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New Look 6824 Summer Dress Sew Along

Me wearing NL6824 Sage Silk Dupioni Dress.  Fourth version of the dress pattern.
Using Susan Khaljes Underlining method described in Threads Magazine, May 2011.
Finished Dress on Dressform
Finishing - Details
One Pattern, Four Looks
Me wearing NL6824 Sage Silk Dupioni Dress.  Fourth version of the dress pattern.

Me wearing NL6824 Sage Silk Dupioni Dress.  Fourth version of the dress pattern.

This summer I participated in the Summer Dress Sew Along.  I decided to make a special dress.  A dress that included some special sewing techniques.  Susan Khalje's article in the May 2011 issue of Threads magazine was a good place to start.  So I incorporated her underlining technique in this dress.  The details are posted on my blog:

This was my favorite project this summer and the most labor intensive.  Going through the process was a good learning experience and the time was well spent.  Using Susan Khalje's technique will help improve my underlining process for future gaments.  Try it; it's worth every step.

This is the fourth time I have used this pattern.  Each time I was able to create a distinct garment.  I really like the draft of this pattern.  It has great bones and come together quickly. 

So in closing, I hope you enjoy my review of the process.  Comments are welcomed.

Happy Sewing!


Pattern or design used: Not specified

Comments (8)

KatrinaAriana KatrinaAriana writes: That is just lovely! I recently held a sew-along on my blog for Butterick 4790 (the walkaway dress), too! You can see the results here:

Happy sewing!

Posted: 9:04 pm on October 1st

Mahogany_Stylist Mahogany_Stylist writes: Thanks, ladies.

Beatriz cac - I will complete the survey.

Thanks again,

Posted: 8:00 am on September 28th

Sewista Sewista writes: Gorgeous! What a stunning color!
Posted: 5:20 pm on September 23rd

beatriz_cac beatriz_cac writes: they are so elegant and well made!
could you help me by answering a very quick questionnaire? it's just so i gather some information for my school project, and i would really love to hear the opinions from you experienced artists! you can find it on readers closet, titled "questionnaire".
Thank you so much!
Posted: 9:05 am on September 17th

alaskapsych alaskapsych writes: They are all very lovely, as are you!
Posted: 4:05 pm on September 14th

Mahogany_Stylist Mahogany_Stylist writes: Thanks ladies.
Posted: 9:26 am on September 14th

eMMb eMMb writes: Looks beautiful! I admire your workmanship (workwomanship just doesn't flow off the tongue).
Posted: 8:57 am on September 14th

kafree2fly kafree2fly writes: Oh, wow. Another winner--the dress is beautiful and the detail work looks amazing. Gorgeous!
Posted: 4:47 pm on September 13th

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