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Lady Kimonii



This is not my first attempt at a lady Kimonii, but the first one I am quite pleased with.

For those who don't know, a Kimonii is a garment I have invented, which is a new take on the all in one. Initially made for kids, loads of people have asked me to make them for adults, and so I am working on that also.

The trouser section is a wrap around idea, similar to Fisherman's pants, but I have added a top section which slips on and wraps like a Kimono. The advantage is that, unlike over all-in-ones, when you need to go to the bathroom, you un-tie the belt and fold the trousers down and away - I tend to whip them up over my shoulder at this point - but the key thing is that your top half remains clothed throughout. If you've ever worn a jump suit, you'll know that with the traditional style, one has to sit there in ones bra - or worse if it's hot and ones forgotten to put on on - and if it's cold, you'll probaly be feeling the chill by now!

Not with a lady Kimonii - you stay warm and half descent, should the lock fail!


It's also great because you can do your hair and make-up, bend down to do stockings and boots, and then slip the whole thing on at the last moment, not disturbing your hair etc.


I am working towards producing more of these, but for now, please go visit my website for children's wear and book mark it - I'll be back with more soon!



Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Lady Kimonii

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