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New Online Embroidery Magazine

Needle Magazine by the Hand Embroidery Network
Example of one of the works from the online Living Organisms gallery on the HENs website
Needle Magazine by the Hand Embroidery Network

Needle Magazine by the Hand Embroidery Network

Photo: Needle Magazine

Good news for all you hand embroiderers out there: The Hand Embroidery Network has launched their new online magazine called Needle magazine.

The Hand Embroidery Network began as an online community started by a husband and wife team that now boasts more than 1,000 members. They have their own online galleries of works by contributors (check out the Living Organims exhibition here), online classes, and many more resources for embroiders all skill levels.

The HEN's Needle magazine only has one issue so far, but it's free to download and packed with beautiful photographs and profiles from embroiderers around the globe. Works range from very traditional to abstract and contemporary. Also included are many features on embroidery history and culture like the origins of raised stumpwork and embroidery in South Africa. There are even projects and tutorials included, too.

The visuals of this magazine are stunning and make you want to pick up a needle and thread before you can get through the whole thing. They've done a fantastic job curating the information and photographs for the Needle and the embroidery world is all the better for it.


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user-1133500 user-1133500 writes: The links in this article are not correct. The one for Needle Magazine took me to "Love Caba" and the one for the magazine took me to a domaine name page. May 15, 2012
Posted: 3:40 pm on May 16th

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