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Happy Valentines Day! by Allysonsews

Happy Valentine's Day! by Allysonsews

Photo: Allysonsews

Congratulations to member Allysonsews. Her red Happy Valentine's Day! bridesmaid gown received the most votes in the 'Happy Valentine's Day from Bernina V6' Contest. Allysonsews has won Bernina V6 Embroidery Software.

There were so many amazing entries into this contest, and it was certainly difficult to choose only one winner. Check out the contest gallery to view all of the excellent garment submissions.

See Official Rules for details.

Comments (4)

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Posted: 8:08 am on July 4th

jones62750 jones62750 writes: Hey Allyson! Congratulations! (well-deserved, of course) Parisbeans got our familial connection wrong but it was sweet of her to offer my photographic services. I think the picture is and the dress are very photogenic!! Way to go! Joni
Posted: 1:39 pm on March 11th

Allysonsews Allysonsews writes: Thanks, Parisbeans! I actually found the silk chiffon in Colorado at Allyn's after searching in San Francisco! It was a delight to make. I know that the pictures are not good -- I really dislike taking pictures!
Posted: 1:21 pm on March 4th

Parisbeans Parisbeans writes: Exquisite. Congratulations, Allyson. Now you should have your cousin, Joni, take a great photo for this website.
Posted: 1:23 am on March 3rd

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