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trapeze dress

trapeze dress
trapeze dress

trapeze dress

Merchant and Mills is a bold new endeavour bringing top quality designer patterns to all you dressmakers. 

Here we have the trapeze dress made in fine british wool suiting. Cut just to the knee with generous swing in the body and an optional sleeve insert detailing to give a bell sleeve 

patterns are made form sturdy brown card pre cut to your size ... no pining out required just simply chalk round the pattern 

£25 each from

Pattern or design used: My own design - Carolyn Norma Kerr Denham

Comments (5)

Jodi Hicks Jodi Hicks writes: Really great effort.....
Posted: 1:44 am on September 12th

CrystalSingh CrystalSingh writes: awesome dress.. i like it
Posted: 4:08 am on June 16th

LouisRogers LouisRogers writes: beautiful dress
Posted: 6:59 am on May 13th

darrylchad darrylchad writes: awesome stuff
Posted: 2:57 am on May 12th

CheryThomas CheryThomas writes: thanx for share
Posted: 7:04 am on May 11th

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