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Sewing Terms to Know

Photo: Jack Deutsch

Casing- Folded and stitched tunnel of fabric that holds elastic, cording, or boning.
Catchstitch- A hemstitch used to join an edge to the inside of a garment. It is formed with cross-shaped stitches on either side of an edge.
Chain stitch- A stitch formed by making connected loops that form a chain.
Chalk-trace- Pin through pattern markings, remove pattern leaving pins in place, and chalk mark the fabric using pins as a guide.
Clean finish- Term used to describe the way a raw edge is finished.
Collar stand- A band between the shirt and the collar on a shirt or blouse.
Compass rule- Any means of making a radius to form a circle such as a pin on one end of a string and a marking device on the other.
Constant reference point- A point that never changes.
Couching- Hand- or machine-sewn stitches that invisibly overcast a thread, yarn, or trim to attach it to fabric.
Couture- Highest-priced clothes from designer collections, characterized by custom fitting and hand sewing.
Crewel yarn- A two-ply, loosely twisted, fine-worsted yarn used in heavy embroidery
Crochet- A method of making a garment, fabric, braid, or lace with yarn and a hooked needle
Crossgrain edge- The edge perpendicular to the selvage.
Cut-on facing- A facing extending from and attached to the same piece of fabric it's facing.

Darning foot- A presser foot with a circular opening that doesn't clamp down over the fabric and is used with dropped feed dogs for free-motion stitching or mending
Dart(s)- Folded and stitched wedges of fabric that shape a garment over curves. A dart point is marked by a dot. Dart legs are lines that come to a stop at the pattern edge.
Dolman sleeve- A sleeve style where the sleeve is cut in one piece with the bodice.
Double needle- Two machine needles attached to a single shaft. that sews two parallel rows of stitches at once with two spools of thread and one bobbin. Sometimes called a twin needle.
Double-fold hem- A hem that's folded once for the hem allowance and a second time to enclose the raw edge.
Double-layer layout- A pattern layout intended for two layers of fabric, usually including a fold for cutting half pattern pieces.
Drape- The fluid way a fabric hangs in a garment.

Ease- 1. n. Difference between body measurements and garment measurements. Also defined as the amount of space in a garment that allows comfortable movement. 2. v. To slightly gather a longer piece of fabric so it can be joined to a shorter one.
Edgestitch- Straight stitching very close to the edge of a seam, trim, or outer edge. It secures seam allowances, prevents the edge from stretching, and supports the fabric.
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