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10-Year-Old Designer Creates Her Own Fashions for Kids

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Produced by: NBC Today Show

At age 10, I think I was weighing the career choices of ballerina, veterinarian, or stunt horsewoman. Not so 10-year-old Cecilia Cassini - whose story was recently featured in a "Today Show" segment. At a her young age, Cecilia is already receiving a lot of interest for her precocious and adorable designs for young girls.

Cecilia, whose father is French, has been on visits to Paris many times since she was a baby. Her parents say she became fascinated with fashion design and designers - particularily Coco Chanel - at a very early age.

At age 7, she wrote an adorable letter to her idol for a class project (most of the other children wrote to Santa, Cecilia's mother says). You can hear more of the letter's contents in the video. My favorite line in her letter to Chanel was, "I notice you do not have a kids' line."

Cecilia has stepped in to provide fashionable clothes for kids. She sews her own designs on a Singer Confidence machine. Her designs have so much energy. She favors vibrant colors and strong prints. Her dresses have flounced skirts, giant bows, sparkle - all pretty and eyecatching details that appear to appeal to Cecilia herself. She definitely wears her own cute designs, topped off with eyecatching flower headbands and the finishing touch of bright pink nail polish.

On Cecilia Cassini's personal Web site, she posted photos from a recent trunk show at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, including a visit by one of her celebrity supporters, Miley Cyrus.

Cecilia's excitement and enthusiasm are inspiring to any sewer. I just hope so much early attention doesn't dim her ardor for fashion or dilute her personal aesthetic. It's amazing to think she's only 10 years old. It should be so much fun to see what she does in the future.

Did you have an early passion for fashion? Or were sewing and clothing design interests that you discovered later in life?