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The 2011 Threads Annual Magazine Index

Download the Annual Index now. 

Download the Annual Index now. 

Download the 2011 Threads Annual Magazine Index covering issues 153-158. With this pdf download you can easily locate any subject or author in any issues from this past year. All entries are referenced with the issue number, then the page number(s). 

Download Index Now 


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Comments (4)

LadyRenee LadyRenee writes: I would like to purchase a back issue of Threads number 128. I've been trying to get to it, but no success. Can you tell me how to get it? I prefer to have the magazine in hand. Thanks
Posted: 4:36 pm on March 18th

user-1145709 user-1145709 writes: I have every issue from issue 39. I also bought some older issues at a sewing show, issue 9, 21 and 33, many years ago. In "A Comfortable Pair of Pants" in "Fitting Your Figure" Rebecca Nebesar refers the reader to Threads No.17 p.31,No.18 p.32 and No.26 p. 34. I subscribed to Insider hoping that I could get access to these older issues. I wouldn't trade my back issues for an Archive DVD even though it would free up room in my bookcase. The New Orleans area has lost our daily newspaper. I've had to adjust to reading the obituaries and editorials on line, but I don't like it. I don't want to read Thresds on line. Sorry. Seamsmith1
Posted: 1:14 am on December 17th

DA75Z DA75Z writes: I have been a subsciber for many years ( 10-15? ) and really enjoy the magazine. Each issue is so cram packed with information, ideas, etc. However: How can I get the indexes for the past 10 years? I could make my own but, it would be so much easier to download them.

Thank you very much.

Posted: 7:20 pm on October 5th

maplespring1 maplespring1 writes: Is the index available for earlier years? As a long-time subscriber, I would appreciate having a printed index for several prior years.
Posted: 6:55 pm on April 29th

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