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Neverland Dept of Correction

About to paint the town... black and white!
We escaped from that most fantastical of places: Neverland.
Details: quilted sleeves and neckline on her dress; lined satchel handbag.
Detail: quilted sleeve on her dress.
Detail: quilted back pocket on pants.
About to paint the town... black and white!

About to paint the town... black and white!

I made these outfits for Halloween 2009 for my wife and myself from a 100% cotton from Jo-Ann's Fabrics.  The idea is along the line of "Prison Couture".  Both outfits have quilted details throughout.  For the signs on the back, I used plastic letter stencils, also from Jo-Ann.  I cut up the letters and tape them together on a plastic sheet to make a stencil.  I sprayed fabric paint with the stencil against white cotton I didn't think the fabric paint would stand up to laundering, and did not want to test to find out, so I safety pinned the sign to the clothes so they can be easily removed for laundering.

Her dress is from McCall 5583.  The dress has quilted sleeves and quilted neckline Her accessory is a lined satchel handbag with white cord drawstring.  The drawstring runs through white plastic rings.

I made the pattern for my shirt by copying a well-fitting dress shirt, following David Coffin's method (  I drafted the pants pattern myself (

My shirt has a contrasting white collar ("white collar crime"!), quilted shoulder yoke, and buttoned bottom band.  My pants are underlined with white cotton since the black and white striped cotton is not quite bottom-weight.  The pants have quilted back patch pockets and quilted panels along thigh fronts.  My "accessory" is a matching cap with a quilted band.

Pattern or design used: My own design

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