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Washed Lavender Organza Dress

Dress Front
Dress Back
Detail Shots
Dress Front

Dress Front

The main focus of this dress for me was the bodice, I wanted to really make the sheer quality of the organza stand out. I used minimal  seaming, and only lined the bust portion of the bodice. Gathered sections were achieved by "catching" the looseness caused by cutting those peices on the bias.

Techniques: French, plain, and corded seams. Fully lined and interlined in sections. Invisable zippered back with hook and thread eye at neck closure.

Materials: Washed grey/lavender Organza and black Habotai lining. Both Polyester.

Pattern or design used: My own design - The Women-Draped Gown

Comments (6)

MrsAngela MrsAngela writes: I love the design of your dress.
Posted: 9:20 pm on January 12th

izodiea izodiea writes: I'd say the only "trick" I used was tissue paper. On some of the seams (not all of them thank god) they would want to pull down into the machine, so I would sew the seams with tissue paper on the bottom and tear it off later.

Not being afraid to hand bast things before machine sewing can also help alot, and save time in the long run.

I used a mixture of my roommates computerized viking (for the more delicate parts) and my own juki industrial (Lining seams and zipper).
Posted: 11:01 pm on January 7th

rwlangford rwlangford writes: I love this dress. I enjoy the challenge of working with organza and 4-way stretch fabrics for skating dresses. Do you have any tricks. I use an evolve Baby lock.

Posted: 4:37 pm on January 7th

rubicat rubicat writes: I would certainly love to see you dance, a la Fred & Ginger - this would float divinely, I'm sure. You've done a beautiful job here.
Posted: 7:52 pm on January 6th

Nefertiri Nefertiri writes: my hat is off to anybody who can make organza behave! nice work.
Posted: 11:19 pm on January 4th

Clarasita Clarasita writes: Beautiful,flirty, sexy with a '30s flair. I love your construction details, esp the bodice. You did great justice to a beautiful fabric--absolutely grand design!!
Posted: 9:36 pm on January 4th

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