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A Fabulous Fur Handbag

When I showed a friend the swatch I developed for the fantasy fur jacket, she thought it could make a great bag. And so, for your viewing pleasure, here it is! I hope the braids and closures inspire you.


The strap and closure were what kept me from finishing this bag weeks ago. It needed something strong enough to stand up to the fur and the double cordover stitch.

So, I decided to use the knotting I demonstrated in the blog post entitled "Braided Belt:  The Next Generation" to make the strap and closure.  A ring and toggle closure married well with the rings that attach the handle to the bag.

Here is a detail shot of the join between the strap and bag.


Comments (12)

JennyEbner JennyEbner writes: Loved the jacket and love the bag. Makes me want to go to work on one of my own.
Posted: 8:10 pm on February 19th

mshotei mshotei writes: This may not be my style, but I still love it and appreciate your creativity-how fun it is! Isn't this what art is all about? If "fun fur" isn't your thing, this could certainly be rendered in a tapestry or hand weave. Take the idea and run with it!
Posted: 11:00 am on February 16th

KennethDKing KennethDKing writes: To answer the question as to where to get the fur--read my posts on "fantasy fur"--I made the fur from hair weave and clown hair. The posts will show you how.

I got the idea for the bag when I was showing the sample piece to a friend--she commented that it would make a great bag, and--viola! And as for a pattern--there isn't one. I just drafted this up myself. Not too complicated, just a square tote, with a yoke attached. You could do it by adapting any tote pattern you choose.

This bag, as well as it's elder sibling the jacket, is not for everyone (as some comments below attest), and one could say I'm obsessed with this fur. I'm obsessed with my work--period. The obsession changes over time and with the things I'm exploring. That's why I've lasted as long as I have--the obsession to push forward and take risks creatively is more important than worrying about people's opinions. It's what makes me get up in the morning.
Posted: 4:28 pm on February 15th

TDSollog TDSollog writes: This is really interesting.... I'd do a slightly different "fur". Is there a pattern available?
Posted: 3:31 pm on February 15th

MaddyND MaddyND writes: I love both the jacket and the bag! Thanks much for sharing not only such great inspiration with us, but for your incredible workmanship.
Posted: 12:07 pm on February 15th

CFields CFields writes: I wasn't too crazy about the jacket made from this "fur" that started out as hair extensions. But the bag is a whole different thing! I think the fur works well as an accessory. As a whole jacket it was a bit much. I love the lacing and macrame half-hitches covering the strap. Very cool.
Posted: 10:45 am on February 15th

Holly88 Holly88 writes: This is not a "Fabulous Fake Fur" bag. It is not something an adult woman would wear. I can see an 11 or 12 year old wearing this, and the mothers who don't do a good job of parenting wearing this.

The biggest part of fashion is in choosing the fabrics. Kenneth is obsessed with his fake fur. Let him wear it. It is not a good choice for most people. Yes, there is the fashion runway, where most of the items are not wearable in any place but the runway.

I'm not impressed.
Posted: 10:14 am on February 15th

CreativeMind CreativeMind writes: Cute bag ;)
Posted: 5:40 am on February 15th

AgsEliza AgsEliza writes: That bag is fabulous and that crazy fake fur is wonderful! I have a couple daughters who would love this bag. Also curious about where the fur can be found.
Posted: 11:39 pm on February 14th

LaurieDiane LaurieDiane writes: The design is beautiful...I love the lacing detail. You are right, the strap can be difficult in finding just the right method. And here...lo and behold is an idea I can incorporate with some stash I had forgotten until I saw yours here and to add the shoulder pad is an excellent idea. I'll check out your braiding method and see if I have enuogh to do my strap. Once again a post I can personally use.
Posted: 4:17 pm on February 14th

maryjanedebord maryjanedebord writes: Where can the fake fur be purchased. I have never seen any like this before, but have a grand daughter who would love to have something like this purse made from it.

Posted: 4:10 pm on February 14th

LuvThreadsMagazine LuvThreadsMagazine writes: The horn toggle elevates the bag from art, to high art.
Posted: 11:46 am on February 14th

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