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The Addams Family

Morticia and Wednesday
Morticia and Wednesday

Morticia and Wednesday

We were the Addams Family - Gomez, Morticia, and Wednesday.  I made all three costumes.  It was quite a challenge for me, but I think I pulled it off well.  I used a formal dress pattern for Morticia.  It is actually two pieces - the dress and a bolero jacket.  I added the "fringe" using a sheer fabric that I cut into "legs."  Wednesday's is a Simplicity pattern and I added spider trim along the bottom and bodice.  The goody bag is just a rectangle sewn together with straps.  (I always make goody bags to match the costume.)  Gomez's suit is from a Vogue pattern.  I found really great fabric in the clearance section - $5 a yard.  It was perfect - black with silver pinstriping.

Pattern or design used: It was a mix of both my own touches and patterns.

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