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MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: "Quick Stuff to Sew"

QUICK STUFF TO SEW will provide you with fabulous gift-giving ideas to sew.
The back cover shows some of the fabulous gift-giving ideas you can sew.
QUICK STUFF TO SEW will provide you with fabulous gift-giving ideas to sew.

QUICK STUFF TO SEW will provide you with fabulous gift-giving ideas to sew.

The holiday season will be here before we know it. Those of us who like to give hand-made gifts are ready to plan our projects. The good news is that "Quick Stuff to Sew" from the editors of Threads is available in newsstands or in our website store to inspire your holiday sewing. You'll love the fabulous projects from elegant clutches and practical electronics pouches to stylish pillow covers, scarves, garments and so much more! This issue is a terrific source for all your holiday gift-giving sewing projects.

If you'd like to win a copy of this great issue, simply leave a comment telling us what gifts you plan to make and who you plan to give them to. Leave your comment before 12:00 midnight on Monday, October 10, and you might be one of two lucky winners to be randomly selected on Wednesday, October 12. The winners will be announced on Thursday, October 13.

Good luck!


Comments (199)

pamprints pamprints writes: I plan to make stuffed reading pyramids to use while reading in bed. These are for my readers in the family. Two small quilts for youngest granchildren will be cathedral quilts. Then embroidered ditty bags for son and sons in law.
Posted: 1:15 pm on October 10th

Mrs_Smyth Mrs_Smyth writes: I plan on making my newborn neice a Christmas dress with embroidered booties to go with as well as her very first Christmas stocking. Also, plan on making lace hankies for my grandmothers. :) Still deciding on the rest of the family.
Posted: 11:07 am on October 10th

mommalee mommalee writes: I would make the aprons and other kitchen accessories. (I am brand new to sewing and these look like projects that I would be able to do that wouldn't take me days and days to complete)
Posted: 10:51 pm on October 9th

DebbieBarry DebbieBarry writes: A wonderful hostess gift I make for the holidays and for any special occasion relates to flowers. I buy an inexpensive small vase and fresh flowers. Then I look through my fabric stash and cut a circle large enough to cover the clear glass vase completely and overlap the top edge a little. Depending on the fabric you can finish the edge with pinking shears/rotary cutter or serge or add a lace trim. Then I also make a ribbon from a contrasting fabric or use a ribbon in my stash to tie around the top gathering the excess fabric in. Today I left the glass clear and put orange netting inside the vase, then added some little stones for extra stability. I made a great wide ribbon out of a fabric that was black with candy corn on it and added some of the orange netting in the bow. My girlfriend was really pleased to receive her Halloween treat.
Posted: 9:43 pm on October 9th

withagee withagee writes: I plan to make bias-cut camisole tops for my 2 teenage grand-daughters - they turn an ordinary shirt into a whole outfit.
Posted: 5:54 pm on October 9th

pssews pssews writes: I'm making pillow covers using Christmas whimsical designs for my former work friends. (Three of the 5 are now retired.) I'm using decorative thread, piping, bells and tassels as embellishments. Since I'm flying to their location, I'm only bringing the covers, allowing them to use or purchase their own forms. If I have time, I would also like to make them non Christmas covers. For my great nieces, I am crocheting beads on the top edges of socks. I may even have time to string beads on memory wire for bracelets for them.
Posted: 7:24 pm on October 8th

showdog1719 showdog1719 writes: My plans for presents are all aimed at our 'adopted' son and his family. Warm fleece robes in their favorite colors with monogrammed initials. Nice and warm for the chilly winter mornings.
Posted: 11:32 pm on October 6th

sheri55 sheri55 writes: I am making potholders for each holiday, and season. I will be making pillowcase for my grow daughter and her family as well as Tea Towels with the vintage look of each day of the week! I do hope to get a quilt or two for my grandchildren and pillow cases as well. I also will try to get all three a sleeping bag with a pillow attach. There is several other items that I hope to do like a silk pillows for their living rooms. It just seems that this year I want to make Christmas special with handmade items for my girls, the kids might not care for some of it but they will one day! I do have a couple of outfits already done! Thank you. I do love all your sewing mag. I miss my Threads hoping to renew soon.
Posted: 10:54 pm on October 5th

Linkbeth Linkbeth writes: so many ideas, so much fun, would make kitchen gifts like 'chicken' scrubby cover and give it with either a favorite recipe or utensil.. another favorite to make is potholder with pocket for easy hand insertion..finally would make a plastic bag holder from ready made kitchen towels..even with 'going green' we still seem to have these when we run in for an item w/o our re-usable bags..instead of trying to tame these bags for re-purposing, the best way to reuse is to hang these little bag holders in the kitchen/bath/or garage for easy access and they are really pretty to look at vs a bunch of plastic bags bunched together..thanks for the contest..
Posted: 9:11 pm on October 5th

DaisyM DaisyM writes: I plan to make a quilt for my boss, Edward scissors hands for my adult daughters halloween costume, a Kendle cover my my other boss. I'll be busy
Posted: 5:56 pm on October 5th

judygay judygay writes: I will be making potholders for the ladies and personalized pillowcases for the kids.
Posted: 9:04 am on October 5th

RoniBarr RoniBarr writes: I would love to sew my mom a nice apron. She's got a raggedy one she keeps using and every time I see her wearing it, I think of how I have to learn to make her a new one... Also, I'd replace her burnt up oven mitts and pot holders with nice ones to match the new apron... :)

My mom's been really supportive of my sewing hobby and I still haven't made her anything. She really deserves it!
Posted: 3:57 am on October 5th

Kathleen_Edmonton Kathleen_Edmonton writes: I am teaching my 9 year old granddaughter to sew. We sewed some items this summer but she would like to make some gifts for her family and friends. I am excited about helping her with this exciting hobby. It would be great to make some quick stuff to share some of ourselves with othr. I think this is a valuable life lesson for her, and others.
Posted: 9:48 pm on October 4th

Rogues_of_Thread Rogues_of_Thread writes: Why doesn't like "Quick Stuff to Sew"? Just imagine how quickly you could turn out an interesting new project with this magazine and fabric from your stash!
Posted: 3:18 pm on October 4th

sewing_teacher sewing_teacher writes: It is always so much fun to make and then wear things you make! One of the joys of sewing is being your own unique self!
Posted: 9:03 am on October 4th

Sewknit Sewknit writes: I would love to win these magazines because they would give me great ideas on accessories to make for my Mom and Sister(and myself!)for the holidays!
Posted: 10:54 am on October 3rd

BeerGoddess BeerGoddess writes: Last year I found some Betty Boop material and made my mom Betty a camp shirt. My two brothers saw it and both wanted the same kind of shirt, one in Hawaiian material and one with "flames" material... so I'm going to oblige them. And if I could find material with "Popeye" I'd make my younger sister a shirt, too.
Posted: 9:19 pm on October 2nd

OrahLee OrahLee writes: I plan to make quilt square pot holders for everybody... have scraps and filler. HOWEVER, reading everyone's plans gave some more ideas. I'd love to win a copy of "Quick Stuff..." to get more ideas that I would have the p a t t e r n for!
Take care everyone

Posted: 4:11 pm on October 2nd

rshively rshively writes: I will be making fabric flowers as either pins or headbands. (The guys will be getting alcohol, which I can't make!;)
Posted: 7:57 am on October 2nd

KayGV KayGV writes: I am making lap quilts this year to use up some of my stash. If I am true to my list, I will finish 6 altogether, using larger scale patterns than usual to make sure that none are delivered late to my 2 grown children, my sister, best friend, husband and newest grandbaby. Wish me luck!
Posted: 12:20 am on October 2nd

jcw0110 jcw0110 writes: I would love to get some new ideas! Quick Stuff to Sew always gives me inspiration...

Posted: 5:06 pm on October 1st

lvstosew lvstosew writes: This xmas season I'm going to make bluejean bags and wall organizers for some family members , also t shirts and jammies with the scraps of fabric i am going to make gifts in a jar and decorate the jars with left over fabric and ribbon and purses for the little girls in the family looking forward to seeing 2yr old grandbaby open here purses and bags this year
Posted: 4:16 pm on October 1st

Romy Romy writes: I'm going to make oven mitts from shrink old wool sweaters and make a cover from stash fabric for my sister and sister-in-laws, daughter and daughter-in-laws. It is the first time i'm trying it so I don't know yet if it is gone to work like I want but I heard about it so I'll try and we'll see.
Posted: 2:05 pm on October 1st

acatalina2 acatalina2 writes: My holiday gift-making plan includes four sets of cozy slippers; one set for each of my three daughters and one set for myself. Three lined and stippled felt hats for the three granddaughters, and three beanie-styled felt hats for the three grandsons. We hope to all be warm and cozy for a winter sports trip to Northstar-at-Tahoe this Holiday Season. Additionally, we are hosting an HOA Wine Tasting just before Thanksgiving and I am now choosing the fabric for a festive table runner and complimenting dinner napkins. Wish me luck on the latter, as I've yet to tackle table linens; and the former as I almost always choose the right fabric for the wrong daughter. Could we have tried a bit more diligently in having three daughters with the same foot size. ;->
Best to each of you in accomplishing your holiday sewing goals and warm wishes for a festive Fall and Winter season!
Posted: 11:49 am on October 1st

Eglianna Eglianna writes: I an a grandmother of 5. Only one is a girl, and since she has been old enough to realize what Christmas is all about, I have been making her 25 gifts,one to be opened each day of December.This has been taking me the months of October and November to do this. If I won the Quick Sew magazine it would give me things I could make quickly, plus give me an insite of the magazine, to determine if I would like to purchase it.
Posted: 10:05 am on October 1st

megamom megamom writes: From what I see on the front and back cover, there are plenty of items suitable for the people on my Xmas list. Skirts for my daughter and daughter in-law, a coat for my sisters dog, vests, bags, and many more wonderful things. I feel that a home-made gift is a sign of thought and love for the person receiving it, you have spent your time thinking about that person and what would best suit them. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, and heres hoping I'm one of the winners.
Posted: 9:35 am on October 1st

Andysmom Andysmom writes: I could use all the inspiration I can get to encourage me to start my holiday gift making. Handbags and carpetbags are high on my list for female family members and friends. I went to a decorating shop that is closing and bought tons of yards of fabric at 70% off. The prices were good before the sale. I have enough for about 50-75 good size bags, plus silks, wools, linens and cottons for clothing. Always love a great deal.
Posted: 11:20 pm on September 30th

KathPoole KathPoole writes: Always looking for nice bags to sew. Bags are great for using up scraps and for trying out different embellishment techniques. The trick is to keep them from looking home-made. Thanks for a great magazine
Posted: 5:26 pm on September 30th

annielizabeth annielizabeth writes: After I finish the fleece robe I making, I plan to use the scraps to make some slippers for my sister's kids. I could really use this mag to help me come up with more ideas for handmade gifts to give this year.
Posted: 4:10 pm on September 30th

sewhappybjm sewhappybjm writes: I'm planning to make throws with Minkee on one side and satin on the other for my daughters.
Posted: 3:52 pm on September 30th

MzBizz MzBizz writes: I'm planning to make matching PJs for my husband, son, and daughter. In addition, I will make a hanging panel out of a beautiful beaded phoenix on satin. This beaded phoenix was found at a second-hand store and is all hand-made.
Posted: 3:07 pm on September 30th

Mizmash Mizmash writes: I've got two fabric bags in the making; one for my daughter, the other...yet to be decided. Going to try a quilting class for the first time and the first one will probably go to my mother. My children love cozying up under blankets while reading and watching TV, so am thinking of the easy fleece ones. Thank you for the chance to win the latest issue of Quick Stuff...I have a couple of the previous ones and love them.
Posted: 2:33 pm on September 30th

AuntCoCo AuntCoCo writes: I am using all those empty spools and making ornaments. I cover the thread area of the spool with holiday fabric, "thread the spools together in the shape of a tree, top with a star or heart.
Posted: 11:35 am on September 30th

AuggieZoe AuggieZoe writes: Would love a free issue to try out. With two Cavalier King Charles puppies, I would love to make matching winter sweaters.
Posted: 10:25 am on September 30th

bjcmitch bjcmitch writes: Love the Idea of a Mag called "Quick" I love to sew and I have done it all. Now I am retired for 20 yrs. I only like to make it and get it over with.Every year I make stuff for 31 decendents so love new ideas and how toos
Love gettin;g Threads on line.
Posted: 9:55 am on September 30th

mgastnz mgastnz writes: I want to make kitchen things...aprons, tea cosy, pot holders and bag keepers and screen some tea towels. I love making personalized gifts, and people love to get them. Last year I did personalized machine embroidered passport covers. Being in New Zealand, our people love to travel. Everybody loved them!!
More ideas are always appreciated...they keep me going!
Posted: 12:15 am on September 30th

Beckola Beckola writes: I would love to receive the free magazine. I plan on making a variety of bags for my sisters, and something with lots of animal prints for my niece. Always a big hit with the young set.
Posted: 9:16 pm on September 29th

AnniePC AnniePC writes: Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, folks. I plan on making my brother an apron. On the front will be a photo of me at 3 years old, some fifty+ years ago, gazing down on my newborn brother, as I hold him for the first time. The text will say "My sister still loves me AND my cooking."

Posted: 7:35 pm on September 29th

Winterdreamdragon Winterdreamdragon writes: I'm always in search of new ideas, new quick projects. I love to make stuff and give it away to family and friends. I recently started making simple quilts for victims of the recent Bastrop,TX wildfires. I live in Austin so they are neighbors. I think having other quick projects would be great to add to this to share with those who have been devistated by the fires here in Texas.
Posted: 4:41 pm on September 29th

Vonna Vonna writes: I update my children's wardrobe every week, because I love to sew. This weekend I'm gonna sew a colorful breastfeeding top to my little sister who got a boy last week!
Posted: 4:11 pm on September 29th

nanasewn nanasewn writes: Lots of ideas. Tree skirt for daughter, apron DIL, pjs for husband, baptism record for GD, piano music case for GS. thank you for the chance to win!
Posted: 2:04 pm on September 29th

StephanieB StephanieB writes: I love to sew for my nieces & nephews. I think this year I might sew them each jackets.
Posted: 2:03 pm on September 29th

kdoug kdoug writes: I am planning on making my grand-daughter (8 mos!) a jacket and hat, top and pants, and hopefully a dress. Since it will be her first Christmas, I think she needs a personalized stocking too! Also want to make scarves for the women in the family and I need a tree skirt for my Christmas tree.
Posted: 1:42 pm on September 29th

NMT NMT writes: I'm thinking flannel PJ pants for my hubby - cozy and perfect for hanging out in the cold basement. The boys are getting fleece scarves and jester hats. And if there is time left, I will treat myself to a simple t-shirt dress in a lovely stretch panne de velour...
Posted: 12:04 pm on September 29th

Annesgran Annesgran writes: I am making name pillows and matching quilts for my 5 granddaughters, purses for the 2 older girls, and handbags or totes for the 3 'big girls' - the mommies! Also making somethng for my quilt group girls, but don't know what yet - maybe cosmetic bags.
Posted: 10:50 am on September 29th

txcatwoman txcatwoman writes: I love 'Quick Stuff to Sew' but I have a hard time finding it. I love to find stuff to sew to give at Xmas, and things for myself as well. My friends are anxious to see what I will make for them ! Each gift is unique and personal.
Posted: 8:25 am on September 29th

mmpeacock mmpeacock writes: I plan to make tote bags for my granddaughter's toys
Posted: 8:06 am on September 29th

fabricstitcher fabricstitcher writes: I'll be making a Christmas vest for my son who has decided that vests are cool - jewelry travel rolls for my sisters, travel organizer for my brothers - haven't figured out my hubby, yet! Love Threads!
Posted: 7:58 am on September 29th

thomy thomy writes: I am making quilted make up cases to give as party favors for our Cul De Sac annual Cookie Swap! Time to get sewing!
Posted: 7:41 am on September 29th

CJCarawan CJCarawan writes: I will be sewing aprons, fabric pictures, tote bags, purses, and blankets. I will need to find more gifts for males to sew.
Posted: 7:26 am on September 29th

DebraBC DebraBC writes: My daughter, a first year college student, has made lots of new friends. Over the fall break we plan to make some travel jewelry carriers for all her new friends.
Posted: 7:21 am on September 29th

pt6356 pt6356 writes: I hope to make some jewelry rolls for traveling, and finish a wallhanging for my daughter's new apartment.
Posted: 7:13 am on September 29th

murmeme murmeme writes: Love your special magazine issues...great ideas!
Posted: 4:36 am on September 29th

bethyboo bethyboo writes: I'll be putting together fleece throws for my college-football-fanatics in the family. Extra added embellishments to the throws to make the big games fun and warm!
Posted: 2:00 am on September 29th

purpleperson purpleperson writes: I am going to make original clothes for my two grand daughters. The elder will be 3 on Christmas Eve and the younger is due to be born today or tomorrow!
Posted: 1:30 am on September 29th

Nat1964 Nat1964 writes: I am having creative block when it comes to my Christmas gifts, I hope this magazine will get my creative juices flowing.
Posted: 11:45 pm on September 28th

2tango 2tango writes: I will be sewing velvet gloves as usual but sure could use some new ideas. LOVE Threads
Posted: 10:00 pm on September 28th

misa619 misa619 writes: Several people on my gift list are getting footie pyjamas in colourful printed flannel fabric (& I hope I have time to make some for myself)!
Posted: 9:57 pm on September 28th

somethinglisa somethinglisa writes: So far my Christmas making list includes boxers, pillow shams and journal covers but I'm sure there is something else I can make!
Posted: 9:26 pm on September 28th

craftinglifestyle craftinglifestyle writes: it is my hope to make all my gifts this year from housecoats to quilts to runners and hats ,yes it is going to be busy but worth it
Posted: 8:49 pm on September 28th

snowm snowm writes: I'll embroider some dishtowels to give to friends and my husband's co-workers. Maybe I'll finally get the quilts done for my two girls. So much to do; and so little time. . .
Posted: 8:33 pm on September 28th

MellieluvsKrafting MellieluvsKrafting writes: I have two teenage girls who are Steelers fans, maybe make them some pj's. I can't really decide until I am working at a deadline!!!
Posted: 8:33 pm on September 28th

justmanette justmanette writes: I'm making my boys pjs and beanbag chairs for Christmas!
Posted: 8:24 pm on September 28th

pdlb1956 pdlb1956 writes: I'm making beanbag chairs for my grandsons bedrooms.
Posted: 8:19 pm on September 28th

restlesslegs restlesslegs writes: What a wonderful idea for a book and I would love to win it. I'd make walker bags for my friends in nursing homes and also lap robes to keep their legs warm. I am making an I spy quilt for my great grand daughter. I make jackets, skirts and blouses for my daughter and my self and that gives me lots of
scraps. I could always use more ideas for scraps. Threads is a magazine that I keep near my sewing machine for references.
I just finished a generation wall hanging for my grand daughter.
Posted: 7:57 pm on September 28th

3feathers 3feathers writes: I have three granddaughters who will need new Christmas dresses. And there are always great ideas in your magazine for gifts, so I won't know until I read the issue!

Posted: 7:44 pm on September 28th

gandmfausel gandmfausel writes: I am always looking for quick, stylist and useful gifts to sew for friends, and family. They expect it!
Posted: 7:39 pm on September 28th

Diowyn Diowyn writes: I am making customized portfolios for my co-workers. They are built from fat quarters. A lace cape for my nice to wear to "dress-up" parties - hey doesn't every little girl want a great dress-up box. I have two memorial quilts to enter quilt show and given to her grandchildren after. She was a great aunt and always loved Christmas by handmaking all her gifts. Thank you for setting the example Aunt Susan.
Posted: 7:25 pm on September 28th

pelicanmom pelicanmom writes: I'M GOING TO MAKE A COVER-UP FOR MY BEST FRIEND.
Posted: 7:05 pm on September 28th

Katywho Katywho writes: I started an angle quilt to give my brother
Posted: 6:04 pm on September 28th

pamstitches pamstitches writes: My son loves market bags, so I will make some for him. I want to get a new quillow made for my grandbaby. I am still up in the air about what to make my daughter-in-law.
Posted: 5:58 pm on September 28th

bettina763 bettina763 writes: i told my husband i don't want to do the standard "gift exchange" this yr, as we ALL have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF ALREADY!!! i want to make a huge batch of pillowcases for our local Ronald McDonald house & take them before Thanksgiving, hopefully I can deliver by the beginning of the month so they will be set for the entire holiday season. of course, i do have to make more mini pillowcases for my little nephews but aside from them, none of us, thank God, needs anything. we are so blessed to be in a position like this where if we need, or even want something, we just go get it. i'd rather give to those who are hurting, especially during the holiday season.
Posted: 5:56 pm on September 28th

Fabriczar Fabriczar writes: For gifts this year, I'm planning 2 coats, a robe, a couple of pj's, silky & fleece scarves, maybe a blanket or two from faux fur. I just got a new sewing machine & I'm eager to try embroidering initials & all those fancy stitches! I would love to get instsructions on a nice clutch. Looking forward to the issue!
Posted: 5:50 pm on September 28th

Bluizeblu Bluizeblu writes: It's Jammies for everyone this year! Fun, easy, useful. And everyone loves jammies! My mother, my kids, my grands - jammies for everyone, including me!
Posted: 5:33 pm on September 28th

SansSouci572 SansSouci572 writes: A tie for my son--(this is not a cliche gift, he really does like ties!) and probably pj's and Lilla Tueler slippers for my daughter. Cats--they get catnip mice.
Posted: 5:25 pm on September 28th

debmct45 debmct45 writes: I think I will make everyone pj pants this year!
Posted: 5:21 pm on September 28th

rsuarez rsuarez writes: I would love to make the curtains for our nursery! I would make the clutches for the new grandmas!
Posted: 5:18 pm on September 28th

mariska mariska writes: Hello, my name is Mariska Walta and I would love to make a laptopcover for my dad for christmas. He just bought his first laptop. This would be a great gift for him! For my mom I would love to make an apron.
Posted: 4:51 pm on September 28th

sailcocktail sailcocktail writes: I'm making tote bags for my mother and sister, and another shirt for my son in addition to an aloha shirt for my husband. I am excited to use my new embroidery machine to add even more custom touches to these pieces. I'll crochet doilies for several of my cousins as well.
Posted: 3:33 pm on September 28th

alaskapsych alaskapsych writes: I'm making handbags, wallets and clutch purses for the girls in my family. The guys are so totally on their own! Just kidding.
Posted: 3:18 pm on September 28th

RaysGirl RaysGirl writes: I plan to sew a few simple but colorful tops for elderly relatives who are confined to wheelchairs or hip/body braces and have a terrible time finding clothes to wear that fit over the cumbersome braces or look good on a person 'permanently seated.' I'll also make super-lightweight sling bags in matching fabrics for carrying daily essentials over the shoulder or hooked onto a walker or wheelchair.
Posted: 2:40 pm on September 28th

sjune sjune writes: This year I may get to assembling a small throw for older son. I have a purse started for daughter-in -law and jewelry
roll-ups are some ideas to start! I have a idea for sofa pillows also.
Posted: 2:39 pm on September 28th

savannagal savannagal writes: I'm just learning to sew. I won't be making any gifts just yet. I've enjoyed looking around the website and have already learned a few things. Thanks for the contest.
Posted: 2:34 pm on September 28th

rabidcat rabidcat writes: I have a new grandbaby arriving in November, so she will be getting new bedding and curtains for her room. Christmas stockings for the grandkids.
Posted: 2:34 pm on September 28th

krawz krawz writes: I love making handbags for gifts and I love that hobo bag on the back cover. I also want to make dog coats. It looks like "Quick Stuff to Sew" has some great ideas. I would love to see what's inside!
Posted: 12:29 pm on September 28th

pracdx pracdx writes: I will be making Christmas stockings for my nephews.
Posted: 12:20 pm on September 28th

DoubleH DoubleH writes: Wow, well, I have taken the handmade pledge this year, just lost my job, so I am definitely making all gifts this year! I will make scarves, aprons, notebooks, kitchen towels, blankets, all kinds of stuff. Just stuck on what to make for the men tho...manly scarves and manly towels...I could do that!
Posted: 12:08 pm on September 28th

jennieMB jennieMB writes: i`ve always wanted to make a quilt using all the fabrics found in my grandmother`s house for my mom.
Posted: 11:49 am on September 28th

Dorotea Dorotea writes: For my sister and my niece I want to sew some infinity scarfs and for my sister-in-law a bag, but I am looking through the many tuts I have already piled up to make and cannot decide. For my mom I want to make a hooded cowl. And my husband I want to try to sew some socks. My brother and my nephew will get some gloves. Phew, that was it.
Posted: 11:27 am on September 28th

Zippylady Zippylady writes: I am making lap quilts for all the parents and probably tote bags for the daughter and daughters-in-law. My husband might get a lap quilt too. I need ideas for the rest of the gifts so I need this magazine.
Posted: 10:44 am on September 28th

smithvc smithvc writes: I plan on making a baby blanket for my niece who is expecting in November. I also plan on making my daughter several Christmas gifts such as towels, placemats,scarves and gloves.

Posted: 10:38 am on September 28th

Auset Auset writes: I plan on making a few mini zip clutches for my dance mates. I have lots of sample home decor fabrics that I'll be using. I'll also make a few speciality aprons. I have friends who are hair stylists, makeup artists, bar maids/wenches during RenFair and another who is an avid Yu-Gi-Oh card collector/trader. All have asked me to design and create some sort of apron to hold their gear. That will be a lot of fun.
Posted: 10:11 am on September 28th

SewFascinated SewFascinated writes: Last year I made purses for the women in my family & my close friends. They were a big hit. I'll probably do purses again this year but obviously I'm looking for a different pattern this time. And something that sews up fairly quickly.
Posted: 10:10 am on September 28th

Posted: 9:53 am on September 28th

Holly88 Holly88 writes: I am planning on making a quilt with cat print material for my 6 year old grandson. When he was a baby I made him a blanket which he called, Blankie Red. He still loves it. One day he called me and said, "Grammie you need to make me a bigger Blankie Red." I was not a quilter, so this was a challenge to me. I have started on this quilt and hope it will meet his expectations.
As for other Christmas items, I plan on making a Christmas wall hanging for my daughter, and many fleece socks for family and friends. I want to do other things, but have not found the ideas. I hope I win the magazine so I can get those ideas.
Thanks, Holly
Posted: 9:49 am on September 28th

EmSewCrazy EmSewCrazy writes: I'm sewing a new table runner for my grandmother, some cloth books for nieces and nephews, some purses and I'm not sure what else! It's always a struggle to find man stuff to sew.
Posted: 9:46 am on September 28th

hoosierchic hoosierchic writes: This year, it's beaded purses and accessories for all the females in my family. I'm sewing up padded sleeves for my husband and son in law to carry their computer notepads. Every year, I also gather bits and pieces of fabric, ribbon, beads, yarn and thread, etc; to make my oldest granddaughter a 'create kit'. She is eight years old and since she was born, has always been a promising artist and loves to surprise me with what she whips up. She makes Gram so proud!
Posted: 9:44 am on September 28th

Retrojean Retrojean writes: I'm really short on $$ this year, so anything I make is going to have to be cheap & easy. No plans so far, but I might head up to the local fabric outlet for some good fabric deals and see what gets my gears rolling. Would love extra ideas!
Posted: 8:58 am on September 28th

Rosebud_52 Rosebud_52 writes: I am working on cloth napkins to turn the ordinary into special, toss pillows and one baby quilt. I think everything will be hand made if I gather enough ideas. Just this thread is giving me more ideas, but I hope I win the would be a miracle!!

Posted: 8:54 am on September 28th

KimsIdleHands KimsIdleHands writes: This past year I have been buying up small hardcover notebooks. I will be making quilted covers for them, designed specifically for each recipient, to give this Christmas.
Posted: 8:50 am on September 28th

TuxedoMom TuxedoMom writes: I plan to make a quilt for a four-year-old grand nephew and a blankey for his baby sister due the first part of January. My five sisters all get table toppers and their husbands will get mug rugs. I'm finishing a quilt for our youngest son - my 85 year old mother made the top for him and asked if I would finish the quilt. I'm still thinking about what to make for our oldest son and the two wives. Two grandsons will get fleece blankets in college colors, and the only granddaughter will get multiple hair bows and flowers to wear at her volleyball tournaments and a fleece blanket to keep her warm between soccer games.
Posted: 8:17 am on September 28th

lroll lroll writes: I am actively involved in community theatre and also with a disaster group. Working full time, this leaves me very little time to spend long hours on sewing projects. I would like to make something for my granddaughters that they will have forever. Hopefully I can find something here that will fit the bill.
Posted: 8:03 am on September 28th

sewold sewold writes: I only work part time. My children are on their own. Where does the time go? I need something for quick sewing! Years of sewing have helped me cut down on the time involved but we should never quit learning.

Posted: 7:44 am on September 28th

ArtofRed ArtofRed writes: I have a new grandchild on the way and would like to make baby items, also an apron for my mother-in-law and clutch purses with some fancy applique and maybe free motion stitching on them for my daughters. Thanks!
Posted: 7:28 am on September 28th

stitches66 stitches66 writes: I am making a soft book for the neighbor's new born. I also plan to quilt some table runners for friends.
Posted: 7:27 am on September 28th

Melody58 Melody58 writes: I have four sweet grandchildren that I love to make special things for. I also love to make special things for co-workers that will brighten up their lives. Winning this would make ME happy, as I make others' happy!
Posted: 7:21 am on September 28th

Robyn_sews Robyn_sews writes: I have several of the quick stuff to sew mags. I love them. There are always fun ideas to get my holiday sewing off to a quick start.
Posted: 7:20 am on September 28th

Hausbus Hausbus writes: My daughter recently bought the American Girl Kanani, so I would like to make her some outfits for the doll. Surfer shorts, a bathing suit, things like that.
Posted: 7:10 am on September 28th

churchmouse churchmouse writes: An apron for an AFS student, a tshirt quilt for my son in law.
Posted: 6:57 am on September 28th

JenniferF JenniferF writes: I plan to make personalized clocks for coworkers and blankets for the kids. I would love to win this to give me more great ideas.
Posted: 6:46 am on September 28th

maxijam maxijam writes: A clutch bag for my mum, and another bag for my best friend, possibly an Amy Butler one, a shirt for our friend's little boy and a little play Fireman's hat (as Daddy is one), some pretty cushions plus some jewellery and papercraft items! Phew!
Posted: 6:37 am on September 28th

Burczy Burczy writes: On my list for gifts for family and friends this year: Infinity scarves, fabric covered notebooks, coiled bowls from hand dyed clothes line, pajama pants, and flanned crib sheets for the babies.
Posted: 6:33 am on September 28th

brookscuit brookscuit writes: I'm planning to make some napkins, mug rugs and place mats for family. For my kids I'm planning to sew up some doll clothes for their 18" dolls.
Posted: 6:16 am on September 28th

kmathieu kmathieu writes: Sewing for the holidays - I take a class each month entitled Embroider with ME at Mainely Sewing Machines and the projects we complete each month become part of my Christmas present stash. Besides using my "stash" I will be making table runners, zippered makeup bags with hand beaded zipper pulls (just to name a few).
Posted: 6:16 am on September 28th

hazelspi hazelspi writes: I plan to make table runners and candle mats, also some knitted scarves. I would like some handcrafted ideas for men and boys. Anxious to see this magazine.
Posted: 6:13 am on September 28th

kasior kasior writes: I plan to sew an apron for my sister, a cosmetics bag for my sister in law and knitted socks for my mom:)
Posted: 4:47 am on September 28th

Pamo Pamo writes: I plan on making some New Sport Pillow for my son, and he also said that he needs a Zipper case. Sports Fabric of course.
Grandkids P.J. are needed, and for my Grand daughter some felt food for her kitchen.

Posted: 4:22 am on September 28th

TalyQu TalyQu writes: I am planning to make some hair accessories holders for my girls. Probably a nice glasses pouch for my mom and MIL. Some fabric baskets for my sister and SIL.I have some trouble figuring out what to do for the men in our family though :)
Posted: 1:03 am on September 28th

Barbouille Barbouille writes: For years I have wanted to sew bags to wrap my gifts in. Maybe I will get around to doing it this year. And I want to sew pretty scarves for the ladies on my christmas list.
Posted: 1:00 am on September 28th

alaskanwalela alaskanwalela writes: This year's sewing projects will include flannel baby quilts made for my two newest granddaughters, new Christmas stockings for four family members, fabric Christmas wrap bags, flannel pj bottoms for the guys, boxers for my hubby...
There will be more, but at the moment, that is what I have planned.
Sure hope I win!!

Posted: 12:39 am on September 28th

Fancyness Fancyness writes: I plan to make a tote to carry music for each of my piano students for Christmas. Also, I sew for my daughter and granddaughters and will plan to make each of them a garment or accessory. I learn so much from Quick Stuff to Sew and Threads magazines. I try not to miss an issue. Love it all!!
Posted: 10:46 pm on September 27th

Foxtrot401 Foxtrot401 writes: I plan on sewing purses for my mom & sister, and knitting dance/yoga socks for sis. Hadn't really thought about the others. Maybe a pocketed organizer thing for my Grandmother's wheelchair.
Posted: 10:23 pm on September 27th

MPurnell MPurnell writes: I plan to make Holiday Tea-type towels and some purses or tote bags as gifts. I also have in mind to make some notepad covers that I have monogrammed. Thank you for the giveaway!
Posted: 10:10 pm on September 27th

stuffmonkey stuffmonkey writes: I am making cover-ups to give to the nursing home where I work. No more boring white!
Posted: 9:53 pm on September 27th

Out_West Out_West writes: I would love to make some superhero capes for my grandsons this year and some tutu skirts for the granddaughters. Last year I made fabric wallets for the daughters and some ties for all the men and grandsons.
Posted: 9:45 pm on September 27th

fjc182 fjc182 writes: I plan on making some quilted table runners and some soft/stuffed/3D Christmas ornaments -- especially for close friends. They make for a nice personalized gift. I have one tablerunner completed already!
Posted: 9:32 pm on September 27th

TinaB_in_Love TinaB_in_Love writes: For the holidays, I plan to sew totebags for friends to use when they go shopping (to avoid the use of plastic shopping bags), and sew little girly outfits for my new granddaughter who is due to arrive anyday now.

Posted: 9:09 pm on September 27th

mabowles mabowles writes: I need to make an organizer of some sort. Will make it for the Christmas present exchange at our annual ASG Christmas party. I need ideas! This magazine will lead me to that perfect gift!DB
Posted: 9:02 pm on September 27th

sewquilter sewquilter writes: I am making a mini bow tuck purse in blue flower material for my mother for Christmas. She loves quilted purses and this is a quilted purse pattern that you use three different fabrics. Then I will be making a zippered bag which I learned how to make at a demonstration at a quilt shop here in Jefferson, LA. The zippered bag will be for my friend in Jackson, Miss. It is an easy project to mail which I do for all her presents. She enjoys me making her something every year. I will be making Saints (Football team) pillowcases for my sister in law for Christmas, using black and gold fleur de lis material for the pillowcase (which is the emblem for the NFL Saints team). I am still trying to decide what to make my father in law for Christmas yet. I will probably make my husband something for Christmas but he will let me know what he needs when it gets close to Christmas. I have made a small tool holder and other little things.
Posted: 9:00 pm on September 27th

rxxanne rxxanne writes: I am making purses but, I want something quirky yet usefull. I better keep my thinking cap on.
Posted: 9:00 pm on September 27th

24g 24g writes: I am making strip quilted place mats. I am also making several four section card holders in multi - patterned materials with a velcro snap topped by a pretty button.
Posted: 8:46 pm on September 27th

Pfaffmaus Pfaffmaus writes: I'm planning to sew fuzzy slippers for the entire family to keep our toes toasty this winter. And, for our fur-kids, maybe another set of faux shearling dog coats.
Posted: 8:41 pm on September 27th

MaryU MaryU writes: Several year ago I bought 20 pounds of silk off-cuts from a tie manufacturer. This is the year I will finally make the quilt for a Christmas present for my husband, who has long ago given up on the project.
Posted: 8:39 pm on September 27th

skayshack skayshack writes: I am planning on making decorative bed pillows for my daughter and daughter-in-law. They will be made with lovely Irish linen handkerchiefs edged with dainty tatting that belonged to my late mother (their grandmother). I could not think of a better way to share my mother's life with her family. When guests are in their homes they can also enjoy the beauty of these keepsakes my mother treasured.
Posted: 8:35 pm on September 27th

Tru Tru writes: I got my weekly diary for next year and am making a pattern for a deluxe cover with a place for a pen, 2 ribbons as bookmarks and five slots for holding business cards plus either fused initials on the front or a clear slot for a name or bs. card. This will be easily adjustable to larger or smaller diaries and will be a neat gift for the new year.
Posted: 8:33 pm on September 27th

watgirl watgirl writes: I would like to sew little handbags to place the gifts inside.
Posted: 8:22 pm on September 27th

cadesnana cadesnana writes: I'm making cut velvet shawls for my daughter and daughter-in-law, a pink satin stuffed christmas tree for my best friend (to replace one she had many years ago) a horse wall hanging for my step daughter, a knitted capelet for my granddaughter and more if I have time.
Posted: 8:13 pm on September 27th

campmimi campmimi writes: I'm sewing couch cozies for three grandchildren who have outgrown them! They are always a hit. I'll probably make matching slippers, too. Right now though, I'm sewing for my home!
Posted: 8:05 pm on September 27th

416 416 writes: My daughter is planning Christmas for a friend with two cildren 6 and 10. She will do the decorations, trim the tree and make goodies for them. I will make stockings for all of them, children and adults. I will personalize each stocking and fill it with needy items. The family will spend Christmas Eve and leave on Christmas Day after dinner. I would like to own a copy of Quick to Sew items. I'm always looking for new ideas. Seniors like me are happy to make things to give away.
Posted: 7:59 pm on September 27th

meme40 meme40 writes: I plan on making pillowcases with my kids and grandkids names on them:) Maybe a quick lap quilt too! They love homemade stuff from Meme:0)
Posted: 7:45 pm on September 27th

Martykay Martykay writes: My grand daughter loves purple and fairies and I found some purple fleece with fairies on it so she gets a robe and my son in law likes my flannel pants that I make. That's it for now, but after reading what everyone else is making my mind is spinning with a kinds of new ideas; thanks everyone.
Posted: 7:35 pm on September 27th

SandyChavez SandyChavez writes: My first priority is to make my Grandson, Sam, a chefs hat and apron - he loves playing in his kitchen. Next, I plan to finish that rock concert t-shirt quilt for my brother (label says 2007 and my husbands fishing quilt (even older) - I will make my grandfur, Devie a bed and will make some cool sewing gifts for my sewing sisters. Maybe I'll have time to make that cozy comfy robe for me and my DH wants a bedside caddy (for his itouch and telephone & mine too!).
Posted: 7:35 pm on September 27th

cassie69emt cassie69emt writes: make a few clothes for my grandbaby and a big boy quilt.Maybe even some toys you can't buy anywhere.Some dress shirts for hubby and the boy.For the girls I haven't decided as of yet.
Posted: 7:35 pm on September 27th

mommyval mommyval writes: I make my 3 children pajamas out of pin-whale corduroy. I usually make a tote bag with goodies in it for my neighbors and friends, and I make leotards for a few of my daughter's gymnastics friends. Right now I am "gifting my house" with new kitchen towels, pot-holders and table linens as well.
Posted: 7:31 pm on September 27th

Cookieq403 Cookieq403 writes: I will be making quilts and pj's for my grandkids and coin purses for the girls on my list. Love your magazine and website!!
Posted: 7:30 pm on September 27th

sregnaam sregnaam writes: I plan on giving lots of scarves this year to my family, maybe even a couple of bags for electronics and I'm always looking for new ideas.
Posted: 7:27 pm on September 27th

designsbyjanetp designsbyjanetp writes: I am going to make a couple of quilts and some little owl pillows for my grandkids. Maybe a purse or two. Not sure what else. Will be looking for some inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted: 7:24 pm on September 27th

angelwingz angelwingz writes: I want to make jammies for the grandbabies and bags for the girls... maybe jammie pants for the guys :)
Posted: 7:22 pm on September 27th

RemnantsOfLife RemnantsOfLife writes: I will be making a quilt for each of my two granddaughters for their Christmas present, and a dress for my daughter. I have been sewing since I was 6 and they love I can do this for them. PLUS, I always make their Halloween outfits and no one else ever has their costume.
Posted: 6:39 pm on September 27th

msfroggy msfroggy writes: My niece and nephews (ages 4-12) will be receiving fleece socks/slippers in various lengths and appropriate colors/prints along with tops and pants. My co-workers will receive placemats, table runners and fabric coiled bowls. Friends have asked for slippers. I have several scrap quilts to finish and fleece mittens and socks to go to shelters and charities. I plan to make zippered sweat shirts for my brother and sister-in-law. Last year my daughter received a large fabric coiled bowl to store her balls of yarn and my son got one for his cat to use as a bed.
I love to see what's new and different, and finding someone it will be just perfect for. Thank you for the opportunity.
Posted: 6:27 pm on September 27th

eclark2 eclark2 writes: With three sons, five grandsons, and a husband, my Christmas sewing usually involves bathrobes, pajama pants, and fleece blankets. This Christmas two sons have already requested a privacy curtain for the loft in their rustic Colorado cabin. I'm still pondering on the "how to do it" for that request.
Posted: 6:03 pm on September 27th

dbtomczak dbtomczak writes: In my family, all of my siblings draw names, so that each of us is only responsible for one sibling gift, and it has to fall below a certain dollar amount. This year, with 2 family weddings and the sibling gift in sight, I cut up my "Christmas stash" of quilting fabric into 2 1/2 strips. there are hundreds of patterns out there for "jelly roll" quilts, and I was able to make Christmas throws for each of these occasions. I was very happy with the results, and from the comments I received from the newlyweds, they were very pleased to have something to mark their first Christmases together. I hope to get the same reaction from my sister!
Posted: 6:00 pm on September 27th

lizzyg lizzyg writes: For my 7-year old granddaughter who loves role-playing, I am making a red satin princess dress with a sheer, sparkly overskirt and lots of ribbons and glitter for playing dress-up. I am using elastic in the straps and waist so she will be able to enjoy her dress for a few years yet to come.
Posted: 5:55 pm on September 27th

Robin809 Robin809 writes: I am making ruffle totes for the ladies and shoes for the babies.
Posted: 5:46 pm on September 27th

jansquires jansquires writes: I am making small ITH stockings for gift cards and flatware on the dinner table. Making Christmas Gift pillows (see Baby-Lock serger project for Bow Tie Quilt square). Christmas fabrics with a big red bow tie. Embroidering "To You" in one block and "From Me" in the other. Quick and easy unique gift.

Teaching a class with various Christmas packages around the bottom of a skirt with lame' bows of red and gold. Will finish a boiled wool jacket with holly embroidery to go over a white blouse with collar and cuffs I am finishing of Boutis french embroidery. Even though I am in my 70's, I enjoy dressing for the holidays.

Thanks for opening the forum to the subject.

Posted: 5:46 pm on September 27th

Katys_Mom Katys_Mom writes: I'm hoping to make my husband some new pajamas.
And maybe, just maybe, I'll knit him some socks.
Posted: 5:44 pm on September 27th

GrammySusan GrammySusan writes: My daughters-in-law will all receive tablecloths and napkins, sewn by me.
Posted: 5:39 pm on September 27th

sewsable sewsable writes: I'll be making my sons new T-shirts in cool fabric from my stash.
Posted: 5:38 pm on September 27th

Sezouli Sezouli writes: I usually make gifts for family, and bake gifts for friends. I usually have a difficult time making my dad something, but last year had a great idea and make a blanket (with plastic lining) for his car for when he takes the dog to the park and needs to protect the seats!
Posted: 5:37 pm on September 27th

WillaMcNeill WillaMcNeill writes: I am sewing tech cozies. Some will be gifts for sure
Posted: 5:30 pm on September 27th

CinderellaLollipop CinderellaLollipop writes: I will be making puppets and pjs for the grandkids, infinity scarves and tote bags for the females on my list, pj pants and fleece pullover jacket for my hubby.
Posted: 5:30 pm on September 27th

Lady_Aramat Lady_Aramat writes: I would like to make a new book bag and matching locker accessories for my daughter. She is so prissy and has just started upper elementary so lockers are a new thing and oh, so cool to her right now!
Posted: 5:28 pm on September 27th

fozie fozie writes: I play to make some kids' animal-shaped backpacks; some needlebooks; and maybe some change purses. Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted: 5:26 pm on September 27th

EvelynC EvelynC writes: Since I have absolutely no women in my family, I'm going to have to get creative and figure out gifts for men. Maybe ipad covers?
Posted: 5:25 pm on September 27th

tennknitter tennknitter writes: I'm learning to quilt and trying to decide - and I'd better do it quickly - if I can make one for my freshman daughter to take back to school. I'm also trying to think of something for my husband since my daughter gets the majority of my handiwork.
Posted: 5:25 pm on September 27th

dawn1565 dawn1565 writes: I am making a table runner and place mats for my brother and sister-in-law. Also machine embroidered dishtowels and napkins to match.
Making stockings for the grandkids and tooth fairy pillows for them too. Dragon lap quilt for my bff's husband and a clothes pin holder for an acquaintance.
Posted: 5:22 pm on September 27th

Keren_D Keren_D writes: I'm Jewish so the holidays are somewhat different here... I have made some non-holiday gifts though! I made four matching quilted place mats for a newlywed couple, and a gorgeous baby quilt for my future and first niece! You can see a sneak preview of my creations here:

I'm also making a pillow for a friend that saw a pillow I made and wants one in the same style. I'll probably make more gifts, but I don't like to overload my sewing to-do list! So we'll see...

I hope I win a copy of the quick stuff to sew magazine! I love learning new ideas.
Posted: 5:21 pm on September 27th

dianajanssen dianajanssen writes: Ruffles scarves for family, hand beaded mitts and scarves for sports team managers and a beautiful purse for my sister are on the list so far. I know that list will grow ...
Posted: 5:13 pm on September 27th

scrapbookermarsha scrapbookermarsha writes: I'm going to make a doorway puppet theatre for my grandchildren and a Christmas quilt for my daughter and son-in-law. That should keep me busy!
Posted: 5:08 pm on September 27th

Piecemaker Piecemaker writes: My plans include the cute Owl hotpads and placemats, a casserole carrier, slippers for the crew, superhero and Nascar PJs for the little boys, and more Chicago Bears stuff, of course. I ordered a number of patterns this weekend and am eagerly anticipating their arrival soon. Then I'll go shopping in my stash and fill in the rest from my local fabric emporium. My plans are ambitious, but doable. This year I'm going to stay organized (I have a plan)!
Posted: 5:08 pm on September 27th

darylquilts darylquilts writes: I am going to make my grandson some flannel pajamas. for friends and family: an armchair sewing caddy, a sewing machine cover, a serger cover, several small quilts, knit socks, messenger bag and some mug rugs. I better get to sewing, huh?
Posted: 5:05 pm on September 27th

LoracC LoracC writes: I'm making a purse for my sister and I think tablerunners for the rest of the ladies in my family.
Posted: 5:04 pm on September 27th

SallyL SallyL writes: I will be making slippers for everyone on my list.
Posted: 5:04 pm on September 27th

carol45 carol45 writes: I would sew a cute outfit for my granddaughter.
Posted: 4:55 pm on September 27th

mdancer mdancer writes: I plan to make a felted wool cloche for my brand new daughter-in-law. Don't know what else I may make. I'm still thinking about it.
Posted: 4:53 pm on September 27th

PatriciaEllen PatriciaEllen writes: Last year I made a bathrobe for my Father-in-Law, just a regular old flannel robe and everyone wanted one! So this year, and I started in July, all my relatives are getting bathrobes. It will be fun to embellish them to fit the various personalities. My oldest son, who is very flamboyant, will recieve a faux zebra polar fleece one. My niece, who loves animals will have one with felt appliqued animals. Its fun! And easy....maybe we will have a fashion show.
Happy sewing Every one!
Posted: 4:51 pm on September 27th

Veronica_NZ Veronica_NZ writes: We have Christmas in summer at my end of the world.
A few years ago I stopped making personalised Christmas crackers and switched to the small zip up pyramid style gift boxes shown in Threads. These are customised for the individual and have a loop through the top for hanging on the tree. (I had planned to just refill them every year but they were all taken home and used as ornaments on their trees so the request was for more of the same each year.)
The larger item requests this year are for floaty skirts, wraps, aprons and eco tote bags. 10 down 5 to go.
Posted: 4:50 pm on September 27th

December27 December27 writes: I want to make something pretty for my Mom.
Posted: 4:50 pm on September 27th

smfsprout smfsprout writes: I want to make my daughter a special little clutch to go with her oh-so-special dress. I will also be making doll clothes for my granddaughter's 'babies' - because every dolly needs clothes that can be taken on and off umpteen million times.
Posted: 4:49 pm on September 27th

colleenclem colleenclem writes: I'm going to make my sisters holly hobbie dolls.
Posted: 4:49 pm on September 27th

vic2025 vic2025 writes: I will make some tote bags, and I would like to make a kite for my grandson. Thanks for the opportunity
Posted: 4:46 pm on September 27th

Shesews518 Shesews518 writes: At a recent ASG meeting we learned how to make paper-pieced needle cases. I'm making them for all my sewing friends.
Posted: 4:46 pm on September 27th

Linda_in_Florida Linda_in_Florida writes: I have already begun making cloth wallets for the ladies on my list, and embroidering their initial on the front. The wallets are small and fitted with several pockets for credit cards.

For the young children on my list, I am making chalkboard roll-ups. They have a 5x5" piece of chalkboard on a fabric backing with a pocket to hold a piece of chalk and a small piece of felt attached by yarn to serve as the eraser. The chalkboard roll-ups are wonderful for long car trips.
Posted: 4:44 pm on September 27th

mfendley mfendley writes: For holiday gifting I plan to give seasonal table runners, some embellished with glitz, some without. Would also like to make a quilt for the 2 year old girl using embroidery and applique. Need to finish quilts for the grown children.
Posted: 4:44 pm on September 27th

copywriterMT copywriterMT writes: I have been stockpiling fabric all summer, ready to tackle my gift list. I always include pajamas for the grandkids, which they open at our house and model on Christmas Eve. I get a great picture and memory, the parents get children all ready to tuck into bed when they head back home.

I'll make several 'rice bags' with removable sleeve covers for girlfriends - easy to slip the cover off to launder. My favorite shape has become a long tube with cord 'handles' on each end - loop it over your neck, set on your lap, etc, then hang up to store.

And I usually make several sets of pillowcases from yummy cotton (sometimes a matching pillowcase and sleep pants for grandsons); I have a couple of cooks who are in line for new aprons; my youngest grandson needs a fleece and flannel 'quillow' for road trips, and I'd like to try some table runners using recycled felted wools - saw some very inspiring pieces at the County Fair this summer.
Posted: 4:40 pm on September 27th

kerrydd kerrydd writes: I already told my dad/stepmom about my gift for them: a wallhanging with vintage kimono scraps. They're supposed to tell me what colors and patterns they want, but haven't done so yet...running out of time! Also I love wrapping presents, and plan to make some interesting fabric bows and other fabric gift toppers.
Posted: 4:40 pm on September 27th

Weena Weena writes: I'm making aprons, silk scarves, and tote bags for women on my list.
Posted: 4:36 pm on September 27th

msewwhat msewwhat writes: I am planning on sewing winter hats and mittens for my four grandchildren. I have a Singer Futura embroidery machine and the grands love to have a special design and their initials embroidered on them. I select designs that match each child's interests. I will use anti pill fleece that is on sale at Joann Fabrics for 50% off.
Posted: 4:35 pm on September 27th

LizOH LizOH writes: Pajama pants for family members and maybe some fancy aprons too!
Posted: 4:35 pm on September 27th

cands2010 cands2010 writes: Sewing this year is gonna be really fun, I haven't decided what to make the rest of the family but, all 3 boys and husband are getting new jeans, shirts, and boxers for Christmas. Problem is I'm still trying to find time to do all of
Posted: 4:34 pm on September 27th

mrsholc4x4 mrsholc4x4 writes: I am making my daughter and all her friends tote bags for their volleyball team! :)
Posted: 4:33 pm on September 27th

kaydeej kaydeej writes: I am knitting and sewing. Sewing a corset and an evening gown for a friend going on a cruise.
Posted: 4:31 pm on September 27th

SewcietyMaven SewcietyMaven writes: I can't wait to get started on little holiday outfits for my new granddaughter, who will be all of five months at Christmas!
Posted: 4:31 pm on September 27th

CarrieMae CarrieMae writes: I'm planning on making some embroidered pillows and some covered journals as presents this year. Last year everyone got tote bags.
Posted: 4:29 pm on September 27th

jmreid jmreid writes: I recently got a new machine and found a pattern for purses with interchangeable shells. I plan to make different shells and monogram them for my sisters.
Posted: 4:26 pm on September 27th

decoDiva decoDiva writes: Threads is always the "go to" place for learning, improving and discovering skills and techniques. I am needle-felting and fleecing matching caps,scarfs, gloves and mitten combos for all my northern relatives!! Lots of girlie stuff, animae and animal prints!
Posted: 4:24 pm on September 27th

chachito chachito writes: I think I would like to make Vintage style aprons for some friends of mine who like to cook.
Posted: 4:21 pm on September 27th

BLJ1952 BLJ1952 writes: Last year I made infinity scarves and sofa pillows. These year may be more pillows and embroidered napkins.
Posted: 4:20 pm on September 27th

Kealoha Kealoha writes: I'm going to make all the ladies in my family "kitchen sets"; personalized aprons, matching pot holders (heart-shaped with bias tape) and trimmed kitchen hand towels.
Posted: 2:05 pm on September 27th

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