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Jessie times two

Ryan,4 and Ella,3, both told Grandma that they wanted to be "Jessie". So I did Jessie times 2.  The details had to be right,according to my two little clients,so I used plain white dress shirts for a base,cut yellow yokes and cuffs of broadcloth. Using red satin ribbon sewed on the detailing and then applied them to the shirts and trimmed out w/more ribbon to hide edges.  The faux cow fur chaps were made using a Butterick pattern.  The belt buckles were cardboard,hotglue(for the cow heads),aluminum foil and puff silver metalic paint. The belts I made from vinal,using velcro for fastning. I could only find white hats the correct shape so,red spray paint,hole punch and white cording completed the hats. The red braids, thanks to the wonders of yarn,and there you have it two little blonds are "Jessie" the cowgirl. Needless to say they had fun!


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