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MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: Threads issue #158


You could win a copy of the January 2012 issue of Threads!



You could win a copy of the January 2012 issue of Threads!


The latest issue of Threads is out (#158, January 2012), and it's filled with fabulous sewing inspiration and instruction. It's an issue you won't want to miss, especially if you plan to do some holiday sewing. You'll learn about the wonders of sewing on the bias and how to move darts in order to create wonderful shape or subtle embellishment. We'll show you several detachable collars and cuffs to add pizzazz to a plain shirt or jacket, and we'll inspire you with the gorgeous winning entries in the Make It With Wool National Competition. Best of all, you could win a copy of the issue.

Simply leave a comment telling us what inspires you most to sew. Leave your comment on this post before the deadline—11:59 pm, Tuesday, November 15—and you could win a copy of the issue. The winner will be randomly selected on Thursday, November 17, 2011.

Good luck!


Comments (57)

Simsal Simsal writes: these magazines have always been an asset not a liability.and for this reason am not ready to give up any opporunity of have any
Posted: 8:15 am on June 26th

rosygoat rosygoat writes: Threads is my favourite all time mag. I have not been able to afford it lately because I am unemployed but hopefully soon I can get it rolling again.
Posted: 2:39 pm on November 30th

chelee chelee writes: I have been sewing since i was a teen,which was quite a long time ago. the first time I saw THREADS I was hooked.I immediately signed up for a subscription. I have gotten many inspirations from your magazine. Unfortunately I let it expire. I have missed it sooo much. I sent in my renewal and cannot wait for it to be in my mailbox again. All I can say is I have kept every one of them and the pages are getting frayed from rereading them.Thank you for doing such a great job and helping me get my grandaughters excited about sewing and design which is difficult to do theses days.
Posted: 9:37 pm on November 20th

Merryecho Merryecho writes: Shopping for an unusual, well- made dress to wear to my nephew's wedding left me frustrated- every store carried the same, poorly constructed brands that didn't fit. I hadn't sewn in years, but decided it was the only way I was going to have the dress I wanted. Using old threads articles I taught myself to make a " body double " dress form and tackled the art of draping. It took a couple of tries, but I finally created the dress I had searched for in vain, a pink wool 'little black dress" that fit perfectly, flattered my figure, and was one of a kind. Why did I wait so long? I can't wait to use my new skills to create an entire couture wardrobe.
Posted: 4:49 pm on November 20th

Merryecho Merryecho writes: Shopping for an unusual, well- made dress to wear to my nephew's wedding left me frustrated- every store carried the same, poorly constructed brands that didn't fit. I hadn't sewn in years, but decided it was the only way I was going to have the dress I wanted. Using old threads articles I taught myself to make a " body double " dress form and tackled the art of draping. It took a couple of tries, but I finally created the dress I had searched for in vain, a pink wool 'little black dress" that fit perfectly, flattered my figure, and was one of a kind. Why did I wait so long? I can't wait to use my new skills to create an entire couture wardrobe.
Posted: 4:49 pm on November 20th

Sunny75771 Sunny75771 writes: I feel that by reading the various articles included in this magazine, my sewing knowledge and skills have much improved. I no longer am a novice seamstress, but much more advanced by putting into use the tips and tools included in the covers of this much valued magazine. I no longer shy away from the more complicated tasks and finishes, but take my time and work it out. Thank you for quality articles and helpful information!
Posted: 4:10 pm on November 16th

kmmnvb kmmnvb writes: I haven't sewn in a very long time but have recently watched several TV shows that feature fashion and accesory design competions and I'm ready to get back to it. While looking at magazines for jewelry making your magazine caught my eye. After a quick glimpse I knew I had to purchase it and once I got home I read it cover to cover. I love all of the detailed instructions and photos as well input from the testers. So much in the magazine inspired and reminded me how much pleasure I receive from sewing. I'll be hanging on to this issue for a long time to use as both reference and inspiration.
Posted: 3:38 pm on November 16th

bitofserendipity bitofserendipity writes: I love being able to create things that I can wear or use!
Posted: 3:01 pm on November 16th

stevndi stevndi writes: In the letters to the Editors one of the tips from readers, page 10 was a great tip. " Execute crisp corners". I can't tell you how many times I have fussed with a corner!
I also used the tip on page 18. I happened to be making a denim skirt at the time and applied FrayCheck to holes, hems, etc., now I am excited to see how it works.

This magazine and web site is amazing. 10 years ago when I retired ladies at the Senior Citizen's Center in Anderson, CA allowed me to learn hand stitching, and as I practiced and practiced for several days with their encouragement I was ask to join them. For five years we hand stitched clients quilts and charged them a sum of money which all went to the Senior Ctr.

Slowly, I tried more and more projects on my own and now am at the point where I am driven to learn more and more.

Needless, to say when I picked up your magazine, page by page I was hooked. Thank You for sharing your tips. Diane Williams of Redding,CA
Posted: 8:22 am on November 16th

DianaHML DianaHML writes: I love seeing the creativity on "Project Runway" and thinking about what I could do with my stash in the closet! I also take inspiration from walking through the mall with my daughter and both of us thinking out loud "I could make that!"
Posted: 12:29 am on November 16th

ecasale ecasale writes: I am very lucky to get to travel internationally for work. I am always inspired to create and sew by experiencing other cultures, colors, and designs. Having just completed a bias drape design cocktail dress I would love to win this issue!
Posted: 2:05 pm on November 15th

meswafford meswafford writes: I'm inspired by looking in fashion magazines and learning how to make them. The Threads magazine always has articles on how to restyle patterns and improve my sewing techniques.
Posted: 2:01 pm on November 15th

Kathrynn Kathrynn writes: I would love to win this magazine, please include me.
Posted: 1:12 pm on November 15th

MistressTailor MistressTailor writes: The articles are always inspiring and helpful, winning a copy of the magazine would be an added bonus!!!
Posted: 10:18 pm on November 14th

debbie_turney debbie_turney writes: I am often inspire by new techniques, I am always wanting to learn more, I believe the ability to learn only sharpens us to produce a better garment or better workmanship no matter what we are making...
Posted: 11:44 am on November 14th

cecine cecine writes: Threads magazine to win what a wonderful idea, I love it.
Posted: 8:14 am on November 14th

patcolehart patcolehart writes: Love all the great ideas!
Posted: 7:01 am on November 14th

maiseygal maiseygal writes: Looking through fashion and home decorating magazines gives me the inspiration to sew. I work part time in a fabric store that sells both fashion and home decor fabrics just so I can get my fabric fix! I get the ideas from the magazines and then search for a comparable fabric.
Right now I am excited about Vogue 8776 as it is almost identical to a designer jacket I saw in Hello magazine. Now just to decide what colour to make it.
Posted: 2:28 am on November 14th

WhatToSewNow WhatToSewNow writes: I love Threads magazine! I can't wait to see the article on detachable collars. Years ago in high school, I entered the local Make It With Wool competition, so that will be exciting to see.
Posted: 11:05 pm on November 13th

bcomolli bcomolli writes: Oh, I have every issue of Threads I have ever bought. Just reading an issue from 1998 yesterday! The ads didn't even have websites then. I have been sewing for 45 yrs and I learn something new with every issue. I would love to win this copy.
Thank you so much.
Posted: 2:16 pm on November 13th

luvtodesign luvtodesign writes: I would love to win this Thread magazine. I love to learn new techniques and create new clothing. I like to create clothing that no one else has but looks good on me and also make clothes for my daughter. I look forward to this magazine.
Posted: 10:37 pm on November 12th

SewinginTn SewinginTn writes: what inspires me are magazines, sewing shows and fashion magazines. Bringing my (6 year old) daughter to a fabric store opens my mind to new ideas also.
Posted: 11:52 pm on November 11th

onegoodday4 onegoodday4 writes: What inspires me to sew - I love to be creative and to have an outlet for self-expression. What I make comes from my own imagination and my own hands and hard work. I am inspired by everyone on this site also! I would love to win this issue!
Posted: 3:36 pm on November 11th

michellepaganini michellepaganini writes: I think I saw the cover dress in person when i took a class from Sandra through PENWAG. I'd love to win this issue.
Posted: 10:18 pm on November 10th

nancynancy nancynancy writes: I'd love to win this issue!
Posted: 5:37 pm on November 10th

Chunjueh Chunjueh writes: I give a gift subscription to my daughter every year, and would love to have this issue for myself. Thank you.
Posted: 4:36 pm on November 10th

llamalpacalama llamalpacalama writes: Wow! Articles on both bias cut garment-making AND using wool. These are two aspects I decided that I wanted to learn more about because I believe that bias-cut outfits would flatter my figure and because I am just captivated by the look and feel of wool right now, especially in tailored dresses and a coat. That is my dream.
Posted: 12:35 pm on November 10th

Boredoutofmymind Boredoutofmymind writes: To be able to make garments I will actually use completely made to my taste is most inspiring to me.
Posted: 12:11 pm on November 10th

zeshuregi zeshuregi writes: I will Love to have this amazing copy! its always cool to enter in this giveaway!
keep rocking Threads Magazine!!!
Posted: 12:08 pm on November 10th

annonymous annonymous writes: First...Sorry about the screen name. It was a last ditch effort, after trying many others/combinations and finding them all taken.

Inspiration comes in many forms: the change of seasons, social calendar events, different venues, different cities, different countries, different cultures, color trends, a particular style that catches my eye (wether on the street, fashion magazine or movie), collections by designers I admire and respect, a beautifully cut garment, (once, in Paris, I actually got very emotional standing in front of a Gianni Versace store display window, admiring the most incredible long, strappy, slit to the thigh, red silk crepe dress - a work of art...really!), menswear, lingerie, childrenswear, how a fabric drapes or feels to the touch, its color or print, texture and width, a button, flowers, even architectural details fill the inspirational well. However, the one thing that excites me the most, is seeing a pair of shoes or boots I absolutely love. Immediately, I can visualize exactly the outfit that I will make to compliment the footwear and how to accesorize it. It's a process in reverse... but it works for me.
Posted: 8:27 am on November 10th

SewingIsFun4All SewingIsFun4All writes: The chance to make something that fits my body and heart inspires me to sew.
Posted: 6:01 pm on November 9th

sewperfectfit sewperfectfit writes: What inspires me to sew - just about everything. Today I am inspired by a craft fair in 8 days that may create the money I need to pay the rent. Last week I was inspired to sew a new suit for the first job interview I have gotten in 30 months. Once the fair is over, I will be sewing for the new babies 3 of my nieces are going to have over the next 6 months...and in January, I will be taking another round of classes in Fashion Design at the local community college: Draping, Couture techniques and Advanced Pattern-making, which will either give me intense inspiration, extreme exhaustion, massive migraines or a combination of the three...
Posted: 4:57 pm on November 9th

BaysicKnits BaysicKnits writes: I'm usually inspired by beautiful fabric that triggers an image of a garment in my mind. Or, if I see someone wearing something I really like, then I will look for a pattern that is similar.
Posted: 4:57 pm on November 9th

Mrs_Smyth Mrs_Smyth writes: I would say fabric shopping at Vogue inspires me the most, just feeling and seeing the fabric inspires me to create something new and different each time. Thats why I never make it out of there without spending some sort of money!
Posted: 4:41 pm on November 9th

MyDragonBabies MyDragonBabies writes: I am most inspired by my 3 sons.
Posted: 2:38 pm on November 9th

Couturegirl Couturegirl writes: Each issue of Threads inspires me to try something new and hone my skills! I especially love the profile of vintage pieces on the back cover.
Posted: 1:09 pm on November 9th

jennieMB jennieMB writes: fashion magazines inspire me to want to create the high end looks
Posted: 11:18 am on November 9th

Emily_Gay Emily_Gay writes: This site has really helped me start to learning how to sew!!

Posted: 10:56 am on November 9th

JudyfromKansas JudyfromKansas writes: I would love to win this issue. I have just gotten back into sewing and can't wait to see it.
Posted: 10:52 am on November 9th

greenbp greenbp writes: I am inspired to sew on a rainy day. Love to see and hear a slow steady rain on the roof.
Posted: 10:36 am on November 9th

suzieinohio suzieinohio writes: threads always inspires and enlightens. Sometimes it even makes me cry!
Posted: 10:12 am on November 9th

Winterdreamdragon Winterdreamdragon writes: Threads is my go to magazine for sewing. I rarely pick up any other magazines on sewing. I have several sewing projects that are coming up that deal with bias cut. I am horrible at remembering what direction what goes and how to place the pattern correctly. I need this magazine to help me with my bias deficancy.
Posted: 9:50 am on November 9th

CarolMz CarolMz writes: Love "Threads"

Posted: 8:48 am on November 9th

Yargh Yargh writes: My sewing inspiration is all around! Nature, necessity, internet, magazines, fabric stores. Every day I live sewing, and every Threads is my tool to keep creating!
Posted: 8:43 am on November 9th

strasfamily strasfamily writes: Whenever Project Runway is on that gets my inspiration going but I did see a fabulous photo on Vogue's page on Facebook that did it as well.
Posted: 8:03 am on November 9th

lag21479 lag21479 writes: Lately my sewing inspiration has been Project Runway. I need encouragement to try making more tailored clothes.
Posted: 7:53 am on November 9th

thecraftdaisy thecraftdaisy writes: I love bias cut dresses and tops, can't wait to get this issue!
Posted: 7:52 am on November 9th

lkldesign lkldesign writes: I love to sew, my stress reliever! Everything from Victorian to repairs for neighbors, I'm game, Threads has taught me things that have made my projects easier and has inspired me to take on projects that I would never have taken on, Thank You.
Posted: 7:44 am on November 9th

kiwitiwi33 kiwitiwi33 writes: Looks really interesting.
Posted: 3:56 am on November 9th

TalyQu TalyQu writes: Seeing the finished garments on my children or me is all the inspiration I need! To take a flat piece of fabric and make it into a wearable item is very satisfactory and inspiring.
Posted: 2:54 am on November 9th

ShiningStar ShiningStar writes: The cover stories look good.
Posted: 2:45 am on November 9th

Kate_13 Kate_13 writes: I have expensive taste so sewing helps me keep the budget under control. I am also inspired by all the creations I see online and in print to keep setting the bar higher for myself.
Posted: 1:59 am on November 9th

Caityquilter Caityquilter writes: What inspires me most to sew is that as a plus size there are very few choices in ready-to-wear that are well made and interesting. Sewing gives me the freedom to dress the way I want to, not the way the frumpy plus size clothing says I should!
Posted: 1:50 am on November 9th

pmkurth pmkurth writes: I have a huge stash of wool! I would love to see new ideas about how to use it!
Posted: 8:56 pm on November 8th

WillaMcNeill WillaMcNeill writes: Threads challenges and inspires. Please include me!
Posted: 6:48 pm on November 8th

msjuncos msjuncos writes: Every Threads magazine inspires hundreds of ideas. Each month my ideas list gets longer and my fabric stash gets bigger. It's a great life!
Posted: 6:36 pm on November 8th

lou19 lou19 writes: I love the challenge of an exciting Vogue designer pattern. Finding out how a garment fits together.
Its also fun to look at a fabric or trim and think how can i use this.............?
Posted: 5:45 pm on November 8th

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