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A golden wedding dress!!

This dress is made in silk duppioni color soft gold.  It has a ballony skirt divided in 8 petals.  At the center of each petal, I put a big tear that has been machine embroidered and embellish also with cristals.  The top or blouse is just very simple  design but has been also machine embroidered in gold and embellixh with crystals.  At the back had a conceled zipper and laces up.  The veil is made in french tulle and it has crystals all scatered .....    The skirt is very very full, and  it took 24 yds of silk, but even that you wont belive this, it was not a heavy garment at all.  The bride was very happy, and I was too, I loved the fitting!!!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Adriana Orozco

Comments (15)

user-1115184 user-1115184 writes: Ocrafty1 could you please, please so kindly share your resouce for Italian silk? My daughter's wedding is next year. Thanks much. memedavis1.
Posted: 9:26 am on August 4th

Osal Osal writes: truly gorgeous!

Posted: 1:11 am on January 16th

Ocrafty1 Ocrafty1 writes: Gorgeous gown! I make wedding gowns, as well. I don't have an embroidery machine...mine is a '75 model. I can well appreciate all of the work that went into it. Did you underline it?/ If so, with what? I have a wonderful source for Italian me if you'd like the site info.

Getting started on a MTB gown of Silver Raw Silk. Will post pix when finished...hopefully before Christmas.
Posted: 9:21 am on November 10th

Scheri Scheri writes: Beautiful. I can't imagine the fear that would grip me in starting a project like a wedding dress. How wonderful to have the talent to be able to make a bride her special dress.

Thank you for sharing.
Posted: 5:08 am on November 4th

nanacosta nanacosta writes: SUESEWING: Thank you very much for the comment. Actually the embroidery was done on a Janome embroidery machine, and no....this is not my first wedding dress. I am a designer who specialize in designing and making wedding and evening gowns. I have tryed to upload many of my dresses, but unfortunately the pictures have to many pixels.....or something like that, so, I can not upload them. Let me tell you that it makes me very happy that you like my work. Best regards from the beautifull rain forest in Costa Rica!!!
Posted: 2:21 pm on November 3rd

dollyt dollyt writes: so very beautiful! What a wonderful color choice.
Posted: 4:34 pm on November 1st

Stitichy Stitichy writes: nanacosta - just write your answers here in the comments section. Again, WOW!
Posted: 12:20 pm on October 31st

nanacosta nanacosta writes: Thank you to all of you that had made all this comments!!! I would like to answer each of you, but....I do not know how.....Can any body tell me please????
Posted: 7:18 am on October 29th

suesewing suesewing writes: WOW!!!! It is amazing. What type of sewing machine did you use for the embroidery? I assume you hand sewn the crystals on the veil. Was this your first bridal gown you made? I just love-
Posted: 10:58 am on October 28th

sewrn sewrn writes: Very special indeed. I could only dream of having that kind of talent. The bride must have been on cloud nine with a dress of this caliber.
Posted: 11:41 pm on October 27th

manella manella writes: OMG! What a special talent you have. If you ever wondered what to specialize in; this has got to be it. Evening and Bridal wear. I should see you in magazines real soon. I wish I could have been right beside you when you did this. I would like to have your strong skill. You must carry on. Congratulations on such a superb job.
Posted: 9:43 pm on October 26th

cjssewnsew cjssewnsew writes: this dress was made with love just beautiful . take your bow its well deserve.
Posted: 12:36 am on October 26th

thomy thomy writes: What a gorgeous gown. You should be very proud. Beautiful work.
Posted: 7:18 pm on October 24th

Stitichy Stitichy writes: I agree, WOW! This is gorgeous! I would love to know the number of hours involved in this true labor or love.
Posted: 11:16 am on October 24th

Kate_W Kate_W writes: Wow! This is beautiful. In my wildest dreams I can't imagine putting a dress like this together. Kudos!
Posted: 7:42 am on October 23rd

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