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Edible Sewing Machines

Sewing machine birthday cake. The machine is part cake and part Rice Krispies Treats® covered with marshmallow fondant.
Bill W. and his brother worked together on this cake for their grandmothers 80th birthday. We did our best to recreate her little sewing desk as best we remembered it. We opted to use Rice Krispy treats to shape the body of the machine. To add structural integrity, we coated the sewing machine with melted almond bark to make it more solid. We also used a couple of dowel rods down the center to help with support. The entire cake (both the machine and base) were then covered with marshmallow fondant. All of the embellishments are made from marshmallow fondant as well. The lettering is silver luster dust. The pin cushion is a cupcake.
This entire sewing machine is cake—even the top part. All the accessories are gumpast/fondant. Its all edible except for the two wooden skewers on the left that are used to support the top cake. The wood was decorated/painted to look like the needle assembly.
Cake Central
Singer sewing machine cake.
Irresistible Desserts used an image of a similar cake design online (from apieceofcake) and tried to recreate it for her friends moms 75th birthday. The entire outside is made with fondant, except the needle, which is a toothpick!
This is probably the cake that was copied by irresistible desserts.
Sewing machine birthday cake. The machine is part cake and part Rice Krispies Treats® covered with marshmallow fondant.

Sewing machine birthday cake. The machine is part cake and part Rice Krispies Treats® covered with marshmallow fondant.

We stumbled across these amazing sewing machine cakes, and wanted to share them with you, just for fun. I've done cake decorating for many years. In fact, I teach cupcake decorating through our local adult education program. I've created some interesting designs over the years, but I've never even considered trying to make a cake in the form of a sewing machine. It's undoubtedly quite an undertaking, and I compliment all of the bakers who had the courage to give it a try.

Cake Techniques:
The cakes shown were made using a variety of techniques. For the upright cakes, the machine bed and right side of the machine body were most often constructed from layers of sheet cakes stacked with icing "glue" between them. After stacking, the cakes were "carved" to approximate the shape of an actual machine. The needle bar housing (the part of the arm that arches above the machine bed and the part that holds the needle) were sometimes constructed from cake, but were also made from a large Rice Krispies Treat® molded to reflect the shape of the machine. Some cake decorators used non-cake anchors inside the cake and/or Rice Krispy structure to be sure gravity didn't play tricks on the cake. Others were more daring and didn't rely on that type of assistance.

Fondant Completes the Cake:
The final icing is usually fondant. Fondant is a specialized form of cake icing. Working with fondant is akin to playing with clay! The primary ingredients that make it different from regular icing are: unflavored gelatin, glucose, glycerin and solid shortening. You manipulate it in the same ways you might work with clay—you can roll it, mold it, cut it, and imprint designs in it. It's flexibility permits you to manipulate it into many shapes. Some fondant recipes are thinner and can actually be poured. In either case, fondant produces an extremely smooth surface. Ready-to-use rolled fondant is also available. Fondant was used in the photos above to create the spools of thread, buttons, fabric and other "notions" as well as the smooth exterior of the machines themselves.

Congratuations to all of the cake designers for their amazing work. I hope their sewing is equally as impressive!


Comments (3)

Nackmine Nackmine writes: YUM YUM

Excellent work. Made my day brighter!
Posted: 7:09 pm on April 13th

reeni reeni writes: These cakes are just incredible. Thanks for sharing April!
Posted: 2:05 pm on April 2nd

kkegeland kkegeland writes: amazing!
especially the Russian one
Posted: 12:15 pm on March 30th

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