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Something Wicked This Way Comes ...

BlancaIa’s Mad Hatter.
Laketta’s glowing Queen of the Arcade.
BlancaIa’s Mad Hatter.

BlancaIa’s Mad Hatter.

Wickedly creative, that is! Halloween is less than one week away, but there’s still plenty of time to enter Threads Halloween Costume Contest. Log on, upload your costume photos in the contest gallery by 11:59 p.m. November 9, 2011, and cross your fingers! Visit the contest announcement page for prize details.

This holiday really brings out the crafty, creative, and fun-loving side of sewers. Just scroll through the gallery to see some of the fabulous costumes readers have already entered into the contest.

If you're running out of time before the big night and can't come up with a costume idea, try one of these great possibilities:

Will you be entering our Halloween Costume Contest? Even if you don't make the entry deadline, we'd still love to see your creations in the Reader's Gallery.


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Rogues_of_Thread Rogues_of_Thread writes: Thanks for this post. It never even occurred to me that Rit Dye would have a website. I love the Halloween t-shirts they show. They have some interesting ideas.

I don't have an entire costume to post, so I won't post for the contest, but I've been working on some pieces for my grown-up Alice for the Steampunk Mad Hatter Tea Party we are having in my front yard on Halloween this year: I've finished the top hat (which was originally bowler), repaired a granny boot heel and am getting close to being finished with my quick but altered Eton Jacket. I still have to sew on the lapel, make and apply the bias tape, then I just need to tack the turn back cuffs and I'll be ready for Monday!

I love Halloween!

- Rogues of Thread
Posted: 2:06 pm on October 27th

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