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Momgrammed Classic Style Veil

Completed Monogrammed Veil
Close-up of Veil Monogram
Completed Monogrammed Veil

Completed Monogrammed Veil


The bride's mother approached me probably 10 months in advance of the wedding date about making her daughter's veil. Both the bride and her mother were in agreement that they wanted the bride's monogram on the veil. Other than that they weren't at all sure about veil style, length, tiers, edging, or additional embellishments.

Thus, the first step in the design process was to determine the look of the monogram. Did she want a beautiful script font?  A script embellished with flowers or vines? A bolder, less delicate font? I initally prepared some designs using the fonts in my embroidery program. But those didn't quite fit the bill. Next, I created some designs that I would have had to digitize. These were more flowing, curly designs like you might find on stationary or table linens. These weren't quite what the brice had in mind either.

I then went searching for embroidery fonts on the web and came across a number of beautiful fonts available in the larger size needed for a veil. The boldness of the font selected as shown in the accompanying photo with the feminine touch of the fleur-de-lis embellishment was perfect. The bride and her mother both loved it.

The monogram was embroidered on four layers of bridal illusion plus a tear-off stabalizer using a rayon 40 weight thread. The edges were trimmed very, very close to the embroidery and then any stray bits of illusion were melted away with the tip of the iron. Lastly, the monogram was hand stitched to the veil itself.

Along the way, the others details of the veil were decided upon. The Classic style was chosen so that the monogram would stand out without conflicting with the cut of the veil itself. The satin cord edging accenting both tiers was selected as a bolder edging in keeping with the boldness of the font.

The veil is 90" in width for moderate fullness and is a 36" fingertip length with a 24" short tier. Both tiers are gathered as one and hand stitched to a comb.

I hope you enjoy viewing this project. It was fun working with the bride and her mother to create it. You can see more of my designs at





Pattern or design used: My own design -

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