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Teach Yourself to Sew: Zippers 101

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Video Length: 4:06
Produced by: Victoria North and Judith Neukam

Consider their teeth and learn the anatomy of a zipper in this episode of our beginner sewing series. Senior Technical Editor Judith Neukam explains the different types of zipper, which is the best to use for garment sewing, and how to properly care for your zippers.

Teach Yourself to Sew is for beginning sewers or anyone who wants to brush up on their skills. Throughout the year we will demonstrate basic sewing techniques, share tips, and give step-by-step instruction for beginner sewing projects.

Check back next week to learn how to install a zipper.

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Comments (9)

Branka Branka writes: Dear Miss Judith, you are simply AWESOME!
Posted: 12:00 pm on September 1st

GabbyMeola GabbyMeola writes: Loved this video. The whole sipper stuck solution was worth watching all by itself. thank you
Posted: 3:01 pm on July 8th

russellgibson russellgibson writes: Very well done thank you
Posted: 11:12 am on June 28th

russellgibson russellgibson writes: Very well done thank you
Posted: 11:12 am on June 28th

oneta oneta writes: As an instructor of sewing, I found the video very fascinating. Would love to share it with my students?
Posted: 9:32 am on June 24th

BirgitdeBoer BirgitdeBoer writes: Thank you for a clear concise explanation. I didn't realize I knew so little about the anatomy of a zipper. Thank you! I'm looking forward on a tutorial about actually sewing them in. After even having read about doing it, it would be so much easier to understand after having seen somebody do it.
Posted: 7:09 am on June 23rd

tricone tricone writes: Wonderful, Thanks a million. Can't wait for the next part.
Posted: 4:14 pm on June 22nd

regina57 regina57 writes: this was great and after 43 years of sewing I still learned something new! thanks

Posted: 11:54 pm on June 21st

MaddyGranma MaddyGranma writes: Thank you so much for the zipper tutorial! It reflects the Threads committment to excellence and can be listened too over and over. Now I'm waiting for the next part which will be how to inset a zipper. I think that no matter how long you've been sewing, zippers are intimidating!
Posted: 8:08 pm on June 21st

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