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Daughters Prom Dress

My daughter found her ideal prom dress but it cost $325. Simplicity patterm 0547 was almost identical to the dress. My daughter pick out the color (pink) and the material. She found the embellished tulle in Cotton Candy Pink. I added the emblished tulle to the plain bodice which fancied the dress up. I used a bra insert and plastic stays in the bodice, eliminating the need to purchase a strapless bra. I sewed the zipper in by hand as the gathered tulle bodice was to thick to sew by machine and look nice. There are 18 yards of tulle in the skirt overlay.  The hem was purposely made uneven to give a "fairy" look to the dress.  The total cost of the dress was $75, the most expensive item was the embellished tulle. I will alway remember my daughters smiling and beaming face when she saw the dress and how beautiful she looked in it.

Pattern or design used: Simplicity 0547

Comments (2)

MysteryWoman MysteryWoman writes: I applaud you! Not only did you make a lovely dress for your daughter to wear to prom, but you also sent a very powerful message to her, showing her that by using your own creativity, talent, and self-sufficiency, you gave her the same dress at a price that was within the budget. Plus, she'll always remember the dress that Mom made. I hope she is following in your footsteps and sewing as well. Good job!
Posted: 1:11 pm on May 15th

sewbabysew sewbabysew writes: This is so lovely, I would love to see a picture of your daughter wearing it.
Posted: 4:49 pm on May 5th

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