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Spot the Difference in these Threads Classic Covers and favorite article images.
Challenge yourself to examine some of Threads most popular cover and article photos, and find the changes we've made to the original. You have 30 seconds to find and click on 6 differences between the 2 photos. You will receive 200 points for each correct find, but you also lose 50 points for every missed click. Try to get a perfect score of 1200 points. Post your comments and game feedback in the blog.

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Issue #139, Cover: What sewer doesn’t own one or more containers filled with buttons? Some of them are utilitarian, but every button box contains a few incredible button gems. In the article “For the Love of Buttons,” Beau Gabiniewicz explains what makes a button valuable and helps you to determine which buttons in your stash have value beyond simply keeping a garment closed. Find treasures in your button stash.

Spot the Difference: Threads Classic Covers Collection

Issue 120Issue 120, page 16Issue 125Issue 125, page 51Issue 131

Issue 131, page 47Issue 139Issue 139, page 44Issue 144Issue 144, page 30

Issue 39, page 78Issue 136Issue 136, page 44Issue 138Issue 138, page 78

Issue 121, page 41Issue 142Issue 142, page 81Issue 146Issue 146, back cover

Issue 150Issue 141, back coverIssue 151Issue 147, back coverIssue 153

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