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Coffe and tea dye for a second chance.....

I designed and made this silk chiffon dress a couple of years ago.  It has been embellish with guipiur lace at the top, and it was all pure white.  Now days, it was going to be used again and decided to make a change of color.  Since I come from the "land of coffe" I decided to use coffe as a dye, and it worked beautifully.  I had to give about 6  "layers" of color since it is darker on the hems and center front oppening,  The lace did not take the color in the same way, the shade was different, and that is where I had to use tea, and the color came perfectly.  I hand washed  and put a bit of vinegar in the first wash (6-7 washes, after every dip into the coffe!!!) and I can assure you that is color fast.  Hope you like it and dare to experiment with "Costa Rican Coffe!!!"

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Adriana Orozco

Comments (5)

SeaSprite SeaSprite writes: I love the soft flowing lines of the garment and how the colour is subtly darker towards the hem.
Te dress is beautiful either colour, but the coffee has given it a soft warmth that really sets it apart from white.
Congratulations on such a beautiful creation.

My attempts at dying with coffee and tea were not so successful!!
Posted: 3:22 pm on July 20th

Custombrismo Custombrismo writes: Beautiful!
Posted: 9:10 am on February 23rd

Merlene Merlene writes: I love rea dying white fabric can be so boring sometimes the tea gives it that timeless look
Posted: 9:15 am on December 5th

nanacosta nanacosta writes: Thank you very much sews4fun!!!
Posted: 1:42 am on October 5th

sews4fun sews4fun writes: Lovely! You must be very proud and you should be!
Posted: 10:09 pm on October 1st

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