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Comfortably Beautiful

Top- Side cowl, one shouldered,rayon knit top with handstitched rhinestones on shoulder. I used a pattern draping technique to create this top. This is done by taking fabric and draping it on a mannequin rather than drafting it on paper. I used a zig zag stitch when contructing this garment to ensure that the thread will stretch with the fabric when being put on rather then breaking as it would with a straight stitch. Normally you would use a serger or cover stitch machine to sew a knit but I do not own one so I had to use a home sewing technique. I also handstitched the rhinestones onto the shoulder of this top.

Skirt- Cotton knit, pencil skirt with waistband. I also used a zig zag stitch to construct this garment, however I created it by starting with a basic knit pattern block. I created prototypes of this block and put them on a mannequin unti I was satisfied with the fit.

Belt- Polyester, hot pink belt with rhinestones. The rhinestones were handstitched onto the belt after the fabric was fit to a mannequin. I folded the fabric over the metal ring and handstitched hidden snaps onto the reverse side so that the belt can easily be taken on and off.

This outfit is special because it is easy to wear in any party environment, whether you are going somewhere fancy or just out to have fun. The fabric is comfortable, can easily be worn by anyone, for any amount of type, with just the right amount of sparkle and color. However, what really makes this outfut unique is the side cowl. Normally you see cowls on the front or back of clothes and even if the cowl is on the side it is usually attached to a fitted piece so that it does not reveal any skin. I have created a top with a side cowl that does not reveal anything, without being attached to another fitted piece of fabric.

Pattern or design used: My own design

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