I might not have given a thought to before.

  7. Concordiabelle January 31st

    This sounds perfect for chilly evenings after time in my studio! With a fashion/fabric theme...can't be beat.

  8. user-3850441 January 30th

    Favorite time to read is any cold drizzly West Coast winter Sunday afternoon

  9. User avater eviej January 30th

    My favorite part of the day is post-shower, in jammies, tucked into bed with a great read for a couple of hours, until I get sleepy.

  10. SewMomma January 29th

    I have loved reading since I was a little girl. Rather, I am reading on how to try a new sewing technique for knowledge or for pleasure. I read romance, history, Mystery or nursing. I read on my lunch hour just to relax and get away from the hassles at work to come back refreshed.

  11. just jane January 29th

    In p.j.'s under the comforter with plump pillows and a good book after the day is done is my favorite time to read.

  12. KathleenMary January 29th

    I've been an avid reader all my life. (I still have some of the original Nancy Drew books!) I alternate between fantasy and murder mysteries, and come up for air to read my bookclub's monthly selection for variety. I read whenever I have a spare moment, and usually have two or three books in progress at the same time.

    As a costume shop supervisor I love the idea of a series set in a fabric store.
    In fact my dream job would be to run a combined book/fabric store and coffee shop. I would never have to leave!

  13. Adventitiously January 29th

    At night before I go to sleep, reading mysteries is my passion!

  14. Adventitiously January 29th

    I love to peruse sewing books on a cold winter evening. Also, like to flip through when I am looking for ideas.

  15. User avater sewold January 29th

    I really like to read light mysteries and this sounds like it fits (pun intended). I love the name of the "star" of the series.

  16. SuInAZ January 29th

    Mysteries are my favorite fiction to read! This sounds like a fun one.

  17. user-626014 January 28th

    I have read all my life. I always have something going but have not heard of this series. I keep a list and think this is a first.. I am really interested as it is right down my alley . Fabric and mystery.. wahoo. The good ones I keep and the others I lend out. Wait until I tell everyone Someone has finally written our kind of book

  18. Slsew January 28th

    I like to read anywhere anytime. I've always got a book started.

  19. clair729 January 28th

    Whenever I have time, I love a good mystery. They are so much fun to read because you can just get lost in the story.

  20. User avater lizac55 January 28th

    I love to read on a rainy or snowy day, in the middle of the afternoon. I snuggle up with a quilt and a cup of loose-leaf tea and lose myself in the literary world. It's such a nice treat for my soul!

  21. User avater WildHorses January 28th

    I like to read for fifteen minutes every week day morning before heading to work, but after my husband and son have left for work and school. I read at a desk in my sewing room and look out the window at the sunrise! I would love to read a book about an inherited fabric store!

  22. tmsx6 January 28th

    What a wonderful idea for a mystery! Combining all of the things I love into one book. I have been reading mysteries my entire life and am always looking for new interesting concepts. Books continue to be a wonderful escape and respite from the stress of every day.

  23. ustabahippie January 28th

    I love to read mysteries while I eat! Doesn't bother my digestion at all!
    Love to win the book.

  24. jfpetutti January 28th

    I love mysteries and adventure and this series sounds like it is just up my alley.I read every chance I get, especially when I have to wait for an appointment and I read myself to sleep every night! I am rarely without a book to read!

    I would love to add this to my library. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book to add to my collection.

  25. LisaKsBookReviews January 28th

    I read any and every chance I get. I read for myself to relax and I read for others as a reviewer. Diane's book is just the sort I read, cozy mysteries.Thank you for the chance to win.

  26. User avater user-2017574 January 28th

    I read all the time but my favorite time to read is late at night when everything settles down and everyone else is asleep. This is also my favorite time to sew.

  27. Corrales January 28th

    I love to read and sew & shop for fabric. Being able to combine all this is a definite treat. Favorite stories are mysteries. So fun to try to figure out the outcome. Would love to add your book to my library. Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. beeches January 28th

    Love serial mysteries! The ongoing character-development keeps me interested, and the mystery itself is always fun.

  29. carojo January 28th

    Anytime is good reading time, but it's hard to beat those rainy or snowy days.

  30. Sheilarevans January 28th

    I have always enjoyed reading, and now that I'm retired I finally have some time to myself to enjoy this hobby.

  31. User avater Harikleia January 28th

    I enjoy reading in the evening after I have finished cleaning my kitchen. I love reading on a nice sunny day sitting at the back yard. Thanks

  32. jazzyma January 28th

    I enjoy reading on a rainy day. It takes me somewhere else so I don't get gloomy.

  33. User avater sewinggal1 January 28th

    I usually read in the evening before I retire for the night, it helps me unwind. :)

  34. LauraSews January 27th

    Cool! Another fun mystery series to read!

  35. User avater juditupp January 27th

    I like to read while in the car. Obviously when someone else is driving. ;)

  36. user-911219 January 27th

    I pick up my granddaughter after school and while she is doing her homework, I enjoy reading. I love reading a good mystery

  37. user-911219 January 27th

    I pick up my granddaughter after school and while she is doing her homework, I enjoy reading. I love reading a good mystery

  38. ahume08 January 27th

    I read off and on all day almost every day. I usually keep a book in every room and just pick up whatever is the closest.

  39. ckach January 27th

    I would love to curl up with a good book on any Winter's evening or day. I love transporting myself to a place where I've never been, having experiences that are new to me and meeting people of all sorts. Especially when it centers around something I have an interest in like sewing or food or knitting. This new series sounds like just the right thing and that it hits all the right notes for a great Winter read!

  40. harmonycastle January 27th

    I love fabric and books. What could be better than a combination?

  41. User avater luvstosew January 27th

    What could be better than a great mystery set in a fabric shop?! Cozy reading at it's finest!

  42. user-1133788 January 27th

    i enjoy reading sewing books to learn more and more!

  43. User avater Bhppy January 27th

    Reading transports the reader into other people's souls, trulely one of the greatest gifts we can receive

  44. sherih January 27th

    Reading is a magical pursuit. Mysteries are my favorite and this one sounds like fun. It marries 2 subjects I love, sewing/fabtric an mysteries.

  45. ejanieb January 27th

    I read when I go to relaxes and distracts from the daily grind...sleep comes much easier.

  46. User avater Jolianne January 27th

    I just love to read and this combine my two passions! The critics are also excellent for that book.

  47. User avater user-910803 January 27th

    I really enjoy mysteries, especially ones about sewing and other needle arts. Fiction written by an author who really knows the material (no pun intended!) is my favorite.

  48. User avater PatsyJ January 27th

    My favorite time to read is a cold, snowy day with a mug of hot cocoa.

  49. User avater Sweetjessy January 27th

    I like to read late at night when the house is quiet and all I hear are my cats purring.

  50. MRose1251 January 27th

    Reading is an everyday occurrence for me, usually in the evenings when there is very little interesting on the tube and it's simply too late to sew! It's a great way to wind down after a long day...

  51. flittingimage January 27th

    I will read anywhere I can~on the treadmill, riding in the car, waiting for an appointment, you name it.

  52. User avater SewRed31 January 27th

    I enjoy reading while waiting: for doctors' appointments, in the hospital waiting for a family member or friend's procedure/surgery to finish, or while sitting with a friend/family member in the hospital (they are sleeping and healing). It's a great time to get my mind off the current situation and learn something new, or review techniques I haven't used in a while and they have company when they awaken!

  53. luvswv January 27th

    I read every night before switching the light off...any kind of mystery. Especially interested in reading new authors.

  54. User avater moomom January 27th

    I love to read (especially mysteries!) and love to sew. The best days are when I sew AND read, by listening to a "book on tape" (although they aren't actually on tape any more!)

  55. User avater wicked_stitcher January 27th

    one of my favorite materials is ultrasuede, and the reversible "kite" coat i made from a hesitant cousin's stash is a staple. broadening my repertoire to use this resource more often would be a long held goal

  56. gmbva January 27th

    I'm a librarian and love to read, especially mysteries. I read any time: While traveling and waiting around in airports, on the beach, or stuck inside on a snowy day.

  57. msfroggy January 27th

    I read whenever I can. These days that is usually before bed. And mysteries are my favorite genre. I listen to audiobooks throughout the day while sewing, preparing meals, cleaning, etc. and around town or on road trips in the car. Would love to read this one!

  58. user-353701 January 27th

    I love sewing, and I love mysteries. I look forward to reading Diane Vallere's book.

  59. user-1109481 January 27th

    I buy just about every sewing mystery I can come across. I enjoy reading mysteries and if they involve sewing the better. Would truly enjoy winning her first book.

  60. Vikichek January 27th

    I like to read whodunits before going to sleep at night. It soothes me, and lets me banish whatever I've been dealing with during the day. My husband says I sometimes fall asleep over my book, but Ii'm sure this is complete fabrication.

  61. User avater jamaco January 27th

    I enjoy reading in the evening when it is quiet. Spouse likes TV but I read, so I am in my corner of the room with headphones playing great music in the background while I enjoy a book. Love to read from my eReader!

  62. Dwana58 January 27th

    I love to read! I read everyday and love books about subjects that are a passion for me, sewing, quilting, knitting etc. It is an escape for me from the physical problems that I deal with.

  63. User avater ShiningStar January 27th

    Whenever I have some down time. I like to read a fun, smart book.

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