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Kenneth will be on Martha Stewart!

Yes, you read right--I'm going to be on Martha Stewart's show September 22, 2010.  If you like what you see, flood them with phone calls, telling them that you like me, so they'll ask me back?  Please?

I hope you all enjoy it--I plan on wearing the Fortuny jacket....


Comments (12)

Deana Deana writes: Yes, we will post a link to the show if it becomes available on
Posted: 1:04 pm on September 21st

LaurieDiane LaurieDiane writes: Yes!!! Please give us a link or post the video if at all possible! I don't have cable and am at work during the day and would love to see this. How exciting to see this jacket etc...looking forward to hopefully catching this! Congrats!
Posted: 11:29 am on September 21st

TinaC TinaC writes: Darn, I don;t get that station. Maybe Threads will post avideo of your appearance here for the resat of us to see. Good luck, Kenneth....we need to talk soon
Tina Chester, Va
Posted: 9:43 am on September 21st

jansquires jansquires writes: I love the Hallmark Station and am so glad to see Martha make the move. Have watched every new series and very impressed. Love Martha's new hair do and she looks happy.

Congratulations on having KK. Love the DKY and J Crew session last night.
Posted: 11:30 pm on September 20th

christophernejman christophernejman writes: Way to go my friend!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited for you!!!

Christopher Nejman
Posted: 10:28 pm on September 20th

wendyiris wendyiris writes: Can hardly wait to see the show!
Posted: 9:29 pm on September 20th

Deana Deana writes: That is great news, Kenneth! We'll be sure to watch!
Posted: 5:36 am on September 16th

Kate_W Kate_W writes: I've only had the opportunity to watch Martha Stewart a couple of times but this _must_ be a GoodThing! Have fun!
Posted: 10:20 pm on September 15th

takij takij writes: I guess I need to set the DVR as well.
Posted: 6:42 pm on September 14th

amm amm writes: I've never watched Martha Stewart, but I'd love to watch this show. What time is it scheduled to air?
Posted: 1:34 pm on September 14th

yda yda writes: I won't be home, but I have go to tape this!!
Posted: 10:23 am on September 14th

Ceeayche Ceeayche writes: Woo hoo! I'll be at work that day, but yea for DVR because I want to see the jacket on! Good luck!
Posted: 8:17 am on September 14th

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