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Killer Bee Halloween costume

Photo: Killer Bee - front
  1. This is my Killer Bee Halloween costume.  I could not find any black and yellow striped fabric so I had to make it myself.  I bought some cheap black frabric and sewed on fat yellow ribbon to make the stripes.  I used a wide "belt" of foam rubber to make the bottom bulge out.  To keep the foam rubber "belt" suspeneded around my lower torso I sewed long interior belt loops.  I used a drawstring in a casing at the bottom.  I kept it tied tight around the widest part of my hips and it just kind of bloused out from there.  When I had to go to the bathroom it was easy to cinch up the bottom part of the costume to my waist and when I was done with my business, just as easy to pull it back down to my hips.   I bought the head band, the toy gun and the toy bandolier at the party store.  The sunglasses I already owned and my niece lent me the bumble bee wings.  I think I should win the contest because I designed it myself and it came out great when you take into  consideration that I am a beginner (I took sewing in Junior High in 1970 and have not sewn since).

Pattern or design used: My own design

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