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Summer Sewing

Vogue 1244
Vogue 1241
Vogue 1236
Vogue 1250
Vogue 1244

Vogue 1244


Vogue’s new Summer Collection is now available.

Summer is just on the horizon. Thoughts of sunny skies and warm breezes fill my mind. For this summer, I’m longing to make some great warm-weather dresses. Looking through Vogue’s newest collection has inspired me and I’m just itching to sew up a few!

Koos van der Akker’s top and skirt, pattern 1244, simply sings of summer. Made with his signature collage style, this pattern requires a minimum of five different fabrics. Beautiful coordinating silk prints make this lovely style elegant and unforgettable.

Key Unger’s dress, pattern 1241, has a simple and flattering silhouette. Stylish pleats are featured at the neckline and fabulous tummy-disguising gathers are found at the waist.

DKNY has two great easy-to-make summer dresses. Pattern 1236 is a loose-fitting dress with neckline pleats and a fashionable belt to match. Make it in a lightweight cotton or linen for a cool casual look. Pattern 1250 has a pretty draped cowl neckline and cut-on cap sleeves. This is a great solution for the sewer who wants a cute summer dress with a little arm coverage.

These are just a few great summer looks available from Vogue—be sure to check out their complete summer collection.

What do you want to sew for the summer months?


Comments (6)

SeaSprite SeaSprite writes: To Horse4Hmom... regarding the Vogue 1241 and full bust...
looking at the sketch that comes up if you click on the pattern number under the picture, and scroll down... the dress is basically a princess seamed front. The alterations would be those for the princess seam.

Im no expert, still wearing the "Learner" plates! But I have successfully done a full bust alteration to a loose fit winter coat, have altered three other patterns and done a "D cup" alteration for a shoulder princess line, and would be game to tackle V1241 as well.

The principle is the same.
Basically: You would need to put extra depth into the side panels and extra length into the front panels over the bust; which just happen to cross over... The fancy bit at the top isnt touched. Unless... you wish to deepen the pleats for extra room in the high bust area.
Also with it being close fitting I'd probably choose to go one size larger than normal, but I could be wrong there. I just dont like clothes skin tight and cant move!

Threads Fit DVDs are excellent tutors and the Palmer and Pletsch "Fit for Real People" book is excllent help as well. The hardest part is getting your mind around the techniques!

I'd make a tracing of the original pattern pieces and use the tracing to chop up and alter and if I get it wrong... do another tracing and try again! Keep using tissue paper rather than fabric till you get the "tissue fit" close to right!
It is only in the "doing" that you get the hang of the alterations!
Im looking forward to wearing the "P" plate for Proficient!

I'd encourage you to... give it a go!!

This is one of those pattern that would be fantastic to have in multi sized cups! It is rather sweet.
Posted: 7:23 pm on May 31st

GinnyLynn GinnyLynn writes: I'll be happy to post some photos when I'm done pinkkangaroo. Probably not for a few more weeks though as I'm in the middle of doing up some clothing for my neice's 6 month old daughter. I've made note of your user id and I'll message you when they're up.
Posted: 10:16 am on April 14th

wondering04 wondering04 writes: Nice, I am going to get that pattern, I love styles like this.

Posted: 6:11 pm on April 12th

pinkkangaroo pinkkangaroo writes: I'd love to see the end results o fthe project with your choice of fabric.

Posted: 3:49 pm on April 11th

GinnyLynn GinnyLynn writes: I've actually already purchased 1244 and I can't wait to sew it up. Finding 5 coordinating fabrics (in the relatively small quantities called for) already in my stash should be easy :-)
Posted: 12:47 pm on April 11th

Horse4Hmom Horse4Hmom writes: I'd like to know how you get 1241 around a very full bust . . .

Posted: 12:25 pm on April 11th

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