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2010 Halloween Iron Chef(s)

Allez Cuisine!
Yoga Chef!
Allez Cuisine!

Allez Cuisine!

Photo: TKeathley

Miss P insisted on being Iron Chef Michael Symon for Halloween. She also insisted that I had to be Iron Chef Cat Cora. I've never modified patterns (other than just basic stuff), so this was a challenge. For the Symon costume, I added the split shoulder, epaulettes, pleated pockets, changed the collar to mandarin style, and added piping. For the Cora costume, the only change I made was making a v-kneck into a double-breasted shirt and added piping. The logos were all done in photoshop and put on via iron-on. The aprons were a last minute "I can't believe I forgot to make aprons" throw together. P's is a scrap of jersey, and mine is muslin.

Pattern or design used: Not specified

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