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Scarlet silk evening gown

full skirt, adjusted gathers
laced merry widow waist, douple princess seams with piping
full skirt, adjusted gathers

full skirt, adjusted gathers

this plus-sized evening gown is made of a soft, washable silk/cotton blend (  I omitted interfacing and interlined throughout with silk organza. The lining is bemburg, attached by hand for the bodice.  Double princess seams were adjusted for a fuller bust and smaller waist (big girls have curves too!). I eliminated the topmost lacing loops to avoid drawing a visual line across the widest part of the bust, and used extra wide purchased satin ribbon instead of sewing narrow laces.  I used silk thread throughout, except for using stronger polyester thread to attach the skirt.  I used extra fine premium serging thread to serge inside seams without bulk. 

Best Tip: I zig-zagged over a narrow cotton cord in the waist seam allowance and used the cord to gather the skirt - beats pulling up basting or bobbin thread, hands down! Lesson Learned: the skirt "puddles" a bit, especially when seated, so I plan to go back and add a tulle underskirt / crinoline for a better drape.

Pattern or design used: Burda 8198

Comments (5)

rubicat rubicat writes: Nefertiri,

That is simply beautiful and very flattering. All those design tips - you are a genius. I need you to be my neighbor so you can coach me on fitting a curvy body - you've done such a phenomenal job and I can never get my curves covered properly.
Posted: 7:35 pm on January 6th

Marilyn679 Marilyn679 writes: Magnificent color and finished product! Great hint about the cording. I made a bulky handbag once that required gathering and it was suggested I use dental tape, which also worked well. But since I keep cording in my sewing room it's a much more convenient alternative. Thank you!
Posted: 1:07 pm on January 6th

Clarasita Clarasita writes: Beautiful and flattering. And yes, all we women have curves, whether we're short or tall, big or small. Sewing allows us to celebrate who WE are; not just who Barbie is. The lacing shows great proportion, both in placement and in width of laces. It really emphasizes the narrowness of the waist, something all us big busted and curvy women need. Please resubmit another photo as suggested by barbchr, especially after your planned skirt adjustments.
Posted: 2:50 pm on January 5th

rosb rosb writes: It is great to see your dress , looks a god fit but the under skirt will make it look better but make a silky layer between the net & skin otherwise you will have a sctatchy night out as I did . well done
Posted: 1:41 am on January 5th

barbchr barbchr writes: Very nice. I'd love to see a picture of the dress on the whole person. Looks like a really good fit. I think you're right about the underskirt.
Posted: 11:05 pm on January 4th

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