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Pillows - Tropical Winds


Pillows: Designer Techniques Using Your Sewing Machine book by Christopher Nejman

  • Use fibers, fabrics, and thread in new and original ways
  • Learn how to use a needle punching machine like the Fab Felter to create amazing works of art
  • In addition to silks, satins, and other luxury fabrics, Christopher uses metallic threads, Angelina Fibers, and other embellishments
  • 128 pages

Designer Techniques Using Your Sewing Machine DVD
Nancy and Christopher Nejman demonstrate designer techniques for creating spectacular one of a kind pillows.

  • Felting fabrics to create a fabric base
  • Manipulating fabrics to provide texture and dimension
  • Blending fiber colors by fading and feathering fabric edge


Pattern or design used: My own design - christopher Nejman

Comments (3)

LindaLouise LindaLouise writes: Beautiful work, thank you for sharing
Posted: 11:32 am on April 6th

Snikwas Snikwas writes: I do find your Americanised terminology sometimes difficult to interpret, not to mention the incorrect spelling which I find very annoying!!
A pillow is what you sleep on, and rectangular - the illustration is most definitely a cushion - but fabulous all the same!
Apologies - but being a lover of our English language - I hate to see it marginalized.
Posted: 1:31 am on December 10th

MemeGeorgia MemeGeorgia writes: Wow, I simple love, love this. Great pillow. Great techniques & ideas, I'll be using them on other projects. Thanks so much, Georgia
Posted: 1:52 pm on September 21st

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