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Project Runway - Hey, That's My Fabric

Photo: Lifetime Television

With 7 designers remaining, Project Runway is building intensity. And, last night's episode was a great momentum booster, with what I thought was one of the coolest Project Runway challenges we've seen. Guest Judge, Vivienne Tam, a fashion designer known for her gorgeous prints, presented the challenge to the designers--to create a digital textile, which would then be printed onto fabric for them. Wouldn't you love to create your own prints? As they mentioned on the show, this is every designers dream! And, so with an hour to design, the contestants set to work on creating their print using the equally cool HP All-in-One Desktop PC to draw, paint, and plot out their fabric designs right on the screen. (I can only begin to imagine the possibilities of using one of these computers and I want one!) 

Once again, Emilio is the winner this week. I liked his graphic print using the letters of his name well enough, but I didn't get the heart as an "O". It just didn't read. I thought Tim was right--that it looked like SA hearts ES. But, nonetheless, albeit simple, I thought his dress design was beautiful and I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the graffiti print with the elegant, 1940's French inspired silhouette. All the judges loved his design as well, and surprisingly, his print. I thought for sure they would be as confused as I was about the letters, but Michael Kors thought it was a smart branding decision and the rest agreed, branding him the winner for the 3rd time this season.

Emilio Sosa

My choice for the winner this week was tied with Maya and Jay. Maya created a beautiful print in vivid reds, oranges, and black that Nina Garcia described as looking like electricity. Although Maya was shown struggling in the workroom to come up with a design for her print that was true to her, I think she executed it beautifully and was able to create a look with structural and textural appeal, and that highlighted her print effectively. She said she wanted to create a textile with movement and I think she achieved it nicely with the exaggerated double collar. Even though the judges called her print the best of the bunch, she wasn't chosen as the winner.

Maya Luz

I loved Jay's bright green striped print and the way he cut into strips and pieced it together to form a bodice and used as an accent on the inside of the jacket collar. I also loved the outfit as a whole. The bright print really popped against the black fabric he used for the pants, turtleneck and most of the jacket. But, Jay ended up being smack-dab-in-the-middle safe, so there wasn't much time on screen to see his look, or hear the judges commentary on it.

Jay Nicolas Sario

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Comments (6)

Ceeayche Ceeayche writes: I'm not sure how Mila survived this round. The dress was poorly executed and the model could not walk in it. And the print was unimaginative. I did like Maya's fabric... wasn't crazy about the dress but it wasn't offensive either. I was sorry to see Anthony leave so soon.

I am enjoying the season.
Posted: 10:02 pm on March 31st

Cherlyn Cherlyn writes: I thought that Johnathon was headed home the way they attacked him. Mysecond choice was Mila becasue her dress was ugly. She can only do one thing: black and white. I think she would fit right in with the Black and White chain.
I was sorry to see Anthony leave, but they are right, he only knows one design so give it time adn Mila may be gone since black and white is alll she knows.

I didn't totally dislike Jonathon's fabric. He just didn't do it justice with complementry fabrics and the design of the dress was bad. A little more color might have been best instead of playing it down.

Seth is another one that while he is creative, and I'm shocked he wasn't the winner the way the judges went on and on; his designs are for a targeted group. These tend to be fads. I am curious as to how long he gets to stay. I expect to see him in the final show because he has the most talent as far as skills.

I wish Mayo had won the challenge because her fabric was my favorite. I didn't like or dislike her dress. I thought the fabric fit well with the design.

I really didn't care for Emilo's blue. I have seen designer's use their name before on fabric so this is not a new idea. The heart think didn't bother me, I got it. I just thought the blue was harsh.

Jay's fabric was another favorite of mine. I loved it! I didn't particularly care for the outfit, but I rarely see myself wearing any of the designs.. Now there ahve been some that I wish I could wear, but on me and this body---no way!

I am curious as to who decided they have had enoough.

Posted: 2:49 pm on March 30th

Stina_Joy Stina_Joy writes: I loved Seth Aaron's and Emilio's prints...they took their creations to the next level and thought outside the box...I think its gonna be between them two when it comes to winning Project Runway!
Posted: 7:52 pm on March 27th

artfulenterprises artfulenterprises writes: Anthony's purple/gold/black geometric print and Seth Aaron's whimsical abstraction print were the big winners for me in the fabric competition. Loved them both. Personally, I would have chosen Seth as the winner because although his look is edgy and not for everyone, it was well thought out and beautifully executed with style and polish. I would have sent Mila home before Anthony on this competition. Her print was awkward, oversized, and not well utilized and her design was unwearable. Her esthetic is far more static (read boring) than Anthony's. At least women would look curvy and alluring in his designs! I didn't care for Emilio's jacket because it caused the model's shoulders to droop and look like a linebacker. With a bit of reworking at the shoulder line/sleeve it could be quite nice though. The print was okay but not something I would buy. Don't care for "branding" (who wants to pay to be a billboard for someone else???) and hearts are painfully cliched!
Posted: 1:10 pm on March 27th

sunnyb64 sunnyb64 writes: Personally, I thought Seth Aaron should have won and Mila should have gone home. I liked Emilio's dress/jacket combo, particularly the dress because it was such a great style, but his print looked way better from a distance than it did close-up. (And I'm one who personally hates to have brand names obviously plastered onto my clothes, so that's not a print I would buy.) I found Seth Aaron's to be far more of an interesting print, and really loved his overall look.

Mila's dress was pretty awful, IMO. She's made it pretty clear throughout this season that she has no idea how to use color (thus the black and white EVERYTHING), and this dress didn't really change my opinion on that. It kind of looked like she got attacked by Rainbow Brite from the thigh down. And the fact that the model couldn't walk in it pretty much clinched it--practical clothing is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind on the catwalk, but the model's got to be able to walk!

At this point, I think 2 of the top 3 are going to be Emilio and Seth Aaron for sure, unless something major goes down in the next couple of weeks. For the third, it'll probably end up being either Mila or Maya (but I'm hoping for Maya, since I'm kind of bored with Mila.) Though I can see a chance that Jonathan will squeak by to become the third.
Posted: 12:40 am on March 27th

sews4fun sews4fun writes: I really loved emillios ensemble too, I thought the collar was a real standout and I love vintage styling so the jacket was right up my alley. I was sorry to see Anthony go because he is so funny and bubbly and adds a lot of interest to the show but I never expected him to be in the top three, he does keep making the same dress. I hated Mila's fiesta in a citrus can get up she cranked out. The dress was so stiff, I thought the model was going to fall flat on her face. I no longer see her in the top three. Jay's presentation was "RETURN OF THE LIZARD MAN" to me, and I didnt care for it at all.
I will say this for Seth, the man is a tailor, no one can argue that point. He marches to the beat of a different drummer but he is a costumer and lots of his stuff looks like something the ringmaster at the circus would wear. However, I see him, Emillio and Maya in the top three.
I think Emillio will probably win this year but Seth never fails to surprise me and who knows what the man will come up with over the break? We shall see.
Posted: 8:50 pm on March 26th

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