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In honor of our Soldiers

My little Soldier
modified pants
embroidered army patch, design from Starbird Designs
My little hero
My little Soldier

My little Soldier

Photo: All photos taken by me

I was asked to make an Army costume for one of my grandsons for Halloween, if I could.  I didn't have a specific pattern for the costume, I just used a basic shirt and pant pattern that I had used many many years ago, then fashioned a hat for him.  I used the camo flannel fabric, so it would be soft, and I found an embroidery design of the Army emblem at "Starbird Designs" that I used for the shirt.  Unfortunately, just before Halloween he broke his leg, so he looked like a wounded vet. After he broke his leg, I had to modify the leg of the pants so it would fit over the cast, so I undid the seam and stitched velcro into the seam allowance on both sides so that the pants could fit over the cast, but then be closed after it was on.

Pattern or design used: I used a vintage pattern for pants and button shirt for toddlers

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