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Counterpoints Jacket (Collage It! Template Set 2)

Back detail
Front detail
Sleeve detail

It's getting rather warm to wear felted wool sweater jackets, so I made my Counterpoints Jacket  with Collage It! Template Set 2 using sweatshirts. There's no interfacing or lining needed! Just pre-wash and dry new or up-cycled sweatshirts. For this one, I used 5 different sweatshirts for a tone-on-tone composition. Instead of tear away stabilizer, I used wash away to stabilize the seams when sewing, then tossed it into the washer on the handwash cycle to remove the stabilizer.  To create the collaged "fabric," the seams were butted with a 3-step zigzag stitch and a 4-thread overlock stitch was used for the jacket construction. Decided to add some beads to highlight design details. On-seam side pockets were made with Bemberg rayon.The colors in this jacket remind me of coffee with cream and sugar. Hope you like it!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Gail Patrice Design The Counterpoints Jacket #1112 and Collage It! Template Set 2

Comments (8)

SteveGolden SteveGolden writes: Looks gorgeous
Posted: 8:43 am on April 21st

ricardocorey ricardocorey writes: Nice Design
Posted: 7:24 am on March 10th

sews4fun sews4fun writes: This looks like pieced leather and its great. I would never, in a million years have guessed it was sweatshirts!
Posted: 8:57 pm on August 3rd

SerendipityMuse SerendipityMuse writes: Wow! Love this jacket! I love the angles, the colors, and the beadwork is wonderful!
Posted: 5:07 pm on July 9th

LindaMatthews LindaMatthews writes: Love the beaded embellishment; it makes all the difference.
Posted: 3:30 pm on June 14th

ElenaYDesigns ElenaYDesigns writes: YES - I like it. Well done.
Posted: 10:41 pm on June 9th

4bev2 4bev2 writes: What a great jacket!! thanks for sharing.
Posted: 8:56 pm on May 17th

decoratrice decoratrice writes: Love the way the piecing lines keep the eye flowing! I have upcycled felted sweaters, but hadn't thought of using sweatshirts. This looks like a good way to upcycle leather garments, too.
Posted: 10:23 pm on May 10th

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