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A Lace Jacket

Rio Blanco in Cotton Lace
Back of Rio Blanco
Here is a zoom picture of the neckline while I was working on the Rio Blanco
Rio Blanco in Cotton Lace

Rio Blanco in Cotton Lace

I was in one of the warehouse style fabric stores a few months ago with some of my other sewing friends and I found a wonderful off-white cotton lace fabric.    I decided that one of the garments I wanted from the lace was a long sleeve and longer length jacket that I could wear over a dress or pants and that would be great with jeans and still suitable for a dressier outfit.

The Rio Blanco Topper is a great pattern for this idea.  I had some lightweight cotton shirting in exactly the same color as the lace, so I underlined (and lined) the waist and sleeve inserts (and neckband) with the shirting fabric — both for strength and for visual interest.

Pattern or design used: Brensan Studios

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Rabia Rabia writes: The way the waistband swoops down in a curve in the back is very attractive; I remember reading somewhere that the great designer Balenciaga frequently did the same thing; he made waistbands an inch or two lower at the back for a more attractive and flattering line.
Posted: 1:56 pm on May 7th

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