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The White Rabbit

Photo: Jennifer Mazy

This is Aldous, 25mths, as The White Rabbit.

The White Rabbit is a self-drafted zipfront jumpsuit out of fun-fur and felt and a satin-lined hood. It's sleeveless to allow ease of movement under the coat. It has white ribbing cuffs at the ankle. Size 2T-ish.

Coat  is self-drafted and unlined, w/ split tails to accomodate the handmade yarn pompon tail. Vintage buttons, trim, and home-decor lace ruffles add the details. Pretty much, I made it like a shirt, but much longer. The placket is sewn on, as a separate piece, and I left the bottom half of the back seam open, then hemmed it to make the "coat tails"

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jacqueline Smith

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michellepaganini michellepaganini writes: Cute as can be!
Posted: 12:43 am on November 24th

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