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Chanel Inspired jacket

I was inspired by Susan Khalje's article in Threads #121 -- Inside the Chanel Jacket -- and made this for my daughter, Claire.  I bought the fabric and trim at Britex in San Francisco -- their selection is wonderful.  I had particular fun picking out the buttons.  The black eyelash trim gives the jacket a more youthful edge.  Claire wears the jacket for a casual look with jeans and with a skirt for a more dressy look.  The article had terrific step by step instructions, that were easy to follow.  The jacket turned out just as the article said it would.  I definitely recommend this project!

Pattern or design used: Simplicity 4954

Comments (11)

SusanJensen SusanJensen writes: Beautiful jacket! I just finished my first one, too. I am so happy and and starting number 2. Would like to get a copy of the Claire Shaeffer pattern 8259. As for the Threads #121 you only need to have the a4chive DVD which is wonderful for so many things. I have referenced the archive for so many things and then you can print out the article if you want it in paper.
Posted: 5:45 pm on November 5th

Scheri Scheri writes: This is a beautiful have now inspired me!
Posted: 11:18 pm on January 4th

balcsgirl balcsgirl writes: Very pretty!
Posted: 8:02 pm on October 7th

zybet zybet writes: To "STARGIRL"; 3-piece sleeve jacket by Claire Shaeffer is available on You must click on "out of print patterns" and the nr is 8087. I'am not sure this is the one you are looking for because Claire had also most popular one -nr 8259 [last week was sold on E-Bay for over 100 $]. Hope this will help.
Posted: 8:34 am on October 4th

EQOnlineFabricStore EQOnlineFabricStore writes: Beautiful work on the jacket.
Posted: 2:37 pm on September 10th

zybet zybet writes: Lucky You, who have "BRITEX" in your area. I live in Virginia. My best place to buy fabric is: {excellent service!] but where can I get a fency trims from?May be somebody give me advise?
The Threads#121 was last week on E-Bay. And contact "Threads" by e-mail, they may have few #121.Good luck to every one. Zybet.
Posted: 5:20 pm on September 9th

Kate_W Kate_W writes: This is terrific! It's so funny you mention Britex -- what a complete surprise -- I was in SF in May. Britex, so intimidating -- ladders on rollers going to the fabric on the top shelf which must be 16' from the floor, four floors of goodies, " ... we only carry Vogue ...". I loved it! OK, enough about Britex. So this jacket is gorgeous. The eyelash trim adds so much. Your daughter is very lucky. Beautiful.
Posted: 8:26 pm on September 8th

jcw0110 jcw0110 writes: This is beautiful! When did you make it? I have been wanting to sew a Chanel styled suit too. I searched for the pattern & it is not on the website, have you had it for awhile?
Posted: 6:52 pm on September 8th

stargirl stargirl writes: I would like to know where I can purchase a pattern with the 3-piece Chanel sleeve. Claire Shaeffer had a wonderful pattern with Vogue, however it is now discontinued..even E-Bay doesn't have it. Does anyone know of a resource for such a sleeve?
Posted: 1:22 am on September 7th

Madusae Madusae writes: Love it and want to make it in yellow baby cashmere that I own. The Threads #121 is sold out. Where can I find this article (as well as other helpful Chanel hints?)
Posted: 3:20 pm on September 6th

MarthaMyers MarthaMyers writes: Nice work on the jacket. Clever edge too.
Posted: 3:09 pm on September 6th

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