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My Baterina

My Baterina

My Baterina costume was "inspired" by a the ready-to-wear costume indicated below for my 10 year old daughter, as always, by special request. I used no commecial patterns to create this costume. I drafted the pattern for the bodysuit and set of leggings from a ready to wear swimsuit and pr of old leggings (I needed to add length the leggings so I added a ruffle at the ankle). I added a front panel with faux laceup ribbon detail. The tutu was simply a piece of elastic with alternating strips of red and black tulle netting tied to it. The wings I made of black broadcloth with added warmth of fleshtoned lycra sleeves. The ears I made by stuffing black broadcloth triangles and then handstitching them to a black headband. As always, she loved it!

Pattern or design used: Inspired by ready to wear costume

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